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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
rpyc(sfnet) RPyC (remote python call) RPyC, or Remote Python Call, is a transparent a... Download
k8055d(sfnet) K8055 Driver - Provides /proc/k8055 Velleman K8055 USB Experiment Interface Board d... Download
jetm(sfnet) Java Execution Time Measurement Library Deperacted location: Moved to Download
bkm(sfnet) Bookmark Manager Bookmark-Manager is an advanced bookmark manage... Download
nut(sfnet) NUT Nutrition Software nut is nutrition software to record what you ea... Download
dynamicjasper(sfnet) DynamicJasper DynamicJasper is an API that hides Jasper Repor... Download
bsmedit(sfnet) bsmedit Systemc simulation module controlling This too... Download
mysecureshell(sfnet) MySecureShell SFTP-Server MySecureShell is a sftp-server developing tool ... Download
agile-toolkit(freshmeat) Agile Toolkit Agile Toolkit is a powerful object-oriented pla... Download
qtpfsgui(sfnet) Luminance HDR Luminance HDR is a complete suite for HDR imagi... Download
jbizmo(sfnet) JBizMo JBizMo supports building of Eclipse RCP, Eclips... Download
redpanda(sfnet) panda panda is a browser base on mozilla gecko engine . Download
cyassl(freshmeat) CyaSSL The CyaSSL embedded SSL library is a lightweigh... Download
oblivionworks(sfnet) Oblivion Works Wrye Bash has moved to Github! https://github.c... Download
gambas(sfnet) Gambas A Graphical Developement Environment based on a... Download
rcwa-2d(sfnet) rcwa-2d Matlab/Octave implementation of the 2D Rigorous... Download
ocilib(freshmeat) OCILIB OCILIB is a cross-platform Oracle Driver that d... Download
rcwa-1d(sfnet) rcwa-1d Matlab/Octave implementation of the Rigorous Co... Download
colossus(sfnet) Colossus Colossus is a Java clone of the boardgame Titan... Download
mulanpa(sfnet) MuLanPa MuLanPa is a source-analyser with a configurabl... Download
taskcoach(freshmeat) Task Coach Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage p... Download
opennhrp(freshmeat) OpenNHRP OpenNHRP implements the NBMA Next Hop Resolutio... Download
opentcs(freshmeat) openTCS openTCS is a platform-independent transportatio... Download
scidavis(sfnet) SciDAVis SciDAVis is a user-friendly data analysis and v... Download
ngrt4n(freshmeat) RealOpInsight RealOpInsight is an advanced business service m... Download
penrose(sfnet) penrose Penrose is a java-based virtual directory serve... Download
smartconfig(sfnet) SmartConfig SmartConfig is a Java library for easy access t... Download
akkar(freshmeat) AKKAR AKKAR is a centralized LARP management suite th... Download
ssdm(sfnet) SSDM SSDM (formerly SqlceViewer) is a database manag... Download
itk-snap(sfnet) ITK-SNAP Medical Image Segmentation Tool ITK-SNAP is a tool for segmenting anatomical st... Download
libhx(freshmeat) libHX libHX is a C library (with some C++ bindings av... Download
nobleape(sfnet) Noble Ape Simulation Simulates a biologically diverse tropical islan... Download
fluxbox(freshmeat) Fluxbox Fluxbox is a lightweight and highly configurabl... Download
fireworkx(freshmeat) Fireworkx Fireworkx is a pyrotechnic fireworks blast simu... Download
devillinux(freshmeat) Devil-Linux Devil-Linux is a special secure Linux distribut... Download
british-bingo(freshmeat) British bingo British bingo runs in your browser and uses 3 b... Download
login_keepalived(freshmeat) login_keepalived login_keepalived is a daemon that keeps remote ... Download
adianti-framework(freshmeat) Adianti Framework Adianti Framework provides an architecture for ... Download
pymtpfs(freshmeat) pymtpfs pymtpfs is a FUSE filesystem for MTP devices. ... Download
reaction(freshmeat) Reaction Reaction is a Quake 3 mod based on Action Quake... Download
rjsmin(freshmeat) rJSmin rJSmin is a fast reimplemenation of jsmin.c by ... Download
l-tre(freshmeat) Lá Tre Lá Tre is a phonebook application. It allows yo... Download
damndaiict(sfnet) DAiict Mesh Network (DAMN) DAMN, as a mesh network will allow free communi... Download
simplgroup(sfnet) Simple Groupware Simple Groupware is a complete open source ente... Download
linuxmce(freshmeat) LinuxMCE LinuxMCE is an add-on to Kubuntu that provides ... Download
technecadcam(sfnet) Techne (R) CAD/CAM A Windows only 2.5D CAD CAM application. The u... Download
nst(sfnet) Network Security Toolkit (NST) Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a bootable IS... Download
moose(freshmeat) Moose Moose is a framework for getting XML into and o... Download
keyrunner(freshmeat) KeyRunner KeyRunner is a game in which the player helps ... Download
fcron(freshmeat) fcron Fcron is a periodical command scheduler which a... Download
chatscript(sfnet) ChatScript ChatScript is the next generation chatbot engin... Download
