XamimeLT is an email scanner which encapsulates
your existing sendmail or Postfix server setup. It
scans both incoming and outgoing email. It can
scan for email viruses, unwanted file types (eg.
EXE, BMP, MPEG) and file names (eg.
prettypark.exe), spam, and almost anything you
care to search for in an email. It can also be
used to scan for text snippets within emails and
to insert disclaimers into outbound emails.
XamimeLT was formerly known as "Inflex".


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2005-03-30 07:11

Diese Version aktualisiert die testvirus Skript ripMIME und alterMIME.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This release updates the testvirus script, ripMIME, and

2004-12-17 12:16

Diese Version aktualisiert die ripMIME Motor. Es behebt filetype Testen und säubert die Antivirus-Code.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This release updates the ripMIME engine. It fixes filetype
testing, and cleans up the AntiVirus testing code.

2004-11-27 23:19

Die ripMIME Paket wurde aktualisiert. Die Variable $ id wurde reportvars aufgenommen.
Tags: Minor security fixes
The ripMIME package was updated. The $ID variable
was added to reportvars.

2004-06-25 07:36

Diese Version erhöht Modularität und aktualisiert die MIME-Decoder, BitDefender und ClamAV unterstützen.
Tags: Code cleanup
This version increases modularity, and updates the MIME
decoders, BitDefender and ClamAV support.

2003-11-16 06:05

Verschiedene Änderungen wurden in dieser Version gemacht.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Various changes were made in this version.

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