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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
atftp(sfnet) atftp atftp is a client/server implementation of the ... Download
jena(sfnet) Jena Jena is Java toolkit for developing semantic we... Download
notifylxm(sfnet) NOTIFY_lxm - Hyper HTML-Thumbnail in C An application for generating a portable HTML-t... Download
fx702p(sfnet) Fx702p A fully-featured Casio Fx702p emulator includin... Download
jedit-obsarch(sfnet) Emerald Text Editor (jEditor) Emerald Text Editor (Emerald Editor, or Emerald... Download
l2tp-ipsec-vpn(sfnet) L2TP over IPsec VPN Manager It provides a system tray icon in the notificat... Download
broodrombusines(sfnet) broodROM Business Edition This rom is for Samsung Galaxy S Plus (i9001) o... Download
opencore-amr(sfnet) opencore-amr Library of OpenCORE Framework implementation of... Download
cov2html(sfnet) COV2HTML COV2HTML provides an easy and 'in home' web int... Download
i-librarian(freshmeat) I, Librarian I, Librarian is a PDF manager or PDF organizer ... Download
startup-manager(sfnet) StartUp-Manager StartUp-Manager configures some settings for Gr... Download
blenderextrainz(sfnet) Blender exporter for Trainz A project to build a Blender exporter in Python... Download
pdsh(sfnet) Parallel Distributed Shell Pdsh is a an efficient, multithreaded remote sh... Download
freefoam(sfnet) FreeFOAM FreeFOAM is an unofficial fork of OpenFOAM (htt... Download
lpmtool(freshmeat) LPMtool LPMtool aims to be a complete package managemen... Download
battlenet-bots(sfnet) Battle.Net Download battle net bots and info on clan Download
me722cm(sfnet) ME722-CM 基于CyanogenMod9的ME722(中国发行的摩托罗拉的里... Download
popbsmtp(sfnet) pop-before-smtp simple daemon in perl, reads maillog, writes a ... Download
gwyddion(sfnet) Gwyddion A data visualization and processing tool for sc... Download
venus-c(sfnet) VENUS-C VENUS-C is a project funded under the European ... Download
calpp(sfnet) CAL++ This is simple library to allow writing ATI CAL... Download
gnome-manual-duplex(freshmeat) gnome-manual-duplex gnome-manual-duplex is a utility that adds manu... Download
jointtrack(sfnet) JointTrack JointTrack will calculate and report the 3-D mo... Download
freecode-submit(freshmeat) freecode-submit freecode-submit is a script that supports remot... Download
dinapter(sfnet) Dinapter: Dinapter automatically generates a mapping betw... Download
thinreports(sfnet) ThinReports ThinReports is Open Source Reporting Solution, ... Download
phrel(freshmeat) PHREL PHREL is a per host rate limiter. It will track... Download
mbiama(sfnet) Angosso Support de renforcement, du nom de domaine: ang... Download
xmlparserclass(freshmeat) XML parser class XML parser class is a PHP class that parses arb... Download
jac-asn1(sfnet) JAC (Java Asn.1 Compiler) JAC (Java Asn1 Compiler) is a tool for you if y... Download
avr-ada(sfnet) AVR-Ada The AVR-Ada project provides the gcc based Ada ... Download
aephea(freshmeat) aephea Aephea is a text-based authoring tool for HTML.... Download
jcrontab(sfnet) Jcrontab Jcrontab is a scheduler written in java. Jcron... Download
xc(freshmeat) xc xc is a simple and handy substitute for sudo. ... Download
gnuarmeclipse(sfnet) GNU ARM Eclipse Plug-ins These plug-ins provide build and debug extensio... Download
gtk-win(sfnet) GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment This is the GTK+ Runtime Environment Installer ... Download
drandroidrom(sfnet) Dr. Android ROM Key features: Stability: Dr Android ROM is bas... Download
pamie(sfnet) PAMIE Python Automation Module (class) for Internet E... Download
pogo(freshmeat) Pogo Pogo is probably the simplest and fastest audio... Download
mercurial-headquarter(freshmeat) Mercurial HeadQuarter Mercurial HeadQuarter is a Web service for mana... Download
filehelpers(sfnet) FileHelpers Library The FileHelpers are an easy to use .NET library... Download
libtirpc(sfnet) libtirpc Libtirpc is a port of Suns Transport-Independen... Download
fmcstencils(sfnet) FMC-Visio Stencils Tool support for creating FMC* diagrams [Block ... Download
jitsiportable(sfnet) Jitsi Portable Jitsi (SIP Communicator) Portable (Windows Only). Download
wikid-twofactor(sfnet) WiKID Two-Factor Authentication System The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a pub... Download
ppgp(sfnet) Portable PGP Portable PGP is a fully featured lightweight ja... Download
zmodem4dotnet(sfnet) ZModem 4 dotNET Few weeks ago, I needed to get 1 file from a re... Download
dirctxsrc(sfnet) JNDI DirContextSource A JNDI DirContext factory which works very much... Download
languagetool(freshmeat) LanguageTool LanguageTool is a style and grammar checker tha... Download
