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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
zopendirectory(freshmeat) zOpen Directory zOpen Directory lets a Web site developer integ... Download
testcmd(freshmeat) Test::Cmd Test::Cmd provides a framework for portable, au... Download
deepsix(freshmeat) Deep Six Deep Six is a client-side spam filtering tool f... Download
bffl(freshmeat) Binary Finite Field Library The BFFL (Binary Finite Field Library) provides... Download
phpmobilemail120(freshmeat) PHP Mobile Mail PHP Mobile Mail is aimed at mobile professional... Download
xnapster(freshmeat) xnapster xnapster is a Java Napster clone. Download
complete(freshmeat) Complete! Typing Tool Complete! suggests words as you type. These wor... Download
webas(freshmeat) Web Application Server Webas is a Web server which can be used to crea... Download
keyman(freshmeat) Freenet Key Manager Keyman is a key manager for storing Freenet SVK... Download
rc_firewall(freshmeat) rc.firewall rc.firewall is configurable for dialup and stat... Download
wlta(freshmeat) Web Log Trends Analyzer Web Log Trends Analyzer provides a work-around ... Download
pvmpov(freshmeat) pvmpov The PVM patch for POV-Ray gives POV the ability... Download
elysianfields(freshmeat) ElysianFields ElysianFields is the MUD based on the BACCHUS e... Download
sendmail-accessdb(freshmeat) Sendmail::AccessDB Sendmail::AccessDB provides an API for users of... Download
chimera-web-portal(freshmeat) Chimera Web Portal System Chimera is a content management system. Some of... Download
flashtris(freshmeat) FlashTris FlashTris is a Tetris-like game. It features mu... Download
pyopenssl(freshmeat) pyOpenSSL pyOpenSSL is a Python wrapper for a subset of ... Download
phpmylist(freshmeat) PHPMyList Mailing List Manager PHPMyList provides central mailing list facilit... Download
bashmail(freshmeat) BASH!Mail BASH!Mail is a set of CGIs written in Bash that... Download
php-cyradm(freshmeat) php-cyradm php-cyradm is a Web Administration tool for con... Download
lrpstat(freshmeat) Lrp Network Monitor Lrp Network Monitor is an applet/application th... Download
mime_lookup(freshmeat) MIME type lookup PHP function MIME type lookup PHP function reads your system... Download
smackdir(freshmeat) Rob Neff's Smackdir Rob Neff's Smackdir is a utility that was writt... Download
ftpfs(freshmeat) FTP File System FTP File System is a Linux kernel module that t... Download
pyfd(freshmeat) Python Font Downloader PyFD is a cross-platform Python application usi... Download
bitedit(freshmeat) bitedit bitedit is a simple ncurses program for editing... Download
libhtmlform(freshmeat) libHtmlForm for PHP libHtmlForm is a PHP library (include file) tha... Download
squelch(freshmeat) squelch Squelch is a player dedicated to Ogg Vorbis. It... Download
mrta(freshmeat) MRTA MRTA is a complete package for network traffic ... Download
juta(freshmeat) Juta Juta (Java Usenet Traffic Analyzer) is a Java (... Download
webbase(freshmeat) webbase webbase is an Internet crawler. It is able to c... Download
image_create_for_php(freshmeat) Image Create for PHP Image Create for PHP is a stand-alone script th... Download
yawps(freshmeat) YaWPS YaWPS (Yet another Web Portal System) is a hybr... Download
daydreambbs(freshmeat) DayDream BBS Daydream BBS is conference-based AmiExpress/ PC... Download
pyfile(freshmeat) PyFile PyFile is a graphical file browser written in p... Download
timelog(freshmeat) TimeLog TimeLog is a Java application that simplifies t... Download
liveframe-gallery(freshmeat) LiveFrame Gallery LiveFrame Gallery is an easily-customized photo... Download
gwanderer(freshmeat) gwanderer gwanderer is a GNOME port of the old puzzle gam... Download
senigma(freshmeat) Software Enigma The Software Enigma is a little application tha... Download
mvm(freshmeat) mvManager mvManager is an Xlib only plugin manager for Li... Download
smdp(freshmeat) SMDP The SMDP (Standard MP3 Database Project) provid... Download
tvspectre(freshmeat) TVSpectre TVSpectre provides the possibility to download ... Download
wepidia(freshmeat) wepidia wepidia is a set of two PHP files which allow y... Download
fgetty(freshmeat) fgetty fgetty is derived from mingetty but hacked unti... Download
csgl(freshmeat) CSharp Graphics Library The CSharp Graphics Library is a C# binding for... Download
photoview(freshmeat) PhotoView PhotoView automates the creation of picture al... Download
mycd-db(freshmeat) MyCD-DB MyCD-DB is a web based archive for audio CD col... Download
umailer(freshmeat) Unix Mailer Mailer is a program for managing email aliases ... Download
phpdocserv(freshmeat) phpDocServ phpDocServ is a knowdledge share server with do... Download
