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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
post-nuke(sfnet) PostNuke Content Management System PostNuke is a weblog/Content Management System ... Download
jpydbg(sfnet) jpydbg An open plugin providing a full Python Debuggin... Download
winavr(sfnet) WinAVR WinAVR (tm) is a suite of executable, open sour... Download
minorthird(sfnet) MinorThird MinorThird is an SDK/API for machine learning a... Download
urbackup(sfnet) urbackup Efficient Client-Server Backup system for Linux... Download
tpox(sfnet) Transaction Processing over XML (TPoX) TPoX is an XML database benchmark based on a fi... Download
jwb(sfnet) Johnny's Web Browser jwb aka Johnny's Web Browser is a free and open... Download
morrowindonline(sfnet) Morrowind Online This is an online mod for the game Elderscrolls... Download
waterfox(sfnet) Waterfox Waterfox ist ein Open Source Browser der neuen ... Download
roundup(sfnet) Roundup Issue Tracker Roundup is a simple-to-use and -install issue-t... Download
metamorphose(sfnet) Metamorphose Linux O Metamorphose é um sistema operacional baseado... Download
jq-calculator(sfnet) jq-calculator JQuery Calculator is a JQuery plugin that adds ... Download
cfa(sfnet) Compiere Fixed Assets Compiere Fixed Assets System is a seamless exte... Download
jmagallanes(sfnet) JMagallanes Olap and Report JMagallanes is an open source end user applicat... Download
snarlwin(sfnet) Snarl Snarl is all about notifications. They can be ... Download
fcicumaze2(sfnet) FCI_CU.Maze2 A maze played on a map that consists of a numbe... Download
wowheadtooltips(sfnet) wowheadtooltips A Wowhead tooltips BBCode parser for your forum... Download
sharkemu(sfnet) sharkemu Emulateur de Dofus 1.29.1 développé originellem... Download
motif(sfnet) Motif Motif is a freely available source code distrib... Download
eqemu(sfnet) EverQuest(tm) Server Emulator EQEmu provides an alternative experience to the... Download
softw4r3fr33(sfnet) softw4r3fr33 All Software, Video, n Education Download
vclean(sfnet) VClean Cleaning your Windows computer and makes your c... Download
greenshot(sfnet) Greenshot Screenshot tool optimized for productivity. Sav... Download
ajaxuibuilder(sfnet) Sigma Ajax UI builder Written in javascript and PHP, SigmaVisual is w... Download
openii(sfnet) Open Information Integration Open Information Integration Tool Suite (Open I... Download
ctys-doc(sfnet) ctys-doc The documentation for the UnifiedSessionsManage... Download
pvfs(freshmeat) Parallel Virtual File System The Parallel Virtual File System is a user-spac... Download
xnreseditpe(sfnet) XNResourceEditor Portable Edition XNResourceEditor Portable Edition is the XNReso... Download
sharpffmpeg(sfnet) SharpFFmpeg SharpFFmpeg is a C# binding of ffmpeg. The goal... Download
pyrogue(sfnet) Pyro - PYthon ROguelike Pyro aims to be the first major Roguelike game ... Download
adodotnetsqlite(sfnet) ADO.NET Data Provider for SQLite ADO.NET Data Provider for SQLite (This project ... Download
symvnc(sfnet) VNC Viewer for Symbian This is a VNC Viewer for Symbian 3rd Edition. I... Download
metamod-p(sfnet) Metamod-P Metamod-P is enhanced version of Metamod. It ha... Download
ituneslibparser-pms(sfnet) Itunes Library - PS3 Media Server Plugin This is a PS3 Media Server (PMS) plugin that re... Download
owbland(sfnet) OWBLand (Oracle Warehouse Builder Land) Misc scripts and utilities related to Oracle Wa... Download
complat(sfnet) Communication Platform e3 = jabber + java + plugins + svg ||| web star... Download
papi(freshmeat) Performance Application Programming Interface PAPI aims to provide the tool designer and appl... Download
pioneer(freshmeat) Pioneer Pioneer is a space adventure game set in the Mi... Download
mbdyn-eclipse(sfnet) MBDyn_in_eclipse MBDyn (1.2.6) as C/C++ project in the Eclipse/C... Download
ldapgui(sfnet) ldapgui This is an Open source tool named LDAP GUI for ... Download
madeclipse(sfnet) Modeling Activity Diagram on Eclipse This is a modeling tool generating code from ac... Download
audiofilelibrary(freshmeat) Audio File Library The Audio File Library provides an API for read... Download
ssvpn(sfnet) SSVPN Extremely simple VPN designed to be used for 'p... Download
mitslirp(freshmeat) S-Lang Interface Package SLIRP is a vectorizing code generator aimed pri... Download
vu-meter(sfnet) VU meter BJR Labs. - Analogue VU meter for Winamp Download
morpheus-ms(sfnet) Morpheus search algorithm Morpheus is a mass spectrometry–based proteomic... Download
rigel314portabl(sfnet) Rigel314's Portable Apps This is a collection of my portable apps. Download
puttysm(sfnet) PuTTY Session Manager PuTTY Session Manager is a tool that allows sys... Download