cvhmm(sfnet) CvHMM This project (CvHMM) is an implementation of di... Download
locate32(sfnet) Locate32 Locate32 finds files and directories based on f... Download
ekushey(sfnet) Ekushey Bangla Computing and Localization Project for t... Download
lwesn-linux-deb(sfnet) Lwesn-Linux-Deb Lwesn!-Linux-Softwarm-Center Download
galaxyv2(sfnet) Galaxy Forces V2 A 2D network multiplayer space shooter, inspire... Download
lempelf(sfnet) LempElf A tool to auto-compile & install Nginx+MySQ... Download
gammu(sfnet) Gammu Gammu is a cellular manager for mobile phones/m... Download
ispyb(sfnet) ISPyB A web based information management system for m... Download
iconized(sfnet) i-conized Module for VirtuaWin (virtual desktop manager f... Download
pyxb(sfnet) PyXB: Python XML Schema Bindings PyXB (“pixbee”) is a pure Python package that g... Download
jwhoisserver(sfnet) JWhoisServer - Java Whois Server JWhoisServer: java whoisserver / java whois ser... Download
checkstyle(sfnet) checkstyle Checkstyle is a development tool to help progra... Download
easyimagesizer(sfnet) EasyImageSizer Program to batch compress, resize and rename Im... Download
easymotif(sfnet) Easymotif Motif GUI-builder Easymotif is a WYSIWYG GUI-builder for Motif, p... Download
cuon(sfnet) C.U.O.N C.U.O.N. is an ERP System for Linux-Server with... Download
ajaxchat(sfnet) Ajax Chat This web application will allow anyone to regis... Download
pcdtojpeg(sfnet) pcdtojpeg pcdtojpeg converts PCD (Kodak Photo CD) image f... Download
rehearsalassist(sfnet) Rehearsal Assistant Rehearsal Assistant is a software tool which he... Download
blenderboot(sfnet) Blender-boot Live session login user: live password:(no pass... Download
emforge(sfnet) EmForge: Workflow Bug-Tracking and Wiki J2EE-based, Open-Source, Workflow-Based integra... Download
juploadr(sfnet) jUploadr jUploadr is a java-based flickr uploader. It ai... Download
synder(sfnet) Synder Synder is an Atom/RSS/SearchSuggestion/OPML pro... Download
tnefdd(sfnet) tnefDD tnefDD is a OS X program that extracts attachme... Download
fbui(freshmeat) FramebufferUI FBUI is a small, fast in-kernel GUI windowing s... Download
libfbui(freshmeat) FBUI Library & programs A C library for interacting with FBUI, which is... Download
comics-refcard-generator(freshmeat) Comics Refcard Generator Comics Refcard Generator is a Web service to cr... Download
sogo-zeg(sfnet) ZEG / Zero-Effort-Groupware The ZEG (Zero Effort Groupware) edition of SOGo... Download
edfbrowser(freshmeat) EDFbrowser EDFbrowser is a multi-platform viewer for EEG, ... Download
libusbx(sfnet) libusbx libusbx is a cross-platform user mode library t... Download
trugger(sfnet) Trugger Write code that anyone can read! Download
gedview(freshmeat) Web Gedcom Viewer Web Gedcom Viewer is a full Web-based Gedcom vi... Download
gedcom-parse(freshmeat) Gedcom Parser Library The Gedcom parser library provides an API to ap... Download
phpgedview(freshmeat) PhpGedView PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files a... Download
jgenea(freshmeat) JGenea JGenea is an pure Java genealogy application u... Download
hissim(freshmeat) Hissim Hissim is a history generator for WorldForge pr... Download
genes(freshmeat) Genes Genes is a personal genealogy application for u... Download
statsmodels(sfnet) statsmodels Statistical models with python using numpy and ... Download
genie(freshmeat) Genie Genie is an open source, web-based application ... Download
lifelines(freshmeat) LifeLines LifeLines is a genealogical software system for... Download
ldapauthmanager(freshmeat) LDAPAuthManager LDAPAuthManager is a Web-based application desi... Download
retrospect(freshmeat) Retrospect-GDS Retrospect-GDS is a Web app designed to display... Download
arca-morcego(freshmeat) Morcego 3D network browser Morcego is a 3D graph browser for viewing and n... Download
smokegios(freshmeat) Smokegios Smokegios reads a Nagios configuration file, ge... Download
o4send(freshmeat) o4send o4send is an application that scans for Bluetoo... Download
autodocbook(freshmeat) Autodocbook Autodocbook converts formatted comments in sour... Download
pyclamd(freshmeat) pyClamd pyClamad is a module that makes it possible to ... Download
siebel-gnu-tools(freshmeat) Siebel GNU Tools Siebel GNU Tools provides several small program... Download
vice(freshmeat) VICE VICE is a Versatile Commodore Emulator, i.e. a ... Download
catdoc(freshmeat) catdoc Catdoc is a MS Word file decoding tool that doe... Download
crutziplayer(freshmeat) CrutziPlayer CrutziPlayer is a standalone player for NPAPI-b... Download
bitnamiwordpress(freshmeat) BitNami WordPress Stack BitNami WordPress Stack is an easy-to-install d... Download

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