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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
liquidsoap(freshmeat) Liquidsoap Liquidsoap is a powerful tool for building comp... Download
okl4(freshmeat) OKL4 OKL4 is a microkernel that is designed to provi... Download
goblinx(freshmeat) GoblinX GoblinX is a bootable live CD distribution base... Download
openidfarm(freshmeat) OpenIDFarm OpenIDFarm is a standalone OpenID server with m... Download
tracex(freshmeat) Tracex Tracex is a low level trace of X protocol commu... Download
modscrambleip(freshmeat) libapache2-mod-scramble-ip libapache2-mod-scramble-ip is an Apache 2 modul... Download
ucview(freshmeat) ucview ucview is a video image capture application tha... Download
fxl-template(freshmeat) FXL Template FXL Template an easy to use template engine off... Download
slideviewer(freshmeat) Slide Viewer SlideViewer is an automatic picture viewer. Jus... Download
pywvdial(freshmeat) pyWvDial pyWvDial is a simple and handy frontend for WvD... Download
vstarphotoalbum(freshmeat) VStar PhotoAlbum VStar PhotoAlbum is a Web-based photo album des... Download
dbfsak(freshmeat) xBase Swiss Army Knife xBase Swiss Army Knife is a command line utilit... Download
gpgme(freshmeat) GPGME GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) is a library designed t... Download
laby(freshmeat) Lost Labyrinth Lost Labyrinth is a rogue-like role-playing gam... Download
radiance(freshmeat) Radiance Radiance is a set of tools which provide an adv... Download
pycallgraph(freshmeat) Python Call Graph pycallgraph is a Python library that creates ca... Download
htb_init(freshmeat) HTB.init HTB.init is a shell script derived from CBQ.ini... Download
architecturerules(freshmeat) Architecture Rules Architecture Rules is a Java library that allow... Download
stenciltools(freshmeat) Stenciltools StencilTools is a collection of miscellanous ut... Download
dbahelper(freshmeat) DBAHelper DBAHelper is a collection of scripts to ease th... Download
roguescanner(freshmeat) Paglo RogueScanner RogueScanner is a network security tool for au... Download
plan9port(freshmeat) Plan 9 From User Space Plan 9 From User Space is a port of the bulk of... Download
onesis(freshmeat) oneSIS oneSIS is a software package aimed at simplifyi... Download
nepim(freshmeat) Network Pipemeter Network Pipemeter is a tool for measuring avail... Download
npush(freshmeat) nPush nPush is a logic game somewhere in between Soko... Download
clker_comtinymceplug-in(freshmeat) TinyMCE Plug-in The TinMCE Plug-in can be used to sea... Download
301(freshmeat) 301 301 is a URI redirector. It allows you to creat... Download
upsxmlrpci(freshmeat) UPS XML-RPC Interface UPS XML-RPC Interface is a simple XML-RPC servi... Download
airs(freshmeat) Airs Airs is a tool that can periodically check for ... Download
qtscrob(freshmeat) QTScrobbler QTScrobbler is tool for submitting .scrobbler.l... Download
tpop3d(freshmeat) tpop3d tpop3d is yet another POP3 server. It is intend... Download
gnustep-live-cd(freshmeat) GNUSTEP live CD GNUSTEP Live CD contains a lot of software for ... Download
gphoto(freshmeat) gPhoto gphoto2 is a command line application which ena... Download
x2svg(freshmeat) x2svg x2svg is software to graphically lay out files ... Download
cyberience_project_manager(freshmeat) Cyberience Projects Cyberience Projects is a Web-based project mana... Download
thinksaber(freshmeat) Thinksaber Thinksaber is a reimplementation of MacSaber us... Download
ggz(freshmeat) GGZ Gaming Zone The GGZ Gaming Zone (GGZ) is an Internet gaming... Download
papazulu(freshmeat) Papazulu Papazulu is a program that creates one-time-pad... Download
xvidcap(freshmeat) xvidcap xvidcap is a screen capture application enablin... Download
tebsclock(freshmeat) tebsclock tebsclock (Tamentis Enlightenment Steampunk Bin... Download
pkgmake(freshmeat) pkgmake pkgmake automates some steps when making softwa... Download
phprechnung(freshmeat) phpRechnung phpRechnung is easy-to-use Web-based multilingu... Download
rhinote(freshmeat) Rhinote Rhinote is a simple Python/Tkinter application ... Download
pcmciautils(freshmeat) pcmciautils pcmciautils is a suite of userspace tools for P... Download
tcc(freshmeat) Tiny C Compiler TCC (Tiny C Compiler) is small, fast, unlimited... Download
snoop(freshmeat) Snoop Snoop is a GNU/Linux file descriptor monitorin... Download
bgs(freshmeat) back ground setter bgs allows you to tailor the appearance of the ... Download
singit(freshmeat) SingIt Lyric Displayer The SingIt Lyric Displayer is a program to disp... Download
tunctl(freshmeat) tunctl tunctl is a small tool for controlling Linux TU... Download