automake(freshmeat) GNU Automake Automake is a tool for automatically generating... Download
cups-bjnp(sfnet) cups-bjnp CUPS back-end for the canon printers using the ... Download
libfirm(sfnet) libFirm The Firm library implements the Firm intermedia... Download
vijava(sfnet) VMware Infrastructure (vSphere) Java API This project provides a full set of libraries t... Download
ogre(sfnet) OGRE (O-O Graphics Rendering Engine) An efficient, object-oriented hardware accelera... Download
javarock(sfnet) JavaRock A compiler from java to vhdl, which enables har... Download
jdk7src(sfnet) Oracle Java JDK 7 Source Files A drop-in replacement for the shipped w... Download
unigw(sfnet) Unix GNU Windows At this point this project is mainly wpkg which... Download
chordii(sfnet) Chordii Chordii, formerly known as Chordie, creates ele... Download
texcad(sfnet) TeXCAD TeXCAD is a program for drawing or retouching {... Download
contiperf(sfnet) ContiPerf In order to assure software performance, softwa... Download
cmsimplexh(sfnet) CMSimple_XH CMSimple_XH is a modular, easy-to-install and e... Download
fidocadj(sfnet) FidoCadJ A multiplatform vector drawing program with a c... Download
okiproject(sfnet) Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) The Open Knowledge Initiative Project defines o... Download
dqsd(sfnet) Dave's Quick Search Deskbar Dave's Quick Search Deskbar is an add-on for th... Download
tightvnc26(sfnet) tightvnc26 TightVNC is a free remote control software pack... Download
prinseq(sfnet) PRINSEQ A bioinformatics tool to PRe-process and show I... Download
zephyrsoft(sfnet) ZephyrSoft Toolbox A bunch of tools for various purposes - lyrics ... Download
khtml2png(sfnet) khtml2png khtml2png is a command line program to create P... Download
jmri(sfnet) JMRI Model Railroad Interface Java interfaces and sample implementations for ... Download
nvram-wakeup(sfnet) NVRAM WakeUp This is a small program that reads and writes t... Download
lipside(sfnet) Linear Program Solver Linear Program Solver (LiPS) is an optimization... Download
audioplex(sfnet) lplex An LPCM multiplex/demultiplex utility for DVD-V... Download
jhotdraw(sfnet) JHotDraw JHotDraw is a two-dimensional graphics framewor... Download
sabnzbdplus(sfnet) SABnzbdPlus SABnzbd is a cross-platform binary newsreader. ... Download
zb-fetcher(sfnet) ZetaBoards topic fetcher Fetches topics with new posts from ZetaBoards f... Download
actiongame(sfnet) AssaultCube (has moved to Github) ASSAULTCUBE HAS MOVED TO GITHUB: http://www.git... Download
krut(sfnet) Krut Computer Recorder Krut Computer Recorder is a screencast tool to ... Download
vle(sfnet) Virtual Laboratory Environment VLE is a multi-modeling and simulation environm... Download
pyparsing(sfnet) Python parsing module pyparsing is a general parsing module for Pytho... Download
safekeep(sfnet) SafeKeep SafeKeep is a centralized and easy to use backu... Download
mrockola(sfnet) MRockola Application emulate a Jukebox (Rockola) play a... Download
clarens(sfnet) Clarens An Apache/mod-python-based application server c... Download
nod32ms(sfnet) nod32 mirror script nod32 mirror script - program to create mirror ... Download
hmg(sfnet) HMG HMG is a xBase Multi-platform development syste... Download
playerstage(sfnet) The Player Project The Player Project: Player is a networked inter... Download
js-cad(sfnet) JS-CAD NOTE: I moved the source to Github. The name is... Download
wpbrute(sfnet) Wordpress Brute Force You can brute a WordPress Site with a list of p... Download
superclick(sfnet) Auto Mouse Click Generator A powerful, fast and yet easy to use automatic ... Download
secureauthentic(sfnet) SAMSON - Secure Authentication Modules The Secure Authentication Modules (SAMSON) are ... Download
mdr(sfnet) Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction The objective of this project is to make availa... Download
dacco(sfnet) English-Catalan Dictionary Project DACCO (Diccionari Anglčs Catalŕ de Codi Obert) ... Download
videomer(sfnet) VideoMer A complete video library, easy to use. Here is ... Download
smppapi(sfnet) Java SMPP API Java implementation of the SMPP API Download
ffmpeg4android(sfnet) FFmpeg for Android FFmpeg for Android is a set of Android makefile... Download
androidbigfacto(sfnet) Android big factorial The app is using representation of numbers in t... Download
mysqlgalera(freshmeat) wsrep patch for MySQL wsrep-enabled MySQL (previously MySQL/Galera cl... Download
webstreamer(freshmeat) WebStreamer WebStreamer is a Web-based system that allows y... Download
sablecc(freshmeat) SableCC SableCC is a parser generator that generates fu... Download

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