avrmodbusserial(sfnet) AVR Modbus Serial RTU The AVR Modbus RTU is a Serial modbus RTU which... Download
bookseller(sfnet) bookseller You will be able to find almost hundred differe... Download
lome(sfnet) Line Oriented Macro Expander Line Oriented Macro Expander. A sophisticated m... Download
dutchroll(sfnet) Dutchroll Software The Dutchroll project provides Open Source appl... Download
osfinancials(sfnet) osFinancials Accounting Software osFinancials is a free accounting package, easy... Download
zeroslackr(sfnet) Project ZeroSlackr Project ZeroSlackr is a custom iPodLinux instal... Download
opensource-cmdb(sfnet) OpenSource-CMDB This project is an integration of some industry... Download
jaxcent(sfnet) Jaxcent A Java AJAX framework and API. Jaxcent programm... Download
guitarmikehero(sfnet) Game based on Guitar Hero in java It's like a Guitar Hero game, but it doesn't ha... Download
chaosreader(sfnet) Chaosreader Chaosreader is a freeware tool to fetch applica... Download
belgiancc-hcr(sfnet) HCR een eenvoudig, maar effectief compressie middel... Download
freeciv(freshmeat) Freeciv Freeciv is a multiuser reimplementation for Uni... Download
ntfsck(sfnet) ntfsobjects-winntfsck ntfsobjects-(winntfsck) is package including so... Download
omniorbipsa(sfnet) omniORB2 and omniORBpy for IPSA omniORB2 and omniORBpy adaptations for IPSA Download
googlepr(sfnet) Google PR Check Check a list of web sites for their Google Page... Download
richhtml4eclips(sfnet) richhtml4eclips richhtml4eclipse is a WYSIWYG HTML-editor widge... Download
ontrac(sfnet) ontrac This is a web based reporting and tracking tool... Download
darkradiant(sfnet) DarkRadiant Overhauled version of GTKRadiant designed for u... Download
fcronq(sfnet) FcronQ FcronQ is an Fcron GUI for Linux. Fcron is an a... Download
synergyandroid(sfnet) Synergy Android Client A port of the synergy client to the Android pla... Download
vietnam-ldi(sfnet) LDI LDI is a software for computation of Local Disa... Download
bspg(sfnet) BSPG, an opensource Balanced Scorecard BSPG is a complete Balanced Scorecard environme... Download
sdl-gp32(sfnet) SDL for GP32 SDL for GP32. SDL is a cross-platform multimedi... Download
bitcointrader(sfnet) Qt Bitcoin Trader Supported exchanges: Bitfinex, BTC-e, Bitstamp ... Download
uimimic(sfnet) uiMimic Interface Architect uiMimic Interface Architect allows HTPC enthusi... Download
swfdotnet(sfnet) SwfDotNet library The SwfDotNet framework is a full .Net open sou... Download
geocanvas(sfnet) Geo Canvas The Geocanvas project aims to provide a very sm... Download
sdio-linux(sfnet) Linux SDIO stack project The SDIO-Linux project provides an open source ... Download
xmuta(freshmeat) xmuta xmuta is a program that performs a regular expr... Download
cayenne(sfnet) Cayenne Cayenne is an object-relational mapping framewo... Download
jbdesirex(sfnet) HTC Desire X+ myONEdx+ - Download
yii(freshmeat) Yii Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP ... Download
smartfink(sfnet) SmartFink SmartFink is the best Asterisk Monitoring and M... Download
xoopsrs(sfnet) XoopsRS Projeto de Tradução do XOOPS: Tradução do CORE,... Download
ircdotnet2010(sfnet) ircdotnet2010 IRC.Net is my 1st attempt to write an IRC Clien... Download
preports(sfnet) preports A tool to help in customization and generation ... Download
otetsudaiqt(sfnet) otetsudaiqt Bonsai collection software for *nix systems and... Download
tunneldroid(sfnet) tunneldroid is merged with Download
gmencoder(sfnet) gmencoder Gmencoder is a gnome-2 front-end to mencoder. I... Download
vtk(sfnet) vtk Visualization Toolkit An Object Oriented Visualization Toolkit for C+... Download
xuse(sfnet) xuse Xuse manages requirements, use cases & othe... Download
icetea(sfnet) IceTea IceTea allows you to convert your old PSX CD's ... Download
inertialtrack(sfnet) Wiimote Based Inertial Tracking We purpose developing a navigation system for s... Download
vennerable(sfnet) Vennerable An R package for the display of Venn diagrams Download
arduems(sfnet) ArduEMS-328 This project is based on the original open sour... Download
kingdom(sfnet) KingDOM Inspector A cross-browser Document Object Model inspector... Download
shunit2(sfnet) shunit2 shUnit2 is a unit testing framework for shell s... Download
atgc(sfnet) ATGC ATGC is an application containing a pack of use... Download
slackx(sfnet) SlackX This is a simple shell script to download, comp... Download
dos-c(sfnet) DOS-C: an MS-DOS compatible OS DOS-C Kernel is an MS-DOS compatible kernel and... Download
countermoves(sfnet) Countermoves Countermoves joins non computer and computer ga... Download
javaanpr(sfnet) JavaANPR JavaANPR is an automatic number plate recogniti... Download

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