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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
fontindustry(freshmeat) Font Industry Font Industry (字体&#24... Download
gnuarmeclipse(freshmeat) GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin is an Eclipse CDT-manage... Download
aggir(freshmeat) French AGGIR Calculator French AGGIR Calculator is a very small applica... Download
beanie(freshmeat) Beanie Beanie is a flexible, distributed accounting sy... Download
atomsphere(freshmeat) Atomsphere Atomsphere is a Java feed library for the Atom ... Download
pyfilecache(freshmeat) pyfilecache pyfilecache is a Python module that implements ... Download
opendb(freshmeat) Open Media Collectors Database The Open Media Collectors Database is a Web-bas... Download
zf-bindadmin(freshmeat) zf-bindAdmin bindAdmin is a simple administrative interface ... Download
libxr(freshmeat) XML-RPC Client/Server C Library XML-RPC Client/Server C Library is a cross-plat... Download
slf4j(freshmeat) Simple Logging Facade for Java The Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) is i... Download
openca(freshmeat) OpenCA The OpenCA Project is a collaborative effort to... Download
jidgen(freshmeat) jigden jidgen is a Java-based id generator that can be... Download
fourbar(freshmeat) fourBar fourBar is a minimal application launching bar ... Download
palaver(freshmeat) palaver palaver is a multi-user chat component for Jabb... Download
xfer9860(freshmeat) xfer9860 xfer9860 connects to a Casio fx-9860G graphing ... Download
wsdl2cpp(freshmeat) XML Schema Class Generator XML Schema Class Generator creates C++ classes ... Download
qexchange(freshmeat) QExchange QExchange is a Qt4 currency exchange calculator... Download
asciirovio(freshmeat) Text Mode Rovio Client Text Mode Rovio Client is a console application... Download
freemachines(freshmeat) FreeMachines FreeMachines is a game that features 3D video, ... Download
xkcd_viewer(freshmeat) XKCD viewer XKCD viewer is a program that allows you to rea... Download
preludelml(freshmeat) Prelude LML Prelude-LML is a signature-based log analyzer m... Download
check_lm_sensors(freshmeat) check_lm_sensors check_lm_sensors is a Nagios plugin to monitor ... Download
crush-tools(freshmeat) CRUSH CRUSH (Custom Reporting Utilities for SHell) is... Download
rwdhypernote(freshmeat) rwdhypernote rwdhypernote is a hierarchical note editor. It ... Download
yasis-perl(freshmeat) YASIS YASIS is a very detailed sysinfo script that di... Download
lsbench2(freshmeat) lsbench2 lsbench2 is a command line benchmark tool conta... Download
cpipe(freshmeat) cpipe Cpipe copies its standard input to its standard... Download
sshpass(freshmeat) sshpass Sshpass is a tool for non-interactivly performi... Download
foxtray(freshmeat) FoxTray FoxTray is a tray icon class for the FOX Toolki... Download
pycryptopp(freshmeat) pycryptopp pycryptopp provides a few useful cryptography a... Download
loxodo(freshmeat) Loxodo Loxodo is a password vault that is compatible w... Download
fsniper(freshmeat) fsniper fsniper is a tool that monitors a given set of ... Download
jojsticken(freshmeat) jojsticken Jojsticken is a program that maps joystick even... Download
npx(freshmeat) Nmap Parser Nmap Parser is a Perl module to ease the pain o... Download
zyan-drench(freshmeat) Zyan Drench Zyan Drench is a simple yet very entertaining g... Download
bsflite(freshmeat) BSFlite BSFlite is a minimalistic, line-based AIM clien... Download
people(freshmeat) people The people program is a simple frontend that ca... Download
shipyard(freshmeat) shipyard Shipyard is a module to process data in a forma... Download
javafxmode(freshmeat) JavaFX Script Mode for GNU Emacs JavaFX Mode is a GNU Emacs major mode for editi... Download
grapcha(freshmeat) grapcha grapcha is a captcha generator based on Graphvi... Download
drawpile(freshmeat) DrawPile DrawPile is a drawing program that allows multi... Download
fspot(freshmeat) F-Spot F-Spot is a personal photo management applicati... Download
ogsadai-trigger(freshmeat) OGSA-DAI Trigger The OGSA-DAI Trigger component provides a mecha... Download
ogsadai-publisher(freshmeat) OGSA-DAI Data Publisher The OGSA-DAI Data Publisher provides a GUI-base... Download
tykwa(freshmeat) tykwa tykwa is a Tcl/Tk vector drawing library. It al... Download
captivednsd(freshmeat) captivednsd captivednsd, the captive domain name server, re... Download
webtopproject(freshmeat) WebtopProject WebtopProject is as multi-project management so... Download
dolcon(freshmeat) Dolda Connect Dolda Connect is a modular P2P filesharing clie... Download
sshfs-fuse(freshmeat) SSH Filesystem SSH Filesystem uses the SSH File Transfer Proto... Download
