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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
jubler(sfnet) Jubler subtitle editor Jubler is a tool for editing text-based subtitl... Download
tftp-server(sfnet) Open TFTP Server MultiThreaded TFTP Server Open Source Freeware ... Download
packetfence(sfnet) PacketFence A network access control (NAC) system featuring... Download
poliqarp(freshmeat) Poliqarp Poliqarp is a universal suite of utilities for ... Download
wxservdisc(sfnet) wxServDisc wxServDisc is a simple to use C++ class to faci... Download
menuit(sfnet) Menu Inventor A free menu manager - an alternative to the Win... Download
mediacopy(sfnet) MediaCopy MediaCopy makes it easy to copy files from your... Download
colladacgf(sfnet) ColladaCGF ColladaCGF enables exporting 3D models into Cry... Download
iphonegamebook(sfnet) O'Reilly iPhone Game Development A public source repository for iPhone Game Deve... Download
ditto-cp(sfnet) Ditto Ditto is an extension to the standard windows c... Download
bigloo-lib(sfnet) Bigloo Libraries A collection of libraries for Bigloo Scheme com... Download
msmqqxplorer(sfnet) MSMQ QXplorer MSMQ QXplorer is use to enumerate message in MS... Download
srm7500-linux(sfnet) srm7500-linux Linux driver for the Philips SRM 7500 remote co... Download
webcollab(freshmeat) WebCollab WebCollab is a collaborative Web site for proje... Download
motherloadunlim(sfnet) Motherload Unlimited Motherload Unlimited (MLU) is a remake of the a... Download
wradvs(sfnet) Windows Router Advertisement Server wradvs is a full solution for IPv6 stateless au... Download
mvnforum(sfnet) mvnForum mvnForum is a open source, powerful, easy to us... Download
progrdowntcpmp(sfnet) flv streaming plugin for tcpmp Play video from youtube,googlevideo,metacafe,et... Download
episim(sfnet) epiSIM we put forward a new simulator, epiSIM, to simu... Download
mnfandroid(sfnet) MNF Extension for Android Mobile Network Framework Extension for Android Download
gmlp(freshmeat) GMLP GMLP is an API for processing markup from one l... Download
cl-net-snmp(sfnet) Common Lisp SNMP SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for C... Download
iphile(sfnet) iphile Allows users to mount iPhones and iPod Touch de... Download
wordpress-products-catalog-plu(freshmeat) WordPress products catalog plugin WordPress products catalog plugin allows you to... Download
mmscserver(sfnet) MMSC Server A windows based simulator for a real multimedia... Download
max(sfnet) Max Media Manager (phpAdsNew) Ad Server Max Media Manager is a fork of phpAdsNew geared... Download
phpxmail(sfnet) PHPXmail PhpXmail the web based management software for ... Download
orwrt(sfnet) OR-WRT Firmware for robots made using OpenWRT router a... Download
ketl(sfnet) KETL KETL(tm) is a production ready ETL platform. Th... Download
abcgnulinux(sfnet) Automated Beowulf Cluster ABC GNU/Linux This Ubuntu GNU/Linux based distribution alaws ... Download
pplayer(sfnet) PPlayer PPlayer is a media player offering many amazing... Download
simplelib(sfnet) Simple Library Manager Simple Library Manager is Java application for ... Download
rt-edsb(sfnet) RT-EdSB Development of RT-EdSB Middleware for Integrati... Download
qore-openldap-module(freshmeat) qore-openldap-module qore-openldap-module is an OpenLDAP module for ... Download
onecmdb(sfnet) OneCMDB OneCMDB is an open source CMDB, Configuration M... Download
mobisim(sfnet) MobiSim A java framework for simulating mobility models... Download
ikvm(sfnet) IKVM.NET IKVM.NET is a JVM for the Microsoft .NET Framew... Download
dekiwiki(sfnet) MindTouch (frmly deki wiki) This is the home of the old MindTouch Platform ... Download
mcomix(sfnet) MComix MComix is a fork of Comix and is a user-friendl... Download
h264avcjavaenco(sfnet) H.264 Java Encoder H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) encoder written in J... Download
comunion(sfnet) ComUnion ERP ComUnion is helping small and midsized business... Download
pmsdr(sfnet) PM-SDR A low-cost, DDS-less "Software Defined Rad... Download
dimdim(sfnet) dimdim web meeting Dimdim is an open source web meeting product wi... Download
lightsquid(sfnet) LightSquid LightSquid is a LIGHT and FAST, web based squid... Download
checksumwindows(sfnet) Checksum for Windows A simple file checksum utility for Microsoft Wi... Download
nsia(sfnet) NSIA NSIA (Network System Integrity Analysis) is a w... Download
eclipsefcg(sfnet) Eclipse Flow Chart Generator This is an eclipse plugin for generating flow c... Download
smbtad(freshmeat) smbtad smbtad is the data receiver of the SMB Traffic ... Download
ext4magic(sfnet) ext4magic ext4magic : Linux admin tool, can help to recov... Download
