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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
pyffi(sfnet) Python File Format Interface PyFFI is a Python library for processing block ... Download
loaderforapps(sfnet) Loader For Apps About from project sortly: This is a system to... Download
bs(freshmeat) battleships battleships is the classic game of Battleships,... Download
alleg(sfnet) Allegro game programming library Allegro is a cross-platform library intended fo... Download
sskunkwerks(sfnet) Solaris Skunk Werks Solaris Skunk Werks is a tool used to design Ba... Download
chikitsa(sfnet) Chikitsa Patient Management System to keep track of your... Download
jxplorer(sfnet) JXplorer - A Java Ldap Browser A free java ldap client with LDIF support, secu... Download
creativity90(sfnet) creativity90 learn game Download
openlierox(sfnet) OpenLieroX OpenLierox is an extremely addictive realtime w... Download
dodger-tools(sfnet) Dodger-Tools The Dodger-Tools are compilation of different s... Download
lubbofancontrol(sfnet) Lubbo's MacBook Pro Fan Control Speed fan controller and temp monitoring for Ma... Download
ondrosql(sfnet) OndroSQL Thick SQL browser with query debug helping feat... Download
toolsverse-etl-framework(freshmeat) Toolsverse ETL Framework Toolsverse ETL Framework is a standalone Extrac... Download
ob-htmlbuilder(sfnet) OpenBEXI HTML Builder OpenBEXI is a WYSIWYG HTML builder using the ma... Download
hyperic-hq(sfnet) Hyperic Application & System Monitoring Hyperic is application monitoring and performan... Download
pidgin-macosx(sfnet) Pidgin on MacOSX This is an unofficial native port of Pidgin to ... Download
phpgiftreg(freshmeat) PHP Gift Registry PHP Gift Registry is a a Web-enabled database/w... Download
jackosx(sfnet) JackOSX The JackOSX project aims to provide Mac OS X-sp... Download
fbc(sfnet) FreeBASIC Compiler Open-source, free, multi-platform BASIC compile... Download
objectlistview(sfnet) ObjectListView ObjectListView is a C# convenience wrapper arou... Download
class_upload_php(freshmeat) class.upload.php class.upload.php manages file uploads for you. ... Download
jvmbasic(freshmeat) jvmBasic jvmBasic is a compiler and grammar for BASIC wh... Download
lightwaverf(freshmeat) LightwaveRF LightwaveRF is a Ruby gem which interfaces with... Download
scribus(freshmeat) Scribus Scribus is a desktop page layout program with t... Download
gdigi(freshmeat) gdigi gdigi is a tool aimed to provide X-Edit functio... Download
delphiasiovst(sfnet) Delphi ASIO & VST Packages With these packages for Delphi the user can eas... Download
apt4rpm(sfnet) Apt for rpm apt4rpm provides tools to create and maintain a... Download
airbag_fd(freshmeat) airbag_fd airbag_fd provides drop-in crash handlers for P... Download
ja2bu(freshmeat) Ja2BU Ja2BU is a question and answer script. It feat... Download
applejack(sfnet) AppleJack:Troubleshooting Tool for Macs AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting as... Download
yapcg(sfnet) YAPCG Yet another Pathfinder Character Generator Download
flafi(sfnet) Flat File Checker A simple to use but powerful tool for flat file... Download
seranggawrcrft(sfnet) Serangga Warcraft This game using any Artificial Intelligence. Us... Download
dvdadecoder(sfnet) DVD-Audio Decoder and Watermark Detector DVD-Audio Decoder input plugin and Watermark De... Download
lifev(freshmeat) LifeV LifeV is a finite element (FE) library providin... Download
wikipedia-miner(sfnet) Wikipedia Miner Toolkit The Wikipedia Miner toolkit provides simplified... Download
gladewin32(sfnet) Glade/Gtk+ for Windows Windows port of Glade 3. The latest version inc... Download
passwordmaker(sfnet) PasswordMaker PasswordMaker - One Password To Rule Them All! Download
jexcelapi(sfnet) A Java library for reading/writing Excel JExcelApi is a java library which provides the ... Download
logrep(sfnet) Logrep Logrep is a tool for collection and presentatio... Download
qwt(sfnet) qwt Qwt is a graphics extension to the Qt GUI appli... Download
drvback(sfnet) DriverBackup! Fast and user-friendly free tool for drivers's ... Download
sync4j(sfnet) Funambol Funambol is a mobile application server that pr... Download
freepascal(sfnet) Free Pascal Compiler A 32/64/16-bit Pascal compiler for Win32/64/CE,... Download
rkward(freshmeat) RKWard RKWard aims to provide an easily extensible, ea... Download
scons(sfnet) SCons - a Software Construction tool SCons is a software construction tool (build to... Download
xpy(sfnet) xpy xpy is a small software, securing your Windows ... Download
lzip(freshmeat) Lzip Lzip is a lossless data compressor with a user ... Download
jampal(sfnet) Jampal mp3 library mp3 library, advanced ID3V1 and ID3V2 tagger, p... Download
zksample2(sfnet) Zksample2 A bigger sample application for the ZK framewor... Download