silktools(freshmeat) System for Internet-Level Knowledge SiLK (System for Internet-Level Knowledge) cons... Download
simplestuff(freshmeat) Simple Stuff Simple Stuff includes utility classes for handl... Download
yzis(freshmeat) Yzis Yzis is a vim-like editor that holds all core ... Download
openvidia(freshmeat) OpenVIDIA The Openvidia project implements computer visio... Download
newsletter(freshmeat) newsletter Newsletter is a tool for Web site owners that w... Download
funkymd(freshmeat) FunkyMD Suite The FunkyMD Suite aims to provide tools for ti... Download
pcmanfm(freshmeat) PCMan File Manager PCMan File Manager is a very fast and lightweig... Download
krobots(freshmeat) K-Robots K-Robots is an independent Linux implementation... Download
aoeui(freshmeat) aoeui aoeui is a lightweight unobtrusive text editor ... Download
evocosm(freshmeat) Evocosm Evocosm is a C++ class framework for programmin... Download
gwhois(freshmeat) gwhois gwhois is a generic whois client (and server) ... Download
sitecopy(freshmeat) sitecopy sitecopy allows you to easily maintain remote W... Download
serverstatus(freshmeat) status.php status.php is a set of PHP scripts that can con... Download
stdnoj(freshmeat) stdnoj stdnoj is a cross-platform C++ class library th... Download
rules(freshmeat) Rules Framework Rules Framework is a Java Rule Engine API (JSR ... Download
mod_imap(freshmeat) mod_imap mod_imap is an IMAP authentication module for A... Download
belenix(freshmeat) BeleniX BeleniX is a distribution based on the version ... Download
preludemanager(freshmeat) Prelude Manager Prelude-Manager is a high-availability server t... Download
libmpeg2(freshmeat) libmpeg2 libmpeg2 is a library for decoding MPEG-1 and M... Download
qtrayvolman(freshmeat) qtrayvolman qtrayvolman handles hot-pluggable devices and r... Download
ccsvparse(freshmeat) cCSVParse cCSVParse is a fast and simple class for Cocoa ... Download
chooser(freshmeat) chooser chooser is a script for wireless networking tha... Download
gnuplotwordpressplugin(freshmeat) GNUPlot Wordpress Plugin Using this plugin, you can generate charts with... Download
hlbr(freshmeat) Hogwash Light BR HLBR is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) th... Download
udrwconfig(freshmeat) udrwconfig udrwconfig is a tool for writing to UDRW memory... Download
brasero(freshmeat) Brasero Brasero (formerly known as Bonfire) is a applic... Download
rdv(freshmeat) RDV RDV is a visualization environment for scientif... Download
highest(freshmeat) highest highest is a program that efficiently finds the... Download
cpptest(freshmeat) C++Test C++Test is a portable and powerful, yet simple,... Download
xhelper(freshmeat) xhelper xhelper is a tool to automate and control the d... Download
keytouch(freshmeat) keyTouch keyTouch makes it possible to easily configure ... Download
itpp(freshmeat) IT++ IT++ is a C++ library of mathematical, signal p... Download
w3af(freshmeat) w3af w3af (Web Application Attack and Audit Framewor... Download
kcaptcha(freshmeat) KCAPTCHA KCAPTCHA provides CAPTCHA (a visual human valid... Download
bzrlog(freshmeat) BzrLog BzrLog is a log-oriented GUI for the Bazaar ver... Download
lasso(freshmeat) Lasso Lasso (Liberty Alliance Single Sign On) is an i... Download
mpp-py(freshmeat) make-photo-pages is a program that generates static Web a... Download
glosswordreq(freshmeat) Glossword Checker Glossword Checker is PHP script which checks if... Download
md5copy(freshmeat) md5copy md5copy copies one or more files/directories to... Download
svnchecker(freshmeat) SVNChecker SVNChecker is a framework for Subversion pre-co... Download
jimageviewer(freshmeat) JImageViewer JImageView an image viewer with no extra featur... Download
jimageexplore(freshmeat) JImageExplore JImageExplore is an image viewer with features ... Download
photorec(freshmeat) Photorec PhotoRec is a small tool to recover pictures fr... Download
ajaxtoaster(freshmeat) AjaxToaster AjaxToaster lets you easily create JSON and XML... Download
make_uninstall(freshmeat) make_uninstall make_uninstall is used to monitor a command li... Download
skaringa(freshmeat) Skaringa Skaringa is an API for Java, JSON, and XML lang... Download
finic(freshmeat) finic finic helps users manage their finances. It can... Download
wigit(freshmeat) WiGit WiGit is a simple and light wiki, written in PH... Download
dkms(freshmeat) DKMS DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) is a frame... Download
moiosms(freshmeat) MoioSMS MoioSMS is a Python script to automatically sen... Download
soda(freshmeat) Secured Object for Database Abstraction Secured Object for Database Abstraction is a da... Download

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