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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
tftpserver(freshmeat) TFTP Server TFTP Server is a multi-threaded TFTP server, al... Download
xxgamma(freshmeat) xxgamma xxgamma is an PyGTKbased GUI for xgamma that al... Download
translatelink(freshmeat) translate.Link translate.Link is a simple PHP Translation Cent... Download
jscripttouch(freshmeat) JScriptTouch JScriptTouch is an SDK that allows developers t... Download
googletest(freshmeat) Google C++ Testing Framework Google C++ Testing Framework is Google's framew... Download
snownews(freshmeat) Snownews Snownews is a text mode RSS/RDF newsreader. It ... Download
openpiczza(freshmeat) OpenPiczza OpenPiczzais is a free version of the Piczza fi... Download
vortexge(freshmeat) VortexGE VortexGE is a software 3D renderer for the X en... Download
gl2ps(freshmeat) GL2PS GL2PS is a C library providing high quality vec... Download
scopeport(freshmeat) ScopePort ScopePort is a remote monitoring system that ai... Download
rbot(freshmeat) rbot rbot is an IRC bot written in Ruby. It's simila... Download
chora(freshmeat) Chora Chora is built upon the Horde Application Frame... Download
aps(freshmeat) Advanced Packet Sniffer Aps is a small tool for analyzing network traff... Download
horde-vacation(freshmeat) Horde Vacation Vacation is a Horde module for managing user em... Download
gd-star-rating(freshmeat) GD Star Rating GD Star Rating is a WordPress plugin that allow... Download
eclipse-code-recommender(freshmeat) Eclipse Code Recommenders Eclipse Code Recommender is an intelligent code... Download
klutz(freshmeat) Klutz Klutz is an application for viewing comic strip... Download
gnurobbo(freshmeat) GNU Robbo GNU Robbo is a port of an Atari XE/XL game in w... Download
php-java-class-generator(freshmeat) PHP or Java Class Code Generator The PHP or Java Class Code Generator is meant i... Download
dc3dd(freshmeat) dc3dd dc3dd is a patched version of GNU dd to include... Download
dreambot(freshmeat) DreamBot DreamBot is an experimental IRC bot totally wri... Download
fasttemplate_php3(freshmeat) FastTemplate.php3 FastTemplate is a PHP3 class for managing templ... Download
timebook(freshmeat) timebook Timebook is a small utility which aims to be a ... Download
vsdump(freshmeat) vsdump vsdump is a set of tools that are useful for re... Download
winemaytrex(freshmeat) Wine Management Wine Management tracks wine production from har... Download
ecerechess(freshmeat) Ecere Chess Ecere Chess is a very simple, but fun 3D chess ... Download
ecerefractals(freshmeat) Ecere Fractals Explorer Ecere Fractals Explorer is a cross-platform exp... Download
nesemu(freshmeat) nesemu nesemu is a Nintendo NES emulator. Download
javamod(freshmeat) JavaMod JavaMod plays .mod, .xm, .s3m, and .mp3 files a... Download
geos(freshmeat) GEOS GEOS is a complete C++ implementation of the fu... Download
itl-itools(freshmeat) ITL itools ITL itools is a collection of command line tool... Download
python-weblog(freshmeat) Weblog Weblog is a blog publisher. It takes structured... Download
mdm(freshmeat) The Middleman Project The Middleman System (mdm) is a set of utilitie... Download
itl(freshmeat) libitl libitl is a library that allows applications to... Download
ring3k(freshmeat) ring3k ring3k is a user mode kernel capable of running... Download
pceemu(freshmeat) pceemu pceemu is a cross platform pc-engine emulator. Download
amphetamines(freshmeat) amphetamines amphetamines is a cycle accurate Nintendo NES e... Download
iwor(freshmeat) Imperfect World Of Robos Imperfect World Of Robos (IWOR) is a programmin... Download
injcode(freshmeat) injcode Injcode attaches to the target process using pt... Download
multicons(freshmeat) Multiplexing Console Manager Multiplexing Console Manager is a daemon that p... Download
mupo(freshmeat) MuPO MuPO (Multi-Purpose-Organizer) is a powerful PI... Download
alexandria_book_collection_man(freshmeat) Alexandria Book Collection Manager Alexandria is a GNOME application to help manag... Download
fym-findyourmedia(freshmeat) FYM :: FindYourMedia FYM is a media organizer that performs quick sc... Download
qxml(freshmeat) QXML QXML is a PHP class that generates XML from arr... Download
mumble(freshmeat) Mumble Mumble is low-latency, high quality voice chat ... Download
swig(freshmeat) Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator SWIG is a software development tool that connec... Download
lamos(freshmeat) lamos lamos is PHP-based software for bookmark manage... Download
ascii2html(freshmeat) Txt to HTML Converter Txt to HTML Converter is a Perl script that con... Download
access-see-be(freshmeat) is an accessibility library based... Download
