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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
apollon(freshmeat) Apollon Apollon is a filesharing client that uses giFT/... Download
pal(freshmeat) pal calendar Pal is a color, command-line calendar similar t... Download
pop3filter(freshmeat) pop3filter pop3filter is a POP3 transparent proxy with sup... Download
e-mbuttons(freshmeat) E-Mbuttons E-Mbuttons is a small epplet which acts as an a... Download
distributeddns(freshmeat) DistributedDNS DDNS is P2P software that aims to build a decen... Download
oness(freshmeat) ONess Oness is an ERP, CRM, SRM, and inventory manage... Download
jlgui(freshmeat) Java Music Player jlGui is a Java music player. It is WinAmp skin... Download
wormwarner(freshmeat) Worm Warner WormWarner is a Perl script that is used to war... Download
lostcities(freshmeat) Lost Cities Lost Cities is an implementation of Reiner Kniz... Download
h2text(freshmeat) HTML-to-Text Processor HTML-to-Text Processor will count text words in... Download
pybkm(freshmeat) pyBKM pyBKM is a cross-platform client-side tool to o... Download
linoopz(freshmeat) Linoopz Linoopz is a remake of the popular game loopz f... Download
phpsera(freshmeat) phpSERA phpSERA is a tool for Search Engine Ranking Ana... Download
lzcn(freshmeat) lzCounter lzCounter is an simple and easy-to-install Webs... Download
nspasm(freshmeat) spasm anti-spam milter The spasm anti-spam milter is a spam filter for... Download
gstreamripper(freshmeat) GStreamripperX GStreamripperX us a GTK+ GUI for Streamripper. ... Download
pdml(freshmeat) PDML PDML is an informal markup language written in ... Download
dblayer(freshmeat) dblayer The dblayer is a database abstraction layer cla... Download
wbumount(freshmeat) wbumount Wbumount lists the processes which are using a ... Download
kooka(freshmeat) Kooka Kooka, part of the kdegraphics package, is a ra... Download
ruby-borges(freshmeat) Borges Borges is a Web application framework that allo... Download
phppdflib(freshmeat) phppdflib phppdflib is a PHP class that allows dynamic ge... Download
mchangman(freshmeat) MedCosm Hangman MedCosm Hangman plays the classic game of hangm... Download
fljud(freshmeat) Fljud Fljud (the Flexible LDAP Jabber User Directory)... Download
elfsign(freshmeat) elfsign elfsign provides tools and an interface for sig... Download
libmelf(freshmeat) libmelf libmelf is a library interface for manipulating... Download
mkcdrecutils(freshmeat) mkCDrec Utilities The mkCDrec utilities are optional for mkCDrec ... Download
pyrapi(freshmeat) PyRapi PyRapi provides a simple Python interface to th... Download
sauditor(freshmeat) sauditor sauditor is a sample auditor that is intended t... Download
quirky21(freshmeat) Quirky21 Quirky 21 is a blackjack game. It's old, and no... Download
mailbox-sweeper(freshmeat) Mailbox Sweeper Mailbox Sweeper lets you delete email messages ... Download
tnt(freshmeat) TNT TNT is an Emacs client for AIM, AOL's free inst... Download
qunittest(freshmeat) QUnitTest QUnitTest is a an easy-to-use GUI and applicat... Download
fjtag(freshmeat) FJtag FJtag is jtag management tool for Linux. Its ma... Download
pytai(freshmeat) pytai pytai is a Python class and helper functions to... Download
nosica(freshmeat) Nosica Nosica is a compiler for the new object oriente... Download
sfick(freshmeat) sfick sfick (simple file integrity checker) is a syst... Download
gcontroller(freshmeat) gController gController is a simulator for the basic theory... Download
antworks(freshmeat) Antworks Antworks is a set of tools to automatically dow... Download
gemz(freshmeat) Gemz Gemz is a clone of the popular game Bejeweled. ... Download
phpgeek_util(freshmeat) PHPGeek Utilities PHPGeek Utilities is a set of utility scripts f... Download
tbnl(freshmeat) TBNL TBNL is a framework to create dynamic Web sites... Download
libcontain(freshmeat) libcontain libcontain is a C container library that aims t... Download
modprismiq(freshmeat) ModPrismiq ModPrismiq is a project to provide a Linux GUI ... Download
libmemory(freshmeat) libmemory The libmemory library provides an implementatio... Download
x70talk(freshmeat) x70talk x70talk is a commandline application allowing ... Download
gnudap(freshmeat) GNU Digital Audio Player GNUdap is a project to build a userspace driver... Download
sidplayer(freshmeat) SIDPlayer SIDPlayer is a replayer program for C64 music (... Download
openmcl(freshmeat) OpenMCL OpenMCL is an Open Source version of Digitool's... Download
wmacpi_temp(freshmeat) wmacpi_temp wmacpi_temp is a Window Maker dock application ... Download
