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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
web-search-script(freshmeat) Web Search Script Web Search Script can search the contents of a ... Download
bitnami-pootle-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Pootle Stack BitNami Pootle Stack Native Installer is an eas... Download
mauri(sfnet) mauri This name consists of 5 people from different f... Download
geomajas-caching-plug-in(freshmeat) Geomajas caching plug-in Geomajas caching plug-in is a plug-in for the G... Download
parcon(freshmeat) Parcon Parcon is a parser library for the Python progr... Download
virtualbox-web-management-inte(freshmeat) VirtualBox Web Management Interface VirtualBox Web Management Interface (VBox WMI) ... Download
jsmodem(freshmeat) JSModem JSModem provides a virtual modem device for the... Download
voltdb(freshmeat) VoltDB VoltDB is a blazingly fast relational database ... Download
shapekit-suite(freshmeat) ShapeKit Suite ShapeKit Suite is highly specialized software f... Download
claws-mail-indicator(freshmeat) claws-mail-indicator claws-mail-indicator is a simple plug-in which ... Download
tiliae-ioc-container(freshmeat) Tiliae IoC container Tiliae IoC container is a Spring-like IoC conta... Download
geomajas-rest-face(freshmeat) Geomajas REST face Geomajas REST face a face for the Geomajas mapp... Download
geomajas-static-security-plug-(freshmeat) Geomajas static security plug-in Geomajas static security plug-in is a security ... Download
libfastcounters(freshmeat) libfastcounters Libfastcounters is a C library to maintain coun... Download
geomajas-google-layer-plug-in(freshmeat) Geomajas Google layer plug-in Geomajas Google layer plug-in is a raster layer... Download
abserver(freshmeat) Address Book Server with Calendar Support Address Book Server allows you to share your co... Download
clone2fs(freshmeat) clone2fs Clone2fs copies an ext2/ext3 file system to ano... Download
scare(freshmeat) SCARE SCARE (Source Code Analysis Risk Evaluation) an... Download
stellar-forces(freshmeat) Stellar Forces Stellar Forces is a squad-level, turn based, mu... Download
alsa-modular-synthesizer(freshmeat) Alsa Modular Synthesizer AlsaModularSynth is a realtime modular synthesi... Download
gdvdslides(freshmeat) gdvdslides gdvdslides allows you to create a slideshow vid... Download
fulworx(freshmeat) Fulworx Fulworx is a REST framework that uses simple an... Download
adjector(freshmeat) Adjector Adjector is a lightweight, fast, and flexible, ... Download
webon(freshmeat) webon webon is a Web content management system. It pr... Download
thegate(sfnet) thegate Final Project for Team OOMPA in COMP3073 Download
wolf-software-sudoku-solver-cl(freshmeat) Wolf Software Sudoku Solver Class Wolf Software Sudoku Solver Class is a complete... Download
pygsl(sfnet) pygsl A Python interface to the GSL library. The wrap... Download
wiser(freshmeat) WidgetServer WidgetServer is a Java/XML server-side GUI-fram... Download
skywaybuilder(sfnet) Skyway Builder Community Edition Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) is an Ecl... Download
ulogipac(freshmeat) ulogipac ulogipac is a powerful IP traffic accounting to... Download
f3php-fat-free-framework(freshmeat) PHP Fat-Free Framework The PHP Fat-Free Framework makes it easy to bui... Download
datamatrix-dll(sfnet) DataMatrix dll DLL. Creates IEC16022 2D barcodes (aka DataMatr... Download
reposserver(sfnet) reposserver Repos Server is a set of tools for Subversion s... Download
kvtlensprofiles(sfnet) kvtlensprofiles Profiles for Nikon Lenses, created with Adobe L... Download
prioritylist(sfnet) priorityList Sistema para gerenciar as prioridades pessoal d... Download
pigebox(freshmeat) PigeBox PigeBox is a complete solution to record contin... Download
modu-2(freshmeat) modu modu is a high-level toolkit for building datab... Download
dtdprune(freshmeat) DTDprune DTDprune performs external DTD simplification a... Download
tellu(freshmeat) Tellu Tellu is inventory management software that col... Download
pdfdownload(sfnet) pdfdownload PDF Download is a Firefox extension that improv... Download
teleporter(freshmeat) Teleporter Teleporter is a file transfer Web app designed ... Download
lm-list-movies(freshmeat) lm lm (list movies) is a command-line script that ... Download
pagework(freshmeat) PageWork PageWork is a wiki that focuses on fast content... Download
applogger(freshmeat) AppLogger AppLogger is a library that allows an applicati... Download
eclipse-templates-for-java-xml(freshmeat) Java XML XPath - Eclipse Templates Java XML XPath - Eclipse Templates is a set of ... Download
jctalk(sfnet) jctalk This project is to develop an instant messaging... Download
beobachter(freshmeat) Beobachter Beobachter is a file monitor, usually used to w... Download
