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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
servicegrid(sfnet) Service Grid Service Grid is an infrastructure for accumulat... Download
rr-installer(sfnet) RoadRunner Installer and Updater Installer and Updater for the Open Source Car C... Download
conqueror-browser(freshmeat) Conqueror Browser Conqueror Browser is a small and easy-to-use ap... Download
lsdupes(freshmeat) lsdupes lsdupes is a command line tool that finds files... Download
template-chooser(freshmeat) Template Chooser Template Chooser is a Joomla! 1.5 module that l... Download
docfrac(freshmeat) DocFrac DocFrac is a tool that converts documents from ... Download
csenginejackal(sfnet) csengine asasdasdasdasdasd sdfsdfs asdfsdf Download
whohas(freshmeat) whohas whohas is a command line tool that allows you t... Download
jsog(sfnet) JavaScript Object Graph JavaScript Object Graph for Java is a library d... Download
rusxmms(sfnet) XMMS On The Fly Recoding Patches xmms for on the fly recoding id3 tags, ... Download
survey-builder(freshmeat) Survey Builder Survey Builder is a Web-based survey developmen... Download
pymutester(freshmeat) PyMuTester PyMuTester is tool to facilitate Mutant Testing... Download
uzipopensourceurlshortener(sfnet) UZIP - Open Source URL Shortener UZIP is an open source URL Shortener whose scri... Download
aras(sfnet) ARAS - A Radio Automation System ARAS is an open source radio automation system.... Download
pw-tools(sfnet) PW Tools A set of tools for viewing/editing some selecte... Download
devpak-upgrade(sfnet) DevPack-Upgrade Some DevPack Upgrade for Dev-Cpp Download
kasai(sfnet) kasai Kasai is a 100% Java based authentication and a... Download
tkcvs(freshmeat) TkCVS TkCVS is a cross-platform, Tcl/Tk-based GUI for... Download
gzip(freshmeat) gzip gzip (GNU zip) is a compression utility designe... Download
freedup(freshmeat) FreeDup Freedup finds and eliminates duplicate files by... Download
alkaline(freshmeat) Alkaline Alkaline is a PHP content management system (CM... Download
beam-back(freshmeat) beam-back beam-back is a simple Python script to save str... Download
resourcescheduler(freshmeat) Resource Scheduler The Resource Scheduler is a Java Swing componen... Download
torrus(freshmeat) Torrus Torrus is an alternative software platform to M... Download
sha3sumandthensome(sfnet) sha3sum and then some Hash mode interface to the Keccak code package.... Download
tkdiff(freshmeat) tkdiff tkdiff is a graphical diff and merge tool that ... Download
gxdeviceeditor(sfnet) GuruxDeviceEditor GuruxDeviceEditor and GXDirector are now Gurux.... Download
matio-labview(sfnet) MAT-File IO library for LabVIEW Library for reading and writing MATLAB binary f... Download
tacsummarizationsharedtask(sfnet) TAC Summarization shared task This project is a repository for data, code, an... Download
omapi-dhcp(sfnet) omapi-dhcp This project is the Java implementation of the ... Download
securepointfirewall(freshmeat) Securepoint UTM The Securepoint Unified Threat Management (UTM)... Download
keepass-password-safe(freshmeat) KeePass KeePass is a light-weight and easy-to-use passw... Download
tiny-tiny-irc(freshmeat) Tiny Tiny IRC Tiny Tiny IRC is an AJAX-powered, Web-based IRC... Download
as2secure(freshmeat) AS2Secure AS2Secure is a PHP library that allows you to s... Download
ipfaces(freshmeat) iPFaces iPfaces is a framework for simple creation of n... Download
opengeo-suite(freshmeat) OpenGeo Suite The OpenGeo Suite is an integrated package of b... Download
cronosii(sfnet) Cronos II Cronos II is a MUA (or Mail Client) written fro... Download
texlipse(freshmeat) TeXlipse plugin The TeXlipse plugin adds LaTeX editing support ... Download
gns3workbench(sfnet) GNS3 WorkBench GNS3 WorkBench is a collection of approximately... Download
docbook-utils(sfnet) DocBook Publishing Utilities The DocBook Publishing Utilities tools, which m... Download
propertypp(freshmeat) propertypp propertypp adds Objective-C-like properties to ... Download
tomld(freshmeat) tomld Tomld (tomoyo learning daemon) is an extension ... Download
mpegend(freshmeat) mpegend Mpegend is a command line utility for fixing MP... Download
oldrunner(freshmeat) oldrunner Oldrunner is a remake of Broderbund's Loderunne... Download
mtsconv(freshmeat) MTSconv MTSconv is a bash script to automate the conver... Download
lsmproject(sfnet) lsmp (Linux System management project) LSMP is "linux system management project&q... Download
itislinux(sfnet) itislinux Itis Linux OS dove sono condivisi tutti i files... Download
websquirrelsql(sfnet) websquirrelsql Web-based Squirrel SQL client. it allow you to ... Download
knproxy(freshmeat) KnProxy KnProxy is a small PHP based Web proxy that mak... Download
