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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
wmanager(freshmeat) wmanager wmanager is a small X11 application for selecti... Download
wmdctrl(freshmeat) wmdctrl wmdctrl is a diald control application which ca... Download
wmdownload(freshmeat) wmDownload wmDownload is a small WindowMaker dockapp that ... Download
wmdropzone(freshmeat) wmdropzone wmdropzone is a simple Download Manager for you... Download
wmgmon(freshmeat) WMgMon WMgMon is a generic monitor applet for WindowMa... Download
wmgrabimage(freshmeat) wmGrabImage wmGrabImage displays a thumbnail version of an ... Download
wmkeyboard(freshmeat) WMKeyboard WMKeyboard is a WindowMaker dockapp that allows... Download
wmmon+smp(freshmeat) WMMon+SMP WMMon+SMP shows real-time CPU usage on SMP mach... Download
wmmp3(freshmeat) wmmp3 wmmp3 is a frontend for the mpg123 mp3 player. ... Download
wmnet(freshmeat) wmnet wmnet polls network statistics and does a few t... Download
wmphoto(freshmeat) wmphoto wmphoto is a Window Maker dock app that show yo... Download
wmscript(freshmeat) WMScript WMScript is a system monitoring dock app for Wi... Download
wmspaceweather(freshmeat) wmSpaceWeather wmSpaceWeather shows environmental conditions i... Download
wmtxcnt(freshmeat) wmtxcnt wmtxcnt is a Window Maker dockapp which logs PP... Download
woody(freshmeat) Woody Woody is a tree editor, or an outliner. It is s... Download
worddig(freshmeat) word dig word-dig is a Perl module containing the guts o... Download
workon(freshmeat) Workon Workon helps developers working with multiple C... Download
worldfoundry(freshmeat) World Foundry World Foundry is a 3D level game engine and ass... Download
wquotes(freshmeat) wquotes wquotes lets you share and save your friends' q... Download
wradio(freshmeat) wradio wradio is a radio application featuring unlimit... Download
wwl(freshmeat) WWL Given two Maidenhead locators, WWL calculates d... Download
www-sql(freshmeat) www-sql www-sql is able to display information from MyS... Download
xarchon(freshmeat) X ARCHON In X ARCHON, much like in the original ARCHON, ... Download
x-wvdial(freshmeat) x-wvdial x-wvdial is an X11-based frontend for wvdial, a... Download
x10mp3(freshmeat) x10mp3 x10mp3 is a plugin for XMMS to control it using... Download
x2(freshmeat) X2 X2 provides channel services to a Universal irc... Download
xarman(freshmeat) xarman xarman is an addictive two player version of Mi... Download
xawxpm(freshmeat) XawXpm Xaw-xpm is a hack on Xaw3d, which is in turn ba... Download
xbeats(freshmeat) xbeats xbeats is a beats clock dockable in both Window... Download
xcclock(freshmeat) XCclock XCclock offers a nice clock and an alarm functi... Download
xcut(freshmeat) xcut xcut is a surprisingly useful program which man... Download
xdc(freshmeat) XDC XDC is a DialControl Client for X under Linux. ... Download
xdmphoto(freshmeat) xdmphoto Xdmphoto is a "user photo aware" clon... Download
xfedor(freshmeat) xfedor xfedor is a simple editor to create and modify ... Download
xfinger(freshmeat) XFinger XFinger is an X frontend for finger. Download
xfriends(freshmeat) Xfriends Xfriends is a buddy list program which uses fin... Download
xget(freshmeat) xget xget is a Perl/Tk, C/GTK+, and Perl console uti... Download
xhyperoid(freshmeat) xhyperoid xhyperoid is essentially an Asteroids clone, bu... Download
xinvaders3d(freshmeat) XInvaders 3D XInvaders 3D is a 3D Space Invaders clone for X... Download
xipm(freshmeat) XIPM XIPM is a package management and system mainten... Download
xjigmgr(freshmeat) xjigmgr Xjigmgr is a GUI frontend to xjig, a great jigs... Download
xkeycaps(freshmeat) XKeyCaps XKeyCaps is a graphical front-end to xmodmap. I... Download
xloadtime(freshmeat) XLoadtime XLoadtime is a replacement for the standard X s... Download
xlogmaster(freshmeat) Xlogmaster Xlogmaster allows comfortable and fast control ... Download
xmacro(freshmeat) XMacro The XMacro package contains two programs (xmacr... Download
xml2sql(freshmeat) xml2sql xml2sql is a collection of Perl script to conve... Download
xmlxpath(freshmeat) XML::XPath XML::XPath locates nodes in XML documents using... Download
xmlmarc(freshmeat) XMLMARC XMLMARC converts MARC (MAchine Readable Catalog... Download
xmms-msa(freshmeat) XMMS-MSA MSA is a visualization plugin for XMMS. It's a ... Download
xpcd(freshmeat) xpcd xpcd is a PhotoCD browser, which is able to dis... Download
