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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
bulkwatch(freshmeat) BulkWatch BulkWatch is a utility that monitors sendmail's... Download
xscrollemu(freshmeat) xscrollemu xscrollemu is a program that emulates the behav... Download
sfa(freshmeat) sf-active sf-active is a collection of extendable PHP cla... Download
skyviewer(freshmeat) skyviewer skyviewer is an OpenGL-based program to display... Download
bt-remote-control(freshmeat) Bluetooth remote-control Bluetooth remote-control makes it possible to u... Download
ppplag(freshmeat) ppplag ppplag reads system logs and shows a table of a... Download
cowiki(freshmeat) The coWiki Project coWiki is a sophisticated but easy-to-use Web c... Download
javagen-ant-modules(freshmeat) JavaGen Ant Modules JAM (JavaGen Ant Modules) allows Java/J2EE deve... Download
divxcalc(freshmeat) DivX Calc DivX Calc is a simple DivX calculator for Linux... Download
tiledriller(freshmeat) Tile Driller Tile Driller is a simple paint program for peop... Download
at51programmer(freshmeat) at51programmer at51programmer is a universal, intelligent prog... Download
entagged(freshmeat) Entagged Entagged is a Java audio file tagger which uses... Download
mobydik_tk(freshmeat) is a graphical wrapper for the Linu... Download
acoc(freshmeat) Arbitrary Command Output Colourer acoc is a regular-expression based colour forma... Download
moldremover(freshmeat) Mold Remover Mold Remover is a script which cooperates with ... Download
feedpod(freshmeat) FeedPod FeedPod is a text-to-speech RSS1, RSS2, and AT... Download
sbagui(freshmeat) SbaGUI Sbagui is a graphical front-end to sbagen, a bi... Download
pyenca(freshmeat) pyenca pyenca is a Python extension module providing a... Download
cmsmadesimple(freshmeat) CMS Made Simple CMS Made Simple is an easy-to-use content manag... Download
lpy(freshmeat) lpy Lpy is a printing tool with a GUI interface tha... Download
nethack-el(freshmeat) nethack-el nethack-el is an Emacs major mode for playing ... Download
kfolding(freshmeat) Folding@home Applet for KDE Folding@home Applet is an applet for the KDE p... Download
fusemb(freshmeat) fusemb fusemb is an SMB network Unix filesystem hierar... Download
netoculus(freshmeat) NetOculus NetOculus is a network monitoring system that p... Download
mioga(freshmeat) Mioga Mioga is a groupware application suitable for i... Download
approver(freshmeat) Approver Approver is a set of scripts for automatically ... Download
activemaillib(freshmeat) ActiveMailLib activeMailLib is a PHP class that can validate ... Download
dclog(freshmeat) dclog dclog is a C logging library. It supports the c... Download
nullmailer(freshmeat) nullmailer Nullmailer is a sendmail/qmail/etc replacement ... Download
jacamerops(freshmeat) Jacamerops Jacamerops is a Java-based Webcam watcher. Download
portscan(freshmeat) Port Scanner Port Scanner checks to see which ports are open... Download
zlibc(freshmeat) zlibc Zlibc allows applications to transparently acce... Download
ytnef_cg_filter_pl(freshmeat) provides a content filter pr... Download
varsha(freshmeat) Varsha Varsha is a GUI-based drag-and-drop DVD authori... Download
exepak(freshmeat) exepak exepak is an executable compressor for Linux EL... Download
gvcard(freshmeat) gvcard gvcard is a program (and library) for doing yel... Download
pytran(freshmeat) Python Traffic Camera Analyzer Python Traffic Analyzer is a Python base class ... Download
hawron(freshmeat) Hawron Hawron is a GUI tool for the Apache XML Web Dev... Download
pircstats(freshmeat) pircstats pircstats is an IRC network statistics bot. It ... Download
scratch-blog(freshmeat) Scratch Blog Scratch is the minimalist's Web log. Scratch gi... Download
unionfs(freshmeat) unionfs Unionfs is a stackable unification file system ... Download
phpproxy(freshmeat) PHPProxy PHPProxy is an HTTP proxy written in PHP. It al... Download
metisproject(freshmeat) Metis Project Management Module Metis is a project management application that ... Download
wmakerconf(freshmeat) wmakerconf wmakerconf is a GTK+ based configuration tool f... Download
wfnetobjs(freshmeat) WallFire wfnetobjs Wfnetobjs is a library which handles network ob... Download
wfconvert(freshmeat) WallFire wfconvert Wfconvert is a firewalling policy compiler whic... Download
sfsupb(freshmeat) SFSU Penaltybox The SFSU Penaltybox is a solution for high net... Download
memtee(freshmeat) memtee memtee is a replacement for 'tee' in situations... Download
bootpdnis(freshmeat) BOOTPd NIS BOOTPd NIS is a really simple BOOTPd server tha... Download
uscvprogs(freshmeat) USCVprogs USCVprogs is a project developing a collection ... Download
