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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
morpyon(freshmeat) morpyon Morpyon (also known as "morpion" in F... Download
flexbackup(freshmeat) flexbackup flexbackup is a configurable and easy to use Pe... Download
doomlegacy(freshmeat) DooM Legacy DooM Legacy is an enhanced port of Doom, the cl... Download
freesweep(freshmeat) freesweep freesweep is a console minesweeper-style game w... Download
tagreader(freshmeat) HTML::Tagreader HTML::TagReader is a Perl module which allows y... Download
speedycgi(freshmeat) SpeedyCGI SpeedyCGI (aka PersistentPerl) is a way to run ... Download
jasplogging(freshmeat) JASPlogging JASPlogging provides a couple of logging handle... Download
databean(freshmeat) DataBean The DataBean package is a Java library that pro... Download
fribidi(freshmeat) FriBidi FriBidi is a free implementation of the Unicode... Download
ree(freshmeat) ROM extension extractor ROM extension extractor (ree) is a tool which e... Download
qmail-auditor(freshmeat) Qmail Auditor QMail Auditor provides simple a method for aud... Download
helpgui(freshmeat) HelpGUI HelpGUI is a simple Java-based help viewer com... Download
kfilter(freshmeat) KFilter KFilter is an application to design acoustic hi... Download
qpe-gaim(freshmeat) Gaim for Qtopia Gaim for Qtopia is an official port of the Gaim... Download
sdlsound(freshmeat) SDL_sound SDL_sound is a library that handles the decodin... Download
php_lib_login(freshmeat) php_lib_login php_lib_login is a library for PHP, designed to... Download
libbitvector(freshmeat) libBitvector LibBitvector implements arbitrary-sized vectors... Download
tktextviewer(freshmeat) Tk::Text::Viewer Tk::Text::Viewer is a text widget that can disp... Download
mozplayerxp(freshmeat) mozplayerxp mozplayerxp is a scriptable Mozilla mplayer plu... Download
rglclock(freshmeat) RGLClock RGLClock is a simple GTK+/X11/OpenGL program th... Download
pidget(freshmeat) Pidget Pidget is an object oriented toolkit for render... Download
sesame-wifi(freshmeat) sesame-wifi Sesame-wifi is a hot-spot management tool using... Download
news-overview(freshmeat) News::Overview News::Overview is a Perl object that manages co... Download
news-web(freshmeat) News::Web News::Web implements a full news-to-Web gateway... Download
jtlt(freshmeat) JTLT JTLT is a general text based templating system ... Download
fetchrss(freshmeat) fetchrss fetchrss polls Weblogs (RSS feeds) and emails t... Download
axis-wsse(freshmeat) axis-wsse axis-wsse is an external library for the Apache... Download
sybadmin(freshmeat) sybadmin Sybadmin is a set of bash scripts which could b... Download
jose(freshmeat) jose jose is a graphical chess tool. You can use it... Download
myphpnuke(freshmeat) myphpnuke myPHPNuke is a PHP and MySQL-based automated ... Download
usbtcpbridge(freshmeat) USB-TCP Bridge USB-TCP Bridge bridges communications between a... Download
dnsya(freshmeat) Dnsya Dnsya is a little program to look up and presen... Download
spreadxmlrpclib(freshmeat) spreadxmlrpclib spreadxmlrpclib is a Python module to make XMLR... Download
liblohs(freshmeat) LibLOHS LibLOHS is a library to control LOHS family of ... Download
unicycle(freshmeat) Unicycle Unicycle is a PalmOS app for recording a woman'... Download
dialogcd(freshmeat) Dialog CD DialogCD is a dialog based frontend to cdrtools... Download
pygmalion-apovraymodeller(freshmeat) Pygmalion - a POVRAY modeller Pygmalion is a modeler for POVRAY which runs on... Download
sced(freshmeat) Sced Sced is a modelling program that makes use of g... Download
phpope(freshmeat) PHPope PHPope is a Web-based content management applic... Download
cognix(freshmeat) CogniX The CogniX framework is a tool for creating, mo... Download
steghide(freshmeat) steghide Steghide is a steganography program that is abl... Download
cawh(freshmeat) CA Web Helper CA Web Helper is a helper Web application write... Download
nisca(freshmeat) NISCA NISCA (Network Interface Statistics Collection ... Download
mailezmlm(freshmeat) Mail::Ezmlm Perl Module Mail::Ezmlm is a Perl module that allows the us... Download
kernel_sym_manip(freshmeat) Kernel Symbol Manipulator Usually, Linux kernel exported symbols have suf... Download
poseidon1(freshmeat) Poseidon Poseidon is yet another PHP weblog, although it... Download
unh-iscsi(freshmeat) UNH-iSCSI The UNH-iSCSI project consists of vendor-indepe... Download
ticket_applet-2(freshmeat) Ticket Applet 2 Ticket Applet 2 is a GNOME 2 version of Ticket ... Download
popbeforesmtp(freshmeat) pop-before-smtp in C pop-before-smtp in C is a daemon for use with P... Download
blcheck(freshmeat) blcheck blcheck is a simple Perl script designed to not... Download
