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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
aranym(sfnet) ARAnyM New 32-bit Atari computer clone. Virtual machin... Download
luadch(sfnet) Luadch Luadch is a hub for the ADC network and mostly ... Download
sqlhelper2(sfnet) SqlHelper C# ASP.NET SqlHelper Component,quuickly,short,and easy!C# ... Download
fileexplorer(sfnet) fileexplorer Java based file explorer. Tested with Mac OS X ... Download
gausssum(sfnet) GaussSum GaussSum parses the output of ADF, GAMESS, GAME... Download
cunei(sfnet) Cunei Machine Translation Platform Cunei is a data-driven machine translation syst... Download
narocad(sfnet) NaroCAD NaroCAD is a fully fledged and extensible 3D pa... Download
mega5(sfnet) mega5 Mega5 is a classic Deathmatch Mega wad set for ... Download
mocapy(sfnet) Mocapy++ Mocapy++ is a Dynamic Bayesian Network toolkit,... Download
freeorion(sfnet) FreeOrion FreeOrion is a free and open source community-d... Download
eaccelerator(sfnet) eAccelerator eAccelerator is a further development from mmca... Download
assetmng(sfnet) Asset, Inventory and Risk Assessment Asset management (asset identification, valuati... Download
beyondcvs(sfnet) Beyond CVS Eclipse Plug-In BeyondCVS is an Eclipe plug-in that enables usi... Download
kolab(freshmeat) Kolab Kolab is a groupware system that provides a com... Download
r-osgi(sfnet) Remote Services for OSGi Remote Services for OSGi provides a transparent... Download
isp1760-1hcd(sfnet) ST-ERICSSON ISP1760/1 HCD isp1760-hcd project will provides Linux Host Co... Download
cardme(freshmeat) cardme cardme is a Java library implementation of RFC ... Download
gpstp(sfnet) GPS based Task Verification Program A collection of GPS and Paragliding related com... Download
xbup(sfnet) eXtensible Binary Universal Protocol XBUP project is attempt to design general binar... Download
singapore(sfnet) singapore A small, flexible image gallery PHP web applica... Download
nngs(sfnet) No Name Go Server (NNGS) The NNGS (No Name Go Server) is a game server w... Download
genson(freshmeat) Genson Genson is a lightweight Java library for doing ... Download
imsettings(freshmeat) IMSettings IMSettings is a framework that delivers Input M... Download
bgoffice(sfnet) Bulgarian language support The goal of this project is to provide spell ch... Download
goog-gtags(sfnet) google-gtags This is an extension to GNU Emacs and X-Emacs T... Download
mjpeglossless(sfnet) MJPEG Lossless Rotate MJPEG lossless rotate is a utility to rotate MJ... Download
eccentric-authentication-proxy(freshmeat) ecca-proxy ecca-proxy is a Web proxy server that transpare... Download
vipmin(sfnet) vipmin Web based front end for Postfix mail servers. [... Download
daanav-linux-file-renamer(freshmeat) Linux File Renamer Linux File Renamer is a utility that provides a... Download
file2password(freshmeat) file2password file2password is a utility that allows you to s... Download
vmpk(freshmeat) Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a MIDI event gen... Download
axmail(freshmeat) axMail axMail is an add-on to URONode or LinuxNode tha... Download
potassco(sfnet) Potassco Potassco, the Potsdam Answer Set Solving Collec... Download
dvt(sfnet) DVTk (DICOM, HL7, IHE) Test, validate and diagnose communication proto... Download
mousemover(sfnet) Mouse Mover This program will move the mouse cursor every 5... Download
openome(sfnet) OpenOME This project develops a graphical tool to suppo... Download
uronode(freshmeat) URONode URONode is an alternative packet radio system f... Download
voodoo-circle(sfnet) VooDoo cIRCle VooDoo cIRCle is modular IRC bot, scriptable th... Download
subtitlesearch(sfnet) subtitlesearch This software is able to search for a movie tit... Download
owasp(sfnet) OWASP Source Code Center The Open Web Application Security Project (OWAS... Download
springclean(freshmeat) springclean springclean is a command line tool for cleaning... Download
delphidoc(sfnet) DelphiDoc - JADD Automatic generation of documentation on Delphi... Download
semanticsbml(sfnet) semanticSBML Create, check, annotate, merge, diff, split SBM... Download
ethtool(freshmeat) ethtool ethtool is a Linux net driver diagnostic and tu... Download
poppler(freshmeat) poppler Poppler is a PDF rendering library derived from... Download
glrp(sfnet) Great Little Radio Player This is 'Great Little Radio Player'. It is a ro... Download
freeradiusadmin(sfnet) Freeradius administration package A snazzy front-end admin kit for FreeRADIUS tha... Download
drakensang(sfnet) Drakensang Savegame Editor Drakensang Savegame Editor allows you to manipu... Download
indimail(freshmeat) IndiMail IndiMail is a messaging platform built using qm... Download
