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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
clickheat(sfnet) ClickHeat ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HT... Download
minepy(sfnet) minepy minepy provides an ANSI C library (with Python ... Download
app-countdown(freshmeat) App-Countdown Countdown is a command-line program that is sim... Download
jensor(sfnet) Jensor Java Profiler Jensor is a light-weight, low-overhead Java Pro... Download
pearoslinux(sfnet) Pear Linux - Operating system Pear Linux est un système d'exploitation basé s... Download
mp3tagportable(sfnet) MP3TagPortable Mp3tag Portable ( Download
vbs(freshmeat) Voody Blue Subtitler Voody Blue Subtitler is a suit of programs that... Download
thoughtpolicevm(sfnet) ThoughtPolice VMware Images An http accessible version of the free VMware i... Download
databallet(freshmeat) DataBallet DataBallet is a Web server and application fram... Download
pythondialog(sfnet) pythondialog This is a Python module for doing terminal-base... Download
open-xchange(freshmeat) OPEN-XCHANGE Open-Xchange Server Edition is a multi-tier, sm... Download
mfnet(sfnet) Media Foundation .NET A library allowing .NET access to Vista's Media... Download
mardao(sfnet) Architect's Java DAO Generator Mardao source project is hosted at GitHub: http... Download
pyscmpd(freshmeat) pyscmpd pyscmpd is a music player daemon designed for u... Download
lexiconstudio-i(sfnet) Lexicon Studio - Info A repository for information on Lexicon's Core-... Download
zinjai(sfnet) ZinjaI ZinjaI is a lightweight Cross-platform IDE for ... Download
performous(freshmeat) Performous While Performous might be classified as a karao... Download
moea-framework(freshmeat) MOEA Framework The MOEA Framework is a Java library for develo... Download
procurve-admin(sfnet) HP VLAN simple administration Web Interface for VLAN administration and confi... Download
openca(sfnet) OpenCA The OpenCA PKI Development Project is a collabo... Download
mrs(freshmeat) Mrs Mrs is a lightweight but high performance imple... Download
orient-db(freshmeat) OrientDB OrientDB is a NoSQL DBMS which can store 150,00... Download
glucat(freshmeat) GluCat GluCat is a library of template classes that mo... Download
indiologic(sfnet) indioLogic Utilities of an Indio Download
illich-post(freshmeat) Illich Post Ivan Illich proposed that there be Skill Exchan... Download
ftbconman(freshmeat) FTB ConMan FTB ConMan is a content management system for W... Download
opendynamo-website-wizard(freshmeat) OpenDynamo OpenDynamo is a Web site creation, backup, and ... Download
psycogreen(freshmeat) psycogreen The psycogreen package makes it possible for ps... Download
nyagua(freshmeat) Nyagua Nyagua is a little piece of software that may h... Download
gtkterm(freshmeat) GtkTerm Gtkterm is a simple GTK+ terminal used to commu... Download
libgls(freshmeat) Libgls Libgls allows stereoscopic rendering with OpenG... Download
cdmedicpacsweb(sfnet) CDMEDIC PACS WEB Full featured free PACS based on dcm4chee and ... Download
datanucleus(sfnet) DataNucleus DataNucleus provides Java data persistence to a... Download
lsc(freshmeat) Ldap Synchronization Connector Ldap Synchronization Connector reads from any d... Download
cunit(sfnet) C Unit Testing Framework Automated testing framework for 'C'. Download
grutatxt(freshmeat) Grutatxt Grutatxt is a plain text to HTML (and other for... Download
feedme(freshmeat) feedMe feedMe is a basic RSS feed and Podcast parser w... Download
grandperspectiv(sfnet) GrandPerspective GrandPerspective is a utility application for M... Download
gdal(freshmeat) GDAL The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) ... Download
upstart(freshmeat) upstart upstart is a replacement for the /sbin/init dae... Download
discus(sfnet) DISCUS simulation package DISCUS is a set of programs to simulate the ato... Download
winprint(sfnet) WinPrint Takes standard printer output produced by a DOS... Download
javadjvu(sfnet) Java DjVu Viewer Java DjVu provides an open source applet, and d... Download
xslt-php-template-engine(freshmeat) XSLT PHP Template Engine XSLT PHP Template Engine is a simple but effect... Download
what-is-my-ip(freshmeat) What Is My IP What Is My IP displays the public IP address of... Download
haiku(freshmeat) Haiku Haiku (formerly known as OpenBeOS) is an operat... Download
postscriptbarcode(freshmeat) Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript implements th... Download
nprof(sfnet) NProf NProf is a profiler for .NET applications. The ... Download
ipeer(sfnet) iPeer iPeer - a web-based platform/database independe... Download
ixonos-misp-cimd-simulator(freshmeat) Ixonos MISP CIMD Simulator Ixonos MISP CIMD Simulator is a Computer Interf... Download