blindswatching(freshmeat) BlindsWatching BlindsWatching is a poker blinds timer for mobi... Download
cut(freshmeat) CUT CUT is a unit-testing framework for C, C++, and... Download
s51dude(freshmeat) s51dude s51dude is an In-System programming tool specif... Download
inspector(freshmeat) Inspector Inspector is a little Python script for the Pos... Download
prex(freshmeat) Prex Prex is a portable real-time operating system f... Download
genshi(freshmeat) Genshi Genshi is a Python library that provides an int... Download
siruna(freshmeat) Siruna Siruna is a platform that helps deploy a tradit... Download
sercd(freshmeat) sercd sercd is an RFC 2217-compliant serial port redi... Download
lirecbir(freshmeat) Lucene Image REtrieval The LIRE (Lucene Image REtrieval) library provi... Download
pronto(freshmeat) Pronto Framework Pronto is a framework consisting of loosely-cou... Download
kazi(freshmeat) Kazi Kazi is a tiny CMS, written in Perl and license... Download
tinkebell(freshmeat) TinkerBell TinkerBell is a application development tool fo... Download
gnomeinform(freshmeat) Gnome Inform GNOME Inform 7 is a GNOME port of the Inform 7 ... Download
flex-bison-cpp-template(freshmeat) Flex Bison C++ Template Flex Bison C++ Template is a code template that... Download
pam_smxs(freshmeat) pam_smxs pam_smxs is a PAM module that authenticates a u... Download
appengineutilities(freshmeat) appengine-utilities Appengine-Utilities is a collection of utility ... Download
fntsample(freshmeat) fntsample fntsample is a program for making font samples ... Download
libpwstor(freshmeat) libpwstor libpwstor is a library implementing a password ... Download
synfig(freshmeat) Synfig Studio Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength, vect... Download
novell-moonlight(freshmeat) Moonlight plugin Moonlight is an open source implementation of S... Download
ggobi(freshmeat) GGobi GGobi is a visualization program for exploring ... Download
daisydiff(freshmeat) Daisy Diff Daisy Diff is a Java library that compares HTML... Download
papfip(freshmeat) PAPFIP PAPFIP (Python And PGPLOT-based FITS Image Plot... Download
wvstreams(freshmeat) WvStreams WvStreams is a library set composed of a number... Download
wvtftp(freshmeat) WvTftp WvTftp is an advanced TFTP server. It employs &... Download
retchmail(freshmeat) Retchmail Retchmail is almost completely unlike fetchmail... Download
maitreya(freshmeat) Maitreya Maitreya is an application for Western and Vedi... Download
gridshib(freshmeat) GridShib GridShib is a glue layer that transparently bin... Download
rwdschedule(freshmeat) RwdSchedule rwdschedule is a little event database program ... Download
mulopiro(freshmeat) mulopiro mulopiro is an on-the-fly Web server log file r... Download
sftpup(freshmeat) sftpup sftpup is used for uploading files to FTP serve... Download
irclogger(freshmeat) irclogger Irclogger is a simple IRC bot that provides a W... Download
geomajas-profiling-project(freshmeat) Geomajas profiling project Geomajas profiling project is a simple applicat... Download
muleumo(freshmeat) Mule - Universal Message Objects Mule is the leading open source ESB (Enterprise... Download
rwdgutenberg(freshmeat) rwdgutenberg text reader rwdgutenberg is a book reading tool. It can fin... Download
wcalc(freshmeat) Wcalc Wcalc is a very capable calculator. It has stan... Download
cibyl(freshmeat) Cibyl Cibyl is a programming environment that allows ... Download
globus(freshmeat) Globus Toolkit Globus is a project to provide robust, secure, ... Download
amhulio(freshmeat) Amhulio Amhulio is a PHP 5 and MySQL Web framework. Wit... Download
trafmetux(freshmeat) trafmetux Trafmetux is a network traffic meter for Linux.... Download
fpanel(freshmeat) fPanel fPanel is a set of hosting management CLI tools... Download
iambackup(freshmeat) IAMBACKUP IAM backup is package made of two classes. One ... Download
bt(freshmeat) Bluetrait Bluetrait is a weblog tool. It has support for ... Download
rover(freshmeat) Rover Rover provides a means of executing commands on... Download
tianoefitoolkit(freshmeat) TianoCore EFI Toolkit The TianoCore EFI Toolkit is a set of tools tha... Download
rwdtinker(freshmeat) RwdTinker rwdtinker is the core application for a Ruby ap... Download
extsql(freshmeat) ExtSQL ExtSQL is not a new database server. It is a si... Download
yoxel(freshmeat) Yoxel SW Yoxel SW is an adaptive project management solu... Download
racepoint(freshmeat) RacePoint RacePoint is software targeted at club admins f... Download
lippgen(freshmeat) LiPPGen LiPPGen, the Literate-Programming-based Present... Download
annchienta(freshmeat) Annchienta Annchienta is a 2D isometric game engine for RP... Download

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