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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
jffmpeg(sfnet) JMF wrapper for ffmpeg This is a Java wrapper for Ffmpeg. The JMF (Jav... Download
meego(freshmeat) MeeGo MeeGo is a Linux-based mobile and embedded oper... Download
config4(freshmeat) Config4* Config4*, pronounced "config for star"... Download
bgpfeeder(freshmeat) bgpfeeder bgpfeeder is a program to feed a BGPv4 speaker ... Download
fuseki(freshmeat) Fuseki Fuseki is a server that provides access to the ... Download
geonames-java-client(freshmeat) GeoNames Java Client GeoNames Java Client is a reference library for... Download
pymol-plugins(sfnet) PyMOL Plugins PyMOL Plugins aims to provide many plugins for ... Download
terraria-svs(sfnet) Terraria ServerSaver This tool allows to save a list of favorite Ter... Download
generalembedded(sfnet) General Embedded General embedded is an Intel open source embedd... Download
mblogic(sfnet) MBLogic Complete manufacturing automation platform for ... Download
hades(freshmeat) Hades Hades is a high availability (HA) data source. ... Download
restpose(freshmeat) RestPose RestPose is a search engine. It is designed to ... Download
ezmodeler(freshmeat) ezModeler ezModeler is a business process modeler that ru... Download
liquid-war-6(freshmeat) Liquid War 6 Liquid War 6 is an original multiplayer wargame... Download
anticorpss(sfnet) Anticorps Anti net-cut program, programme Anti net-cut, a... Download
log4perl(sfnet) log4perl - log4j for Perl log4perl is a pure Perl port of the widely popu... Download
fsperms(freshmeat) fsperms fsperms is a simple tool that allows permission... Download
easy-chart(freshmeat) Easy Chart Easy Chart is an object to display several type... Download
javaautotoolsexample(freshmeat) JavaAutotoolsExample JavaAutotoolsExample is an example of a Java Sw... Download
guile-agentx(freshmeat) Guile-AgentX Guile-AgentX is an AgentX implementation in Gui... Download
alogd(freshmeat) alogd Alogd is a collection of small logging daemons ... Download
benchbase(freshmeat) benchbase benchbase is a project to store and manage JMet... Download
gweb(freshmeat) gweb++ gweb++ is an asynchronous event-driven Web serv... Download
unclk(sfnet) un.clk The WatchGuard firewall will "cloak" ... Download
spdwordpress(sfnet) spdwordpress Für SPD-Anhänger, die ihre Website mit WordPres... Download
lucazdiaz(sfnet) lucazdiaz Um Projeto de Ação. Depois editarei melhor. Download
pysteg(freshmeat) pySteg pySteg is a simple GNOME GUI wrapper for steghi... Download
sdvplayer(freshmeat) sdvplayer sdvplayer is a tool to help you improve your vo... Download
raster(freshmeat) Raster Raster is a library of raster image operations.... Download
shorturl-php-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software ShortUrl PHP Class The ShortUrl Class is a simple lightweight PHP ... Download
js2scheme(freshmeat) Js2Scheme Js2Scheme compiles JavaScript to Scheme so that... Download
flopahse(freshmeat) flophase Flophase is a simple cash flow application. It ... Download
genomegecco(sfnet) GeCCO GeCCO (Genomic CNV Classification Objectively) ... Download
gcalsync-2(freshmeat) jGoogleCalSync jGoogleCalSync is a Java application that uses ... Download
openldapwindows(sfnet) OpenLDAP for Windows This project offers OpenLDAP for Windows. It su... Download
saslwindows(sfnet) Cyrus-SASL for Windows This project offers Cyrus-SASL for Windows. It ... Download
schc(sfnet) SCHC StarCraft StarCraft Hacker Chequer, Antihack for StarCraf... Download
freetdswindows(sfnet) FreeTDS for Windows It offers ODBC support (unixODBC 2.3.2), Kerber... Download
qcadbin-win(sfnet) QCad binary for Windows QCad ready to use for Windows. This project bri... Download
l2j(sfnet) L2J Alternative Lineage 2 Game Server written in Ja... Download
netatalk(sfnet) netatalk Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP ... Download
hsrprog2(sfnet) HSR Prog2 Halt ds zeuchs vu prog 2 Download
themesinvbnet(sfnet) Themes by RNclub Download
easylife-linux(sfnet) easyLife easyLife is a user friendly program that instal... Download
remind(freshmeat) Remind Remind is a full-featured calendar/reminder pro... Download
proxyfinder(sfnet) ProxyFinder This program finds proxys from 4 differend prox... Download
lanave-theme(sfnet) lanave-theme Theme for La Nave Espacial Wordpress Project Download
texgen(sfnet) TexGen TexGen is a geometric textile modelling softwar... Download
easyup(sfnet) winfix easy update windows fix Download
enes100hvrcrft(sfnet) ENES100 Hovercraft Project – Team? This is the Spring 2011 Semester ENES100 class ... Download
