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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
solr-connector-files(freshmeat) Solr-Connector-Files Solr-Connector-Files crawls and indexes directo... Download
base85(freshmeat) base85 base85 implements Base85 encoding and decoding ... Download
embedthis-esp(freshmeat) Embedthis ESP Embedthis ESP is a blazing fast C language Web ... Download
tcpmon(sfnet) TCP Monitor for Linux TcpMon is a Linux program written in Java that ... Download
go-programming-language-golang(freshmeat) Go Programming Language The Go Programming Language (Go) is an expressi... Download
inadyn(freshmeat) inadyn Inadyn is a small and simple DDNS client with H... Download
lilblue-linux(freshmeat) Lilblue Linux Lilblue Linux is a Gentoo-based, security-enhan... Download
scirius(freshmeat) Scirius Scirius is a Web interface dedicated to Suricat... Download
jvkeyboard(sfnet) Java Virtual Keyboard a java component which shows a xml-configurable... Download
kotivox(freshmeat) Kotivox Kotivox is a diary program, which organizes you... Download
ietf(sfnet) IETF Tools and open source code for IETF protocols. ... Download
vcdmount(sfnet) VCDMount - Virtual CD Emulator Console application to mount ISO images as virt... Download
maxicom(freshmeat) MaxiCom MaxiCom is a simple serial port terminal emulat... Download
zonk(freshmeat) Zonk! Zonk! is a lightweight skeleton Web application... Download
kmkey-makhno(freshmeat) KMKey Makhno Knowledge Management Key (KMKey) is Web-based k... Download
mozart-oz(sfnet) Mozart-Oz Programming System The Mozart Programming System is an open source... Download
opencity(sfnet) OpenCity OpenCity is another 3D city simulator. You can ... Download
packetvb(sfnet) packetVB packetvb (vbPCap) is an activex dll that integr... Download
open-otp(freshmeat) Open OTP OpenOTP is an implementation of the HOTP protoc... Download
enigma-original(sfnet) Enigma Enigma is a completed top down zombie survival ... Download
phpajaxgrid(sfnet) PHP MySQL Ajax Grid A PHP library by ... Download
voikko(sfnet) Voikko Voikko is a spell checking, grammar checking, m... Download
traceurcsdk(sfnet) Trace URC SDK Trace open source implementation of the Univers... Download
nxtway-hans(sfnet) NXTWay-Hans This is a 2-wheel-self-balancing lego robot pro... Download
movgrab(freshmeat) Movgrab Movgrab is a command-line movie downloader for ... Download
selenium-rc(sfnet) Selenium Remote Control In this article I will tell you how you can ins... Download
bibro(sfnet) Analysis site statistics (bibro) Bibro can tell you who, why and when visit your... Download
coolbrowser(sfnet) Cool Browser Cool Browser is an IDE style web client built o... Download
nestopia(sfnet) Nestopia A portable and cycle-accurate NES/Famicom emula... Download
dreamweaver-mt(sfnet) Dreamweaver extension for Movable Type Dreamweaver extension for Movable Type (http://... Download
dotahit(sfnet) DotaHIT DotaHIT is a tool made for DotA (WarCraft 3 cus... Download
delegatec(freshmeat) delegate.c delegate.c implements an abstract function poin... Download
ctt(freshmeat) ctt ctt provides commandline time tracking for geeks. Download
tomcat-plugin(freshmeat) tomcat-plugin The purpose of tomcat-plugin is to provide Java... Download
gmf-samples-and-tutorials(freshmeat) Eclipse GMF Samples and Tutorials The GMF Samples and Tutorials project provides ... Download
chargelearning(sfnet) ChargeLearning This project applies an interpretation of a k-N... Download
linstanpump(sfnet) linstanpump Linstanpunmp is a linux port of the dos program... Download
paperwork(freshmeat) Paperwork Paperwork is a GUI to make papers easily search... Download
freespeech(freshmeat) FreeSpeech FreeSpeech is a real-time speech recognition ap... Download
aodvsimulator(sfnet) AODV Simulator This educational software simulates an Ad-hoc n... Download
emfprinter(sfnet) EmfPrinter EmfPrinter is a virtual printer driver for Micr... Download
swingtail(freshmeat) SwingTail SwingTail is a small GUI implementation of the ... Download
jduplicate(sfnet) JDuplicate JDuplicate is a free client/server multiplayer ... Download
ukikl(sfnet) UK-International Keyboard Layouts UK-International keyboard layouts is an effort ... Download
pannus(sfnet) Live patch for linux C Language, Linux Kernel Patch and tools. Download
findme(sfnet) FindMe A JavaME based Applikation which finds friends.... Download
tinyib(freshmeat) TinyIB TinyIB is a lightweight PHP image board which e... Download
powerast(sfnet) PowerAST World first open hardware/software designed emb... Download
graphicsmagic(sfnet) GraphicsMagic GraphicsMagic is an open source project that di... Download
