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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
optimizer(freshmeat) Optimizer Optimizer is a program which can help you achie... Download
xmms-ogle(freshmeat) XMMS Plugin for Ogle DVD Player XMMS Plugin for Ogle DVD Player is an XMMS plu... Download
qmail-ldap(freshmeat) qmail-ldap qmail-ldap is an extension to stock qmail-1.03 ... Download
mod_cvs(freshmeat) mod_cvs mod_cvs is an Apache module that serves files f... Download
golorp(freshmeat) Caves of Golorp Caves of Golorp is a Rogue-like game, written i... Download
prelude-pflogger(freshmeat) Prelude PFlogger Prelude PFlogger is an OpenBSD PF sensor for Pr... Download
skfilter(freshmeat) sk_filter sk_filter is an email filter that aims to reduc... Download
flume(freshmeat) Flume Flume is a component pipeline engine. It allows... Download
libslack(freshmeat) libslack Libslack is a library of general utilities desi... Download
i-am-doh(freshmeat) I-AM-DOH IAMDOH is a tool designed to increase the relia... Download
lethackles(freshmeat) lethackles lethackles is a GUI frontend for co... Download
finishing(freshmeat) Cluster Installation Finishing Scripts The Finishing Scripts for Cluster Installations... Download
zabotage(freshmeat) Zabotage Zabotage is the result of a venture to find the... Download
ksfv(freshmeat) ksfv ksfv is a tiny wrapper for KDE which encapsulat... Download
replimenu(freshmeat) replimenu replimenu is a small menu program mainly for co... Download
hercules(freshmeat) Hercules Emulator Hercules is an open source software implementat... Download
plotlib(freshmeat) The Plotlib Toolkit The Plotlib Toolkit is a library of classes des... Download
ttf2pt1(freshmeat) ttf2pt1 ttf2pt1 is a converter of various scalable font... Download
mylexui(freshmeat) Linux Mylex RAID Controller User Interface Linux Mylex RAID Controller User Interface is a... Download
adddomainscript(freshmeat) Web Domain Manager Web Domain Manager is a script to automate sett... Download
demetrix(freshmeat) Demetrix Demetrix is a process modeling system. The goal... Download
xmagick(freshmeat) XMagick XMagick is a library written in C which allows ... Download
khtml2png(freshmeat) khtml2png khtml2png is a command line program to create P... Download
wrec(freshmeat) WREC WREC controls an SCPI-programmable power supply... Download
hcs(freshmeat) HCS Open Source Project The HCS Open Source Project is a stand-alone ho... Download
xineo-xma(freshmeat) Xineo XML Mail Archiver Most (if not all) email management software cur... Download
wmstatfs(freshmeat) wmstatfs wmstatfs is a Window Maker applet that shows th... Download
tdl(freshmeat) tdl tdl is a command-line application for managing ... Download
kobazeggdropscripts(freshmeat) Kobaz Eggdrop Scripts KobazScripts is a collection of Eggdrop TCL scr... Download
xmms-reloaded(freshmeat) XMMS-Reloaded XMMS-Reloaded is an XMMS plugin that reloads th... Download
mmcms(freshmeat) Community Content & Document Management Community Content & Document Management is ... Download
fancy(freshmeat) FANCY FANCY is a personal CMS that uses a flat file d... Download
gamestats(freshmeat) GKrellM Game stats plugin GKrellM Game stats plugin is a plugin for GKrel... Download
hindidict(freshmeat) HindiDict HindiDict creates a Latex formatted Hindi dicti... Download
ataripac2pbm(freshmeat) ataripac2pbm ataripac2pbm converts Atari ST STAD PAC packed ... Download
psi-imapmail(freshmeat) psi-imapmail psi-imapmail is a small but nevertheless highly... Download
tigerapi(freshmeat) TIGER API The TIGER API is a library which allows Java p... Download
fohad(freshmeat) Forensic Hash Database The Forensic Hash Database is a project to comb... Download
ssrtech(freshmeat) SSR Tech SSR Tech is a Web application development and p... Download
haste(freshmeat) High-level Automated System Test Environment Haste (High-level Automated System Test Environ... Download
wvc(freshmeat) Web Virus Count Web Virus Count is a CGI in Perl that counts th... Download
ghoti(freshmeat) Ghoti Ghoti is a mIRC-like IRC client. It is customiz... Download
setilindriver(freshmeat) SetiLinDriver SetiLinDriver caches work units of the SETI@hom... Download
kiboze_pl(freshmeat) is a news archiver script, written in... Download
idlekick(freshmeat) IdleKick Idlekick is an XChat2 plugin which kicks users ... Download
hotplugpp(freshmeat) hotplug++ Hotplug++ aims to replace the original hotplug ... Download
aeswepd(freshmeat) aeswepd aeswepd is a Linux AES rekeying daemon for IEEE... Download
ptr(freshmeat) ptr.h ptr.h is a C++ smart pointer template which use... Download
wipe(freshmeat) Wipe Wipe repeatedly writes special patterns to the ... Download