qfan(freshmeat) qfan.rb qfan.rb manages the CPU fan to act on CPU tempe... Download
xtcc(freshmeat) Xross Tab Compiler xtcc is a set of tools being developed for mark... Download
nukecomics(freshmeat) Nuke Comics Nuke Comics is a PHP-Nuke module for collecting... Download
apt4rpm(freshmeat) apt4rpm apt4rpm creates an apt, yum, or metadata reposi... Download
cstor(freshmeat) cstor cstor is a cross-reference compiler and reverse... Download
wmqstat(freshmeat) wmQStat wmQStat is a dockable front-end to qstat, a pop... Download
antiauto(freshmeat) antiauto antiauto makes using automake very easy. It pro... Download
libnet-server-mail-perl(freshmeat) Net::Server::Mail Net::Server::Mail is a versatile and extensible... Download
evlog(freshmeat) Linux Event Logging for the Enterprise Linux Event Logging for the Enterprise provides... Download
attension(freshmeat) @-Tension CMS @-Tension CMS is a content management system wh... Download
fdutils(freshmeat) fdutils The fdutils package contains utilities for conf... Download
webalbum(freshmeat) webAlbum webAlbum is a bash script for automatically gen... Download
rbbs(freshmeat) RBBS RBBS (Raving Bulletin Board System) is a bullet... Download
srvx(freshmeat) srvx srvx is a services package written in C from th... Download
graviton(freshmeat) Graviton Graviton is a game in the style of the old spac... Download
omniifr(freshmeat) omniIFR omniIFR is an implementation of the CORBA Inter... Download
glen(freshmeat) glen Glen is a client for the Polish IM network Tlen... Download
tent(freshmeat) Tent Tent (formerly phpIntranet) is a set of PHP scr... Download
cocoajt(freshmeat) CocoaJT CocoaJT is a Cocoa application based on the Web... Download
powermated(freshmeat) powermated powermated is a program for controlling X appli... Download
mysqlquerybrowser(freshmeat) MySQL Query Browser MySQL Query Browser is a database querying tool... Download
moebiuslib(freshmeat) Moebius Library The Moebius Library is an object framework for ... Download
lpr-via-http(freshmeat) LPR via HTTP LPR via HTTP provides a Web frontend for LPR qu... Download
clonch(freshmeat) Clonch Clonch is a little keyboard-centric desktop uti... Download
sx-watchdog(freshmeat) SX-Watchdog SX watchdog (Stock Exchange Manager) helps you ... Download
libflv(freshmeat) libflv libflv is able to create FLV streams for use wi... Download
abe(freshmeat) Abe's Amazing Adventure!! Abe's Amazing Adventure!! is a scrolling, plat... Download
e17genmenu(freshmeat) e17genmenu e17genmenu is an application to automatically g... Download
moto4lin(freshmeat) Moto4Lin Moto4Lin is a file manager and seem editor for ... Download
phpchartplus(freshmeat) phpchartPlus phpchartPlus is a set of cooperating classes fo... Download
usb-radio(freshmeat) USB Radio USB Radio is a project including the software a... Download
net_info(freshmeat) Net_Info NetInfo is intended to be multifunctional and u... Download
rrp_statify(freshmeat) rrp_statify rrp_statify is plugin for rpmrebuild. It will s... Download
ivsmilter(freshmeat) IVS Milter IVS Milter is a virus, spam, and content milter... Download
purpleview(freshmeat) PurpleView PurpleView is a paper review system that was de... Download
opensignature(freshmeat) OpenSignature OpenSignature is a project for the digital sign... Download
mod_suid(freshmeat) Apache mod_suid Apache mod_suid allows per-vhost execution of s... Download
rush2005(freshmeat) Rush 2005 Rush 2005 is a project to create an American f... Download
pdbv(freshmeat) Package DataBase View Package DataBase View generates an HTML view of... Download
pole(freshmeat) POLE POLE is a portable C++ library to access struct... Download
socnetv(freshmeat) Social Networks Visualizer Social Networks Visualizer (SocNetV) is a flexi... Download
gnats(freshmeat) GNATS GNATS is a portable incident/bug report/help re... Download
gno3dtet(freshmeat) Gnome 3D Tetris Gnome 3D Tetris is a 3D Tetris game for Gnome. Download
cko(freshmeat) cko cko (Colored Kernel Output) is a Linux 2.4 and ... Download
infospace(freshmeat) InformationSpace InformationSpace is a causal set exploration to... Download
osmer(freshmeat) Open Source Microsoft Exchange Replacement The OSER project provides a replacement for Mic... Download
commuter(freshmeat) Commuter Commuter is a command line tool that creates im... Download
jscalendar(freshmeat) The Coolest DHTML Calendar The Coolest DHTML Calendar is a DHTML calendar ... Download
elist(freshmeat) Elist Elist implements a cyclic C++ list for non-copy... Download
xes(freshmeat) XML Encoded Source XML Encoded Source is a tool that encodes sourc... Download

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