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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
proeduca(sfnet) Proeduca ProEduca es una organización orientada al desar... Download
qrcode-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software QrCode Class QrCode Class is a PHP class that provides funct... Download
ftester(freshmeat) Firewall Tester The Firewall Tester is a tool designed for test... Download
web-fingerprint-php-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Web Fingerprint Class The Web Fingerprint Class creates as unique a f... Download
ircd-hybrid-ru(sfnet) IRCD Hybrid RU IRCD Hybrid RU Download
advanced-product-options-magen(freshmeat) Magento Product Options Extension Magento Product Options Extension makes it poss... Download
opticks-extras(freshmeat) Opticks Extras Opticks Extras is a set of official extensions ... Download
springtemplate(freshmeat) SpringTemplate SpringTemplate is a template Spring project to ... Download
jedit-markdown-plugin(freshmeat) jEdit Markdown Plugin jEdit Markdown Plugin is a plugin for jEdit tha... Download
community-oxtender-for-thunder(freshmeat) Community OXtender for Thunderbird The OXtender for Thunderbird is an addon for Th... Download
ssc32servocontroller(freshmeat) SSC32ServoController SSC32ServoController is a utility for controlli... Download
phperl2(sfnet) Phperl Phperl sets up a Webserver complete with PHP, P... Download
python-pskc(freshmeat) python-pskc python-pskc is a Python library that handles Po... Download
open-semantic-search(freshmeat) Open Semantic Search Open Semantic Search is a personal search engin... Download
jpdfwriter(freshmeat) jPDFWriter jPDFWriter is a Java class library to create PD... Download
osx86drivers(sfnet) osx86 drivers Drivers / utlities ported from other open sourc... Download
treeline(sfnet) TreeLine TreeLine stores almost any kind of information ... Download
pyxattr(freshmeat) pyxattr pyxattr is a Python extension module wrapper f... Download
coccinellida(sfnet) Coccinellida Coccinellida - Simple SSH Tunnel Manager for Ma... Download
waterstone-web-os(freshmeat) Waterstone Web OS Waterstone Web OS is a Web application that use... Download
ipasswordsafe(freshmeat) iPasswordSafe iPasswordSafe is a password manager that facili... Download
dvd-ranger-ui(freshmeat) DVD-Ranger UI DVD-Ranger UI is a GUI for the well known DVD-R... Download
iftpd(freshmeat) Independent FTP Daemon iFTPd is an FTP server that features platform i... Download
fcgid(freshmeat) FCGId FCGId is an FCGI daemon for serving FCGI reques... Download
conky-gui(freshmeat) Conky GUI Conky GUI is a graphic editor for Conky files. ... Download
blipapi(freshmeat) blipapi-php blipapi-php is a PHP library for accessing the ... Download
wordbash(freshmeat) WordBash WordBash is a Wordpress clone written in Bash, ... Download
3djson(freshmeat) 3DJSON 3DJSON implements a syntax for JSON for represe... Download
bbot(freshmeat) BBot BBot is a Python IRC bot for everything from pr... Download
empegify(freshmeat) empegify empegify is a networkable system for creating M... Download
ibs(sfnet) ibs Accounting and Billing program for ISPs with Pr... Download
helloworldgm(sfnet) HelloWorld goes mobile - on Android "HelloWorld goes mobile" is a decentr... Download
iiiasn1(sfnet) III ASN.1 Tool An ASN.1 to C++ Compiler Download
afoto(sfnet) :: afoto :: Galeria de fotos, audio y video pequeña, potent... Download
aniketos-ssvv(freshmeat) Aniketos-SSVV Aniketos-SSVV (Aniketos Security Service Valida... Download
webnotice(sfnet) webnotice webNotice is an easy to use notice management s... Download
papervisiontut(sfnet) PaperVision Tutorials A series of tutorials that demonstrate how to u... Download
emacsbinw64(sfnet) emacs-w64 A GNU Emacs binary distribution for users who w... Download
iodbcdrivermanagerandsdk(freshmeat) iODBC Driver Manager and SDK iODBC is a cross-platform Driver Manager that c... Download
jpdfnotes(freshmeat) jPDFNotes jPDFNotes is a Java bean component which can be... Download
project64emulat(sfnet) project64emulat one of the best Nintendo 64 emulator available! Download
speakgeektoday(sfnet) speakgeektoday files that i will not be abl... Download
evomediagallery(sfnet) EVO Media Gallery Nuke Evolution based Php Media Gallery German &... Download
xfwall(sfnet) XFwall - Firewall Software For Linux XFwall is a multi-distro professional graphical... Download
fail2ban(sfnet) Fail2Ban Fail2Ban monitors log files like /var/log/pwdfa... Download
webnomad(freshmeat) WebNomad WebNomad is a set of shell scripts that generat... Download
apkinstaller(sfnet) Android Package Installer This is a Android package installer app which i... Download
freeipmi(freshmeat) FreeIPMI FreeIPMI provides in-band and out-of-band IPMI ... Download
dpfdelphiios(sfnet) D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components Develop Native iOS applications with Delphi XE... Download
