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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
jazzplusplus(sfnet) Jazz++ MIDI and Audio Sequencer Jazz++ is a full featured, audio capable, cross... Download
batchccews(sfnet) BatchCCEWS This software helps you encode multiple video f... Download
tvguide(sfnet) TVG TVG is a Windows (XP, Vista) program to display... Download
sidewinder(sfnet) Sidewinder Sidewinder is a new kind of cross-platform appl... Download
imchatbot(sfnet) imchatbot Instant Message Chat Bot - AIM bot provides a s... Download
filters(sfnet) Filters Filters is a image processing library: filter s... Download
filecrypter(sfnet) File Crypter File Crypter is a Simple program, that is able ... Download
ziproxy(sfnet) ziproxy Ziproxy is forwarding HTTP proxy server aimed t... Download
erpnet(sfnet) ERP.NET ERP.NET is ERP/CRM&SFM software application... Download
ds-hpcalc(sfnet) DS-HPCALC HP-11C and HP-16C emulation for the Nintendo DS... Download
x-41(sfnet) X-41 - an HP-41CV Simulator This is an HP-41CV simulator for MAC OS X. It i... Download
edif2kicad(sfnet) Edif to KiCad translator An Electronic Definition Interchange Format (ED... Download
dspgateway(sfnet) DSP Gateway DSP Gateway for OMAP 1510, 1610, 1710 and 2420. Download
macsword(sfnet) Eloquent Eloquent is a powerful Bible study tool for Mac... Download
xfardic(sfnet) xFarDic Multilingual Dictionary xFarDic is a comprehensive and feature rich dic... Download
linuxmediaplay(sfnet) linuxmediaplay Linux media player is high quality music player... Download
kml(sfnet) Knowledge Markup Language (KML) KML is a knowledge base with support of logical... Download
dataface(sfnet) Xataface Provides extensible and intuitive user interfac... Download
photobooth(sfnet) Photobooth Photobooth is a currently a windows based pytho... Download
showthevote(sfnet) Show the vote Buzzers and crosses simulating those on talent ... Download
pharmacyautomat(sfnet) Pharmacy Automation System Pharmacy Automatoion System is simple basic sof... Download
diogene87(sfnet) Diogene87 The diogene87's project is dead. Download
ccalculator(sfnet) Customizable Calculator A simple and easy to use calculator that is eas... Download
xarchive(sfnet) XArchive XArchive is a GTK+ front-end for command line a... Download
objectmapper(sfnet) AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET The AdFactum Object Mapper is a relational obje... Download
xdthemes(sfnet) XDThemes Démonstration de thèmes XOOPS Download
scourge(sfnet) S.C.O.U.R.G.E.: Heroes of Lesser Renown S.C.O.U.R.G.E. is a roguelike game with a 3D us... Download
eekboek(sfnet) eekboek Accounting software for small and medium-size b... Download
freetextbox(sfnet) FreeTextBox FreeTextBox 1.x is an HTML editor control for A... Download
s3cmd(freshmeat) S3cmd S3cmd is a command line client for storing data... Download
django-live-profiler(freshmeat) Django-live-profiler Django-live-profiler is a low-overhead data acc... Download
artool(sfnet) Acoustic Research Tool (ART) ART is a flexible simulation framework for wind... Download
zfswatcher(freshmeat) Zfswatcher Zfswatcher is ZFS storage pool monitoring and n... Download
jtreemap(freshmeat) JTreeMap JTreeMap is a directory type data structure. It... Download
gpsmap(sfnet) gpsmap GPSylon is a Java moving map application that i... Download
pywebgraph(sfnet) Python Web Graph Generator A threaded Web graph (Power law random graph) g... Download
apng2gif(sfnet) APNG to GIF This program converts APNG animations into anim... Download
mysql-admin(sfnet) MySQL-Admin MySQL-Admin is a simple PHP based administratio... Download
codesounding(sfnet) codesounding CodeSounding is a sonification framework which ... Download
dynalogin(freshmeat) dynalogin dynalogin is a distributed two-factor authentic... Download
javaini(sfnet) dTool's Java INI Package The aim of this project is to develop a straigh... Download
mangopublishing(sfnet) Mango Publishing houses need special software that su... Download
dpgencoder(sfnet) DpgEncoder Converts videos that you can play in Windows Me... Download
ant-doxygen(sfnet) Ant task for Doxygen Ant-Doxygen is an Ant task for doxygen, a docum... Download
beamer-tool(sfnet) beamer-tool beamer-tool shows images and commercials in an ... Download
cgwiimote(sfnet) Wiimote for C++ This package is a development library for C++ t... Download
plsqlexecoscomm(sfnet) Oracle PL/SQL executing OS Commands This is a set of PLSQL packages for the Oracle ... Download
antitdelfaam(sfnet) Anti T.Delf.aam Anti T.Delf.aam -Anti T.Delf.aam Download
nmedit(sfnet) Nord Modular Editor This project develops an open source editor for... Download
robodoc(sfnet) ROBODoc ROBODoc is a documentation tool. It extracts th... Download
