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Privacy Statement

At OSDN, our goal is to let users of OSDN's web sites have as much control right as possible regarding registration information including personal information. Through the publication of this statement, we explain how personal information is used when users use OSDN's web sites and related services.


At OSDN, IP addresses, domain information, and browser information of the users are recorded for the purpose of creating better contents. On OSDN's web sites, the accumulated information may be used for the purpose of market analysis and service evaluation and planning, within the specified realm which will be defined here. OSDN's web sites include web sites administered by OSDN, links to the web sites administered by affiliated or non affiliated third parties. The privacy policies and all regulations sated by these linked web sites are no concern of ours, and we accept no liability. OSDN uses personal information for sending various notifications, sending explicitly requested e-mails, and enforcing any provision in TOS. User's name, email address, and all other information which the user gave permission for publication are open to general publication on all OSDN web sites as long as the user explicitly prohibits the publication of the information. Provided that a user voluntarily released the registration information which includes his/her personal information, or a user posted his/her personal information on a content which is being released under open source related license, the personal information will become open for publication in accordance with the license. OSDN may conduct various surveys for the purpose of marketing and business project. If the information collected by the survey is going to be released, we will explicitly express that when conducting the survey, and only aggregated results will be released without including information that may lead to identifying an individual who has cooperated in the survey. Provided that a survey requests respondents for comments, if the possibility of publication is specified at the time the survey is conducted, we have the right to release all comments in a manner that they don't contain information that leads to identifying an individual.

To Monitor How Users are Traveling Between the Pages

On OSDN's web sites, there are pages that use technology called web beacon (also called clear GIF). Web beacon is a technology to recognize how many times a certain page has been accessed. On OSDN's web sites, cookies are being used for the purpose of providing users the information they need. Cookie is a data that is sent from a website the user visited to a user's web browser, and the data is stored by the browser. If cookies are invalidated, there's a possibility that a part of or the entire OSDN's web sites may not function properly. Also, cookies may be used by the ads posted on the web sites. For details on the policy regarding each advertisement distributor and the invalidation of cookies, read Advertisement Distributor Policy and Control.


Users can request to receive all kinds of notifications, news, and other information by e-mails. Also, one can stop the e-mail distribution that is addressed to oneself at any time. All e-mails that are sent on response to the user's request include a URL which gives the instruction on how to stop the distribution.

Contacting a User

OSDN may use user's personal information to contact an individual in order to promote smooth management.


On OSDN's web sites, user's personal information could get published on the user's profile page. Provided that a profile page has the feature to publish personal information, it is user's choice to either opt in or out on the entering or displaying of the information, and user can change the status at any time.

E-mail Address

As part of OSDN services, a user could send e-mails to other users or mailing list through the use of OSDN. In cases like that, the e-mails that are sent will include the user's valid e-mail address. Due to the user's settings or how it's been sent, the e-mail could include the user's real name. If the settings are configured to not include personal information, the user can not use this e-mail sending service. If a user voluntarily enters information regarding user registration or other personal information as part of a content that is going to be released under open source license, that piece of personal information will automatically be open to the public accordingly to the license. For example, this is applicable to situations where a user submits a comment that includes personal information to a forum that is open to the public, or a user includes personal information in a software that will be open to the public. Unless a user explicitly gives permission to do so, or OSDN has to provide information to abide the law, OSDN will not give user's personal information to an unrelated third party.

Questionnaire Survey and Collected Result

OSDN may conduct questionnaire surveys and various researches regarding users for the purpose of marketing and business planning. Participation is based on the user's free will. OSDN will not conduct a survey in a manner that forces users to participate against their will. If collected information ever goes open to the public, all participants will be notified, and the results will be released in a manner that no piece of information that leads to identifying a participant will be included. The main purpose of releasing the collected results is to share the information with the users, and to provide OSDN's ad clients the information regarding user's trends and preferences, but not necessarily limited to these. If a survey gives users the opportunity to leave comment, and at the same time the users are informed that their comments could be open to the public, OSDN will have the right to publish those comments entered by the participants in a manner that will not include information that may lead to identifying a participant.

Access to Personal Information

User can view his/her own personal information on his/her own profile page. Also, user can edit or update one's personal information through the use of OSDN services. If this update feature can not be provided, OSDN will do its best to comply to the user's will to edit his/her personal information.


For the purpose of maintaining the security of the web sites, we take necessary measures such as encryption and other general methods and procedures for confidentiality. The only people who can access the user's personal information and unreleased information is limited to web site admins and individuals that need access to the information.


In case of web site security breaching, or if OSDN detects unreleased personal information being leaked to a third party by other external factor, OSDN will take measures that OSDN thinks appropriate in that situation. That includes thorough internal investigation and reporting, and providing information and cooperation to the law enforcement. If personal information of users gets released in a manner that doesn't meet our privacy statement, we will notify those users of the extent of information mistakenly released, as quickly as possible to the best of our knowledge.

Update of This Document

When this document gets updated, we will publish the update date and the execution date on OSDN's web sites. If the core part of the documents is going to be changed, we will notify all users at least before 15 days.

last update: 2010/5/21