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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
syschk-ihtb(freshmeat) SysChk SysChk is a tool that aids in the monitoring of... Download
ifstatus(freshmeat) ifstatus IFStatus was developed for Linux users that are... Download
logwatcher(freshmeat) Logwatcher Log watcher is a PHP class that polls log files... Download
oss-drivers(freshmeat) oss-device-drivers oss-device-drivers is a repository of open sour... Download
smtarpit(freshmeat) SMTarPit SMTarPit is a chrooted SMTP honeypot/tarpit. It... Download
onesetledger(freshmeat) oneSet Ledger oneSet Ledger is an accounting, billing, and ma... Download
dream_print_tracking(freshmeat) Dream Print Tracking System Dream is a distribution tracking system that he... Download
jfilecrypt(freshmeat) jFileCrypt With jFileCrypt, you can encrypt files very qui... Download
afrikaans_spellchecker(freshmeat) Afrikaans Spellchecker Afrikaans Spellchecker is a spellchecker for Af... Download
icecream(freshmeat) icecream icecream is a non-interactive stream download ... Download
jrivet(freshmeat) jRivet jRivet is a Java development framework and XML/... Download
scriptio(freshmeat) Scriptio Scriptio is a framework for presenting animatio... Download
ssip-gst(freshmeat) SSIP-GST SSIP-GST is a fully functional SIP/SIMPLE Gaim ... Download
xfwall(freshmeat) XFwall XFwall is a professional graphical firewall sys... Download
pm-medialibrary(freshmeat) The Photomaniac Media Library The Photomaniac Media Library is a media manage... Download
serverstatus-2(freshmeat) ServerStatus The ServerStatus application will display a win... Download
trousers(freshmeat) TrouSerS TrouSerS is a Trusted Computing Group Software ... Download
phooglemaps(freshmeat) Phoogle Maps Phoogle Maps ties together Google's Mapping API... Download
soundmural(freshmeat) Sound Mural Sound Mural is a picture-to-sound converter. A ... Download
trappertim(freshmeat) TrapperTim TrapperTim is a simple content management syste... Download
phpdropbox(freshmeat) phpDropbox phpDropbox is an easy-to-install, skinnable, se... Download
videodb(freshmeat) VideoDB VideoDB is a database to manage your personal v... Download
ipod-encoder(freshmeat) iPod Video Encoder ipod-encoder is a command line tool for conveni... Download
fret(freshmeat) FRET FRET is a commandline tool for developers that ... Download
podmail(freshmeat) PodMail PodMail brings together telephony and podcastin... Download
p54u(freshmeat) p54u p54u is a reverse engineered driver for USB Pr... Download
gambit(freshmeat) Gambit Gambit is a set of tools for doing game theory ... Download
phpwishlist(freshmeat) phpWishlist phpWishlist is a Web-based application for mana... Download
pyrcall(freshmeat) Python Remote Call Module Python Remote Call Module allows the instantiat... Download
websec(freshmeat) Web Secretary Web Secretary is Webpage change notification (m... Download
emailsecuritythroughprocmail(freshmeat) Email Security through Procmail Email Security through Procmail (the Procmail S... Download
arscif(freshmeat) ARSCIF ARSCIF is a powerful framework that makes it tr... Download
podadmin(freshmeat) PodAdmin PodAdmin is a very simple Web-based podcast man... Download
phind(freshmeat) Phind Phind is a fully-featured domain name server. I... Download
atimach64v4l2(freshmeat) Mach64 video4linux2 Mach64 video4linux2 is a video4linux device dri... Download
e-badge(freshmeat) E-Badge Ticker E-Badge Ticker is a tool for programming LED na... Download
fluxconf(freshmeat) FluxConf FluxConf is a set of 3 programs for configuring... Download
magicsettings(freshmeat) Magic Settings Wizard Magic Settings Wizard is designed to quickly an... Download
isq(freshmeat) ISQ ISQ (I Ask You) is a tag extension library that... Download
dedalo(freshmeat) Dedalo Dedalo automatically draws the topology of a Ci... Download
klicker(freshmeat) Klicker Klicker is a KDE/QT based metronome that suppor... Download
b3(freshmeat) Big Brother Bot Big Brother Bot (B3) is a cross-game game admin... Download
taprobane(freshmeat) Taprobane GNU/Linux Taprobane is a convenient GNU/Linux distributio... Download
mmr(freshmeat) MMR MMR is a very simple mailer written as an alter... Download
jetnuke(freshmeat) JetNuke JetNuke is a Java version of PHPNuke. Download
aeromail(freshmeat) AeroMail AeroMail is a Web-based email client that uses ... Download
bigsis(freshmeat) Big Sister Big Sister is an SNMP-aware monitoring program ... Download
aimsniff(freshmeat) AIM Sniff AIM Sniff is a utility for monitoring and archi... Download
turbosql(freshmeat) turbosql turbosql makes it possible for developers to co... Download
torapplet(freshmeat) TorApplet TorApplet is a simple GNOME applet for managing... Download