pbackup(sfnet) Peters Backup Peters Backup is a program for backing up your ... Download
virtualspaces(sfnet) Virtual Spaces MWN Virtual Spaces MWN is a Java tool developed at ... Download
spimsimulator(sfnet) spim mips simulator spim is a self-contained simulator that runs MI... Download
jbromgtp1010bk2(sfnet) JBROM GT-P1010 BK201EKY Modified android 2.3.6 GB ROM to resemble Jelly... Download
galera-wsrep-provider(freshmeat) Galera wsrep provider Galera wsrep provider is a dlopenable generic r... Download
musl(freshmeat) musl musl is a new implementation of the standard li... Download
systemimager(sfnet) SystemImager SystemImager is software that makes the install... Download
gb-ios-screen-navigation(freshmeat) GB iOS screen navigation GB iOS screen navigation is an experimental iOS... Download
picocontainer(freshmeat) PicoContainer PicoContainer is a tiny embeddable container fo... Download
kduxp(sfnet) KDuXP - Facil agradavel similar inovador Extremamente fácil, repleto de recursos, fantás... Download
pdb2pqr(sfnet) PDB2PQR PDB2PQR is a Python software package that autom... Download
netofficedwins(sfnet) netOffice Dwins netOffice Dwins is a free web based time tracki... Download
mqttdotnet(sfnet) MqttDotNet .net Implementation of the client half of the M... Download
izynfc(sfnet) izynfc IzyNFC provides an attractive and ergonomic mea... Download
auto-for-trans(sfnet) AUTO for Transmission A.U.T.O is a web interface and control mechanis... Download
logicaldoc(sfnet) LogicalDOC Document Management - DMS LogicalDOC is a modern document management syst... Download
osxvnc(sfnet) Vine Server (OSXvnc) Vine Server(OSXvnc) is a robust, full-featured ... Download
pokedroid(sfnet) PokeDroid Pokémon simulator for Android! Features include... Download
ashot(sfnet) Android Screenshots and Screen Capture Screen capturing tool for Android handsets conn... Download
hmm-asr-matlab(sfnet) HMM Speech Recognition in Matlab This project provide hidden Markov model speech... Download
nsclspectcl(sfnet) NSCL SpecTcl Histogramming system SpecTcl is a Tcl/Tk based histogrammer suitable... Download
nscldaq(sfnet) NSCL Data Acquisition System The NSCL Data Acquisition system is a general p... Download
bochs(sfnet) Bochs x86 PC emulator Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software p... Download
operasf(sfnet) Opera Opera (Optimal Paired-End Read Assembler) is a ... Download
xbox-linux(sfnet) Linux on the Microsoft Xbox The Xbox Linux Project aims to privide a versio... Download
cerebro(sfnet) Cerebro Cerebro is a collection of cluster monitoring t... Download
nagstamon(sfnet) nagstamon Nagios status monitor Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor which resi... Download
mondrian(sfnet) Mondrian Mondrian is an OLAP (online analytical processi... Download
brazilfw(sfnet) BrazilFW Firewall and Router BrazilFW is a mini Linux distribution designed ... Download
quvi(sfnet) quvi and libquvi quvi is a command line tool for parsing Adobe F... Download
nibbleblog(sfnet) Nibbleblog Easy, fast and free CMS Blog. Nibbleblog it's a... Download
genders(sfnet) genders Genders is a static cluster configuration datab... Download
reprap(sfnet) The RepRap Project This repository is now frozen. The latest versi... Download
yammy(sfnet) Yammy - Yahoo Messenger Archives Decoder Yammy (Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder) allows ... Download
pyinstaller(sfnet) PyInstaller PyInstaller is a program that converts (package... Download
dr14-tmeter(freshmeat) DR14 T.meter DR14 T.meter is a commandline tool for computin... Download
sparforte(freshmeat) SparForte SparForte is a scripting language for large pro... Download
wcd(freshmeat) wcd WCD is a directory changer for DOS and Unix. An... Download
m3w(sfnet) m3w m3w is an audio streamer for the www. m3w strea... Download
libtasn1(freshmeat) GNU Libtasn1 Libtasn1 is a library developed for ASN.1 (Abst... Download
command-2(freshmeat) command command is a commandline application which wr... Download
sagasu(freshmeat) Sagasu Sagasu is a GNOME tool to find strings in multi... Download
i2p(freshmeat) I2P I2P is an anonymizing network, offering a simpl... Download
apiupdate(sfnet) Api Update You can found here all the versions of each maj... Download
freenas(freshmeat) FreeNAS FreeNAS is a NAS (network attached storage) ser... Download
queryfs(freshmeat) QueryFS QueryFS is a FUSE-based virtual filesystem that... Download
laptop-mode-tools(freshmeat) Laptop Mode Tools Laptop Mode Tools allows you to control various... Download
xplico(freshmeat) Xplico Xplico is an IP traffic decoder that extracts d... Download
turbocash(sfnet) TurboCASH Accounting TurboCASH Accounting, entry level Accounting pa... Download
dvdx(sfnet) DVDx DVDx 4.0 is a very easy to use audio/video enco... Download

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