palm2star(freshmeat) palm2star palm2star uses libpisock and startalk to copy a... Download
phpsmtpd(freshmeat) PHP Smtp Daemon PHP Smtp Daemon is an SMTPd server written in ... Download
supercow(freshmeat) supercow supercow is a game in which you are the superc... Download
guituner(freshmeat) GuiTuner GuiTuner is a simple guitar tuner that uses fft... Download
sanetracker(freshmeat) Sanetracker Sanetracker is a MIDI sequencer for Unix. Download
iria(freshmeat) Iria Iria is a 2D game generator, and a game itself ... Download
imageviewerapplet(freshmeat) Image Viewer Applet Image Viewer Appler is a Java applet that displ... Download
j0urnal(freshmeat) j0urnal j0urnal is a console-based LiveJournal client f... Download
docwiz(freshmeat) DocWiz DocWiz allows you to easily add JavaDoc comment... Download
cmms(freshmeat) Car Multimedia System CMMS (the Car Multimedia System) is a Linux-bas... Download
javadc(freshmeat) Open DirectConnect / Java Direct Connect Open DirectConnect enables non-Windows users (L... Download
scsi-changer(freshmeat) scsi-changer This is a driver for SCSI Medium Changer device... Download
webfs(freshmeat) webfs Webfs (a.k.a. webfsd) is a simple HTTP server f... Download
zenewsget(freshmeat) Ze-NewsGet Ze-NewsGet is an application which downloads an... Download
autozen(freshmeat) AutoZen AutoZen is a software "brain machine"... Download
net_sccs(freshmeat) net_sccs net_sccs is a combination of Java commnd line t... Download
buildkernel(freshmeat) Buildkernel Buildkernel is an intelligent shell script that... Download
mason(freshmeat) Mason Mason is a tool that interactively builds a fir... Download
tcpxd(freshmeat) tcpxd tcpxd is a TCP/IP relay or proxy, allowing a co... Download
samlib(freshmeat) Shell-Accessible Module Library Shell-Accessible Module Library (Samlib) is a l... Download
fanout(freshmeat) Fanout Fanout allows you to run non-interactive comma... Download
pinebk2muttbk(freshmeat) converts Pine address books in... Download
dic(freshmeat) dic dic is a simple, console-based disk catalogizer... Download
java_sh(freshmeat) Java Shell Jsh is a Java shell or a Java launcher, a progr... Download
bsd-rs(freshmeat) rs rs reads its input into an array of rows and co... Download
endoshield(freshmeat) EndoShield EndoShield is a fully configurable firewall tha... Download
system-report(freshmeat) System-Report System-Report is a system datagram like VOLMET/... Download
ppa(freshmeat) ppa ppa maintains a per-user prepaid account balanc... Download
skiplist(freshmeat) Cache-Optimized Concurrent Skip List The cache-optimized concurrent skip list is a s... Download
photolocker(freshmeat) Photo Locker Photo Locker is a digital photo album that feat... Download
vdmfec(freshmeat) Vandermonde Forward Error Correction VDMFEC implements Block ECC using a Forward Err... Download
scummer(freshmeat) Scummer Scummer is a program to view background images ... Download
atr(freshmeat) Avoid The Roid Avoid The Roid is a game similar to asteroids. ... Download
mod_xslt2(freshmeat) Mod_xslt2 Mod_xslt is is an Apache 1.3.xx Module written ... Download
lexica(freshmeat) lexica Lexica is a graphical interface to Unix/Linux d... Download
pybsddb(freshmeat) Python Bindings for BerkeleyDB Berkeley DB is a programmatic toolkit that prov... Download
adlook(freshmeat) adlook adlook (Address Lookup tool) is a multi-threade... Download
gruftistats(freshmeat) gruftistats gruftistats is a program to generate a Web page... Download
linuxlord(freshmeat) LinuxLord Linuxlord is a client/server architecture to en... Download
toxicmail(freshmeat) toXicMail toXicMail is multi-languaged, PHP and MySQL dri... Download
mp3quicktag(freshmeat) is a small Perl script for displ... Download
filetornado(freshmeat) FileTornado FileTornado is a set of CGI scripts coded in Py... Download
sib(freshmeat) Simple IPX Bridge SIB (Simple IPX Bridge) is able to tunnel IPX a... Download
davegnukem(freshmeat) Dave Gnukem Dave Gnukem is a 2D scrolling platform game, si... Download
jopenrpg(freshmeat) jOpenRPG jOpenRPG is a pure Java implementation of the ... Download
ka-tools(freshmeat) Ka Clustering toolkit Ka is a set of tools desgined to ease the insta... Download
getiathome(freshmeat) geti@home geti@home lets you see the progress of your set... Download
initinf(freshmeat) Initinf Initinf processes the .inf modem driver files t... Download
loadb(freshmeat) Load Balancer Project The Load Balancer Project is a tool that allows... Download
sourcefile(sfnet) linchqd Download
itm_libthreadedserver(freshmeat) IT/m libthreadedserver IT/m libthreadedserver provides the required cl... Download

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