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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
bakandimgcd(freshmeat) BakAndImgCD BakAndImgCD is a small Linux-based operating sy... Download
uniscan(sfnet) Uniscan Uniscan is a simple Remote File Include, Local ... Download
yasptoolkit(sfnet) YASP: Educational processor's IDE YASP (Yet Another Simple Processor) is a 8-bit ... Download
gpicsync(sfnet) GPicSync Automatically geocode pictures from your camera... Download
googlesitesant(sfnet) GoogleSitesAnt A simple Ant task allowing for the creation and... Download
chatant(sfnet) ChatAnt client-server full-java chat, provided with aud... Download
improk(sfnet) ImproK ImproK est un logiciel permettant l'affichage d... Download
ahcpd(freshmeat) ahcpd Ahcpd is an implementation of the Ad-Hoc Config... Download
jencrypt(freshmeat) jEncrypt jEncrypt is a commandline file encryption archi... Download
pysys(sfnet) PySys System Test Framework PySys is a Python based framework for the organ... Download
colorforth(sfnet) colorForth colorForth is, in Chuck Moore's own words: &quo... Download
grid-engine-c(freshmeat) Grid Engine (C++) Grid Engine (C++) is a C++ templated data struc... Download
laotan(sfnet) wordpress Download
apf(freshmeat) Adventure-(PHP-)Framework The adventure PHP framework (APF) is a utility ... Download
cns(sfnet) CNS Project : CNS Simulation The original idea was... Download
protocol-buffers-editor(freshmeat) Protocol Buffers Editor Protocol Buffers Editor is a viewer and editor ... Download
tpda(freshmeat) Tpda3 Tpda3 is a classic desktop database application... Download
knot-dns(freshmeat) Knot DNS Knot DNS is a high performance authoritative-on... Download
dfr(sfnet) Duplicate Files Searcher Duplicate Files Searcher is an application for ... Download
shanal(freshmeat) shanal shanal provides a modular framework for static ... Download
gpsman(sfnet) gpsman GPS Manager (GPSMan) is a graphical manager of ... Download
phpeople(sfnet) PHPeople PHPeople is a small skeleton of a php/mysql bas... Download
renameutils(freshmeat) renameutils The file renaming utilities (renameutils for sh... Download
upx(sfnet) UPX - a powerful executable packer UPX is a portable, extendable, high-performance... Download
plumb(freshmeat) plumb plumb is a shell with focus on pipes: instead o... Download
makepasswd(freshmeat) Makepasswd Makepasswd generates pseudo-random passwords of... Download
statifier(freshmeat) ELF statifier ELF statifier makes one executable file with no... Download
padre(freshmeat) Padre Padre is an IDE for Perl developers. It provide... Download
qmmp(freshmeat) Qmmp Qmmp (Qt-based Multimedia Player) is an audio p... Download
danotation(freshmeat) danotation danotation is a simple language and tool for pr... Download
virtualbox(freshmeat) VirtualBox Oracle VM VirtualBox, formerly Sun xVM VirtualB... Download
cash(freshmeat) Cash Cash is a shell written in C for Linux. As of n... Download
iso8583net(sfnet) BIM-ISO8583.NET BIM-ISO8583.NET is a small .Net library that al... Download
labelprint(sfnet) LabelPrint Labelprint will give you full label printing ca... Download
pentobi(freshmeat) Pentobi Pentobi is a computer program which plays the b... Download
pointsforces(freshmeat) Points&Forces Points&Forces is a set of software tools fo... Download
pyrope(freshmeat) python-rope Rope is a Python refactoring library. It can be... Download
grid-drafter(freshmeat) Grid Drafter Grid Drafter is a lightweight utility for manag... Download
apptools(freshmeat) apptools Apptools is a collection of programs for access... Download
bonita-bpm(freshmeat) Bonita Open Solution Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerf... Download
freemat(sfnet) FreeMat Freemat is an interpreted, matrix-oriented deve... Download
extras-soci(sfnet) Extras SOCI That project aims at providing a framework for ... Download
g-2(freshmeat) G-2 G-2 attempts to make the git commandline a frie... Download
screenwakeup(sfnet) ScreenWakeUp ScreenWakeUp uses the proximity sensor to lock ... Download
directfb-lua(freshmeat) directfb-lua directfb-lua is a Lua module which allows use o... Download
alsadriver(freshmeat) ALSA driver The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture is compos... Download
nascc(sfnet) nascc Linksys NAS200 Replacement firmware project. -... Download
iir(freshmeat) IIR IIR is a C++ library that implements fast IIR f... Download
mcdynamitesharp(sfnet) MCDynamite# MCDynamite is an open source minecraft classic ... Download
makuosan(sfnet) makuosan Multicast file synchronization software Download