jackblack(sfnet) Blackjack Game with AI This is one of the few blackjack games that has... Download
nrpent(sfnet) NRPE_NT nrpe_nt is a windows version of the nrpe (Nagio... Download
libmwaw(sfnet) libmwaw libmwaw contains some import filters for old Ma... Download
euvide(sfnet) EuVide - Windows IDE for Euphoria Apps EuVide is an interactive environment for develo... Download
smstools(sfnet) OpenSmpp/SmsTools OpenSmpp - Java library implementing the SMPP p... Download
scribus(sfnet) Scribus Scribus is an open-source program that brings p... Download
contenidocms(sfnet) CONTENIDO CONTENIDO is a content management system (CMS).... Download
kkfileextractor(sfnet) FileExtractor ****** PLEASE NOTE ****** Fileextractor has mov... Download
dataquality(sfnet) Open Source Data Quality and Profiling This project is dedicated to open source data q... Download
cntlm(sfnet) Cntlm Authentication Proxy Cntlm is an NTLM / NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP/1... Download
linuxfxdevil(sfnet) Linuxfx Ghost A versão mais completa e esperada do Linuxfx es... Download
lejos(sfnet) leJOS leJOS is replacement firmware for LEGO Mindstor... Download
djproject(sfnet) The DJ Project The DJ Project is a set of tools to improve Jav... Download
tuxpaint(sfnet) Tux Paint Tux Paint is a free, award-winning drawing prog... Download
sserver(sfnet) The RoboCup Soccer Simulator The RoboCup Soccer Simulator is a research and ... Download
ironsimu(sfnet) Simutrans Iron Bite The Iron Way, aka Simutrans Iron Bite, is a fre... Download
glucat(sfnet) GluCat: Clifford algebra templates GluCat is a generic library of C++ templates th... Download
asyncoro(sfnet) asyncoro asyncoro is a Python framework for developing c... Download
smallbasic(sfnet) SmallBASIC SmallBASIC is a fast and easy to learn BASIC la... Download
openhpi(sfnet) Open HPI Open HPI is an open source implementation of th... Download
phpipam(sfnet) phpipam phpipam is an open-source web IP address manage... Download
kwave(freshmeat) kwave Kwave is a 24-bit sound editor that allows simp... Download
bakefile(sfnet) Bakefile Bakefile development was moved to GitHub: https... Download
awstats(sfnet) AWStats AWStats is a free powerful and featureful serve... Download
megacubo-br(sfnet) Megacubo Megacubo is a IPTV tuner application written in... Download
bibliacelular(sfnet) Bíblia sagrada para celular Uma bíblia para celular desenvolvida com J2ME. ... Download
turpentine(freshmeat) Turpentine Turpentine is a Magento extension to improve Ma... Download
spearfish(sfnet) Spearfish The "Spearfish" is a general purpose ... Download
mixim(sfnet) MiXiM MiXiM is a simulator for wireless and mobile ne... Download
linx(sfnet) LINX LINX is a distributed communication protocol st... Download
microzip(sfnet) MicroZip MicroZip is a powerful file compression and enc... Download
uck(sfnet) Ubuntu Customization Kit Ubuntu Customization Kit is a tool that helps y... Download
uwtoolbox(sfnet) Mentor Graphics Userware Toolbox The Mentor Graphics Userware Toolbox is a colle... Download
resx(sfnet) Resx Editor Resx Editor is a small translation-oriented fil... Download
ltrace(freshmeat) ltrace ltrace is a debugging program which runs a spec... Download
gpltesttest(sfnet) gpl_test_test GPL Test testing is the best ppst Download
freertos(sfnet) FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel (RTOS) Market leading de-facto cross-platform standard... Download
flamerobin(sfnet) FlameRobin FlameRobin is a lightweight and cross-platform ... Download
ldapadmin(sfnet) LDAP Admin Windows LDAP editor, includes support for POSIX... Download
apexdc(sfnet) ApexDC++ ApexDC™ is an innovative Direct Connect client ... Download
slurm-roll(sfnet) slurm-roll Slurm is a replacement for other resource mana... Download
trx-to-html(sfnet) MSTest TRX to HTML Viewer MSTest TRX to HTML Viewer is open source trx to... Download
file-search(sfnet) FileSearch FileSearch is a multi-threaded documents search... Download
pdfcreator(sfnet) PDFCreator PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows... Download
jmathlab(freshmeat) jMathLab jMathLab is a platform for mathematical and num... Download
xtbackup(freshmeat) xtBackup xtBackup is universal, extensible backup script... Download
lftp(freshmeat) lftp lftp is a sophisticated command line based file... Download
phpxmlrpc(sfnet) XML-RPC for PHP A PHP implementation of the XML-RPC web RPC pro... Download
ncdu(freshmeat) NCurses Disk Usage ncdu (NCurses Disk Usage) is a curses-based ver... Download
kwooty(freshmeat) Kwooty Kwooty is a .nzb usenet binary grabber for KDE ... Download

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