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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
rapidsvn(freshmeat) RapidSVN RapidSVN is a multi-platform GUI client for the... Download
rpm2python(freshmeat) rpm2python rpm2python is a Web-based tool similar to rpm... Download
sip-redirect(freshmeat) sip-redirect sip-redirect is a tiny SIP redirect server. It ... Download
ntpdate(freshmeat) ntpdate ntpdate is a simple and small replacement for t... Download
pyamf(freshmeat) PyAMF PyAMF provides Action Message Format (AMF) supp... Download
rtmpy(freshmeat) RTMPy RTMPy is a Twisted protocol implementing Adobe'... Download
mysql-diff(freshmeat) mysql-diff mysql-diff is a commandline database structure ... Download
getsnmp(freshmeat) getsnmp getsnmp is a scheduler for collecting SNMP valu... Download
kde-kbackup(freshmeat) KDE KBackup KBackup is a program that lets you back up any ... Download
lxdvdrip(freshmeat) lxdvdrip lxdvdrip is a command line tool to make a copy ... Download
barbarella(freshmeat) barbarella Barbarella is a user-configurable buttonbar int... Download
kildclient(freshmeat) KildClient KildClient is a MUD client written with the GTK... Download
glulxe(freshmeat) Glulxe Glulxe is an interpreted implementation of the ... Download
mod_log_post(freshmeat) mod_log_post mod_log_post is an Apache module that can be us... Download
dsiutils(freshmeat) DSI utilities The DSI utilities are a mixed collection of cla... Download
mysac(freshmeat) MySAC MySAC (MySQL Simple Asynchronous Driver) is a l... Download
iptpkd(freshmeat) ipt_pkd ipt_pkd is an iptables extension implementing p... Download
lejos(freshmeat) leJOS NXJ leJOS is a Java-based replacement firmware (OS)... Download
realeyes(freshmeat) Realeyes IDS The Realeyes IDS captures and analyzes full ses... Download
wmfs(freshmeat) Window Manager From Scratch WMFS (Window Manager From Scratch) is a lightwe... Download
exiflow(freshmeat) ExiFlow ExiFlow is a set of tools (command line and GUI... Download
tilswiki(freshmeat) tilswiki tilswiki is a wiki engine that is always in edi... Download
irods(freshmeat) iRODS iRODS (integrated Rule-Oriented Data Systems) i... Download
meshlab(freshmeat) MeshLab MeshLab is an open, portable, extensible system... Download
mudlet(freshmeat) Mudlet Mudlet is a MUD client. It offers a user-frien... Download
powerarchitect(freshmeat) SQL Power Architect SQL Power Architect is a data modeling tool wit... Download
artistx(freshmeat) ArtistX ArtistX is a live DVD which turns a computer in... Download
acl2(freshmeat) ACL2 ACL2 is a mathematical logic, programming langu... Download
mpc(freshmeat) mpc mpc (Music Player Command) is a command-line to... Download
mcl-algorithm(freshmeat) mcl-edge MCL-edge is an integrated command-line driven w... Download
csshx(freshmeat) csshX csshX is a tool to allow simultaneous control o... Download
scss(freshmeat) SCSS SCSS is an R6RS Scheme library for parsing, que... Download
playitslowly(freshmeat) Play it slowly Play it slowly is a program to play back audio ... Download
aseba(freshmeat) Aseba Aseba is an event-based architecture for distri... Download
glass-linux-services-configura(freshmeat) Glass services configuration tool Glass is a graphical services configuration too... Download
optics(freshmeat) Optics Optics is a broadband download speed testing to... Download
supybot(freshmeat) Supybot Supybot is a clearly-written Python IRC framewo... Download
get-flash-videos(freshmeat) get-flash-videos get-flash-videos downloads or plays videos from... Download
th(freshmeat) thử Based on both MySQL and PHP, thử allows you to ... Download
layerd(freshmeat) LayerD LayerD is an effort to develop an extensible fr... Download
browzi(freshmeat) Browzi Browzi is a graphical browser for the Unihan da... Download
flow3(freshmeat) FLOW3 FLOW3 is a PHP application framework that forms... Download
montezuma(freshmeat) Montezuma Montezuma is a full-text indexing/search engine... Download
ispconfig(freshmeat) ISPConfig ISPConfig is an ISP management and hosting cont... Download
nagios(freshmeat) Nagios Nagios (formerly Netsaint) is a daemon written ... Download
tmatrix(freshmeat) Tmatrix Tmatrix manipulates matrices to transform Web p... Download
layouteditor(freshmeat) LayoutEditor LayoutEditor is an IC/MEMS layout editor. It fe... Download
firmaker(freshmeat) FirMaker FirMaker is a graphical tool that enables you t... Download
dbphp(freshmeat) dbphp dbphp is a simple, lightweight object relationa... Download
pulptunes(freshmeat) pulpTunes pulpTunes is a Web server for the iTunes, letti... Download
scache(freshmeat) Smart Cache Smart Cache is full-featured pure Java proxy ca... Download
