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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
ctk-ulimitw(freshmeat) ctk-ulimitw Ulimitw is a C program that has been made in or... Download
ctk-cgi-chkurl(freshmeat) ctk-cgi-chkurl ctk-cgi-chkurl is a Perl script which parse rem... Download
authdbapi(freshmeat) Auth DBAPI Auth DBAPI is a module which allows mod_snake u... Download
libpdmp(freshmeat) Portable Digital Music Player Library Libpdmp is a project to write a library that su... Download
camaradesproxy(freshmeat) Camarades Linux Proxy The Camarades Linux Proxy is a small program th... Download
toshlinux(freshmeat) Toshiba Linux Utilities The Toshiba Linux Utilities package contains so... Download
mweather(freshmeat) Matt's Weather Matt's Weather (mweather) is a PHP script that ... Download
klos(freshmeat) klos 'klos' shows Watchwords on the computer screen.... Download
mattfm(freshmeat) Matt's FormMail Matt's FormMail is a platform-independent, cust... Download
universaltuntapdevicedriver(freshmeat) Universal TUN/TAP device driver TUN provides packet reception and transmission ... Download
genpower(freshmeat) Generic Power Monitoring for Linux Genpower is a UPS monitoring program for Linux.... Download
gnome-rio(freshmeat) Gnome-rio Gnome-rio is a GUI front-end to the Rio 500 uti... Download
imlib2perl(freshmeat) Imlib2::Perl bindings Imlib2::Perl bindings provides Perl bindings to... Download
firedraw(freshmeat) Firedraw Firedraw permits administration of a network's ... Download
photodb(freshmeat) PhotoDB PhotoDB is a multiuser Web-based photo database... Download
dgssearch(freshmeat) DGS Search DGS Search is a PHP-based site search capable o... Download
rainppp(freshmeat) Rain's PPP scripts Rain's PPP scripts simplify the use and setup o... Download
zoolib(freshmeat) ZooLib ZooLib allows one to write a single set of C++ ... Download
guava(freshmeat) Guava The Guava tools are a set of Perl scripts for H... Download
sleepd(freshmeat) sleepd Sleepd is a daemon to force laptops to enter ap... Download
gimpdynamictext(freshmeat) GIMP Dynamic Text GIMP Dynamic Text is a GIMP plug-in that works ... Download
angst(freshmeat) angst Angst is an active sniffer, based on libpcap an... Download
psdoom(freshmeat) psDooM psDooM is a process monitor and manager for *ni... Download
mysqlguestbook(freshmeat) mySQL-Guestbook mySQL-Guestbook is a very customizable guestboo... Download
ledcontrol(freshmeat) Ledcontrol Ledcontrol is a program that shows information ... Download
blorp(freshmeat) BlorpScript BlorpScript is a customizable PHP script for ma... Download
symphero(freshmeat) Symphero Symphero provides a complete set of tools for ... Download
hwsms(freshmeat) is a Perl script that sends SMS from t... Download
logimonitor(freshmeat) LogiMonitor LogiMonitor plays back tests recorded with Lo... Download
htsserver(freshmeat) htsserver htsserver is the server application for Holsham... Download
nhtsclient(freshmeat) nhtsclient nhtsclient is a ncurses-based client for Holsha... Download
tzoperlcc3(freshmeat) Cobalt Qube 3 TZO DDNS Client tzoperlcc3 is a Dynamic DNS client whic... Download
pkgwrite(freshmeat) pkgwrite pkgwrite can make both redhat and debian packag... Download
nonsense(freshmeat) Nonsense Nonsense generates random (and sometimes humoro... Download
liblaunch(freshmeat) program launcher library The program launcher library contains a front-e... Download
libcomm(freshmeat) libcomm The libcomm library is designed to facilitate h... Download
linberto(freshmeat) Linberto Linberto is a jump around arcade game. Its main... Download
deciduous(freshmeat) Deciduous Evolution Deciduous Evolution uses a 3D recursive algorit... Download
jxml2sql(freshmeat) jxml2sql jxml2sql is a Java application that makes use o... Download
handycalc(freshmeat) Handy Calc Handy calc is a small commandline calculator si... Download
escher(freshmeat) Escher Escher is a collection of libraries for X Windo... Download
findimagedupes(freshmeat) findimagedupes findimagedupes is a command-line utility which ... Download
tw98(freshmeat) Techwell TW98 i2c driver This is a driver for the Techwell TW98 video ca... Download
imageserver(freshmeat) ImageServer ImageServer generates JPEG images on the fly. T... Download
parse-yapp(freshmeat) Parse::Yapp Parse::Yapp provides a set of modules and a fro... Download
sex(freshmeat) sEx sEx (super Extractor) is a wrapper for compress... Download
kickweb(freshmeat) KICKweb KICKweb is a Web based Perl tool that creates c... Download
linuxconsoletools(freshmeat) The Linux Console Tools The console-tools package allows you to set-up ... Download
e-forecast(freshmeat) E-Forecast E-Forecast is an epplet that shows an icon with... Download
