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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
appstrillo(sfnet) appstrillo habran apk android Download
rakim(freshmeat) Rakim Rakim is the Horde chat/live Web support applic... Download
horde-sam(freshmeat) Horde Sam Sam is the Horde anti-spam, anti-virus module. ... Download
ulaform(freshmeat) Ulaform Ulaform is a robust aplication which allows for... Download
phpcatalog(freshmeat) PHPCatalog PHPCatalog is an easy to use, yet comprehensive... Download
ocamlfreetds(freshmeat) OCaml-FreeTDS OCaml-FreeTDS is a binding to the ct-lib compon... Download
greenthumb(freshmeat) GreenThumb GreenThumb is a Java Jabber client applet. It s... Download
migrationtool(freshmeat) IMAP Migration Tool IMAP Migration Tool allows you to migrate or ar... Download
ooophp(freshmeat) OOoPHP OOoPHP is a PHP class that makes it possible to... Download
driverondemand(freshmeat) Driver On Demand Driver On Demand is an automated driver install... Download
javadoc-search(freshmeat) Javadoc Search Javadoc-search is a CGI script for indexing and... Download
propagast(freshmeat) Propagast Propagast grabs UDP broadcast packets on the fl... Download
clear(freshmeat) CLEAR CLEAR (C Library of Expressive and Articulate R... Download
ocitrace(freshmeat) Oracle OCI tracer Oracle OCI tracer is an Oracle OCI clientside t... Download
statistics-descriptive(freshmeat) Statistics-Descriptive Statistics-Descriptive is a Perl module to perf... Download
latex(freshmeat) LaTeX LaTeX is a document preparation system for high... Download
swt(freshmeat) Servlet Window Toolkit The Servlet Window Toolkit provides an implemen... Download
sord(freshmeat) sord sord is a C++ library that wraps around the op... Download
dbstep(freshmeat) dbstep DBStep is a library targeted at C++ developers ... Download
sdt(freshmeat) Symbion Daemon Tool Symbion Daemon Tool is a daemon master tool. It... Download
xautomation(freshmeat) X Automation Tools X Automation Tools is a set of tools that can b... Download
listserv2mbox(freshmeat) Listserv2Mbox Listserv2Mbox in a command-line PHP utility tha... Download
gd-sharp(freshmeat) GD-Sharp GD-Sharp is a .NET wrapper for the GD library. Download
quepasa(freshmeat) quepasa quepasa is a program and method of generating ... Download
tclwebtest(freshmeat) tclwebtest tclwebtest is a tool to write automated tests f... Download
vsqlmail(freshmeat) vSQLmail vSQLmail links MySQL and vpopmail. It's useful ... Download
quaneko(freshmeat) quaneko quaneko is a file indexing and search applicati... Download
netjail(freshmeat) netjail Netjail is a user-space mechanism for restricti... Download
tex2im(freshmeat) tex2im tex2im is a simple tool that converts LaTeX fo... Download
friki(freshmeat) Friki Friki is a Java Wiki. It is simple to deploy (j... Download
dspamcc(freshmeat) DSPAM phpControlCenter DSPAM phpControlCenter is a replacement for the... Download
tcb-system(freshmeat) TCB::System TCB::System is a DBIx::Frame object written to ... Download
tcb-loan(freshmeat) TCB::Loan TCB::Loan is a DBIx::Frame object written to tr... Download
tcb-help(freshmeat) TCB::Help TCB::Help is a DBIx::Frame object written to ke... Download
vsofont(freshmeat) VSOFont VSOFont is a small library used to draw very si... Download
tcb-system-obsolete(freshmeat) TCB::System::Obsolete TCB::System::Obsolete is a set of tables for TC... Download
q_midi(freshmeat) Q-Midi Q-Midi is a MIDI interface module which allows ... Download
stringsearch(freshmeat) StringSearch The StringSearch library provides implementatio... Download
sysvmsgosx(freshmeat) System V message queues for OS X This is a loadable kernel module (KEXT) for Mac... Download
errorlog(freshmeat) ErrorLog ErrorLog allows web developers quick and easy a... Download
log-toolkit(freshmeat) Log Toolkit Log Toolkit provides a set of logfile processin... Download
mxflib(freshmeat) MXFLib MXFLib is an open source C++ library to support... Download
gst(freshmeat) GNOME System Tools The GNOME System Tools are a set of cross-platf... Download
audiolog(freshmeat) Audiolog Audiolog is a small tool for analyzing traces o... Download
asmallifmorpg(freshmeat) A Small MUD A Small MUD is a minimal MUD implementation, wi... Download
reportman(freshmeat) Report Manager Report Manager is both a print scheme designer ... Download
sillyview(freshmeat) sillyview sillyview provides support for using the model-... Download
smb-backup(freshmeat) Samba share backup tool Samba share backup tool automates the process o... Download
licq-osd(freshmeat) licq-osd The licq-osd plugin that enables licq to displa... Download