dhttpd(freshmeat) Dublet's HTTP Daemon Dublet's HTTP Daemon is a fully functional Web ... Download
stalmp3box(freshmeat) sTaLMP3Box sTaLMP3Box is a complete control program for a ... Download
buflib(freshmeat) Buffer Library BufLib is a C wrapper around mallocs, callocs, ... Download
dupman(freshmeat) Duplication Management Framework for Eclipse Duplication Management Framework for Eclipse is... Download
swiggle(freshmeat) swiggle swiggle is le's simple web image gallery genera... Download
ereminders(freshmeat) E*Reminders E*Reminders is a series of PHP scripts that int... Download
openbooking(freshmeat) OpenBooking OpenBooking is a Web-based booking system with ... Download
popupwin(freshmeat) Gaim Popupwin Gaim Popupwin is a plugin which shows a mini wi... Download
efcxfss(freshmeat) Enhanced File Crypt/eXtended File Stealth System The Enhanced File Crypt/eXtended File Stealth S... Download
qss(freshmeat) Qmail-Scanner Statistics Qmail-Scanner Statistics (QSS) uses the Qmail-S... Download
genprojpage(freshmeat) Generic Project Page Generic Project Page is a generic, configurable... Download
pimpbnc(freshmeat) PimpBNC PimpBNC is an IRC bouncer written to be easy to... Download
discomatic(freshmeat) Disc-O-Matic Disc-O-Matic is a GTK+ CD/DVD-ROM archiving too... Download
ventilation(freshmeat) Ventilation Ventilation is a journal Web site administratio... Download
finalsolution(freshmeat) FinalSolution FinalSolution is a network administrator's tool... Download
ppm(freshmeat) PPM PPM is yet another Game Boy (Color) tile and ma... Download
jabberxmlrpclib(freshmeat) jabberxmlrpclib jabberxmlrpclib is a Python module for making ... Download
owx(freshmeat) OWX OWX (OmniaWeb-X) is Web-based site mangement so... Download
openpop(freshmeat) OpenPOP.NET OpenPOP.NET is a class library/component writte... Download
sfmenu(freshmeat) Simple Flash Menu Simple Flash Menu is a Macromedia flash script ... Download
surnia(freshmeat) Surnia Surnia can check an OWL ontology/knowledge base... Download
cglib(freshmeat) cglib cglib is a set of utility classes that can be u... Download
gpostman(freshmeat) gpostman gpostman is a simple mail checker for X. It dis... Download
rve(freshmeat) RVE RVE renders real time effects on a video played... Download
ferretcms(freshmeat) Ferret CMS Ferret CMS is a Content-Management System based... Download
taglib-imagetweak(freshmeat) Xephyrus Image Tweak Tag Library The Xephyrus Image Tweak Tag Library provides ... Download
rpnjcalc(freshmeat) rpnjcalc rpnjcalc is a Javascript-based Reverse Polish N... Download
dasystem(freshmeat) Dynamic content Administration System DAS is a Dynamic content Administration System ... Download
wycsv(freshmeat) WyCSV WyCSV is a Web interface for CSV-SQL table mana... Download
designer-fw(freshmeat) Designer Framework Designer Framework is a highly customizable e-... Download
yaapg(freshmeat) YAAPG YAAPG (Yet Another but not just Any Playlist Ge... Download
goem(freshmeat) Goem Goem is a bookmark converter. It can convert fr... Download
cdplayer_app(freshmeat) is a small CD Audio Player for GNU... Download
iog(freshmeat) IOG IOG is a network I/O byte grapher made to graph... Download
ldarch(freshmeat) LD-Easy-Archive LD-Easy-Archive is an interactive shell script ... Download
memfetch(freshmeat) memfetch memfetch dumps the memory of a program without... Download
huffzip(freshmeat) HuffZip HuffZip is a Huffman compression program. Download
3dscheme(freshmeat) 3DScheme-Anim 3DScheme-Anim is a 3D modeler in Scheme with a... Download
cqfd(freshmeat) CQFD CQFD is a multi-platform instant messenger prog... Download
foocache(freshmeat) foocache foocache is a simple caching system for PHP4 wh... Download
ttchess(freshmeat) TT-Chess TT-Chess communicates with a DGT Sensor chessbo... Download
just4log(freshmeat) Just4Log Just4Log is a library to dynamically enhance th... Download
spidered(freshmeat) Spider Data Aggregator Spider is a complete standalone Java applicatio... Download
napshare(freshmeat) NapShare NapShare is a fully-automated Gnutella P2P clie... Download
oap(freshmeat) Open Automaton Project The aim of the Open Automaton Project is to dev... Download
penguincards(freshmeat) Penguin Cards PenguinCards is a two-player card game. The aim... Download
wsprops(freshmeat) WSProps WSProps is a utility for calculating the therm... Download
gltzpr(freshmeat) GLT ZPR GLT ZPR is a mouse manipulation module for C or... Download
veth(freshmeat) VETH VETH is a daemon that creates a virtual etherne... Download
canship(freshmeat) PHP Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator/Module This module provides a simple way for merchants... Download

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