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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
kobold-kit(freshmeat) Kobold Kit Kobold Kit is a 2D game engine built on Apple's... Download
kfo(sfnet) kfo A simple but powerful file organizer to locate ... Download
xicalc(sfnet) xicalc XiCalc is a scientific calculator, which evalua... Download
moz(sfnet) The Greek Mozilla Project This project is working towards the internation... Download
joy2key(sfnet) joy2key Joy2key allows you to control applications acce... Download
prboom(sfnet) PrBoom PrBoom, the purest Doom-Port? Aims to be the mo... Download
direct3d9hook(sfnet) Another Direct3D9 Hook System A Direct3D9 Wrapper Download
liquidlnf(sfnet) Liquid Look And Feel LiquidLnF - Java2 Swing Look and Feel of Mosfet... Download
electricowl(sfnet) electricowl Log data from your OWL energy monitor on your P... Download
blade(sfnet) BLADE Web based environment supporting:<br> <... Download
libsylph(freshmeat) LibSylph LibSylph is a cross-platform C++ library for ba... Download
remote-desktop-connection-mana(freshmeat) Remote Desktop Connection Manager RD Connection Manager is a comprehensive remote... Download
django-dajaxice(freshmeat) Django Dajaxice Django Dajaxice is an easy to use AJAX library ... Download
vag202-fios-tv-hd-stb-network-(freshmeat) VAG202 FiOS TV HD STB Network Control VAG202 FiOS TV HD STB Network Control allows yo... Download
rxpy(freshmeat) RXPY RXPY is a pure-Python regular expression librar... Download
journalness(sfnet) Journalness A dynamic web journal, news, diary, blog for pe... Download
rakarrack(sfnet) Rakarrack Guitar Effects Rakarrack is a stereo digital effects processor... Download
lsid(sfnet) LSID (Life Science Identifier) Life Science Identifier (LSID) resolution proto... Download
etics(sfnet) ETICS ETICS stands for "eInfrastructure for Test... Download
marksmodules(sfnet) Marks Modules A series of modules developed for PostNuke - an... Download
smplayer(freshmeat) SMPlayer SMPlayer is a complete media player for Windows... Download
bssfulfillment(sfnet) Comms Order Fulfillment Simple order fulfillment system with flexible o... Download
beatbox-java(sfnet) BeatBox BeatBox is a Java application in which users us... Download
mandatory(sfnet) mandatory mandatory file stub premier Download
quickdic(freshmeat) QuickDic QuickDic parses data from and... Download
sgsiiiapps(sfnet) SGSIII Apps Just wanted to share some cool apps and media f... Download
simpleinvoices(sfnet) simpleinvoices Simple Invoices is a simple web based invoicing... Download
cups(sfnet) CUPS related stuff This project includes 4 main modules to use wit... Download
aptosidmeta4s(sfnet) aptosid aptosid is an operating system based on the Deb... Download
gtk-recent-files-scrubber(freshmeat) GTK+ Recent Files Scrubber GTK+ Recent Files Scrubber is a compact, lightw... Download
sharpe(sfnet) SharpEnviro SharpEnviro is a GPL (Copyleft) Windows Shell R... Download
rlaunchpad(freshmeat) R.Launchpad R.Launchpad is a minimal distribution of Linux ... Download
mw-slidy(freshmeat) mw-slidy mw-slidy is a mediawiki extension that adds a c... Download
samplingkmeans(sfnet) Sampling-k-means This project involves implementation and testin... Download
mapdrive(sfnet) MapDrive MapDrive is a utility for managing network driv... Download
jmixin(freshmeat) jmixin At the expense of a little compile time safety,... Download
kippo(freshmeat) Kippo Kippo is a medium interaction SSH honeypot desi... Download
eboard(sfnet) EBoard EBoard is a user-friendly chess interface for I... Download
subrip(sfnet) SubRip Utility to convert subtitles from DVD-Video or ... Download
idivx(sfnet) iDivX Freeware like iTune for movies. Download
kdiff3(sfnet) KDiff3 KDiff3 is a graphical text difference analyzer ... Download
dct9823jdfkgdjg(sfnet) dct9823jdfkgdjg automation script backup Download
abmash(freshmeat) Abmash Abmash provides Web application automation base... Download
bugs-bug-genie(sfnet) The Bug Genie The Bug Genie is a user-friendly and powerful P... Download
projectb(sfnet) Project B Project B is a platform for various Bible progr... Download
hnadds(sfnet) HostiNova Addons Addons para HostiNova Download
d2718c(sfnet) d2718c This project contains a custom GNU gcc, binutil... Download
mod_auth_aix(freshmeat) mod_auth_aix mod_auth_aix is an Apache module which allows t... Download
tinyproxy(sfnet) Tinyproxy Tinyproxy is a fast light-weight HTTP proxy for... Download
pixie(sfnet) Pixie Pixie is a photorealistic renderer that uses a ... Download
synth(freshmeat) Synth Synth is a C++ template framework - a set of co... Download
