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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
liblinebreak(freshmeat) liblinebreak Liblinebreak is an implementation of the line b... Download
mtn-browse(freshmeat) Monotone Browser Monotone browser (mtn-browse) is an application... Download
billiards(freshmeat) Billiards Billiards is a cue sports simulator. It aims fo... Download
freedroid(freshmeat) FreedroidRPG FreedroidRPG is an isometric RPG game inspired ... Download
osrmt(freshmeat) Open Source Requirements Management Tool Open Source Requirements Management Tool is des... Download
bitextor(freshmeat) Bitextor Bitextor is an application whose objective is t... Download
tagaligner(freshmeat) TagAligner TagAligner is an application whose objective is... Download
innomatic(freshmeat) Innomatic Innomatic is a mature and easy-to-use distribut... Download
monster-script(freshmeat) Monster Scripting Language Monster script (or just Monster) is an advanced... Download
libptytty(freshmeat) libptytty Libptytty is a small library that offers pseudo... Download
jsendnsca(freshmeat) JSend NSCA JSend NSCA is a Java API and command line tool ... Download
lastfmlibnet(freshmeat) lets you access all Web services ... Download
heekscad(freshmeat) HeeksCAD HeeksCAD is a CAD application. It can import so... Download
phpautoindex-2(freshmeat) phpAutoIndex phpAutoIndex is a PHP5-script that was written ... Download
sojo(freshmeat) Sojo SOJO is a Java framework that converts JavaBean... Download
gamebook-engine(freshmeat) The Gamebook Engine The Gamebook Engine is a cross-platform engine ... Download
barnowl(freshmeat) BarnOwl BarnOwl is a curses-based instant messaging cli... Download
rebout-bulk-mailer(freshmeat) Rebout Bulk Mailer Rebout Bulk Mailer is a database-driven bulk ma... Download
openfire(freshmeat) Openfire Openfire (formerly Wildfire) is a real-time col... Download
iqr(freshmeat) iqr iqr is a simulation system for graphically desi... Download
utdropdown(freshmeat) UvumiTools Dropdown Menu UvumiTools Dropdown Menu is a cross-browser, ... Download
rhq(freshmeat) RHQ RHQ is a management platform for everything fro... Download
collabtive(freshmeat) Collabtive Collabtive is Web-based project management soft... Download
mysqlbind(freshmeat) mysqlBind myqslBind manages clusters of ISC BIND 9 name s... Download
jodconverter(freshmeat) JODConverter JODConverter automates conversions between offi... Download
uwsgi(freshmeat) uWSGI uWSGI is a fast, sysadmin-friendly application ... Download
testmail(freshmeat) testmail testmail is a Perl script that checks email ava... Download
hippo-mocks(freshmeat) Hippo Mocks Hippo Mocks is a very intuitive mocking framewo... Download
net7ssh(freshmeat) NetSieben SSH Library NetSieben SSH Library is a Secure Shell client ... Download
awn(freshmeat) Avant Window Navigator Avant Window Navigator (Awn) is a shiny, GTK+-b... Download
libcraigscrape(freshmeat) libcraigscrape libcraigscrape is an easy library to do the hea... Download
pa-10rtaisimuli(sfnet) pa-10rtaisimuli The aim of the project is to create a set of si... Download
pinba(freshmeat) Pinba Pinba is a realtime PHP monitoring tool that ac... Download
min(freshmeat) MIN MIN is an advanced unit/integration test framew... Download
libxa(freshmeat) libXA libXA provides an interface to communicate with... Download
mqsload(freshmeat) MQSLoad MQSLoad is a simple Java program that loads mes... Download
qdox(freshmeat) QDox QDox is a high speed, small footprint parser fo... Download
tah(freshmeat) Teaching Assistant Helper Teaching Assistant Helper (TAH) helps send out ... Download
tstime(freshmeat) tstime tstime is a command that is similar to the time... Download
admin-packages(freshmeat) Admin-packages Admin-packages is a package manager for sources... Download
hardware-detection-tool-hdt(freshmeat) HDT HDT (Hardware Detection Tool) is an OS independ... Download
sinbadsoft-advanced-net-collec(freshmeat) Sinbadsoft Advanced .NET Collections Sinbadsoft Advanced .NET Collections is a libra... Download
icefaces(freshmeat) ICEfaces ICEfaces is a framework for developing Ajax app... Download
axis2m(freshmeat) Axis2M Axis2M increase the usability of Apache Axis2 b... Download
scannedonly(freshmeat) Scannedonly Scannedonly is a samba VFS module that ensures ... Download
covert_qos(freshmeat) covert_qos Covert_qos uses the Quality of service fields i... Download
efa(freshmeat) efa efa is a command line client for the http://efa... Download
quhelp(freshmeat) QuHelp QuHelp is a command-line program that scans a d... Download
enemylines7(freshmeat) enemy lines 7 Enemy lines 7 is a single player first person 3... Download