libast(freshmeat) The Library of Assorted Spiffy Things The Library of Assorted Spiffy Things (LibAST ... Download
suspend2(freshmeat) Suspend2 Suspend2 allows you to hibernate your machine w... Download
qa-tools(freshmeat) QA Tools QA Tools allow you (the software product mainta... Download
tagcloudmaker(freshmeat) TagCloud Maker Class TagCloud Maker Class is a class that takes a si... Download
portforward(freshmeat) portForward Port forward is a GUI application which gives y... Download
nc6(freshmeat) Netcat 6 Netcat 6 is a netcat clone with IPv6 support. I... Download
editapage(freshmeat) is a simple and flexible tool tha... Download
mved(freshmeat) mved mved renames multiple files in a deeply paranoi... Download
failtence(freshmeat) Failtence Failtence is a text-based password management t... Download
postprox(freshmeat) postprox postprox is a minimal Postfix SMTP proxy which ... Download
zengaiaspace(freshmeat) ZengaiaSpace Zengaia Space is a multiplayer game which can b... Download
xellplan(freshmeat) XellPlan XellPlan is a simple and easy to set up Web bas... Download
myxdm(freshmeat) MyXDM MyXDM (XML-Database Mapper) is a mapping tool b... Download
imgseek(freshmeat) imgSeek imgSeek is a photo collection manager capable o... Download
sonic-snap(freshmeat) sonic-snap sonic-snap is a Webcam application specifically... Download
tngcalendar(freshmeat) tngCalendar tngCalendar is a Web calendar addon to the TNG ... Download
flexplaylist(freshmeat) FlexPlaylist FlexPlaylist is an XMMS/WinAmp-style playlist f... Download
pynovas(freshmeat) PyNOVAS PyNOVAS allows you to calculate the position a... Download
xcircuit(freshmeat) XCircuit XCircuit is a UNIX/X11 program for drawing publ... Download
smbaudit(freshmeat) SMBD Audit SMBD(Samba) Audit is a set of VFS audit modules... Download
usbmount(freshmeat) usb-mount usb-mount provides desktop integration for syst... Download
namespawner(freshmeat) NameSpawner NameSpawner can be used to generate random name... Download
qpolymer(freshmeat) QPolymer QPolymer is a Qt-based polymer-flow dynamics an... Download
decreasoner(freshmeat) Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner The Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner allows a p... Download
ff-bash(freshmeat) For each File For each File is a Bash script wrapper for repe... Download
revsh(freshmeat) Reverse Shell Reverse Shell is used along a tunnel created wi... Download
loghack(freshmeat) LogHack LogHack is a logfile analyzer for NetHack. It p... Download
pam_sessionrun(freshmeat) PAM Sessionrun PAM Sessionrun is a PAM module that can run a s... Download
wmifinfo(freshmeat) wmifinfo wmifinfo is a Window Maker applet showing basic... Download
dbxquery(freshmeat) Relational XQuery Abacus Systems's Relational XQuery is an XQJ-co... Download
foxtrotfulltext(freshmeat) Foxtrot full text Foxtrot is a full text indexing software for PD... Download
pagemanager(freshmeat) Page Manager Page Manager is an easy content management syst... Download
ntlmaps(freshmeat) NTLM Authorization Proxy Server 'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server' (APS) is a pr... Download
captive(freshmeat) Captive Captive provides full read/write access to NTFS... Download
edireader(freshmeat) EDIReader EDIReader is a Java package for parsing busines... Download
sopeq(freshmeat) Sopeq Sopeq is a stealth ingress and egress filtering... Download
srccontrol(freshmeat) SrcControl SrcControl is a new form of package management ... Download
floranta(freshmeat) Floranta The Floranta AJAX libraries are used to build R... Download
xfa(freshmeat) XFA The XFA library implements an API that can be u... Download
meanwhile(freshmeat) Meanwhile Meanwhile is an implementation of the Lotus Sam... Download
termatrix(freshmeat) TERMatrix TERMatrix emulates Matrix terminals' "gree... Download
yxe(sfnet) Yaoqiang XPDL Editor Yaoqiang XPDL Editor (YXE) is a graphical edito... Download
peephole(freshmeat) Peephole Peephole is a GNU/linux server that periodicall... Download
gettext_po(freshmeat) Gettext PO syntax highlighting for Vim The Gettext PO format is used by translators to... Download
awhttpd(freshmeat) Anti-Web httpd Anti-Web httpd is a single-process Web server t... Download
therev(freshmeat) The Revisionist The Revisionist is a tool for extracting and in... Download
osdl-project(freshmeat) Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer provid... Download
blosxom_ia_feeds(freshmeat) Blosxom Immediate Action Feeds The Blosxom Immediate Action Feeds Plugin adds ... Download
ldaptemplate(freshmeat) LdapTemplate LdapTemplate is a framework to simplify LDAP pr... Download
orte(freshmeat) Open Real Time Ethernet The Open Real-Time Ethernet (ORTE) is an implem... Download

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