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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
douglashx(sfnet) douglashx Scripts, Tutoriais Linux, FreeBSD Download
jastscrum(sfnet) JAST Another Scrum Tool JAST Another Scrum Tool is a desktop applicatio... Download
agb-saros(sfnet) agb-saros Perhitungan kalender berdasarkan peredaran bula... Download
aften(sfnet) Aften A/52 audio encoder. Creates stereo and multi-ch... Download
dicomflash(sfnet) DICOM Flash Viewer DICOM viewer that views streaming dicom files v... Download
afnl(sfnet) A FORTRAN 90 Numerical Library A FOTRAN 90 Numerical library (AFNL) is a set o... Download
freeghost(sfnet) FOG - A Free Cloning Solution FOG is a free open-source cloning/imaging solut... Download
gmameui(sfnet) GMAMEUI Front-end for MAME under Linux, extending the n... Download
mplayerplug-in(sfnet) mplayerplug-in for mozilla Plugin for Mozilla that uses mplayer to play em... Download
xosview(freshmeat) xosview xosview is the classic system monitoring tool. ... Download
jspecview(sfnet) JSpecView Project The JSpecView Project initially provided JAVA a... Download
gadmin-sendmail(freshmeat) gadmin-sendmail gadmin-sendmail is an easy to use GTK+ frontend... Download
elemines(freshmeat) elemines Elemines is a minesweeper game clone using the ... Download
dita4publishers(sfnet) DITA For Publishers Provides general-purpose DITA map, topic, and d... Download
agameofthrones(sfnet) A Game of Thrones - Board Game In A Game of Thrones players take control of on... Download
agata(sfnet) Agata Report Agata Report is a cross-platform database repor... Download
agatfdt(sfnet) aga qölmsdvp spjspsppd fk üsdlön, fkd fllfdü Download
agar(sfnet) Agar A fast, unobtrusive and modern cross-platform G... Download
gfilemanager(freshmeat) Gfilemanager Gfilemanager is a GTK+ 2 filemanager with Samba... Download
ncombo(freshmeat) nCombo nCombo allows developers to build fast, rich, d... Download
ceplivre(freshmeat) cep-livre cep-livre is a class that retrieves Brazilian a... Download
agatecms(sfnet) Agate Content Management System Agate is a simple, fast & well structured C... Download
bazaar-vcs(freshmeat) Bazaar VCS Bazaar is a simple decentralized revision contr... Download
alikokalba(sfnet) Kalba and others TTS programs Lithuanian text to speech programs. Download
ahk(sfnet) AutoHotkey - Automation and Hotkeys Automate almost anything by sending keystrokes ... Download
linux_servo_ft639(freshmeat) Linux_Servo_FT639 Linux_Servo_FT639 is a serial program for the F... Download
agx-ast-addons(sfnet) AGX's Asterisk Extra AddOns Maintained version of old asterisk applications... Download
alien-game(sfnet) Alien Game Alien Game is a simple game where player’s goal... Download
agpstracker(sfnet) GPS Tracker GPS Tracker for Android OS Supports KML export ... Download
agora-isg1(sfnet) UCM-Ágora El rectorado de la UCM, con el propósito de act... Download
dekstasy(sfnet) DeKstasy DeKstasy is a DJ application for Mac OS X. It p... Download
osx_users(freshmeat) osx_users osx_users is a program for handling users on Ma... Download
alicebot(sfnet) A. L. I. C. E. and AIML ALICE utilizes AIML (Artificial Intelligence Ma... Download
threaded-samba-scanner(freshmeat) Threaded-Samba-Scanner Threaded-Samba-Scanner scans all available loca... Download
almonaster(sfnet) Almonaster Almonaster is a turn-based multi-player war gam... Download
dvn(sfnet) Dataverse Network The Dataverse Network is a Java EE5 app that en... Download
superseriousstats(freshmeat) superseriousstats superseriousstats is a small and efficient prog... Download
anflood(sfnet) AnFlood Anflood is a network tester that sends data to ... Download
androidstockquo(sfnet) Android Stock Quote Application Stock quote app for the Android Platform. It fe... Download
android-tesla(sfnet) Tesla Tesla is a PC media player remote control app f... Download
anfislab(sfnet) Anfislab Este proyecto constituye una adaptacion y mejor... Download
anetmon(sfnet) Android Network Monitor An Android application to provide Network Monit... Download
apocalyx(sfnet) APOCALYX 3D Engine APOCALYX is a 3D engine based on OpenGL and oth... Download
aplus(sfnet) aplusdev A+ programming language. APL, scripting, X11, ... Download
apngdis(sfnet) APNG Disassembler This program converts APNG file into a sequence... Download
open-egov(sfnet) Open E-Government This project provides applications for e-govern... Download
s-tar(sfnet) star star - unique standard tape archiver (the oldes... Download
apiscorm(sfnet) API SCORM API de comunicacion scorm entornos lms tip mood... Download
opendias(freshmeat) openDIAS openDIAS (Document Imaging Archive System) prov... Download
aodvuu(sfnet) AODV-UU AODV-UU is an implementation of the Ad hoc On-d... Download