ssttr-jlibs(freshmeat) SSTTR Java Libraries SSTTR Java Libraries is a collection of Java li... Download
gnubackgammon(freshmeat) GNU Backgammon GNU Backgammon (gnubg) plays and analyzes backg... Download
latex-indexbuild(freshmeat) LaTeX Indexbuild LaTeX Indexbuilder is a tool for build indexes ... Download
smbgw(freshmeat) smbgw Smbgw is a Web front-end to smbclient. It allow... Download
pyinvoke(freshmeat) PyInvoke PyInvoke is a transparent RPC mechanism that is... Download
lwneuralnetplus(freshmeat) Lightweight Neural Network ++ Lightweight Neural Network ++ is a backpropagat... Download
cstylex(freshmeat) CStyleX CStyleX provides ref.xsl, man.xsl, and proj.xsl... Download
raidmonitor(freshmeat) raidmonitor raidmonitor monitors your Linux RAID devices u... Download
netcrypto(freshmeat) NetCrypto NetCrypto is a library of functions and a fram... Download
easymoblog(freshmeat) EasyMoblog EasyMoblog is a platform for the publishing of ... Download
ipe(freshmeat) Ipe Ipe is a drawing editor for creating figures in... Download
rssreadermidlet(freshmeat) RSS Reader MIDlet RSS Reader MIDlet is an RSS feed reader for han... Download
cvsdelta(freshmeat) cvsdelta cvsdelta helps manage a CVS project, identifyin... Download
html-formremove(freshmeat) HTML::FormRemove HTML::FormRemove is a module that removes form ... Download
log4cxx(freshmeat) log4cxx log4cxx is a port to C++ of the log4j project. Download
bouquetagg(freshmeat) Bouquet: a graph generator Bouquet is a graph generation package that allo... Download
xstest(freshmeat) XSTest XSTest is an object framework that takes unit a... Download
drawswf(freshmeat) DrawSWF DrawSWF is a simple drawing application written... Download
benmp3(freshmeat) BenMP3 BenMP3 is a small and powerful sound player for... Download
nca(freshmeat) Network Console on Acid nca (Network Console on Acid) connects a pseudo... Download
hibtags(freshmeat) Hibtags Hibtags is a library of tags that are a best ef... Download
pdftrans(freshmeat) PDFTrans PDFTrans is a small front-end to the iText PDF ... Download
hrd(freshmeat) HuaRongDao HuaRongDao (hrd) is an ancient Chinese puzzle g... Download
j2mevnc(freshmeat) J2ME VNC J2ME VNC is a VNC client for J2ME devices, such... Download
trommler(freshmeat) Trommler Trommler is an X-based drum machine with the fo... Download
debtakeover(freshmeat) debtakeover The debtakeover utility is used to replace the ... Download
csed(freshmeat) CSed CSed is a color stream editor. It works like se... Download
sigsafe(freshmeat) sigsafe sigsafe is a C library for safely, reliably, an... Download
phpmycdmouse(freshmeat) PHPmyCDMouse PHPmyCDMouse aims to be a full-featured indexin... Download
pdview(freshmeat) Perl Data Viewer pdview is a Perl/Tk-script to visualize datafil... Download
qtoggvorbis(freshmeat) Ogg Vorbis QuickTime component This project is a QuickTime component for playi... Download
macchanger(freshmeat) GNU MAC Changer MAC Changer is a GNU/Linux utility for viewing/... Download
midas(freshmeat) Midas Midas is the Horde module for serving and mana... Download
jlanc(freshmeat) J-Lan Communicator J-Lan Communicator is a small application that ... Download
piespy(freshmeat) PieSpy PieSpy is an IRC bot that monitors a set of IRC... Download
netclipboard(freshmeat) Netclipboard Netclipboard provides multi-platform clipboard ... Download
lupy(freshmeat) Lupy Lupy is a full-text indexer for Python. It is a... Download
pldlivecd(freshmeat) PLD Live CD PLD Live CD is a bootable CD that contains a li... Download
knoppixmame(freshmeat) KnoppiXMAME KnoppixMAME is a bootable arcade machine emulat... Download
mztalk(freshmeat) MZTalk MZTalk is a Java Swing tool for talking to anot... Download
dox_discovery(freshmeat) Dox Discovery Servlet Dox Discovery is an attempt to bring elegance a... Download
pphl(freshmeat) PowerPhlogger PowerPhlogger is a counter hosting tool. It le... Download
fobs(freshmeat) FOBS FOBS (Ffmpeg OBjectS) is a C++/Java wrapper ov... Download
webdonkey(freshmeat) Webdonkey Webdonkey is a complete suite to control any e... Download
bsfperl(freshmeat) BSFPerl BSFPerl is a Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) en... Download
annuaire(freshmeat) Annuaire (Directory) Annuaire (Directory) is a tool that offers fami... Download
tswana_spellchecker(freshmeat) Setswana Spellchecker Setswana Spellchecker is a spellchecker for Set... Download
jspfm(freshmeat) jFM jFM is a JSP file manager for remote site manag... Download
nic(freshmeat) Nic NIC is a Web interface to a wide variety of net... Download
odin(freshmeat) Odin Odin is a data browsing/managing application. I... Download

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