rambutan(freshmeat) Rambutan Rambutan is a set of end-user applications sof... Download
gnome-isdn(freshmeat) gnome-isdn gnome-isdn is an applet for Gnome 2 for managin... Download
isp-at89(freshmeat) In-System-Programmer for ATMEL AT89S8252 In-System-Programmer for ATMEL AT89S8252 is a t... Download
giftcurs(freshmeat) giFTcurs giFTcurs is the recommended frontend to giFT. I... Download
pear_mdb(freshmeat) PEAR MDB PEAR MDB is a merge of the PEAR DB and Metabase... Download
anamail(freshmeat) Anamail Anamail is an email statistics gatherer. It all... Download
phrame(freshmeat) Phrame Phrame is a Web development platform for PHP ... Download
javaca(freshmeat) JavaCA JavaCA is a text interface tool to run a X.509 ... Download
camera(freshmeat) Camera Camera downloads files from your digital camera... Download
tksplit(freshmeat) TkSplit TkSplit is a simple file splitter/joiner. Unlik... Download
blackmamba(freshmeat) BlackMamba BlackMamba is a semi-automatic spam filter and ... Download
cpu(freshmeat) Change Password Utility Change Password Utility (CPU) gives system admi... Download
braa(freshmeat) braa Braa is a tool for making SNMP queries. It is ... Download
sctplib(freshmeat) sctplib The sctplib library is a fairly complete protot... Download
web-ftp(freshmeat) Web-FTP Web-FTP is a Perl/CGI FTP client that can provi... Download
naartex(freshmeat) naartex Naartex converts docbook files directly into La... Download
jamin(freshmeat) JAMin JAMin is a realtime mastering processor designe... Download
phpexcelreader(freshmeat) PHP Excel Reader PHP Excel reader is a library to read data from... Download
eservices(freshmeat) Eservices Eservices is an advanced tool for administering... Download
libdnet(freshmeat) libdnet libdnet provides a simplified, portable interfa... Download
wmlan(freshmeat) wmlan WMLan is a Window Maker dockapp to get status o... Download
tvez(freshmeat) TVEz - Media Library TVEz is a browser-based system to manage movies... Download
httppc(freshmeat) HTTP Proxy Client HTTP Proxy Client is a set of libraries and scr... Download
lve(freshmeat) LVE LVE provides frame and GOP accurate editing of ... Download
discloser(freshmeat) Discloser Discloser is (another) PHP/MySQL blog. It has a... Download
arrows(freshmeat) arrows Arrows is a unique little maze game. The goal i... Download
fantulence(freshmeat) Fantulence Fantulence is a software daemon that uses the h... Download
arprelease(freshmeat) arprelease arprelease is a small libnet-based tool to flus... Download
jicarilla(freshmeat) Jicarilla Jicarilla is a compact, powerful, and extensibl... Download
ksambaplugin(freshmeat) KSambaPlugin KSambaPlugin is a complete Samba configuration ... Download
gamera(freshmeat) Gamera Gamera is a framework for the creation of struc... Download
yample(freshmeat) Yample Yample is a processing language for email. It w... Download
libframe(freshmeat) libframe libframe is a toolkit that contains various too... Download
mpg2ppm(freshmeat) mpg2ppm mpg2ppm is a MPEG-VStream decoder based on mpeg... Download
sharedaemon(freshmeat) ShareDaemon P2P Client ShareDaemon is a multi-platform filesharing cli... Download
ntk-manager(freshmeat) NTK manager NTK manager is a client/server application for ... Download
opendvb(freshmeat) Open-DVB Open-DVB is an open implementation of digital v... Download
smtpafterpopd(freshmeat) smtp-after-popd smtp-after-popd briefly authorizes outgoing SMT... Download
sqladmin-swt(freshmeat) SQLAdmin/SWT SQL Admin is a Java client application to conne... Download
ntkcontactos(freshmeat) NTKcontactos NTKcontactos is a Web-based, multi-user contact... Download
tvlisting_rb(freshmeat) tvlisting.rb tvlisting.rb is an attractive and fast display ... Download
mmapdsp(freshmeat) MMapDSP MMapDSP is a small tool for Linux that emulates... Download
zc(freshmeat) Zemljanka Commander Zemljanka Commander is a file manager for GTK2.... Download
hoz(freshmeat) HOZ HOZ (Hacha Open Zource) is an Hacha clone writt... Download
sledgehammer(freshmeat) SledgeHammer SledgeHammer is a template engine for PHP. It s... Download
deadmansredirect(freshmeat) Deadman's Redirect Deadman's Redirect is designed to replace whate... Download
qspamdog(freshmeat) QSpamDog QSpamDog is a PHP-based email filter which is i... Download
cyclades-serial-client(freshmeat) cyclades-serial-client cyclades-serial-client is an RFC 2217 compliant... Download
kastrometry(freshmeat) KAstrometry KAstrometry is an astrometry program for KDE. I... Download
bidilink(freshmeat) bidilink bidilink is tool that links two bidirectional d... Download
disknavigator(freshmeat) disknavigator disknavigator is a PHP class that is meant to b... Download

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