centos(freshmeat) CentOS CentOS is an enterprise Linux distribution base... Download
mulk(freshmeat) mulk mulk is a multi-connection command line tool to... Download
canpie(freshmeat) CANpie CANpie defines a Standard API for access to the... Download
sudokuki-0914(freshmeat) Sudokuki Sudokuki is a graphical SUDOKU game. It solves ... Download
searchxapian(freshmeat) Search::Xapian Search::Xapian is a Perl XS frontend to the Xap... Download
pitivi(freshmeat) PiTiVi PiTiVi is a non-linear audio/video editor for G... Download
fest-swing(freshmeat) FEST-Swing FEST-Swing is a Java library that provides a fl... Download
selector(freshmeat) selector selector is a command line utility for dynamic ... Download
webacula(freshmeat) Webacula Webacula is a Web interface for the Bacula back... Download
fitnesse-maven-classpath-plugi(freshmeat) FitNesse Maven Classpath Plugin FitNesse Maven Classpath Plugin is a Maven2 plu... Download
eos-online-merchant(freshmeat) EOS Online Merchant EOS Online Merchant is a shopping cart for Web ... Download
deforaos-phone(freshmeat) DeforaOS Phone DeforaOS Phone is a GTK+ application that has a... Download
paperbox(freshmeat) Paperbox Paperbox is a document browser. It lets you nic... Download
https2socks5(freshmeat) https2socks5 https2socks5 enables you to transparently proxy... Download
kaltura-community-edition-ce-o(freshmeat) Kaltura Community Edition Kaltura Community Edition is a self-hosted vers... Download
ucarp(freshmeat) UCARP UCARP allows a pair of hosts to share common vi... Download
impulse(freshmeat) Impulse Impulse is a bit of eye candy for your desktop.... Download
op5-nagios-plugins(freshmeat) op5 Nagios plugins collection op5 Nagion plugins collection is a collection o... Download
gwtuml(freshmeat) GWTUML GWTUML a Web-based application for drawing UML ... Download
sq3(freshmeat) Sq3 Sq3 is an SQLite query tool designed from groun... Download
l7-filter(freshmeat) Layer-7 Packet Classifier for Linux L7-filter is a packet classifier for Netfilter ... Download
wymeditor(freshmeat) WYMeditor WYMeditor is a Web-based WYSIWYM editor (What Y... Download
lithron(freshmeat) lithron Lithron is a CSS2 compatible PDF renderer for X... Download
dir2cast(freshmeat) dir2cast dir2cast is a Web-based script to turn a direct... Download
enano-cms(freshmeat) Enano CMS Enano is a CMS that focuses on content. A stati... Download
fressia(freshmeat) Fressia The Fressia Project is an effort to develop a f... Download
advchk(freshmeat) Advisory Check Advisory Check is a program that reads securit... Download
oggvideotools(freshmeat) Ogg Video Tools The Ogg Video Tools is a toolbox for manipulati... Download
mod_ldap_cfg(freshmeat) Apache LDAP vhost driver Apache LDAP vhost driver lets you put vhost wit... Download
jstun(freshmeat) JSTUN JSTUN is a STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP (User ... Download
ssh_parallel(freshmeat) Parallel processing from the shell The parallel project allows for simple parallel... Download
waterken(freshmeat) Waterken Server The Waterken Server is a platform for building ... Download
chimera-2(freshmeat) ChiMeRA ChiMeRA is a configuration management tool desi... Download
truecl(freshmeat) TrueCL TrueCL aims to provide advanced high availabili... Download
niftyname(freshmeat) NiftyName NiftyName is a system for creating and managing... Download
jsflow(freshmeat) jsFlow jsFlow is Java library for sFlow, an industry s... Download
engroup(freshmeat) Engroup Engroup is an enterprise groupware system promo... Download
acewiki(freshmeat) AceWiki AceWiki is a semantic wiki that is powerful and... Download
mypatients(freshmeat) MyPatients MyPatients is a medical records database that u... Download
yadsync(freshmeat) YADSync YADSync (yet another directory sync) is a simpl... Download
chaplin-act(freshmeat) Chaplin ACT Chaplin ACT is a Java class transformer which b... Download
generate-tree-of-sassasbase-fi(freshmeat) Generate tree of SAS Base file by Perl This project consists of a script starting from... Download
imagetagger(freshmeat) imageTagger imageTagger makes it easy to manage tags of dif... Download
syslinux(freshmeat) Syslinux Syslinux is a collection of boot loaders for Li... Download
pematch(freshmeat) Perfect Match Perfect Match (pmatch) is a small and fast comm... Download
gabedit(freshmeat) Gabedit Gabedit is a graphical interface for the FireFl... Download
xvid(freshmeat) Xvid Xvid (formerly XviD) is an open source MPEG-4 v... Download
mdate(freshmeat) mdate Mdate is a freely-available mayan date utility.... Download
dradio(freshmeat) DRadio DRadio is a Danmarks Radio Internet radio and T... Download

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