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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
polywithgcd(sfnet) Polynomials calculator with gcd Calculator for polynomials that can do add, dif... Download
miniproics(sfnet) Sony ICS Sony official ICS Download
jikesrvm(sfnet) Jikes RVM Jikes RVM (Research Virtual Machine) provides a... Download
jam-daq(sfnet) Jam--Nuclear Physics Data Acquisition Jam is an easy-to-use self-contained data acqui... Download
xye(sfnet) Xye Xye is an abstract puzzle game in which you dir... Download
sslh(freshmeat) sslh sslh accepts connections in HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, O... Download
sutekh(sfnet) Sutekh A python library for searching and managing a c... Download
libunicows(sfnet) libunicows libunicows makes writing Unicode-enabled applic... Download
dbfpy(sfnet) dbfpy Python module for reading and writing DBF files... Download
puttymanager(sfnet) PuTTY Manager Tabbed PuTTY Interface! Features: A tabbed in... Download
atari800(sfnet) Atari800 Emulator of Atari 800/800XL/130XE/5200 with var... Download
stats-in-th-joomla-module(freshmeat) Stats In Th Joomla module Stats In Th is a Joomla! module which displays... Download
adcd(freshmeat) Adcd Adcd is a text mode CD player for GNU/Linux. It... Download
gnu-gengetopt(freshmeat) GNU gengetopt GNU gengetopt takes a simple description of ar... Download
zpub(freshmeat) zpub zpub is a server to collaboratively work on Doc... Download
twogo4x(sfnet) 2go4x By downloading 2go4x.jar and using it on your p... Download
galculator(sfnet) galculator galculator is a GTK 2 / GTK 3 based scientific ... Download
relations-rcp(sfnet) Relations RCP Relations RCP is a personal wiki style applicat... Download
gnuaccounting(sfnet) GnuAccounting An open-source java accounting application that... Download
hte(freshmeat) The HT Editor HT is a file editor/viewer/analyzer for executa... Download
rikulo-gap(freshmeat) Rikulo Gap Rikulo Gap is a bridge implementation of the Ap... Download
eclim(freshmeat) eclim eclim is a set of Eclipse and Vim plugins to in... Download
bridgelinux(sfnet) Bridge Linux Bridge Linux is an Arch derivative that include... Download
debi(sfnet) debi GNU/linux debi GNU/linux is a Lightweight debian based di... Download
gnutrition(freshmeat) GNUtrition GNUtrition is free nutrition analysis software ... Download
webmanner(freshmeat) webmanner webmanner is a man page-to-HTML converter. Download
spikedetekt(sfnet) SpiKeDeteKt This is an automatic spike detection program wh... Download
arctic-core(freshmeat) Arctic Core Arctic Core is an implementation of the AUTOSAR... Download
mycarousel(freshmeat) myCarousel myCarousel is a jQuery plugin used to create an... Download
lookat(freshmeat) lookat "lookat" (or "bekijk" in Du... Download
entropybroker(freshmeat) entropybroker Entropy Broker is an infrastructure for distrib... Download
tiny-life(freshmeat) Tiny Life Tiny Life (tlife) is a simple Game of Life impl... Download
jobseeker(freshmeat) jobSeeker jobSeeker is a class that searches for jobs on ... Download
ocamlmath(freshmeat) ocamlmath ocamlmath provides modules that may be used as ... Download
din(freshmeat) din is noise din is a software musical instrument and audio ... Download
qtads(freshmeat) QTads QTads is a cross-platform multimedia interprete... Download
rikulo-uxl(freshmeat) Rikulo UXL Rikulo UXL is a markup language for describing ... Download
dtree(freshmeat) dtree dtree is a library that provides an API to acce... Download
fgslibraryphp(sfnet) FGSL2ZF Component library to extend Zend Framework. MVC... Download
kcpsm3-assembler(freshmeat) KCPSM3 Assembler KCPSM3 Assembler is an alternative implementati... Download
mbsl(freshmeat) MBSL MBSL (MicroBlaze Simple Linux) is a set of Make... Download
bsheet(sfnet) Bean Sheet Bean Sheet is an interpreted Java spreadsheet. ... Download
ecere(freshmeat) Ecere SDK The Ecere SDK is a cross-platform toolkit for b... Download
drinkstoolkit(sfnet) DRINKS Toolkit DRINKS Toolkit is a collection of web-based wid... Download
hexter(freshmeat) hexter hexter is a software synthesizer that models th... Download
qmodbus(sfnet) QModBus QModBus is a free Qt-based implementation of a ... Download
mod_pcgi2(freshmeat) mod_pcgi2 mod_pcgi2 is a module for Apache to handle Pers... Download
opus(freshmeat) OPUS OPUS is a repository software. OPUS can archive... Download
tty0tty(sfnet) Linux null-modem emulator The Linux null-modem emulator (tty0tty) is a ke... Download
libivykis(sfnet) libivykis async I/O-assisting library libivykis is a thin wrapper over various OS'es ... Download
lc8085asm(sfnet) 8085asm - Simple 8085 assembler Simple 8085 assembler and disassembler for educ... Download