bpowerd(freshmeat) bpowerd bpowerd is a daemon and makes proper use of the... Download
epiwm(freshmeat) EPIwm EPIwm is a window manager born out of a school ... Download
path4graph(freshmeat) path4Graph is a Perl script that searches for pat... Download
web-tools(freshmeat) Web-tools Web-tools is a package that contains 15 shell s... Download
oix(freshmeat) Kolko i krzyzyk Kolko i krzyzyk is an implementation of the Tic... Download
shwatchr(freshmeat) Shell Watchr shwatchr is a small Perl script that audits log... Download
ldap-users(freshmeat) LDAP Users Administrator LDAP Users Administrator is a Webmin module for... Download
gtkpronews(freshmeat) GtkPronews GtkPronews is a program to parse news from the ... Download
sseredis(freshmeat) sseredis sseredis is a simple (extremely naïve) Redis PU... Download
stegfs(freshmeat) StegFS StegFS is a steganographic file system for Linu... Download
php-ndsauth(freshmeat) php-ndsauth php-ndsauth is a PHP module that provides valid... Download
longrun(freshmeat) Transmeta Crusoe LongRun utility The longrun utility is used to control and quer... Download
gforecast(freshmeat) Gforecast Gforecast is a simple, lightweight GNOME applet... Download
checkserverd(freshmeat) CheckServerd The CheckServerd daemon check servers and notif... Download
actexp(freshmeat) Act Export Act Export exports records from an Act database... Download
magpo(freshmeat) Magnetic Poetry for Perl/Tk Magnetic Poetry for Perl/Tk gives you a window ... Download
phpxmms(freshmeat) phpxmms phpxmms is a web front end to a running XMMS/Ic... Download
mcap(freshmeat) The Madcap Library The Madcap (Machine and Device Capabilities) li... Download
argante(freshmeat) Argante Argante is a fully operational, virtual environ... Download
newsclipper(freshmeat) News Clipper News Clipper allows web designers to automatica... Download
dbxbandmin(freshmeat) dbxbandmin dbxbandmin collects traffic via ipchains/iptabl... Download
rj(freshmeat) Root Jail RootJail is a small program designed to safely ... Download
soupermail(freshmeat) Soupermail Soupermail is a generic form to email handler t... Download
cdscsid(freshmeat) Linux SCSI Terminal Server Daemon The SCSI Terminal Server daemon is a patch agai... Download
gtkrecover(freshmeat) GtkRecover GtkRecover is a GTK version of the console prog... Download
servid1_7(freshmeat) SX Microcontroller Serial Video Display: SERVID SERVID is an intellegent RS232 video terminal (... Download
libcmuse(freshmeat) Cryptic Muse Cryptic Muse is a library for performing fast w... Download
jinit(freshmeat) jinit jinit is a replacement for the traditional Linu... Download
steelblue(freshmeat) SteelBlue SteelBlue is an Open Source Web application ser... Download
matrix_saver(freshmeat) matrix_saver matrix_saver is a console screen saver for Free... Download
xmldiary(freshmeat) XML Diary XML Diary will help you to write your diary, di... Download
jdsp(freshmeat) Java Native Digital Signal Processing This is a DSP library using the Java Native Int... Download
ctk-loadmax(freshmeat) ctk-loadmax ctk-loadmax is a program which runs a specified... Download
gnokiisms(freshmeat) Gnokii-smstools Gnokii-smstools provides a way to spool short m... Download
smooth(freshmeat) SMOOTH SMOOTH is an object oriented windowing toolkit ... Download
jesd(freshmeat) JEsd JEsd is a reimplementation of EsounD in pure Java. Download
projtimer(freshmeat) projtimer projtimer is a simple timer to calculate time s... Download
ipfmeta(freshmeat) ipfmeta ipfmeta is used to simplify the maintenance of ... Download
check_dhcpd(freshmeat) check_dhcpd check_dhcpd generates per-shared-network statis... Download
spliff(freshmeat) spliff spliff is a GUI mail watcher (written in Perl/T... Download
hawksleyclock(freshmeat) HawksleyClock HawksleyClock is a Java applet clock that can h... Download
libfbm(freshmeat) libfbm Libfbm is a C++ library for fast and accurate b... Download
buf(freshmeat) buf Buf is a filter that copies stdin to stdout thr... Download
subterfugue(freshmeat) SUBTERFUGUE SUBTERFUGUE is a framework for observing and pl... Download
irssiproxy(freshmeat) IrssiProxy IrssiProxy is an IRC proxy written in Java. Download
edx(freshmeat) edx edx is a Bash script that makes it easier to us... Download
udiref(freshmeat) UDI Reference Source UDI, the Uniform Driver Interface, is a well-do... Download
linap(freshmeat) LiNap Linux Napigator Linux NAPIGATOR works with gnapster & XML c... Download
tctgyb(freshmeat) They're Coming to Get You Barbara They're Coming to Get You Barbara is a screensa... Download
thunk(freshmeat) Thunk Thunk is a unified password checker, cracker, a... Download
harm(freshmeat) Harm Harm acts as a four-way socket redirector that ... Download

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