plumpos(freshmeat) PlumpOS PlumpOS is a bootable openMosix node on a CD. P... Download
bhmis(freshmeat) BananaMIS BananaMIS is a set of PHP pages to ease adminis... Download
satellite2(freshmeat) Satellite2 Satellite is a Web site indexing and search pac... Download
zebot(freshmeat) zebot Zebot is an IRC bot with a completely modular d... Download
regina(freshmeat) Regina Rexx Interpreter Regina is an implementation of the 1996 ANSI St... Download
tcb-portmap(freshmeat) TCB::PortMap TCB::PortMap is a basic network port tracking ... Download
echoart(freshmeat) Echoart Echoart responds to or drops ICMP echo request... Download
sptool(freshmeat) SportTool SportTool is a training log for athletes. It su... Download
sslsmurf(freshmeat) sslsmurf sslsmurf is a local proxy that can capture HTTP... Download
phpdocwriter(freshmeat) PHP DocWriter PHP DocWriter is a set of PHP classes that gene... Download
matra(freshmeat) Matra Matra is an XML DTD parser utility. It parses ... Download
cvpframework(freshmeat) CVPFrameWork CVPFrameWork is a complete framework solution ... Download
qpong(freshmeat) QPong QPong is another clone of the game "pong&q... Download
hondero(freshmeat) Hondero SE Honsero SE (The Hondero Search Engine) is a We... Download
halloc(freshmeat) halloc Hierarchical alloc (halloc) is an extension to ... Download
m2m(freshmeat) m2m m2m is a small script that extracts the "m... Download
gnome-breakout(freshmeat) GNOME Breakout GNOME Breakout is an implementation of the old ... Download
jac-aop(freshmeat) Java Aspect Components JAC is a Java framework that provides some faci... Download
cgi_shtml(freshmeat) CGI::SHTML CGI::SHTML is a perl module for parsing Apache ... Download
tcb-internal(freshmeat) TCB::Internal This pseudo-module is used by TCB web scripts t... Download
tcb-equipment(freshmeat) TCB::Equipment TCB::Equipment is a DBIx::Frame object written ... Download
tcblibrary(freshmeat) TCB::Library TCB::Library is a DBIx::Frame object written to... Download
skippy(freshmeat) Skippy Skippy is a full screen pager for X11, not enti... Download
tcb-publications(freshmeat) TCB::Publications TCB::Publications a DBIx::Frame object written ... Download
opensong(freshmeat) OpenSong OpenSong is an application for managing chords ... Download
tinyxml(freshmeat) TinyXML TinyXml is a simple, small, and minimal C++ XML... Download
net-sonar(freshmeat) sonar sonar is a network reconnaissance utility. It r... Download
eboxy(freshmeat) eboxy eboxy is an application for building simple use... Download
xmcd(freshmeat) Xmcd Xmcd is a full-featured CD player and ripper so... Download
falsoyd(freshmeat) Falsoyd Falsoyd is a little shoot-em-up for your deskto... Download
plonemaintenance(freshmeat) PloneMaintenance PloneMaintenance automates the maintenance of y... Download
grufspaces(freshmeat) GrufSpaces GrufSpaces lets your teams work together in sha... Download
qjpro(freshmeat) QJ-Pro QJ-Pro is a comprehensive software inspection t... Download
madman(freshmeat) madman madman is a music manager application in the ve... Download
buzzword(freshmeat) buzzword Buzzword is a PHP/MySQL home page suite, curre... Download
joinpdf(freshmeat) joinPDF joinPDF is a command line tool to join and spli... Download
mass_pl(freshmeat) mass is a program that lets a system administra... Download
tklife(freshmeat) TkLife TkLife is a multipurpose artistic program desig... Download
facedetect(freshmeat) facedetect facedetect is a simple face detector for batch ... Download
gswitchit-plugins(freshmeat) GSwitchIt Plugins GSwitchIt Plugins is a set of plugins that exte... Download
sysctr-lib(freshmeat) LibSysCTr LibSysCTr is a utility library that can be used... Download
clamaktion(freshmeat) clamaktion clamaktion is a little utility that allows user... Download
libfilth(freshmeat) Libfilth Libfilth is a library for designing, analysing,... Download
qtid3(freshmeat) QT ID3 Tag Editor QT ID3 Tag Editor allows users to edit both ID3... Download
textowebpublishing(freshmeat) TexToWebPublishing TeXToWebPublishing is a Perl script that produc... Download
xapmmon(freshmeat) xapmmon Xapmmon is an power level monitor for Linux sys... Download
rumor(freshmeat) Rumor Rumor is a realtime monophonic (with chords) MI... Download
lsmlib(freshmeat) LsmLib LsmLib is a C library for archiving directories... Download
plucker(freshmeat) plucker Plucker is an offline Web and eBook viewer for ... Download
game_stats(freshmeat) Game Stats Game Stats generates Web-based static HTML stat... Download
blastoncd(freshmeat) BLAST on CD BLAST on CD is a live CD distribution based on ... Download

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