pmcyg(freshmeat) pmcyg pmcyg is a tool for creating customized collect... Download
atmega16rgb(sfnet) ATmega16 RGB Spotlight Program controls PWM, with powerful LEDs on out... Download
inmortalrom(sfnet) inmortal rom rom galaxy s3 Download
ez430chronos(sfnet) TI eZ430-Chronos Firmware This project provides a firmware for TI's EZ430... Download
picsim(sfnet) PICsim - PIC microcontroller simulator PICsim emulates a microcontroller PIC16F628/16F... Download
iosapptodebian(sfnet) iOS App to DEB Convert your self-signed XCode iOS .app files t... Download
skyperious(freshmeat) Skyperious Skyperious is a Skype database viewer and merg... Download
openhantek(sfnet) OpenHantek OpenHantek is a free software for Hantek (Voltc... Download
mysolat(sfnet) My Malaysia Solat Time (PC/Mac) A standardize solat time application for Malays... Download
vcftools(sfnet) vcftools A set of tools written in Perl and C++ for work... Download
cottage(freshmeat) Cottage Cottage is a simple graphics and sound engine i... Download
maxon(sfnet) MaxOn Accounting Software MaxOn designed for small and medium company, ha... Download
buildcraftaps(sfnet) Buildcraft: Advanced Power Systems APS is a sub-mod for SpaceToad's Buildcraft. It... Download
libconfigduo(freshmeat) libconfigduo libconfig is a compact, portable library for re... Download
httppp(freshmeat) httppp httppp is a network passive probe to monitor HT... Download
sipve(sfnet) SIPve Sistema Integrado de Protección Venezolano con ... Download
asco(sfnet) ASCO (A SPICE Circuit Optimizer) The ASCO project aims to bring circuit optimiza... Download
farhangefarsi(sfnet) فرهنگ فارسی همراه این پروژه یک لغتنامه ساده فارسی به فارسی برای... Download
vcftoxlsx(sfnet) Free VCF to Excel XLSX This tool is used convert vCard(.vcf) files to ... Download
jpegview(sfnet) JPEGView - Image Viewer and Editor JPEGView is a lean, fast and highly configurabl... Download
numpy(sfnet) Numerical Python Numerical Python adds a fast and sophisticated ... Download
rfunc(sfnet) rFunc UDF Library User Defined Library for InterBase / Firebird /... Download
jsip2(sfnet) JSIP2 3M Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP) is an in... Download
plsqlframestart(sfnet) PL/SQL Starter Framework !!! NOTE !!! The latest file upload ( Download
sflphone(freshmeat) SFLphone SFLphone is an SIP/IAX2 compatible softphone. T... Download
bitnamisubversion(freshmeat) BitNami Subversion Stack BitNami Subversion Stack is an easy-to-install,... Download
bitnamidrupal(freshmeat) BitNami Drupal Stack BitNami Drupal stack is an easy-to-install dist... Download
dupeguru-music-edition(freshmeat) dupeGuru Music Edition dupeGuru Music Edition is a tool to find duplic... Download
neurofeeder(freshmeat) neurofeeder The most tedious thing to do when using a neura... Download
pymiproxy(freshmeat) pymiproxy pymiproxy is a small, lightweight, man-in-the-m... Download
ion-dtn(freshmeat) ION-DTN The Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) softwa... Download
javagraticule3d(sfnet) Java Graticule 3D (OpenAdjustment) JAG3D is a simple tool to estimate geodetic 1d,... Download
gswitchit(sfnet) GSwitchIt XKB toolkit for GNOME XKB toolkit (configurator, indicator) for GNOME Download
gnomesword(sfnet) Xiphos Bible Study Software A cross-platform Bible application for the Linu... Download
getpot(sfnet) Command Line Parser GetPot Powerful command line and configuration file pa... Download
quex(sfnet) Lexical Analyzer Generator Quex Generator of extremely fast lexical analysers. ... Download
galaxysbean(sfnet) Galaxy sBean rom for sgh-t989 only!!! Download
pxadroid(sfnet) PXA Droid HTC Devices based on xScale CPU for Android Download
depfind(sfnet) Dependency Finder Extracts dependencies and OO metrics from Java ... Download
fftwpp(freshmeat) FFTW++ FFTW++ is a C++ header class for the FFTW Fast ... Download
autowikibrowser(sfnet) AutoWikiBrowser AutoWikiBrowser is a semi-automated Wikipedia e... Download
meteosatlib(sfnet) Meteosatlib Meteosat OpenMTP/HRI/HRIT C++ access libraries.... Download
htcuniversal(sfnet) HTC Universal Kernel The source code and development of a newer kern... Download
cellml-api(sfnet) CellML-API IDL specified API for manipulating and processi... Download
nlib(sfnet) Some libraries Source code of my works and all libraries I used. Download
zebrafeeds(freshmeat) ZebraFeeds ZebraFeeds is a Web-based RSS/Atom aggregator. ... Download
jin(sfnet) Jin client for chess servers Jin is a Java client for various chess servers.... Download
raspbx(sfnet) RasPBX - Asterisk for Raspberry Pi A complete installation of Asterisk and FreePBX... Download
android-store(freshmeat) android-store android-store is an in-app billing and storage ... Download

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