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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
opensubsystems(freshmeat) OpenSubsystems OpenSubsystems is set of business components fo... Download
apache-ssl(freshmeat) Apache-SSL Apache-SSL is the original secure webserver bas... Download
cerbergrid(freshmeat) Cerber Grid Cerber Grid is a light-weight high performance ... Download
jslovo(freshmeat) jSlovo jSlovo is a fast database engine with a GUI tha... Download
btfs(freshmeat) btfs btfs can be used as /init for constructing a ru... Download
divmod_mantissa(freshmeat) Divmod Mantissa Mantissa is an application server. It provides ... Download
nevow(freshmeat) Divmod Nevow Nevow is a Web application construction kit. It... Download
divmod_epsilon(freshmeat) Divmod Epsilon Epsilon is a small utility package. Its depende... Download
divmod_axiom(freshmeat) Divmod Axiom Divmod Axiom is an object-relational database b... Download
openwebspider(freshmeat) OpenWebSpider OpenWebSpider is a multi-threaded Web spider (a... Download
steroids(freshmeat) (Serial Ports on) Steroids (Serial Ports on) Steroids enables users to exe... Download
millscript-alert(freshmeat) MillScript-Alert MillScript-Alert is an extension to Java's Run... Download
millscript-vfs(freshmeat) MillScript-VFS MillScript-VFS is a URI-based virtual filing sy... Download
millscript(freshmeat) MillScript MillScript is a full featured, yet easy to use ... Download
clsims(freshmeat) CLSimilarImages CLSimilarImages is a command-line program for f... Download
qore-eclipse-ide(freshmeat) Qore Eclipse IDE Plugin Qore Eclipse IDE Plugin allows you to develop i... Download
millscript-util(freshmeat) MillScript-Util MillScript-Util is a richer alternative to Java... Download
millscript-excel(freshmeat) MillScript-Excel MillScript-Excel is a Java library for working ... Download
tagsoup(freshmeat) Tag Soup TagSoup is a SAX-compliant parser written in Ja... Download
liblo(freshmeat) LibLO LibLO is a lightweight library for handling the... Download
millscript-xml(freshmeat) MillScript-XML MillScript-XML is an alternative Java XML parsi... Download
thresh(freshmeat) Thresh Thresh is an application for Snort that manages... Download
javagear(freshmeat) JavaGear JavaGear is a Sega Master System and Game Gear ... Download
addresstangler(freshmeat) Address Tangler AddressTangler is a PHP function that helps you... Download
opensharepoint(freshmeat) OpenSharePoint OpenSharePoint is an intra/extranet portal serv... Download
vnstatgui(freshmeat) vnstatGUI vnstatGUI is an IPCop addon that allows you to ... Download
freewerm(freshmeat) FreeWERM FreeWERM is a Web-based application that can ma... Download
slptk(freshmeat) SlpTK SlpTK is an ANSI C library, a set of utilities,... Download
libxcpc(freshmeat) libxcpc The libxcpc library implements automatic resour... Download
gstpw(freshmeat) C/GTK or Java/Swing Stopwatch C/GTK or Java/Swing Stopwatch is a simple, clea... Download
ora-hot-bkp(freshmeat) Oracle online (hot) backup script Oracle online (hot) backup script is a multi-pl... Download
openswingframework(freshmeat) OpenSwing OpenSwing is a framework to develop Java applic... Download
bank_german(freshmeat) plausj bank_german plausj bank_german is a Java library that provi... Download
powermanja(freshmeat) Powermanja Powermanja is a Java port of "powermanga&q... Download
pecl_htscanner(freshmeat) Htscanner Htscanner allows one to use htaccess-like files... Download
pam-smbmount(freshmeat) pam-smbmount pam_smbmount is software for mounting file syst... Download
lastbash(freshmeat) LastBASH LastBASH is a console player for Download
batchput(freshmeat) Batchput Batchput transfers files from a local directory... Download
gaia-git(freshmeat) GAIA Image Transcoder GAIA Image Transcoder (GIT) is a library that o... Download
zatacka(freshmeat) Zatacka Zatacka is clone of the classic DOS game Achtun... Download
ctalz(freshmeat) CTAL_0 CTAL_0 is a strictly typed assembly language th... Download
gpicsync(freshmeat) GPicSync GPicSync uses a GPS receiver to find the best l... Download
ffjs(freshmeat) ff javascript library The ff javascript library is a minimal library ... Download
flexicrypt(freshmeat) FlexiCrypt FlexiCrypt is a universal cryptography toolkit ... Download
highlighter(freshmeat) Highlighter Highlighter is a PHP class that can be used to ... Download
qexec(freshmeat) Qexec Qexec is a PHP class that acts as a simple MySQ... Download
piscator(freshmeat) Piscator Piscator is a small SQL/XML search engine. Once... Download
refit(freshmeat) rEFIt rEFIt is a boot menu and maintenance toolkit fo... Download
fysh(freshmeat) fysh fysh is meant to fill an iPod shuffle with musi... Download
