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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
pen(freshmeat) Pen Pen is a load balancer for "simple" T... Download
s3db(sfnet) S3DB - simple sloppy semantic database S3DB - Simple Sloppy Semantic Database - is a P... Download
rufasgate(freshmeat) RufasGate RufasGate is a combination of the Portal and So... Download
xes(sfnet) XML Encoded Source XML encoder for source code Download
pastebingtk(freshmeat) PastebinGTK PastebinGTK is a Linux desktop client for the p... Download
guiforrrtlpower(sfnet) GUI for RTL_POWER This utility 'rtl_sdr_panorama.exe' designed fo... Download
linuxprinting(sfnet) LinuxPrinting - Krokus Krokus is an application written in C++ and wxW... Download
unflattener(freshmeat) Unflattener Unflattener is a Python module and a command li... Download
libcxx(freshmeat) LibCXX LibCXX is a C++ class library focused on high-l... Download
puffin(sfnet) Puffin Automation Framework Puffin allows you to test any web application o... Download
xml-copy-editor(sfnet) XML Copy Editor XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML... Download
rssplanet(freshmeat) RSS-Planet RSS-Planet is a script which fetches headlines ... Download
retropong(freshmeat) retropong retropong is an implementation of the Pong game... Download
regressioneasy(sfnet) Regression Easy Designed to help you with nonlinear, multidimen... Download
gsod-rpts(sfnet) Global Summary of Days Station Reports NCDC Global Summary of Days climate reports. Download
python-pipeline(freshmeat) python-pipeline python-pipeline lets you create pipelines of it... Download
libvisca(sfnet) VISCA camera control library libVISCA is a library for controlling a VISCA c... Download
sshconsole-for-craftbukkit-ser(freshmeat) SshConsole SshConsole is a plugin that lets CraftBukkit se... Download
divcalc4all(sfnet) divcalc4all Divcalc4all is a simple command line division c... Download
photo-bookmark(freshmeat) Photo Bookmark Photo Bookmark is an app for creating shortcuts... Download
imlib2(freshmeat) Imlib2 Imlib 2 is the successor to Imlib. It is NOT a ... Download
freebsd-gnome-desktop-installa(freshmeat) FreeBSD Gnome Install Script FreeBSD Gnome Install Script installs the GNOME... Download
vdmpad(sfnet) VDMPad VDMPad is a simple Web IDE server for VDM-SL ba... Download
jabook(sfnet) jabook - Java LDAP Addressbook Front-End jabook is an addressbook front-end for an LDAP ... Download
mbank-cli(freshmeat) mbank-cli 'mbank-cli' provides a rudimentary command line... Download
expsoundboard(sfnet) EXP Soundboard A soundboard that supports almost all MP3s and ... Download
vdos(sfnet) vDos vDos derived from the DOSBox project (http://so... Download
yawik(freshmeat) YAWIK YAWIK offers a Web based solution for managing ... Download
graphcut(sfnet) Graphcut An open source image segmentation tool which us... Download
fvwm-xdg-menu(freshmeat) fvwm-xdg-menu fvwm-xdg-menu is an xdg application menu with f... Download
godotengine(sfnet) Godot Engine Godot is a fully featured, open source, MIT lic... Download
eros(sfnet) Project Eros "Project EROS" is a collection of sof... Download
so1(sfnet) SO1 SO1 es un proyecto para crear un sistema operat... Download
simpro(sfnet) Simpro Simpro is a collection of applications. They ar... Download
world0fgeoms(sfnet) World0fGeoms World0fGeoms is my 1st indie game, its only a t... Download
photoalbum(freshmeat) photoalbum photoalbum uses ImageMagick to generate a set o... Download
comparator-tools(freshmeat) Comparator Tools Comparator Tools is a PHP implementation of Jav... Download
cronosenbourg(freshmeat) CronosEnbourg CronosEnbourg is a monitoring daemon for JMX, d... Download
exposong(freshmeat) ExpoSong ExpoSong is a worship presentation software. It... Download
pdpsantos(sfnet) Pedro Santos Página pessoal com vários trabalhos académicos ... Download
movieinfoseeker(sfnet) Movie Info Seeker This desktop application synchronizes your movi... Download
gv-mirror(freshmeat) GV Mirror GV Mirror downloads all the Google Voice messag... Download
billix(sfnet) Billix: Multi-Boot USB Key distribution Billix is a multiboot Linux-based distribution ... Download
lgmenu(sfnet) LG MediaCenter Menu Customization of LG MS400H/MS450H firmware and ... Download
inverse(sfnet) InVerse Scripture memorization God is pleased when followers of the Lord Jesus... Download
suriwire(freshmeat) Suriwire Suriwire is a plugin for Wireshark that display... Download
raspyfi(sfnet) Raspyfi The Raspyfi project aims to fully integrate mpd... Download
hqlstudio(sfnet) hqlstudio hqlstudio is a website to collect and publish l... Download
visiscript(freshmeat) VisiScript VisiScript is a cross platform editor for progr... Download