fbdb(sfnet) Fritz!Box Telefon-dingsbums Das Fritz!Box Telefon-dingsbums ist ein Outlook... Download
cloudbrok(sfnet) cloudbrok cloud broker is the one which is present in bet... Download
cdialog(freshmeat) cdialog Dialog allows you to present a variety of quest... Download
mojoportal(sfnet) mojoPortal mojoPortal is an accessible, compliant, extensi... Download
panda(sfnet) panda A PDF generation API written in C Download
chlone(sfnet) CHLone CHLone is a CGNS/SIDS compliant mapping on HDF5... Download
linearopenings(sfnet) CUDA-based Linear Openings Fast opening with linear SE on CPU and GPU usin... Download
log4net(sfnet) Logging framework for .NET Log4net has moved to Download
wavexx-gallery(freshmeat) fgallery "fgallery" is a static photo gallery ... Download
maghribifonts(sfnet) maghribifonts The aim of this project is to develop High qual... Download
nppastyle(sfnet) NppAStyle This is a plugin for Notepad++. Use NppAStyle, ... Download
tenfourfox(sfnet) TenFourFox This is the download repository for TenFourFox ... Download
sfdlc(sfnet) sfdlc SourceForge Download Link Converter converts no... Download
shutter-php(sfnet) shutter-php Shutter is a web package allowing users to shar... Download
sshdfilter(freshmeat) sshdfilter sshdfilter automatically blocks ssh brute force... Download
pamnss-dce(freshmeat) PAM/NSS-DCE for Linux PAM/NSS-DCE for Linux is a nice and portable wa... Download
cogengine(sfnet) The Cog Engine Project The Cog Engine Project is aimed at simplifying ... Download
winetools(sfnet) WineTools Wine Tools is a Linux tool for Wine to setup a ... Download
canari-framework(freshmeat) Canari Framework Canari is a rapid transform development framewo... Download
ffxiswitchmon(sfnet) Xabis' FFXI tools Home of FFXI tools: Switch Monitor, Mappy, and ... Download
gifviewer(sfnet) GIF Viewer A C# program used to visualize and extract fram... Download
texworksmac(sfnet) texworksmac Project for porting TeXworks package on MAC OS Download
gappproxy(sfnet) GAppProxy GAppProxy is http proxy based on GAE(Google App... Download
cifsvfs(freshmeat) CIFS VFS The CIFS VFS is a virtual file system for Linux... Download
tochnog(freshmeat) Tochnog Tochnog is an implicit/explicit multipurpose fi... Download
terraform(freshmeat) Terraform Terraform allows you to create fractal terrain ... Download
vnknowledge(sfnet) PhoenixPortals.ORG Phoenix Portal Reborn New promising Phoenix2 Portal System with new f... Download
tgif(sfnet) Tgif - a vector-based 2D drawing tool Tgif is a vector-based 2D drawing tool. It's al... Download
java-comix(sfnet) Java-Comix Java-Comix is a comic book files viewer like CD... Download
textcalc(sfnet) textcalc a Extremely Basic Calculator, that runs in a te... Download
pokirscan(freshmeat) POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator computes gross w... Download
rticoree2(sfnet) RTi Core AzBoxHD Enigma2 RTi Core Enigma2 for AzBoxHD family receivers b... Download
kshaper(freshmeat) KShaper KShaper is a graphical based traffic shaper app... Download
confusa(freshmeat) Confusa Confusa maps a federated identity to an X.509 c... Download
kattive(freshmeat) Kattive Kattive is a captive portal with an interesting... Download
ksh93(freshmeat) ksh93 The KornShell language is an interactive comman... Download
project-gibraltar(freshmeat) Project Gibraltar This script makes adjustments to the FreeBSD co... Download
mnemonics(freshmeat) Mnemonics Mnemonics is a lightweight mnemonic password ge... Download
ssh-keys-exchange(freshmeat) SSH Keys exchange SshKeysExchange is a Korn shell script to creat... Download
css-tools(freshmeat) css-tools css-tools is a suite of tools for managing a la... Download
pocketdigi(sfnet) PocketDigi Hamradio HF digital teletype modem for PocketPC. Download
qtc-gtest(sfnet) Qt Creator Google Test plugin Simplifies usage of Google C++ Testing Framewor... Download
gpofirefox(sfnet) GPO For Firefox Firefox extension to manage preferences using GPOs Download
javascript-scrollbar-to-top(freshmeat) JavaScript Scrollbar to Top JavaScript Scrollbar to Top is an object that a... Download
perl-ldap(sfnet) perl-ldap perl LDAP client library Download
isomaster(freshmeat) ISO Master ISO Master is an easy to use GUI CD image edito... Download
bouml(freshmeat) BOUML BOUML is a UML 2 tool box that allows you to sp... Download
librosperpinan(sfnet) Antonio Perpinan (FCLD) Libros de enseñar GNU/Linux a usuarios de Compu... Download
rest-edit(freshmeat) rest-edit rest-edit is a browser-based editor for REST re... Download

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