pixla(freshmeat) PIX Logging Architecture PIX Logging Architecture is a project allowing ... Download
fs10(freshmeat) fs10 fs10 is a control program for the interface FS... Download
objectbox(freshmeat) ObjectBox o:XML Compiler ObjectBox is an o:XML compiler and interpreter ... Download
cupcakecms(freshmeat) CupCake CMS CupCake CMS is a content management system buil... Download
ddds4j(freshmeat) ddds4j ddds4j is a Java implementation of the dynamic ... Download
selenium-ide(freshmeat) Selenium IDE Selenium IDE is an integrated development envir... Download
fuzzled(freshmeat) Fuzzled Fuzzled is a powerful fuzzing framework for Per... Download
alphabeta(freshmeat) SBAlphaBeta SBAlphaBeta is a Foundation framework for creat... Download
restfulbeans(freshmeat) RestfulBeans RestfulBeans is a high level API for sharing ob... Download
hellanzb(freshmeat) hellanzb hellanzb is an application that retrieves and p... Download
pytags(freshmeat) pytags pytags is an easy to use unified API for readin... Download
webcloud(freshmeat) WebCloud WebCloud is a tool and JSP tag library that pro... Download
jperfmeter(freshmeat) jperfmeter JPerfmeter is a simple performance statistics ... Download
sourcemage(freshmeat) Source Mage GNU/Linux Source Mage GNU/Linux is a source-based Linux d... Download
fetchexc(freshmeat) fetchExc fetchExc is a Java utility for fetching mail wi... Download
safesql(freshmeat) SafeSQL SafeSQL is an SQL query processer to automate t... Download
laffer(freshmeat) Laffer Laffer is a Web-based instant messenger client.... Download
python-gastables(freshmeat) python-gastables python-gastables includes Python modules for co... Download
laymansys(freshmeat) LayManSys LayManSys is an RDF-based PHP framework for gen... Download
pykeynote(freshmeat) pykeynote pykeynote is a Python extension module for KeyN... Download
magpierss(freshmeat) MagpieRSS MagpieRSS provides an XML-based RSS parser in P... Download
mswatch(freshmeat) mswatch mswatch is a command line program that keeps tw... Download
vdrift(freshmeat) VDrift VDrift is a driving simulation game made with d... Download
anaa(freshmeat) Anaa Anaa (An AJAX API) is a complete AJAX framework... Download
gracie(freshmeat) Gracie Gracie is an OpenID server (a "provider&qu... Download
openldev(freshmeat) OpenLDev OpenLDev is a development environment that prov... Download
libwpd(freshmeat) libwpd libwpd is a library designed to help process Wo... Download
sourcespeak(freshmeat) Source Speak Source Speak is a PHP site to easily display so... Download
xmms-shn(freshmeat) xmms-shn xmms-shn is an input plugin to play shorten (.s... Download
bug(freshmeat) bug bug is a simple tracking system for console use... Download
drapes(freshmeat) Desktop Drapes Desktop Drapes is a wallpaper management applic... Download
pyxiph(freshmeat) pyxiph pyxiph is a collection of Python extensions for... Download
gwt-hibernate(freshmeat) gwt-hibernate gwt-hibernate provides the basics to create a w... Download
skicalculator(freshmeat) Ski OTP Calculator Ski is an S/Key (one-time pad or password) calc... Download
miglayout(freshmeat) MiG Layout Manager for Java Swing and SWT GUIs MiGLayout is a versatile and flexible Swing and... Download
internetcommunicationsengine(freshmeat) Internet Communications Engine Ice is a modern alternative to object middlewar... Download
lobotomy(freshmeat) Lobotomy Project Lobotomy involves many sub-projects oriented to... Download
mftpd(freshmeat) Mini FTP Daemon Mini FTP Daemon is an FTP server that runs on a... Download
c64img(freshmeat) c64img c64img is a PHP script that converts an image (... Download
sikakuqt(freshmeat) sikakuQt sikakuQt is an implementation of sikaku, which ... Download
yagg(freshmeat) yagg yagg, given YACC-like and LEX-like input files,... Download
vserver(freshmeat) Linux-VServer Linux-VServer allows you to create virtual priv... Download
gmuck(freshmeat) gmuck gmuck assists you in generating valid (X)HTML b... Download
gdado(freshmeat) Gdado Gdado is a very simple application for rolling ... Download
tivodecode(freshmeat) TiVo File Decoder TiVo File Decoder software converts a .TiVo fil... Download
chkconfig(freshmeat) chkconfig chkconfig is a tool to simplify management of t... Download
snortalog(freshmeat) snortalog Snortalog is a powerful Perl script that summar... Download
colorsvn(freshmeat) colorsvn colorsvn is a Subversion output colorizer. It w... Download
dictconv(freshmeat) dictconv Dictconv is a program to convert a dictionary f... Download
sive(freshmeat) Simple iPod Video Encoder Simple iPod Video Converter (SIVE) is a GTK 2 f... Download
project_earth(freshmeat) Project Earth Earth allows you to find files across a large n... Download

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