lkl(sfnet) lkl LKL is a userspace keylogger that runs under Li... Download
ibmquestdatagen(sfnet) ibmquestdatagen Generates configurable datasets which emulate u... Download
daoctb(sfnet) DaoC-Tool-Box Some tools for DAOC-players. A DAOC character p... Download
nirvanalock(sfnet) nirvanalock NirvanaLock, LLC software for WinterBoard, Andr... Download
clientpatcher(sfnet) Client Patcher Client patcher is designed for patching kRO or ... Download
binary-of-babel(freshmeat) Binary of Babel Binary of Babel is the demo that got second pla... Download
dotcms-konakart-ecommerce-plug(freshmeat) dotCMS eCommerce Accelerator The dotCMS eCommerce Accelerator merges KonaKar... Download
scit(freshmeat) scit Simple Continuous Integration Tools (scit) is a... Download
nslight-pki(freshmeat) nsLight PKI nsLight PKI is a CGI script that uses OpenSSL t... Download
dextep-template-engine(freshmeat) Dextep Template Engine Dextep Template Engine implements a template en... Download
configurator(freshmeat) Configurator Configurator is a configuration file parser. It... Download
cruisecontrol(freshmeat) CruiseControl CruiseControl is a framework for a continuous b... Download
fog-framework(freshmeat) fog-framework Fog-Framework is a high performance 2d vector g... Download
nobug(freshmeat) NoBug NoBug is a library which provides assertions, l... Download
plugpbx(freshmeat) PlugPBX PlugPBX is a prebuilt, ARM-based Debian system ... Download
squarebase(freshmeat) Squarebase Squarebase is a Web-based interface for MySQL d... Download
addrconf(freshmeat) IPv4/IPv6 DNS and DHCP config generator IPv4/IPv6 DNS and DHCP config generator is a to... Download
memprof(freshmeat) MemProf MemProf is a tool for profiling memory usage an... Download
dars(sfnet) dars Dynamic Ad Hoc Simulator (DARS) is a platform-i... Download
f2m2f(sfnet) Fasta<>Multifasta These scripts written in Python allow you to co... Download
autoexport(sfnet) AutoExport Simple use of javadbf (http://javadbf.sarovar.o... Download
orproject(sfnet) orproject subversion of our operations research project Download
de-iconsset(sfnet) De-icons set Design icons set (de-icons) is a set of lots of... Download
openotp-authentication-plugin-(freshmeat) OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal is a Drupa... Download
timetools(sfnet) timetools (for r-cran) This package is intended to manipulate irregula... Download
recoll(freshmeat) Recoll Recoll is a personal full text desktop search t... Download
cbviewer(freshmeat) cbviewer cbviewer is a viewer for comic book archives in... Download
wxsmithaddons(sfnet) wxSmith Add-ons Add-ons for Code::Blocks' GUI editor, wxSmith, ... Download
nokiagetnumbers(sfnet) nokiagetnumbers Parses the Nokia PCSuite database to reveal the... Download
wn-toolkit(sfnet) WN-Toolkit This toolkit is a set of Python programs for th... Download
deeppacketinsp(sfnet) Deep packet inspection using CBE Deep packet inspection is a tool for detecting ... Download
live555mp4(sfnet) live555mp4 This Project aims at enhancing the Live 555 Med... Download
postaholics(sfnet) Postaholics A test of effects on a open Website Download
recipepress(sfnet) recipepress Recipe Press is a Wordpress Plugin that allows ... Download
beam(freshmeat) BEAM BEAM is a toolbox and development platform for ... Download
librenms(freshmeat) LibreNMS LibreNMS is an autodiscovering PHP/MySQL-based ... Download
mac3dec(sfnet) mAC3dec Decodes AC-3 audio from DVDs, or QuickTime audi... Download
youtubegallery(sfnet) youtubeGallery show youtube's user playlist using classic asp Download
ooomacros(sfnet) Macros OOoMacros is a repository for ma... Download
jackmaster(freshmeat) JackMaster JackMaster is a master-mixer for jackd that (un... Download
zmanim(sfnet) zmanim Zmanim is a software package that computes zman... Download
mygameproject(sfnet) mygameproject Welcome to the test page where u can test my ga... Download
jmeterforwindows(sfnet) JMeter for Windows This package install the tool JMeter on Microso... Download
monikop(freshmeat) Monikop Monikop provides an automated means for data tr... Download
mammothcopy(freshmeat) MammothCopy MammothCopy is a simple, Java-based tool to cop... Download
fausterize(freshmeat) fausterize fausterize is a minimized and simplified encryp... Download
messenger(freshmeat) Messenger++ Messenger++ is a multi-protocol instant messagi... Download
checkmysap(freshmeat) CheckMySAP checkmySAP is a simple and efficient Hobbit / X... Download
poor-wsgi-for-python(freshmeat) Poor WSGI for Python Poor WSGI for Python is light WGI connector wit... Download
html_template_nest(freshmeat) HTML_Template_Nest Nest is a nestable server templating library. I... Download
urbi-sdk(freshmeat) Urbi Urbi is a robotics software platform. It includ... Download

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