quabro(freshmeat) Quabro Quabro is an arcade game in which the goal is t... Download
licq(sfnet) Licq Licq is an ICQ/AIM clone written fully in C++. ... Download
blite(freshmeat) Blite Blite is a lightweight blog application with a ... Download
xwt(sfnet) xwt XWT has since been superceeded by the Vexi proj... Download
vafeo(sfnet) VAFEO Distributions VAFEO is a GNU/Linux suite which proposes a set... Download
noksync(sfnet) NokSync - Thunderbird / NOKIA Sync'ing NokSync is a Thunderbird extension, which synch... Download
remote-keyboard(freshmeat) Remote Keyboard Remote Keyboard allows you to connect to your A... Download
small-libs(sfnet) small-libs On this site I will store my projects for small... Download
qatraq(sfnet) QaTraq Testing complex systems calls for clear task ma... Download
jlesa(sfnet) Java Lift/Elevator Simulator/Analyzer An elevator (lift) system analysis and design t... Download
spellmynumber(freshmeat) spellMyNumber spellMyNumber converts decimal numbers of arbit... Download
dradioscrobbler(sfnet) dradioscrobbler Scrobble de nummers van je favoriete radiostati... Download
opengeodb(sfnet) open geo coordinates database At the current state, opengeodb provide geo coo... Download
qzxing(sfnet) QZXing Qt wrapper library for the ZXing decoding libra... Download
loculinux-20(freshmeat) LocuLinux LocuLinux is a Linux distribution based on Ubun... Download
ccured(freshmeat) CCured CCured is a source-to-source translator for C. ... Download
p7zip(sfnet) p7zip p7zip is a quick port of 7z.exe and 7za.exe (co... Download
coverjuke(sfnet) coverjuke This software allows you to view a multimedia l... Download
passwd_exp(freshmeat) passwd_exp Passwd_exp notifies users via email of upcoming... Download
streamy(sfnet) Streamy Streamy is an audio/video/network recorder. It ... Download
macrumors(sfnet) macrumors MacRumors is a native iOS application for iPhon... Download
gldirect(sfnet) GLDirect GLDirect is the utility package for Windows 95/... Download
vtcl(sfnet) Visual Tcl Visual Tcl is a freely-available, high-quality ... Download
capa(sfnet) Capa chess Java chess game. JDK 1.4 or above required with... Download
pcmcia-cs(sfnet) Linux PCMCIA Card Services Linux support for PCMCIA and CardBus devices, i... Download
osc2nuke(sfnet) osc2nuke Our package is the integration of oscommerce ve... Download
pcb(sfnet) Printed Circuit Board Layout Tool PCB is a tool for the layout of printed circuit... Download
plazmastudio(sfnet) plazmastudio Eclipse Development Plugins: DB Manager, DB Des... Download
loggingselenium(sfnet) LoggingSelenium LoggingSelenium is a Java library extending Jav... Download
tapestry(sfnet) Tapestry: Java Web Components Comprehensive component-based web application f... Download
linux-udf(sfnet) Linux UDF Linux UDF Filesystem module and userspace utili... Download
jnrpe(sfnet) Java NRPE Server This software joins the power of NRPE with the ... Download
vgmtoolbox(sfnet) VGMToolbox VGMToolbox is a C# based tool to assist VGM col... Download
geoshell(sfnet) Geoshell GeoShell is a Windows Shell Replacement. It rep... Download
pgui(sfnet) PicoGUI A small, portable, client/server GUI designed t... Download
iislogs(sfnet) IIS Log analyser Hi I am able to make reports ourt off iis logs ... Download
ceph(freshmeat) Ceph distributed storage Ceph is a distributed network file system desig... Download
phpdataform(freshmeat) PHP DataForm PHP Dataform (PHP DF) is a simple tool for crea... Download
gfbot(sfnet) GFBot: Robots for Internet Chess Servers Robots that run on Internet Chess Servers (i.e.... Download
kloxo(freshmeat) Kloxo Kloxo is a lightweight and powerful Web hosting... Download
udiskie(freshmeat) udiskie udiskie is a simple automounting daemon that us... Download
usbinventory(sfnet) usbInventory - show USB descriptors Windows USB tool for scanning USB bus for activ... Download
prails(freshmeat) Prails Prails is a PHP framework that is optimized for... Download
appmanager(sfnet) App Manager Appmanager helps you to manage software on your... Download
scope(sfnet) Scope: a generic HMVC framework Java framework built on a generic implementatio... Download
meussss(sfnet) meus downloadsss muito download bom... Download
sqlbuddy(sfnet) SqlBuddy SqlBuddy is a tool for use with Microsoft SQL S... Download
serial(sfnet) The Linux 8250/16550 Serial Driver This project contains the Linux serial driver f... Download
cegojdbc(freshmeat) cegojdbc cegojdbc implements the JDBC driver for the Ceg... Download
rtp-lib(sfnet) RTP Library in C RTP library in C. Send and receive RTP packets. Download
thundaural(freshmeat) Thundaural Jukebox Thundaural Jukebox is a jukebox server and clie... Download

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