shtrict(freshmeat) shtrict shtrict is a configurable, automatically loggin... Download
pixel2svg(freshmeat) pixel2svg pixel2svg converts pixel art to SVG, pixel by p... Download
generalutils(sfnet) General Utilities General Utilities for Software Download
ncdc(sfnet) NCurses Direct Connect Ncdc is a modern and lightweight direct connect... Download
meshtool(freshmeat) Meshtool Meshtool is a mesh network toolkit designed to ... Download
mboxgrep-perl(freshmeat) mboxgrep-perl mboxgrep-perl is a very simple mbox file parser... Download
conv2047(freshmeat) conv2047 conv2047 is a very simple RFC 2047 Unicode emai... Download
dantalian(freshmeat) dantalian dantalian is a transparent file-tagging system ... Download
keepoutlook(sfnet) Keep Outlook Running Add-in for microsoft Outlook which always minim... Download
jgenea(sfnet) JGenea JGenea is a 100% java genealogy application. Th... Download
osk-v1-beta(freshmeat) OSK OSK is a game for babies and little children wh... Download
cubes(freshmeat) Cubes Cubes is a Python framework for online analytic... Download
obm(freshmeat) OBM OBM is a groupware, email, LDAP, Windows PDC, C... Download
worldforgeember(freshmeat) WorldForge::Ember Ember is a 3d client for the WorldForge project... Download
jslintnpp(sfnet) JSLint Plugin for Notepad++ A Notepad++ plugin that allows users to run JSL... Download
rworks(sfnet) rworks A Java CMS. Multi language, JSP templates, fo... Download
ppcis(freshmeat) Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System PPCIS is a portable, modular, intranet system. ... Download
k9copy(freshmeat) K9Copy K9Copy facilitates several methods for backing ... Download
pipe-toolkit(freshmeat) Pipe Toolkit This tool kit is an attempt to compile a set of... Download
gigacount(freshmeat) gigacount gigacount is a smartphone app that simulates ra... Download
modbus_get(freshmeat) modbus_get modbus_get is a very simple tool that retrieves... Download
bow(freshmeat) Bow Bow allows you to bookmark Web pages and associ... Download
scipy-notebook(freshmeat) SciPy Notebook SciPy Notebook is a notebook-style editor to ha... Download
ehcache(freshmeat) Ehcache Ehcache is a standards-based cache used to boos... Download
photocatalog(freshmeat) PhotoCatalog PhotoCatalog can import GPS data from various f... Download
naschpy(freshmeat) is an implementation of Nagel-Schrecke... Download
kaso-verb-conjugation-system(freshmeat) KASO Verb Conjugation System KASO Verb Conjugation System allows complete sp... Download
bgt-06(freshmeat) bgt 0.6 bgt is a program for creating and maintaining a... Download
ctrax(sfnet) ctrax Ctrax is a machine vision program for estimatin... Download
pyhed(sfnet) pyHed pyHed its a framework created to help developer... Download
granule(sfnet) flashcards (granule) GRANULE is a flashcards program based on Leitne... Download
csv-group-by-utility(freshmeat) cvsgroupby csvgroupby is a small utility program that allo... Download
moviefetch(freshmeat) MovieFetch MovieFetch is a small application that scans a ... Download
concurrentlua(freshmeat) ConcurrentLua ConcurrentLua is a system that implements a con... Download
wdb-gribload(freshmeat) WDB-GRIBLoad WDB-GRIBLoad is a loading program that handles ... Download
getop(freshmeat) getop getop is a small C library which parses command... Download
projetodeti(sfnet) projetodeti Projeto de Ti : trabalho 2011.1 de TI Download
vssm(sfnet) vssm This project presents a computational environme... Download
suanfa(sfnet) suanfa practice of suanfa with c++/Java Download
dose-grok(sfnet) dose-grok Generalized Radiation Observation Kit. Java to... Download
way2sms(sfnet) way2sms It is Way2Sms Desktop application. Download
tcpreen(sfnet) TCP re-engineering tool A tool to monitor and analyse data transmitted ... Download
simdesign(sfnet) simdesign SimDesign open source folder for projects Nativ... Download
wdb-libwdbload(freshmeat) WDB-libwdbLoad WDB-libwdbLoad is a C++ library that provides a... Download
lila(freshmeat) LILA LILA is a command line tool that allows you to ... Download
feel(freshmeat) Feel++ Feel++ (formerly known as Life) is a C++ librar... Download
fart-it(sfnet) fart-it Find And Replace Text command line utility. New... Download
lxkc(sfnet) lxde-keyboard-control LXDE keyboard layout management Program, allowi... Download
blackjackdeluxe(sfnet) BlackJackDeluxe A Java Swing based implementation of popular ca... Download
wincad(sfnet) Win CAD The aim was to write a basic CAD system in wind... Download

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