openoffice(freshmeat) is the Open Source project throu... Download
drun(freshmeat) drun drun is a GTK run dialog box with tab completio... Download
deforaos-asm(freshmeat) DeforaOS asm DeforaOS asm is a modular assembler and disasse... Download
opale(freshmeat) Opale Opale is a simple personal finance manager and ... Download
mount_vdi(freshmeat) mount_vdi mount_vdi is a stand-alone bash script that mou... Download
autochroot(freshmeat) autochroot autochroot looks for Linux distributions instal... Download
spensierato(freshmeat) Spensierato Spensierato is a simple-to-use Web site CMS. I... Download
update_id3_length(freshmeat) update_id3_length update_id3_length is a command line utility tha... Download
unattended(freshmeat) Unattended Unattended fully automates the installation of ... Download
flashrom(freshmeat) flashrom Flashrom is a utility for reading, writing, era... Download
libraw-lite(freshmeat) LibRaw-Lite LibRaw-Lite is a library for reading RAW files ... Download
thai-dotproject(freshmeat) THAI dotproject THAI dotproject is a Web-based project manageme... Download
osim(freshmeat) osim osim is a simulator for the online game Ogame. ... Download
growl-2(freshmeat) growl growl is an easily extendable, blog aware, stat... Download
mylist-contact-manager-v10(freshmeat) MyList MyList is a simple Web-based manager applicatio... Download
xptracker(freshmeat) XPTracker XPTracker is a radical alternative agile planni... Download
votorola(freshmeat) Votorola Votorola is e-democracy software in support of ... Download
kpw(freshmeat) kpw kpw is a little command-line tool and a little ... Download
cataract(freshmeat) Cataract CGG is a simple static Web photo gallery, desig... Download
trojuhelnik(freshmeat) trojuhelnik trojuhelnik is a general solver for triangles. ... Download
source-highlight-qt(freshmeat) Source-Highlight-Qt Source-highlight-qt is a library for performing... Download
bacula(freshmeat) Bacula Bacula is a set of programs that allow you to ... Download
eaglemode(freshmeat) Eagle Mode Eagle Mode is an advanced solution for a zoomab... Download
qsynth(freshmeat) Qsynth Qsynth is a GUI front-end application for Fluid... Download
courier(freshmeat) Courier The Courier mail transfer agent (MTA) is an int... Download
libchipcard(freshmeat) libchipcard Libchipcard is a framework for easy access to c... Download
toast(freshmeat) toast toast is a simple package manager for Unix. It ... Download
latrix(freshmeat) LATRIX LATRIX is a Web-based system supporting HR depa... Download
j-xchange(freshmeat) j-XChange j-XChange is a pure Java implementation of the ... Download
djigzo(freshmeat) DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway is a centrally ... Download
ztex(freshmeat) ztex ztex is a firmware Kit with a corresponding Dri... Download
pljson(freshmeat) PL/JSON PL/JSON is a generic JSON object written in PL/... Download
jblas(freshmeat) jblas jblas is a fast linear algebra library for Java... Download
acscripts(freshmeat) acscripts The acscripts library contains a set of helper ... Download
csql(freshmeat) CSQL CSQL is a main memory database SQL engine that ... Download
dtflickr(freshmeat) DT Flickr DT Flickr is an automagically built Flickr API ... Download
platypux(freshmeat) PLATYPUX PLATYPUX is a Linux distribution which uses met... Download
batch-file-rename-bfr-library(freshmeat) Batch File Rename Batch File Rename (BFR) is a PHP library to ren... Download
xsw-2(freshmeat) xsw xsw is a slideshow presentation tool for those ... Download
batchrename-2(freshmeat) batchrename Batchrename is a commandline tool for renaming ... Download
laniuscms(freshmeat) Lanius CMS Lanius CMS is a lightweight PHP dynamic Web aut... Download
smc(sfnet) SMC - The State Machine Compiler SMC takes a state machine stored in a .sm file ... Download
gsplit(freshmeat) gSplit gSplit is a tool that allows you to split and a... Download
yacs(freshmeat) YaCS YaCS is a modular community framework server fo... Download
agiloforscrum(freshmeat) Agilo for Scrum Agilo for Scrum is a tool that integrates many ... Download
dia2postgres(freshmeat) Dia2Postgres Dia2Postgres is a Perl script that can be used ... Download
jquery-strftime(freshmeat) jquery.strftime jquery.strftime is a JQuery plugin that impleme... Download
shflags(freshmeat) Shell Flags Shell Flags (shFlags) is a library written to g... Download
nc-cms(freshmeat) nc-cms nc-cms is a simple, fast, easy-to-use content m... Download
procps(freshmeat) procps procps is a package of utilities which includes... Download
furl(freshmeat) furl furl is a small utility for displaying the HTTP... Download

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