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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
gwt-pf(freshmeat) GWT Pleso Framework GWT Pleso Framework (gwt-pf) is a high-level fr... Download
browserlauncher2(freshmeat) BrowserLauncher2 BrowserLauncher2 is a library that facilitates ... Download
ipsvd(freshmeat) ipsvd ipsvd is a set of Internet protocol service dae... Download
glst(freshmeat) GLST GLST is an SMTP grey listing implementation tha... Download
csharp-mode(freshmeat) C# for Emacs csharp-mode is a derived mode for cc-mode 5.30.... Download
regcom(freshmeat) Regimental Command Regimental Command is a generic armored combat ... Download
mtar(freshmeat) GNU Tar Autoloader Patch The GNU Tar Autoloader Patch allows you to auto... Download
xmnap(freshmeat) XmNap XmNap is a Motif napster client. It supports ch... Download
websvn(freshmeat) Easy SVN Browser Easy SVN is a subversion browser via the Web. I... Download
phpnav(freshmeat) phpNavigation phpNavigation is a PHP script that allows you t... Download
vapes(freshmeat) V.A.P.E.S. V.A.P.E.S. (Virtual admin for Postfix email ser... Download
javascript-tools(freshmeat) Javascript plug-in modules Javascript plug-in modules is a set of object-o... Download
cvs-tools(freshmeat) CVS tools CVS tools is a collection of CVS-related utilit... Download
inotail(freshmeat) inotail inotail is a replacement for the 'tail' program... Download
prestan(freshmeat) Prestan Prestan is a WebDAV server performance test sui... Download
devtodo(freshmeat) Developer Todo Developer Todo is a program to assist developer... Download
tuplesoup(freshmeat) Tuplesoup Tuplesoup is a small easy to use Java-based fra... Download
im-filter(freshmeat) IM-Filter IM-Filter is a daemon that runs on a firewall a... Download
kasai(freshmeat) Kasai Kasai is a Java-based authentication and author... Download
quickfunctor(freshmeat) QuickFunctor QuickFunctor is a C++ functor library with many... Download
xdock(freshmeat) xdock xdock is a program that emulates the Window Mak... Download
pardux(freshmeat) Pardux Pardux is a Pardus Linux based lightweight Linu... Download
pureadmin(freshmeat) PureAdmin PureAdmin is a graphical tool used to make the ... Download
gedxchange(freshmeat) GEDXchange GEDXchange is a collection of genealogy tools t... Download
titli(freshmeat) TiTLi TiTLi is a Google-like search tool for relation... Download
jcfind(freshmeat) jcfind jcfind will help you find packages, files, and ... Download
gpaint(freshmeat) GNU Paint Gpaint is a small, easy-to-use paint program fo... Download
diit(freshmeat) Digital Invisible Ink Toolkit DIIT provides a simple tool that can hide a mes... Download
perl-text2html(freshmeat) Perl text to html converter Perl text2html is an HTML 4.01/CSS2 project tha... Download
php-agenda(freshmeat) Simple PHP agenda Simple PHP agenda is a small, versatile tool to... Download
ltk(freshmeat) LLRP Toolkit LLRP Toolkit provides tools for communicating i... Download
model-tags(freshmeat) model_tags model_tags is a Radiant CMS extension inspired ... Download
sk98lin(freshmeat) sk98lin sk98lin is a Marvell Yukon/SysKonnect Linux dri... Download
bub-n-bros(freshmeat) The Bub's Brothers This is a multiplayer clone of the classical Bu... Download
archery(freshmeat) Archery Archery is a script to extract archives intelli... Download
twistedlife(freshmeat) Twisted Life Twisted Life is a video game that uses a varian... Download
jdfw(sfnet) JDFW A framework for java desktop applications. Incl... Download
c-nc(freshmeat) C-NC C-NC is a Mastermind (Enigma, Guess, etc.) styl... Download
kwest(freshmeat) Kwest Kwest is an interpreter for Infocom and other Z... Download
falt4(freshmeat) Falt4 Falt4 is a business approved content management... Download
dlogin(freshmeat) dlogin dlogin is a replacement login which allows auto... Download
ea-geier(freshmeat) ea-Geier The ea-Geier is a tool that handles accounting ... Download
jasperetl(freshmeat) JasperETL JasperETL is a data integration platform provid... Download
mod_ssl(freshmeat) mod_ssl mod_ssl provides provides strong cryptography f... Download
phpchecklst(freshmeat) CheckList for sysadmins CheckList is a program for managing checklists ... Download
rfsdelta(freshmeat) rfsdelta rfsdelta is a kernel module for the Linux 2.6 s... Download
cppt(freshmeat) Tero's C++ Scripting Tero's C++ Scripting lets you write your C++ pr... Download
lampcheck(freshmeat) LAMPcheck LAMPcheck is a pre-installation test script for... Download
stepbystep(freshmeat) Step-by-Step Step-by-Step is a simple logic game where you h... Download
xerces2(freshmeat) Xerces2 Xerces2 is the next generation Apache Xerces-J ... Download