gofans-client(sfnet) GoFans Client The "GoFans Client" is a Javascript p... Download
winstats(sfnet) SysStats SysStats displays widgets on your windows deskt... Download
cclive(sfnet) cclive cclive is a command line tool for downloading v... Download
theaceorb(freshmeat) The ACE ORB TAO (The ACE ORB) is an advanced, CORBA-complia... Download
shiftschedule(freshmeat) ShiftSchedule ShiftSchedule is a simple procedure, combining ... Download
seo-profesional-toolbar(freshmeat) SEO Profesional Toolbar SEO Profesional Toolbar offers many SEO-related... Download
firefly(freshmeat) Firefly Media Server Firefly Media Server (formerly Multi-Threaded D... Download
openlaszlo-schema-generator(freshmeat) OpenLaszlo Schema Generator OpenLaszlo Schema Generator provides methods to... Download
tsdl(freshmeat) TSDL TSDL was written for the turn-based strategy ga... Download
phdtoolkit(sfnet) PHD Tool Kit PHD Tool Kit Download
slingboxsdk(sfnet) SlingBox SDK Provide an interface (sdk) to communicate with ... Download
h323plus(sfnet) h323plus Follows on from now depreciated OpenH323 and de... Download
autolyrix(sfnet) AutoLyrix AutoLyrix: The open-source lyrics, artwork (Alb... Download
mastergoda(sfnet) mastergoda Hosting Faylov sayta Master Goda.RU Download
asproxywing(sfnet) ASProxyWing ASProxyWing is a handy, easy to use client / se... Download
winmxpatch(sfnet) WinMX Patch A patch to get WinMX connected to the WPN. Download
sigeplus(sfnet) sigeplus C O N H E Ç A O SISTEMA Sistema de Automação Co... Download
reigzro(sfnet) reigzro ReigzRO updates for Ragnarok Online. Download
cynin(sfnet) cynin helps teams to build collaborative knowl... Download
treep(freshmeat) Treep Treep is a simple language for doing symbolical... Download
hlbrw(freshmeat) HLBRW HLBRW is an acronym for Hogwash Light BR Watch.... Download
lameditor(sfnet) lameditor LTE ASN.1 Message Editor (lameditor) is a open ... Download
pam_mount(freshmeat) pam_mount module pam_mount is a Pluggable Authentication Module ... Download
managelogs(freshmeat) managelogs managelogs is a log processing program to be us... Download
tsoyeow(freshmeat) Tsoyeow Tsoyeow is a c# solution for writing Excel XML-... Download
website1nn0va(sfnet) website1nn0va Sito della community 1nn0va realizzato con tecn... Download
linshare(freshmeat) LinShare Specially designed to secure paperless trading ... Download
curtain(freshmeat) Curtain Curtain is a templating system akin to TAL, tog... Download
huygens-remote-manager(freshmeat) Huygens Remote Manager The Huygens Remote Manager is an efficient, mul... Download
mbase(freshmeat) MBase MBase is a .NET-oriented meta-programming frame... Download
cakeotp(freshmeat) CakeOTP CakeOTP is a reference implementation of User R... Download
kalisko(freshmeat) Kalisko Kalisko is an application framework. Its modula... Download
infogrid(freshmeat) InfoGrid InfoGrid is an Internet graph database with a R... Download
tranche(freshmeat) Tranche Tranche is file storage and dissemination softw... Download
digital-soda(freshmeat) Digital Soda Digital Soda is a simple GTK+ frontend for the ... Download
froxlor(freshmeat) Froxlor Froxlor is system administration software based... Download
opts(freshmeat) opts opts is a small and easy to use command line op... Download
woas(freshmeat) WOAS (Wiki on a Stick) "Wiki on a Stick" is a personal wiki ... Download
redstore(freshmeat) RedStore RedStore is a lightweight RDF triplestore writt... Download
sshtools(sfnet) SSHTools SSHTools is a suite of Java SSH applications pr... Download
gollem(freshmeat) Gollem Gollem is a Web-based file manager that provide... Download
bvi(freshmeat) bvi bvi is a display-oriented binary editor (hex ed... Download
histrix-calculator(freshmeat) Histrix Calculator Histrix Calculator is a JavaScript calculator w... Download
mylittleforum(sfnet) my little forum my little forum is a simple PHP and MySQL based... Download
libzvbi(freshmeat) Zapping VBI library The Zapping VBI (zvbi) library provides routine... Download
libdwg(freshmeat) LibDWG LibDWG is a library to directly read DWG files,... Download
imapfoo(freshmeat) imapfoo imapfoo allows one to quickly add email message... Download
pyembedc(freshmeat) PyEmbedC PyEmbedC enables you to embed C/C++ code within... Download
authenticator_ciacob(freshmeat) Authenticator_ciacob Authenticator_ciacob is a PHP library to regist... Download
sudo(freshmeat) sudo Sudo (su "do") allows a system admini... Download
skrubcrm(freshmeat) SkrubCRM SkrubCRM is a CRM that can be used easily by co... Download
bonzayrts-engine(freshmeat) bonzayRTS engine bonzayRTS is a framework for tile-based (isomet... Download
simple-invoicing(freshmeat) Simple Invoicing Simple Invoicing is a Web application that can ... Download

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