ametys-cms(freshmeat) Ametys CMS Ametys CMS is a Content Management System whic... Download
suiteki(sfnet) Suiteki Suiteki is a set of Java J2ME japanese related ... Download
wicked(freshmeat) Wicked Wicked is a Wiki for the Horde framework. It us... Download
dosfstools(freshmeat) dosfstools dosfstools includes the mkfs.fat (aka mkfs.vfat... Download
isoburn(sfnet) ISOBurn for Windows Inactive project. Basic GUI frontend for cdburn... Download
scrollkeeper(sfnet) ScrollKeeper ScrollKeeper is a cataloging system for documen... Download
krximpexp(sfnet) KrxImpExp Importer/Exporter plugins for Gothic modding wi... Download
snebu(freshmeat) SNeBU SNeBU (Simple Network Backup Utility) is a back... Download
florence(sfnet) Florence Florence is an extensible scalable on-screen vi... Download
pwsvf(sfnet) SystemVerilog FrameWorks(TM) This is a collection of tools and a code librar... Download
zpin(sfnet) ZPin - Portable Application Launcher Portable office on a stick. Your bookmarks &... Download
monibot(freshmeat) Monibot Monibot is a graphical database monitoring appl... Download
gmmusic(sfnet) gmmusic gmmusic is a free and powerful music collection... Download
gri(sfnet) Gri language for scientific illustration Gri is a language for scientific graphics progr... Download
finitetransform(sfnet) Finite Transform Library The Library is for Finite Transforms such as th... Download
kphorary(sfnet) Smart KP Horary Astrology Horary astrology is an ancient branch of horosc... Download
jung(sfnet) Java Universal Network/Graph Framework JUNG provides a common and extendible language ... Download
oberonrevival(sfnet) Oberon-2 language revival Oberon-2 language revival Download
livecd(sfnet) FreeBSD LiveCD by fugspbr LiveCD is a "Complete FreeBSD System runni... Download
villonanny(sfnet) VilloNanny VilloNanny is a Travian bot that plays the popu... Download
oglplus(freshmeat) OGLplus OGLplus is a header-only library that implement... Download
cyphertite(freshmeat) cyphertite Cyphertite is a tar-like secure remote archiver... Download
series60-remote(sfnet) series60-remote Series60-Remote is an application to manage you... Download
doctotext(sfnet) SILVERCODERS DocToText SILVERCODERS DocToText is a powerful utility th... Download
msdl(sfnet) msdl msdl(media stream downloader) is an open source... Download
prjconverter(sfnet) PrjConverter This tool converts Visual C++ 7.0 (VS2002) proj... Download
jbox2d(sfnet) jbox2d MOVED: We have moved development to Google Code... Download
ebeanorm(sfnet) ebeanorm Java Object Relational Map... Download
php-radio(sfnet) php-radio PHP-Radio the first radio server that runs 100%... Download
ogrescenebuilde(sfnet) ogrescenebuilde OGITOR is an attempt to build a general purpose... Download
tomcatdeployer(sfnet) Tomcat Deployer An Eclipse plugin can be used to deploy web pro... Download
progect(sfnet) The Progect Project Manager Progect is a project manager application for Pa... Download
qport(sfnet) QPort this is a widget to integrate with QT Designer.... Download
pyserial(sfnet) Python Serial Port Extension Multiplatform Serial Port Module for Python (Wi... Download
freeorion(freshmeat) FreeOrion FreeOrion is a turn-based space empire and gala... Download
xsdeditor(sfnet) XSDEditor The XSD editor is a cross-platform XML editor. ... Download
ezproject(sfnet) EZ Project Softwares making our work easier. The fields co... Download
mitesterforsip(sfnet) miTester for SIP miTester for SIP is an automated SIP testing to... Download
disktrim(sfnet) DiskTRIM This is a graphical tool for Linux which automa... Download
mayavi(sfnet) The MayaVi Data Visualizer MayaVi is a free, cross platform, easy to use s... Download
helianto(sfnet) The Helianto Project Helianto project is about productivity in Java ... Download
jasperreportjsf(sfnet) JasperReports JSF Plugin An useful plugin library to be used within web ... Download
jcombo(freshmeat) jCombo jCombo is a JavaScript + PHP hybrid framework w... Download
jqueryajax(freshmeat) jQuery.AJAX jQuery.AJAX utilizes specific security header o... Download
wolf-software-password-validat(freshmeat) Wolf Software Password Validator Class Wolf Software Password Validator Class validate... Download
otuner(sfnet) oTuner Free open source GPL instrument / musical chrom... Download
uivi(sfnet) UIVI UIVI is a URL navigator with functions such as ... Download
qdac(sfnet) QDAC Quick Data Access Component(QDAC) is a suite of... Download
mdd(sfnet) mdd MDD is a physical memory acquisition tool for i... Download
smasher(sfnet) smasher Cross-platform audio loop slicer designed to cr... Download
massmatrix(sfnet) MassMatrix Downloads MassMatrix downloads for PC version and softwar... Download

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