cwf(sfnet) Valence Web Framework Valence is based on PHP 5.1 and follows MVC des... Download
xmp(sfnet) Extended Module Player xmp is a module player for Unix-like systems th... Download
djconsole(sfnet) dTools' JConsole dTools' JConsole is a tiny library to assist Ja... Download
cadtools(sfnet) CADTools A parametric, feature-based, sketch-driven 3D C... Download
gmail-lite(sfnet) libgmailer for PHP libgmailer for PHP consists of 2 parts: {GMaile... Download
gridftp-client(sfnet) GridFTP Client A user-friendly, cross-platform, dCache compati... Download
sockettest(sfnet) SocketTest - Test My Socket SocketTest - powerful and small software tool f... Download
dscsim(sfnet) GMDSS VHF DSC Simulator VHF Digital Select Controller GMDSS simulator S... Download
janus-plugin(sfnet) Janus - Java'n'UML Simultanously Janus - Java'n'UML Simultanously. A free CASE t... Download
quickserver(sfnet) QuickServer - TCP server framework QuickServer is an open source Java library/fram... Download
jui_alert(freshmeat) jui_alert jui_alert is a jQuery plugin that provides simp... Download
bestbooks(sfnet) BestBooks Accounting Framework BestBooks, an Accounting Application Framework ... Download
dcmsee(sfnet) Dicom Explorer Dicom Explorer is a handy tool. It's a small pr... Download
isoworld(freshmeat) Isoworld Isoworld can render 3D isometric cubes from thr... Download
bastard(sfnet) The Bastard A disassembler for the linux platform. Currentl... Download
knitter(sfnet) knitter Knitter produces a 3-dimensional model of a kni... Download
panicbutton(sfnet) Panic Button Panic Button provides an icon in the Windows sy... Download
emailarchiving(sfnet) Email Archiving Proxy This project consists of a proxy application th... Download
lios(sfnet) Linux-Intelligent-Ocr-Solution Lios is a free and open source software for con... Download
vesma(sfnet) VESMA VESMA is a Java package which provids classes u... Download
traffstats(sfnet) TraffStats TraffStats: network Traffic Statistic - is a mo... Download
jui_theme_switch(freshmeat) jui_theme_switch jui_theme_switch is a jQuery plugin that displa... Download
nasa-exp(sfnet) NASA WorldWind NASA World Wind is a graphically rich 3D virtua... Download
turfgrass(sfnet) turfgrass Turfgrass is a Systems Operations Display (SOD)... Download
enchantrix(sfnet) Enchantrix addon for World of Warcraft Enchantrix is an addon for World of Warcraft th... Download
icalendar(sfnet) iCalendar This project is a collection of iCalendar and x... Download
untangle(sfnet) Untangle Untangle is a Linux-based network gateway with ... Download
dia-installer(sfnet) Dia Diagram Editor Popular general purpose drawing software for Wi... Download
csveditor(sfnet) Eclipse CSV Editor A CSV editor plugin for Eclipse which edits CSV... Download
jmatchtemplate(sfnet) jmatchtemplate This Java native library wraps OpenCV (Computer... Download
audiogenie(sfnet) AudioGenie AudioGenie is a fast Library with many function... Download
mysql-cocoa(sfnet) MySQL Objective C API for Cocoa The project aims at providing a standard API fo... Download
samschanneledit(sfnet) SamsChannelEditor SamsChannelEditor is a desktop application for ... Download
bartlby(sfnet) bartlby Bartlby is a network and system monitor complet... Download
ttf2ttc(sfnet) ttf2ttc ttf2ttc is a collection of the scripts to split... Download
jchart2d(sfnet) JChart2D JChart2D is a easy to use component for display... Download
tbookdtd(sfnet) tbookdtd This project hast moved to <https://launchpa... Download
geckofx(sfnet) GeckoFX GeckoFX is the open-source component for embedd... Download
pyobfuscate(freshmeat) pyobfuscate pyobfuscate is a source code obfuscator. It mak... Download
capi20proxy(sfnet) CAPI 2.0 Proxy (Remote CAPI port) This project is meant to provide ISDN CAPI 2.0 ... Download
jdicom-buddy(sfnet) jdicom-buddy This is a small application in Java helping to ... Download
sansalinux(sfnet) SansaLinux Linux for the Sandisk MP3player series Sansa e2... Download
msvimporter(sfnet) Massive Importer for Maya A Maya plug-in for importing Massive simulations. Download
photodatabase(sfnet) PhotoBase This project has moved to Download
cdeject(sfnet) CD Ejecter A Program for opening and closing your CD Drive... Download
comicbookedit(sfnet) Comic book editor Comic book editor is easy to use software to cr... Download
matlababffilere(sfnet) Matlab ABF file Reader Load data from an axoscope abf file in matlab. Download
panomatic(sfnet) panomatic A tool to automate the generation of keypoint m... Download
leinenzwang(sfnet) Leinenzwang GPL-Module für das xt:commerce-Shopsystem zum f... Download
twinklephone(sfnet) twinklephone To upgrade twinkle phone. http://www.twinklepho... Download

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