n2gsync(sfnet) N2GSync - Lotus Notes to Google Calendar Application to Sync Calendar Events from Lotus ... Download
apple-seed(sfnet) apple seed Apple seed is a php library with lots of useful... Download
librxe(freshmeat) librxe librxe and its accompanying demo utility rxenum... Download
gplexcalc(freshmeat) gplexcalc gplexcalc is a graphical vector, matrix, and qu... Download
creditproduct(freshmeat) CreditProduct CreditProduct aims to define the functional and... Download
appetizer(sfnet) Appetizer This an application launcher for removable driv... Download
h5tools(freshmeat) h5tools h5tools provides third-party tools for working ... Download
magnoliablossom(sfnet) Magnolia Blossom Magnolia Blossom is a module for Magnolia CMS t... Download
mummer(sfnet) MUMmer MUMmer is a modular system for the rapid whole ... Download
soul-capture(freshmeat) Soul Capture Soul Capture captures the video and audio playb... Download
asapkingston(sfnet) ASAP - Automated Programming Assessment ASAP is an e-learning application service for t... Download
namechanger(sfnet) NameChanger Developed for editing the PE information. It ge... Download
as3ide(sfnet) Eclipse IDE for ActionScript3 Eclipse plug-ins for editing, building, and deb... Download
qupil(sfnet) Qupil Qupil is a pupil and lesson manager for teacher... Download
austrumi(sfnet) Austrum Latvijas Linukss AUSTRUMI is a business card size (50MB) bootabl... Download
f-engrave(freshmeat) F-Engrave F-Engrave generates g-code tool paths for CNC m... Download
prodatum(sfnet) prodatum A cross-platform patch editor for the E-MU Prot... Download
downloaddaemon(sfnet) DownloadDaemon DownloadDaemon is a comfortable download-manage... Download
festige(sfnet) FeSTige FeSTige is a GUI for fst and dssi-vst, allowing... Download
atpg(sfnet) ATPG template class library This library provides an Opensource ATPG API to... Download
atraco-project(sfnet) ATRACO project The aim of ATRACO project is to contribute to t... Download
rpl2(freshmeat) RPL/2 RPL/2 (Reverse Polish Lisp/2) is a langage deri... Download
atmosphereworld(sfnet) atmosphere- vaisseaux dans les nuages Using the OGRE 3D library, this software should... Download
vibafu(sfnet) Video Backup Fusion The complete and simply to use backup solution ... Download
knotter(sfnet) Knotter Knotter is a highly configurable interlace desi... Download
azdownloads(sfnet) azdownloads FIRMWARES DE TODOS MODELOS @ZBOX E @ZAMERICA, E... Download
ff1t(sfnet) Final Fantasy 1 Trainer Final Fantasy 1 Trainer is a trainer for the NE... Download
axisemulator(sfnet) Axis network camera emulator AxisCameraEmulator is a simple IP video camera ... Download
axms(sfnet) AfterLogic MailSuite Lite for Linux Open source SMTP/POP3/SSL e-mail server. Web ad... Download
tiling(freshmeat) Tiling Tiling provides a simple window tiling system f... Download
fakemail(sfnet) fakemail A fake mail server that captures e-mails as fil... Download
ffpreloader(sfnet) Firefox Preloader Firefox Preloader is a utility that is designed... Download
kingdomplayer(sfnet) Kingdom Melodies Player Features: single song, orchestra or vocal rando... Download
systemd(freshmeat) systemd systemd is a system and service manager for Lin... Download
mediasniffer(sfnet) Media Sniffer When you are downloading media on an iTunes or ... Download
btrievefilesave(sfnet) BtrieveFileSaver Btrieve File Saver to extract all btrieve recor... Download
btmgr(sfnet) Smart BootManager Smart BootManager is an os independent BootMana... Download
catnip(sfnet) Catnip Servlet container extensions that help web deve... Download
cellwindowssdk(sfnet) Windows-Hosted Cell SDK A Windows-hosted Cell-BE SDK. This is the stand... Download
creditsuite(freshmeat) CreditSuite CreditSuite is a suite of libraries that aims t... Download
pwmd(freshmeat) Password Manager Daemon Password Manager Daemon serves clients data via... Download
box(freshmeat) Box Box is a programming language that puts special... Download
conceptual(freshmeat) coNCePTuaL coNCePTuaL is a domain-specific programming lan... Download
a2070asst(sfnet) Anno 2070 Assistant The Anno 2070 Assistant is a light-weight offli... Download
kobfiles(sfnet) kobfiles KOB (Conception of public security) will provid... Download
tu-testbed(sfnet) engine testbed Thatcher Ulrich's game engine testbed. A motle... Download
intel8085sim(sfnet) Intel8085Sim The Intel 8085 Simulator is a virtual Simulatio... Download
autoconf(freshmeat) Autoconf Autoconf is an extensible package of m4 macros ... Download
m-core-wekaext(sfnet) Multi-Core WekaExtension for RapidMiner This is a RapidMiner extension replacing the cu... Download
simplecv(sfnet) SimpleCV SimpleCV is a python framework for creating a m... Download

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