salix(sfnet) salix Salix is a linux distribution based on Slackwar... Download
tporpheus(sfnet) TurboPower Orpheus Orpheus is an award-winning UI toolkit for Borl... Download
rcracki(sfnet) rcracki Rcracki_mt can be used to perform a rainbow tab... Download
windowspager(sfnet) windowspager WindowsPager is a pager utility for the Windows... Download
prometheus-digi(sfnet) Prometheus Digi Pres Workbench The Prometheus Project is a semi-automated proc... Download
kdbg(sfnet) KDbg A graphical user interface to gdb, the GNU debu... Download
curlorb(sfnet) Curl ORB for java Curl ORB is to comunicate between Curl and serv... Download
phpvideopro(sfnet) phpVideoPro phpVideoPro is a webbased video management appl... Download
libpapyrus(sfnet) papyrus - C++ Cairo Canvas library Papyrus is a C++ scene graph (canvas) library t... Download
gpsmid(sfnet) GpsMid Java Midlet to use OpenStreetMap data on a J2ME... Download
osdial(sfnet) OSDial An Open Source (predictive) Dialer. OSDial is a... Download
zmodem32(sfnet) ZModem Win32 Port This project is a port of the well known ZModem... Download
cheetahtemplate(sfnet) Cheetah: Python-Powered Template Engine Cheetah is a template engine and code generatio... Download
skaringa(sfnet) skaringa Skaringa is an API for Java, JSON and XML langu... Download
winampdroid(sfnet) Winamp Remote Android Server Winamp Remote Android Server is an Android appl... Download
emamp(sfnet) Easy Mac Apache PHP MySQL EMAMP allows you to install Apache PHP MySQL on... Download
jsky(sfnet) JSky The JSky package contains java classes for disp... Download
zbxe(sfnet) zeroboardXE Zeroboard is a homepage building framework base... Download
mgis(sfnet) monoGIS monoGIS will be a complete GIS suite for the Mo... Download
mmxcf(sfnet) MegaMan X Crossfire An open souce MegaMan X fan game, using the arc... Download
gerberviewer(sfnet) Gerber Viewer(ipc2581viewer) View Gerber Files and Drill Files. View IPC-2581. Download
spamtools(sfnet) Spamtools Spamtools is a java package designed to propose... Download
momedit(sfnet) Master Of Magic Game Editor Save game editor for Master of Magic - the best... Download
k3d(sfnet) K-3D K-3D is the free (as in freedom) 3d modeling, a... Download
wmpc(sfnet) wmpc Simple Windows Mobile application for controlli... Download
glcdtools(sfnet) glcdtools With GLCD Tools you can convert windows bitmap ... Download
whyteboard(sfnet) whyteboard Whyteboard is a painting whiteboard application... Download
darning(freshmeat) Darning Darning is a tool for managing a series or sequ... Download
tinhat(freshmeat) Tin Hat Tin Hat is a Linux distribution derived from ha... Download
qtwebapp(freshmeat) QtWebApp QtWebApp allows you to write standalone Web ser... Download
mscore(freshmeat) MuseScore MuseScore lets you notate and compose music eas... Download
avrtimer(sfnet) AVRTimerCalculator A programm that helps you to get the settings f... Download
opensclconfig(sfnet) opensclconfig SCL Manipulation and Configuration Tools, is a ... Download
cdrtfe(sfnet) cdrtfe cdrtfe is a CD/DVD/BD burning application for M... Download
tpkg(sfnet) tpkg Application Packaging & Deployment tpkg is a cross-platform tool for packaging and... Download
karto(sfnet) Karto Karto allows to calibrate a scanned map with so... Download
wndlpt(sfnet) WndLpt Handy 1..12 LPT port pins manager. Manual direc... Download
cpss(sfnet) Cyber-Physical Systems Simulator Cyber-Physical Systems Simulator Download
pimf(freshmeat) PIMF PIMF (Php Is My Framework) is a micro framework... Download
hnb(sfnet) Hierarchical Notebook A notebook to hold information in an hierarchic... Download
dolibarr(freshmeat) Dolibarr ERP & CRM Dolibarr is a simple Web application with ERP a... Download
japi(sfnet) japi JAPI is a collection of Java libraries that hel... Download
frugal(sfnet) Frugal Frugal is a simple yet powerful personal financ... Download
kaffeine(sfnet) kaffeine Kaffeine is full featured Media Player for KDE.... Download
geomview(sfnet) Geomview Geomview is an interactive 3D viewing program f... Download
chkpids(sfnet) Windows XP PID Checker GUI Need a PID to build the proper installer? This... Download
net4j(sfnet) net4j Add-ons for the Eclipse projects Net4j (http://... Download
pyenchant(sfnet) PyEnchant PyEnchant provides language bindings and wrappe... Download
tudu(sfnet) Tudu Lists (a Spring application) Tudu Lists is a J2EE application for managing t... Download
esio(freshmeat) ExaScale IO The ExaScale IO (ESIO) library provides simple,... Download
viex(sfnet) Vi Vim for netbeans Vi Vim Plugin for Netbeans. Enhancement netbean... Download

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