ffcall(freshmeat) ffcall ffcall is a collection of four libraries which ... Download
pbl(freshmeat) PBL PBL (The Program Base Library) is a C library o... Download
stowes(freshmeat) stowES stowES (stow Enhancement Script) is a Perl scri... Download
siveco(freshmeat) SiVeCo SiVeCo is a simple version control program. It ... Download
marsh(freshmeat) marsh Marsh is an interactive command line utility fo... Download
pgstream(freshmeat) pgstream pgstream is a C++ library that is built on top ... Download
sudognu(freshmeat) sudognu Sudognu is a command line sudoku solver and cre... Download
viewklass(freshmeat) ViewKlass ViewKlass is a C++ framework for developing ap... Download
crdb(freshmeat) CRDB CRDB is an ORM class for PHP that lets you acce... Download
globalvillage(freshmeat) Global Village Global Village is a GNOME application designed ... Download
midiquickfix(freshmeat) MidiQuickFix MidiQuickFix allows you to directly edit the ev... Download
ezpublish(freshmeat) eZ Publish eZ Publish is a content management system and d... Download
apreq(freshmeat) Generic Apache Request Library libapreq provides a C interface for handling cl... Download
abaco(freshmeat) abaco Abaco is a Web browser for Plan 9 from Bell Labs. Download
easydiff(freshmeat) EasyDiff EasyDiff is a GNUstep application that lets you... Download
wimpiggy(freshmeat) wimpiggy Wimpiggy is a library for writing EWMH-complian... Download
libtlc54x(freshmeat) LibTLC54x The libtlc54x helps you to communicate with the... Download
tilescape(freshmeat) Tilescape Tilescape is a JavaScript platform for easily p... Download
libharu(freshmeat) libHaru libHaru is a library for generating PDF files. ... Download
jiic(freshmeat) JIIC JIIC is a streaming-based Java implementation o... Download
frugalware(freshmeat) Frugalware Linux Frugalware is a general-purpose Linux distribut... Download
xpra(freshmeat) xpra X Persistent Remote Applications (xpra) is &quo... Download
sparklet(freshmeat) Sparklet Sparklet is a networked multiplayer 2D space sh... Download
yajngi(freshmeat) YAJNGI YAJNGI (Yet Another Java NewsGroup Inspector) i... Download
openrdate(freshmeat) Openrdate Openrdate is a date and time-setting program th... Download
event-calendar(freshmeat) Event Calendar Event Calendar started as a replacement for an ... Download
php-microcms(freshmeat) PHP MicroCMS PHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very p... Download
sipexchange(freshmeat) SipExchange SipExchange is a softswitch that provides stand... Download
touchme-games(freshmeat) TouchMe Games TouchMe Games is a suite of games, including su... Download
varconf(freshmeat) WorldForge::varconf Varconf is configuration handling library requi... Download
mywords(freshmeat) MyWords Firefox Extension MyWords Firefox Extension is a handy extension ... Download
yava2python(freshmeat) yava2python yava2python converts Java source files into Pyt... Download
java2tcl(freshmeat) java2tcl java2tcl converts Java source files into Tcl (X... Download
twindy(freshmeat) Twindy Twindy is a window manager inspired by Tracktio... Download
radarfdtd(freshmeat) RadarFDTD RadarFDTD is a program to simulate electromagne... Download
packetfence-zen(freshmeat) PacketFence ZEN PacketFence Zero Effort NAC (ZEN) is a network ... Download
supersimplenews-10(freshmeat) SuperSimpleNews SuperSimpleNews is a news script for Web sites.... Download
eng(freshmeat) ENG ENG is an event/object based SDL engine for cro... Download
crossftpserver(freshmeat) CrossFTP Server CrossFTP Server is a professional FTP server fo... Download
ximinez(freshmeat) Ximinez Ximinez is a disk usage analyzer and comparator... Download
timebasedtext(freshmeat) Time Based Text Time Based Text allows the user to include more... Download
blindtux(freshmeat) BlindTux BlindTux is a musical quiz game. The goal is to... Download
physicsfs(freshmeat) PhysicsFS PhysicsFS is a library to provide abstract acce... Download
flinger(freshmeat) Flinger Flinger is a super lightweight program launcher... Download
svnobj(freshmeat) Svnobj Svnobj is a PHP extension providing object-orie... Download
wiggly-log(freshmeat) Wiggly-Log Wiggly-Log is a small C++ logging library. It p... Download
skwish(freshmeat) Skwish Skwish is a fast, simple, lightweight Java libr... Download
clipsmm(freshmeat) clipsmm clipsmm is a C++ library that provides an inter... Download
preplace(freshmeat) preplace preplace is a powerful tool to search and repla... Download
mymeeting(freshmeat) mymeeting MyMeeting is a Web application specifically des... Download
gtimer(freshmeat) GTimer GTimer is a timer and report generator for your... Download

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