xpete(freshmeat) xpete xpete is a game about our friend Pete who wakes... Download
xping(freshmeat) xping xping is a very simple diagnostic tool primaril... Download
xprintutil(freshmeat) xprintutil Xprintutil is a package of 4 printing utilities... Download
xquarto(freshmeat) xquarto Quarto is a traditional two player board game i... Download
xrally(freshmeat) XRally XRally is a clone of the Rally X arcade game. I... Download
xrate(freshmeat) xrate xrate is a simple program written in C which ca... Download
xreversi(freshmeat) xreversi Xreversi is a complete implementation of the we... Download
xringd(freshmeat) Xringd The Linux Extended Ring Daemon matches "se... Download
xrn(freshmeat) XRN XRN is a program for reading News via NNTP on a... Download
xroadmaker(freshmeat) XRoadMaker XRoadMaker is a GNOME PCB designer with a custo... Download
xroottext(freshmeat) xroottext xroottext takes text from stdin and renders it ... Download
xscanner(freshmeat) Xscanner xscanner is an easy-to-use X (Xforms-based) sca... Download
xsqlmenu(freshmeat) Xsqlmenu Xsqlmenu is a powerful frontend for the MySQL a... Download
xstat(freshmeat) Xstat Xstat is an IRC statistics generator which gene... Download
xsteak(freshmeat) Steak / Xsteak Steak is a German/English dictionary for the UN... Download
xtacy(freshmeat) Xtacy Xtacy is a graphics hack for X11. Xtacy will di... Download
xtarot(freshmeat) xtarot xtarot is a program which tells your fortune wi... Download
xtc(freshmeat) XTC XTC is a UNIX-based clone of XTree Gold, a file... Download
xtend(freshmeat) Xtend xtend is a daemon that is used in combination w... Download
xvoice(freshmeat) XVoice XVoice enables speech to text translation for m... Download
xws(freshmeat) xws Xws is a text mode multi-player crossword and c... Download
xyberpanel4l(freshmeat) XyberPanel for Linux XyberPanel is a module for driving the flatpane... Download
y2l(freshmeat) y2l y2l takes a yacc(1) grammar description file an... Download
yacdbak(freshmeat) yacdbak yacdbak is intended to facilitate backups to mu... Download
yaktest(freshmeat) yaktest yaktest is a simple C++ unit testing framework.... Download
yaktrack(freshmeat) yaktrack YakTrack is a simple but reasonably effective i... Download
yams(freshmeat) Yams Yams (Yet Another Merchant System) is an e-comm... Download
yetanothermp3tool(freshmeat) Yet another MP3 Tool YAMT is Yet Another MP3 Tool which helps you to... Download
yetanothernewsfetcher(freshmeat) Yet Another News Fetcher Yanf is a configurable news fetcher that fetche... Download
yokelinuxkerneldriver(freshmeat) Yoke Linux Kernel Driver The Yoke driver provides transparant mirroring ... Download
yplib(freshmeat) YPLib YPLib (Your Personal Library) is a set of Perl ... Download
ywho(freshmeat) ywho ywho is yet another who-like utility displaying... Download
zclock(freshmeat) ZClock ZClock is a simple but highly configurable GNOM... Download
zed(freshmeat) Zed Zed is a simple, fast, powerful, small, low-CPU... Download
zjsp(freshmeat) zJSP zJSP is an experimental translator from JavaSer... Download
znet(freshmeat) ZNet ZNet is a compression network layer for Java ap... Download
zombie(freshmeat) Zombie Zombie is a server and a C++ library for easily... Download
zzplayer(freshmeat) ZZplayer ZZplayer is an MPEG player for the KDE and othe... Download
dejavoodoo(freshmeat) Deja Voodoo Deja Voodoo is a java frontend for the dejanews... Download
voicedaemon(freshmeat) Voice Voice is a similar program to speechd, in that ... Download
gltt(freshmeat) GLTT GLTT is a library that allows you to read and d... Download
bnetchat(freshmeat) chatter This is a Gtk program to chat on Blizzard's bat... Download
sp_xsl(freshmeat) sp.xsl sp.xsl lets you create a simple Web site that s... Download
ydslitprog(freshmeat) ydSLitProg ydSLitProg is an SGML DTD intended to write lit... Download
deluge(freshmeat) Deluge Deluge is a Web site stress testing tool design... Download
apogeeccd(freshmeat) Apogee Instruments CCD camera drivers These are drivers for the range of scientific C... Download
filtr(freshmeat) The FILTR The FILTR (File Inventory for Loading, Transfer... Download
as64(freshmeat) as64 as64 is a cross-assembler for the MOS 6510 CPU ... Download
saferelay(freshmeat) SafeRelay SafeRelay is a Curses-based user interface to O... Download
open(freshmeat) open open is a simple program which opens a file in ... Download

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