jquery-bargauge(freshmeat) JQuery BarGauge JQuery BarGauge is a jQuery plugin that display... Download
ados-nes(freshmeat) ADOS-NES ADOS-NES is a OS derived from ADOS (i386) which... Download
jquery-simplechart(freshmeat) JQuery SimpleChart JQuery SimpleChart is a jQuery plugin that disp... Download
testsuite240p(sfnet) 240p-test-suite A homebrew software suite for video game consol... Download
bison(sfnet) Bison chess program Bison Download
currencyua(sfnet) Курсы Валют UA Курсы валют, Мини-приложение, Windows Sidebar G... Download
projectchronos(sfnet) Project Chronos UPDATE, Check out our new website where we wil... Download
ed2klinkcatch0r(sfnet) ed2k link catch0r A tool to catch eDonkey2000 links Download
quick-looker(sfnet) quick-looker Quick-Looker versies op een rij. Meer info: h... Download
attic(freshmeat) Attic Attic is a deduplicating backup program. The ma... Download
jfm(sfnet) Java File Manager Java File Manager (JFM). A file manager written... Download
libroadrunner(sfnet) libRoadRunner A high performance and portable simulation engi... Download
wxmedit(sfnet) wxMEdit Mainly Changes from MadEdit 0.2.9 •Added automa... Download
pckview(sfnet) PCK-V Just another PCK-Viewer for XCOMAPOC. Download
xmlsec(freshmeat) XML Security Library XML Security Library is a C library based on Li... Download
gngt(freshmeat) GNGT German Noun Gender Trainer (GNGT) is a small ap... Download
adadoc(freshmeat) AdaDoc AdaDoc is a tool for Ada 95 developers. It crea... Download
module-format(freshmeat) Module-Format Perl modules are notated in many different form... Download
rocketman(freshmeat) RocketMan RocketMan is a sci-fi fantasy shoot 'em up game... Download
gossimon(freshmeat) gossimon Gossimon is a gossip-based distributed monitori... Download
ejp(sfnet) Extensible Java Profiler Extensible Java Profiler (EJP) is a profiling t... Download
firejail(sfnet) firejail Firejail is a sandbox program that reduce... Download
datasync-suite-ce(freshmeat) DataSync Suite CE DataSync Suite is an integration platform that ... Download
osstat(freshmeat) osstat osstat is a GNOME panel applet for OpenSolaris ... Download
wikihelp(freshmeat) WikiHelp WikiHelp is a wiki for help and process documen... Download
ejpa(freshmeat) Easy Java Persistence Easy Java Persistence (EJP) is annotation and c... Download
openxpertya(sfnet) openxpertya Solución de Gestión Empresarial en Software Libre Download
apache-opennlp(freshmeat) Apache OpenNLP Apache OpenNLP is a machine learning based tool... Download
minimalmodbus(freshmeat) MinimalModbus MinimalModbus is an easy-to-use Python module f... Download
util-lib(sfnet) Util My Java util library. It contains many variatio... Download
mingw-w64-archlinux(sfnet) MinGW-w64 Arch Linux This is an unofficial Arch Linux MinGW-w64 repo... Download
voz(sfnet) voz This is a Voice over ZigBee platform. We used S... Download
corpdelayscnsvr(sfnet) Corporate Delay Screensaver (CDS) This MS Windows AutoIT utility provides users a... Download
gqapplets(sfnet) GQapplets - applets for the GNOME panel GQapplets is a small collection of applets for ... Download
a3com(freshmeat) A3Com A3Com is a set of Perl modules and utilites whi... Download
php-cpanel-script(freshmeat) PHP cPanel Script PHP cPanel Script is used to automatically mana... Download
app-gh(freshmeat) App-gh App-gh provides an interface for you to clone, ... Download
ews-client(freshmeat) EWS-Client EWS-Client is a module that acts as a client to... Download
the-bidwell-project(freshmeat) Bidwell Bidwell (named for Shelford Bidwell, the invent... Download
atommq(freshmeat) AtomMQ AtomMQ is an AtomPub server that can be used fo... Download
nagioscheckbl(freshmeat) nagios-check_bl nagios-check_bl is a Nagios plugin that checks ... Download
sluice(freshmeat) Sluice Sluice is a workflow engine Jabber component. I... Download
beautifier(freshmeat) Beautifier Beautifier (previously known as PSH, the PHP Sy... Download
gbook_cgi(freshmeat) gbook.cgi gbook.cgi is a Perl CGI guestbook script. Its f... Download
autotga(freshmeat) AutoTGA AutoTGA is a Perl CGI program to scale pictures... Download
angelnetworkmonitor(freshmeat) Angel Network Monitor Angel is a simple yet useful tool to monitor th... Download
accessrunner(sfnet) Conexant USB ADSL Modem in Linux Linux driver and supporting utilities for USB A... Download
myssus(freshmeat) mySSUS mySSUS (my Simple Short URL Service) allows you... Download
pacific-payroll-timesheet(freshmeat) Pacific Payroll Timesheet Pacific Timesheet Payroll Timesheet Software is... Download
tanirs-quest(freshmeat) Tanir's Quest Tanir's quest is a pygame-based dungeoneering g... Download
evilib(sfnet) EVILib Camera Control EVILib is a C++ library for controlling the ser... Download

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