mampstack(freshmeat) BitNami MAMPStack BitNami MAMPStack Native Installer is an easy-t... Download
circuit-diagram-04-beta(freshmeat) Circuit Diagram Circuit Diagram enables you to make electronic ... Download
imperialism-remake(freshmeat) Imperialism Remake The aim of this project is to create a free (op... Download
heat-meteo(sfnet) Meteorologist Meteorologist is a free weather program for OS ... Download
pcaplib(sfnet) PCAPLib PCAPAnon is a tool for deep packet anonymizatio... Download
plasma-wateriv(freshmeat) plasma-wateriv plasma-wateriv is a plasma data engine and plas... Download
jcardsim(freshmeat) jCardSim jCardSim is an implementation of the Java Card ... Download
mepper(sfnet) mepper Mepper is a general purpose 2D tile-based game ... Download
jason(sfnet) jason Jason is a fully-fledged interpreter for an ext... Download
cdiv(sfnet) CDIV GAMES STUDIO CDIV GAMES STUDIO is a programming environment ... Download
tenedorengine(sfnet) TenedorEngine Work in progress. Download
social-author-bio-wordpress-pl(freshmeat) Social Author Bio WordPress Plugin Social Author Bio WordPress Plugin adds an auth... Download
sqwebmail(freshmeat) SqWebMail SqWebMail is the Webmail module that's bundled ... Download
free-cad(sfnet) FreeCAD FreeCAD is a general purpose feature-based, par... Download
opentrep(sfnet) Open Travel Request Parser That project aims at providing a clean API, and... Download
website-php(freshmeat) WebSite-PHP WebSite-PHP is a PHP Framework which has the di... Download
r6rs-thrift(freshmeat) r6rs-thrift r6rs-thrift provides a pure Scheme implementati... Download
zlib(freshmeat) zlib zlib is designed to be a free, general-purpose,... Download
rear(sfnet) Relax-and-Recover ** This project has moved to a new location: ht... Download
cpulimit(freshmeat) cpulimit cpulimit is a simple program that attempts to l... Download
rmligs(freshmeat) rmligs rmligs is a Perl script to remove incorrectly-u... Download
wsdlpull(sfnet) C++ Web services wsdlpull is an efficient and powerful command l... Download
babelweb(freshmeat) BabelWeb Babelweb is a Web-based monitoring tool for the... Download
loki-render(sfnet) Loki Render Loki Render allows you to create your own rende... Download
broodrom(sfnet) broodROM RC5 Released! (22-04-2012) Custom ROM for Samsu... Download
long-range-zip(freshmeat) Long Range ZIP LRZIP is a compression program and library that... Download
pass12(freshmeat) pass12 pass12 is a program that generates 12-character... Download
keepalived(freshmeat) Keepalived for Linux Keepalived for LVS aims to add a strong and rob... Download
coffeemud(sfnet) CoffeeMud CoffeeMud is a text-based fantasy Virtual Reali... Download
freebsd(freshmeat) FreeBSD Briefly, FreeBSD is a UNIX operating system bas... Download
mpmp(freshmeat) Minimum Profit Minimum Profit (mp) is a programmer's text edit... Download
pokemontcgomac(sfnet) Pokemon Trading Card Game Online - MAC A port of the the beta version of the Pokemon T... Download
pyjamas(freshmeat) Pyjamas Pyjamas is a Python-to-Javascript compiler and ... Download
arx-libertatis(freshmeat) Arx Libertatis Arx Libertatis is a cross-platform, open source... Download
swete-server(freshmeat) SWeTE Server SWeTE Server is an HTTP reverse proxy with buil... Download
treba(freshmeat) Treba Treba is a commandline tool for training, decod... Download
opensand(freshmeat) OpenSAND OpenSAND, formerly known as Platine, is a user-... Download
osget(freshmeat) OSGET OSGET is a mobile game engine template based on... Download
miramath(freshmeat) Miramath Miramath is an Open Source project inspired by ... Download
pmtr(freshmeat) pmtr pmtr starts your application daemons (not the s... Download
urwid(freshmeat) Urwid Urwid is a Python library for making text conso... Download
hwmultd(freshmeat) hwmultd hwmultd is a daemon which, when run in server m... Download
form-saver(freshmeat) Form Saver Form Saver is a PHP class which fills form inpu... Download
collab(freshmeat) Collab Collab provides complex project-solving shared ... Download
tsdecrypt(freshmeat) tsdecrypt tsdecrypt reads an incoming MPEG transport stre... Download
jauntepe(sfnet) JauntePE Windows portable app maker: launcher(s), runtim... Download
sthttpd(freshmeat) sthttpd sthttpd is a fork of thttpd, a simple, small, p... Download
nfoview(freshmeat) NFO Viewer NFO Viewer is a simple viewer for NFO files, wh... Download
argyll(freshmeat) Argyll Color Management System (ArgyllCMS) Argyll is an ICC compatible color management sy... Download
mztool(sfnet) mlak, mztool My personal tool development 1) mlak -. Useful ... Download

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