xinuext(freshmeat) Xinu EXT Xinu EXT is a SEO Toolkit to quickly check your... Download
pppblog(freshmeat) pppBLOG pppBLOG is a simple Weblog package. It uses pla... Download
sywico(freshmeat) SyWiCo SyWiCo is a tool for managing concurrent modifi... Download
orpie(freshmeat) Orpie Orpie is a fullscreen RPN calculator for the co... Download
polymeraze(freshmeat) polymeraze polymeraze manages system configuration files b... Download
pam_usb(freshmeat) pam_usb pam_usb is a PAM module that enables either two... Download
objectmanager(freshmeat) objectManager objectManager is a simple to use PHP object/MyS... Download
kneemail(freshmeat) Kneemail Kneemail is a simple prayer journal software. Y... Download
imbaluri(freshmeat) imbaluri Imabluri takes a message from your SMTP server,... Download
stdinmix(freshmeat) stdin mixer stdin mixer is a small program that allows the ... Download
asts(freshmeat) A Simple TimeSheet A Simple TimeSheet (ASTS) allows a group of pe... Download
pybliographer(freshmeat) Pybliographer Pybliographer is a tool for managing bibliograp... Download
phpmylinks(freshmeat) phpMyLinks phpMyLinks is a PHP script which manages HTTP U... Download
ta-lib(freshmeat) TA-Lib : Technical Analysis Library TA-Lib is a technical analysis library for fina... Download
dyn-host-filter(freshmeat) Dynamic Host Filter dyn-host-filter is a stand-alone application us... Download
thelastripper(freshmeat) TheLastRipper TheLastRipper can save streams to MP3s ... Download
rebeccaaiml(freshmeat) RebeccaAIML RebeccaAIML is an enterprise cross platform AIM... Download
volomilestone(freshmeat) Volo Milestone Volo Milestone is a Web-based workgroup managem... Download
mediarc(freshmeat) MediaRC MediaRC is a remote control program intended fo... Download
menstral(freshmeat) Menstral Menstral is a menstrual calendar or ovulation c... Download
sample(freshmeat) Sample Sample monitors files on a user-by-user basis a... Download
mymedialite(freshmeat) MyMediaLite MyMediaLite is a lightweight, multi-purpose lib... Download
no_more_winmail(freshmeat) No more winmail No more winmail is a MacOS X droplet that can e... Download
gwenview(freshmeat) Gwenview Gwenview is a fast and easy to use image viewer... Download
saop(freshmeat) saop saop adds authentication to any SMTP server by ... Download
japtproxy(freshmeat) Japt-Proxy Japt-Proxy is a fast and reliable caching proxy... Download
xsite(freshmeat) xSite xSite generates static XHTML and CSS Web albums... Download
whatsup(freshmeat) whatsup Whatsup is a cluster node up/down detection uti... Download
pysolfc(freshmeat) PySolFC PySolFC is a collection of more than 1000 solit... Download
arpview(freshmeat) ARPView ARPView is a graphical user interface module fo... Download
metastorage(freshmeat) Metastorage Metastorage is a PHP data access object generat... Download
pyvisa(freshmeat) PyVISA PyVISA is a Python package with bindings to the... Download
tudu(freshmeat) Tudu Lists Tudu Lists is a Web application for managing to... Download
atomos(freshmeat) Atomic OS Atomic OS is a responsive Web 2.0 operating env... Download
zfec(freshmeat) zfec zfec is a fast, portable, and programmable impl... Download
php-ftp-synchronizer(freshmeat) PHP FTP Synchronizer PHP FTP Synchronizer is a program to automatica... Download
qp2m(freshmeat) QP2M QP2M is an Peer2Mail application, which means t... Download
detectchanges(freshmeat) detectChanges detectChanges is a file integrity checking and ... Download
opencpu(freshmeat) 67-80-85, the openCPU 67-80-85, the openCPU is a simulation of a simp... Download
policyd-spf-fs(freshmeat) policyd-spf-fs policyd-spf-fs is a policy daemon for Postfix t... Download
gnochm(freshmeat) GnoCHM GnoCHM is a CHM file viewer for GNOME. It is im... Download
libgfileio(freshmeat) libgfileio libgfileio is a very small C++ library that wra... Download
decimail(freshmeat) Decimail Server Decimail Server is a mail server supporting IMA... Download
jamonapi(freshmeat) Java Application Monitor API The Java Application Monitor (JAMon) is a free,... Download
hptalx(freshmeat) HPTalx HPTalx transfers files from/to your HP 48/49 ca... Download
eclipsebirt(freshmeat) Eclipse BIRT BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools... Download
click(freshmeat) Click The "Click" modular router project is... Download
phpdata(freshmeat) PHP Database Access Through Arrays This package can be used to access data stored ... Download
byldan(freshmeat) Byldan Byldan is a framework for managing the build li... Download
ostermillerrss(freshmeat) Stephen Ostermiller's RSS Reader Stephen Ostermiller's RSS Reader is an RSS read... Download

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