phanpy(freshmeat) phanpy phanpy is a collection of useful helper functio... Download
paperless-office(freshmeat) Paperless Office Paperless Office is a document management and e... Download
uri-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software URI Class URI Class is a PHP class that provides a series... Download
apachehttpserver(sfnet) Apache HTTP Server QNX4 Apache HTTP Server 2.2.27 QNX4 Port Download
ztab(sfnet) ZTAB Software for creating very easily Text adventur... Download
projetoe-jovem(sfnet) projetoe-jovem Suporte ao Linux Educacional 3.0 e EducaTux com... Download
dpfdelphiandroid(sfnet) D.P.F Delphi Android Native Components Welcome to the world of Android programming! D... Download
omnicomment(freshmeat) OmniComment OmniComment is a small script to that enables a... Download
gwiki(freshmeat) GWiki GWiki is an embeddable Wiki engine. It allows u... Download
the-codeassistor-editor(freshmeat) The CodeAssistor Editor The CodeAssistor Editor is a programming editor... Download
plog(freshmeat) plog plog is a Python application logging package. I... Download
dupliback(freshmeat) dupli.back dupli.back is a backup tool built around the Du... Download
virtualappliances(sfnet) Virtual Machines and Appliances Download ready-to-use OVA files containing your... Download
linuxid(sfnet) LinuxID LinuxID is capable of identifying your distro, ... Download
cftpclient(sfnet) C# FTP Client The C# FTP Client is used to interact with an F... Download
volumio(sfnet) Volumio Volumio is a free Audiophile Music Player based... Download
java-regex-test-gui(freshmeat) Java Regex Test GUI Java Regex Test GUI is a simple GUI allowing yo... Download
cvsps(freshmeat) CVSps CVSps collect changesets from CVS repositories.... Download
itask(sfnet) iTask personal to-do list task scheduler iTask is a personal task scheduler and to-do li... Download
adlmidi(freshmeat) AdlMIDI AdlMIDI is a command line program that plays MI... Download
zorp-unoff(sfnet) Zorp unofficial Official unofficial Zorp home - several enhance... Download
bb_log(freshmeat) bb_log bb_log is a fast and tiny logger for Java which... Download
tag_builder(freshmeat) Tag Builder Tag Builder can be used to generate HTML tags p... Download
func-package(freshmeat) Func Package Func Package can be used to register and call f... Download
hylaarchive(freshmeat) HylaArchive HylaArchive is a real time or cron-based archiv... Download
plantuml(sfnet) plantuml PlantUml allows to quickly create some UML diag... Download
mypomodoro(sfnet) myAgilePomodoro myAgilePomodoro is a project and time managemen... Download
vsstocvs(freshmeat) vsstocvs vsstocvs is a Perl script that automatically mi... Download
vss2svn(freshmeat) vss2svn vss2svn is a Perl script ( and accom... Download
gnupginterface(freshmeat) GnuPG::Interface GnuPG::Interface is a Perl module interface to ... Download
vimana(freshmeat) Vimana Vimana is an easy-to-use system for searching, ... Download
icecast-add-on-for-xbmc(freshmeat) IceCast Add-On for XBMC IceCast Add-On for XBMC is an add-on for XBMC m... Download
diffuse-2(freshmeat) DIFFUSE DIFFUSE enables FreeBSD's IPFW firewall subsyst... Download
nbasic(sfnet) nbasic nbasic - bytecode compiler+vm for middle level ... Download
open-broadcast-encoder(freshmeat) Open Broadcast Encoder Open Broadcast Encoder (OBE) allows you to repl... Download
bash-git(freshmeat) git-info-bar git-info-bar is a ksh, bash, gitbash, and Git s... Download
maniac(freshmeat) Maniac Maniac is a tool designed to automate the compa... Download
delvj(freshmeat) delvj DelVJ is a live video mixer VJing program for r... Download
opendmsnet(freshmeat) OpenDMS.NET OpenDMS.NET lets you implement a document manag... Download
b2rex(freshmeat) b2rex b2rex is a tool to connect, export, and integra... Download
the-jflicks-media-system(freshmeat) The jflicks media system The jflicks media system allows people to manag... Download
aiixtensions-for-joomla(freshmeat) AIIXtensions for Joomla! AIIXtensions is a collection of advanced extens... Download
lipitk(sfnet) Lipi Toolkit Lipi Toolkit is a generic toolkit for online Ha... Download
tttmaps(sfnet) tttmaps Maps for Terrortown Gamemode Download
eaglepcb2freecad(sfnet) EaglePCB_2_FreeCAD [ENG] Mod EaglePCB_2_FreeCAD allow you to impo... Download
amavis(freshmeat) AMaViS AMaViS (A Mail Virus Scanner) scans e-mail atta... Download
ncs-sugar(sfnet) NCS Sugar Sugar customizations made in support of the Nat... Download
aolserver(freshmeat) AOLserver AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, mass... Download
lcb(sfnet) lcb This program emulates in windows the way linux ... Download
apc-aa(freshmeat) APC Action Applications The APC Action Applications (APC-AA) provide an... Download
obsearch(freshmeat) OBSearch OBSearch is a distributed similarity search ind... Download

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