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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
qucs(sfnet) Quite Universal Circuit Simulator Qucs is a circuit simulator with graphical user... Download
jheatchart(freshmeat) JHeatChart JHeatChart is a one class Java API for generati... Download
epochx(freshmeat) EpochX EpochX is a genetic programming framework. It i... Download
abomination(freshmeat) abomination abomination is a set of KDE4 plasmoids and data... Download
ferrisplasmoids(freshmeat) ferrisplasmoids ferrisplasmoids is a set of KDE4 plasmoids to o... Download
multicrush(freshmeat) Multicrush Multicrush is a wrapper around pngcrush that di... Download
pyh(freshmeat) PyH PyH is a Python module that allows you to gener... Download
quitesleep(freshmeat) QuiteSleep QuiteSleep is an Android application that contr... Download
wireshare(freshmeat) WireShare WireShare is a fork of LimeWire. It is based on... Download
dunfordsoft(sfnet) ImageGallery Website Builder The main function of this project is to develop... Download
cnmozilla(sfnet) Simplified Chinese Mozilla and Firefox This project is to build Chinese Simplified Moz... Download
metin2-packsour(sfnet) metin2-packsour Metin2 - Pack Source Extract Tool Metin2 Pack D... Download
mcrypt(sfnet) mcrypt mcrypt, and the accompanying libmcrypt, are int... Download
batchimageconverter(sfnet) Batch Image Converter Batch Image Converter is a program that is desi... Download
msr(freshmeat) msr msr is a tool that displays or modifies model-s... Download
javascript-recurring-dates-gen(freshmeat) JavaScript Recurring Dates Generator JavaScript Recurring Dates Generator is a JavaS... Download
cloudprint-service(freshmeat) Cloudprint-service Cloudprint-service adds a service to your Linux... Download
btier(freshmeat) btier btier is a Linux kernel module that creates an ... Download
imgseqscan(sfnet) Image Sequence Scanner A tool for finding missing or corrupt images in... Download
jtimetracker(sfnet) JTimeTracker JTimeTracker provides personal time tracking. A... Download
nikon-firmware-tools(sfnet) nikon-firmware-tools Tools used during the reversing of the Nikon D5... Download
thewebsuite(sfnet) Web Suite This project is made up of scripts for websites... Download
intervalarithmeticforada(sfnet) Interval arithmetic for Ada The library provides an implementation of inter... Download
gtkadacontributions(sfnet) GtkAda contributions The library is a contribution to GtkAda, an Ada... Download
scheme-art(freshmeat) Scheme Art Scheme Art is a portable scheme compiler writte... Download
chord(freshmeat) chord chord is a command line guitar chord finder. Download
treebeard(sfnet) Treebeard (XSLT transformer/editor) A text editor that al... Download
dehacha(sfnet) hacha extractor A perl script to join files splitted with the &... Download
skyeye(sfnet) SkyEye SkyEye is a very fast full system simulator whi... Download
soccer(sfnet) The Tao of Soccer TOS is a multi-player soccer simulation game an... Download
libiqxmlrpc(freshmeat) Libiqxmlrpc Libiqxmlrpc is an object-oriented library that ... Download
kdgconvert(sfnet) KdGConvert KdGConvert is a video converter for VTech's Kid... Download
gpasswordman(sfnet) GPassword Manager A simple, lightweight and cross-platform utilit... Download
libdbi(sfnet) Database Independent Abstraction Layer libdbi implements a database-independent abstra... Download
jackass-botchx(freshmeat) jackass-botchx jackass-botchx is an X11 window client which ca... Download
gearmand(freshmeat) Gearmand Gearmand is the job server component of Gearman... Download
glcldemo(freshmeat) GLCLDemo GLCLDemo is a small demonstration of how intero... Download
giraffe(sfnet) Giraffe - A Configurator for MARC RTP Giraffe is a GUI configurator and execution too... Download
extcalc-linux(sfnet) Extcalc Extcalc is a multifunctional scientific graphic... Download
uno-darmstadt(sfnet) UNO - card game A multi-user text based (via telnet) server app... Download
winsip(sfnet) WinSip: Simple Windows SIP Proxy Simple RFC3261 Compliant SIP Proxy. Download
gconjugue(freshmeat) GConjugue GConjugue is a program that conjugates Portugue... Download
tctest(freshmeat) tctest tctest exercises the termcap library (or emulat... Download
pipa(freshmeat) Pipa Pipa reads data from stdin and does various thi... Download
ani-shell(freshmeat) Ani-Shell Ani-Shell is a simple PHP shell with some uniqu... Download
cip-reporting(freshmeat) CIP Reporting CIP Reporting is a customizable Web-based incid... Download
agsm(sfnet) a gsm sim manager a gsm sim manager for browsing, managing, and m... Download
phpaint(sfnet) PHPaint PHPaint is a PHP-based web interface for the ra... Download
xspirit(sfnet) Xspirit A deejay system based on the xaudio dll's.The n... Download
ks-mkv2avi(sfnet) KS Mkv 2 Avi Tool for easily convert a .mkv video made with ... Download
requesttracker(freshmeat) Request Tracker RT is an industrial-grade trouble ticketing sys... Download
fpl(sfnet) Frame Processing Language The Frame Processing Language (FPL) is an XML l... Download
showkey(freshmeat) showkey showkey is a program that reads keystrokes and ... Download
univis2typo3(freshmeat) univis2typo3 univis2typo3 is a tool to import data from Univ... Download
xmlif(freshmeat) xmlif xmlif is a tool that interprets certain process... Download
xve(freshmeat) X Video Explorer X Video Explorer automates calculations for gen... Download
senaris(sfnet) senaris Few applications that a windows XP needs when y... Download
x2x(freshmeat) x2x x2x allows the keyboard and mouse on one (&quo... Download
pandora-fms(freshmeat) Pandora FMS Pandora FMS is a software-monitoring tool creat... Download
java-grinder(freshmeat) Java Grinder Java Grinder takes Java byte-code from a class ... Download
jmc(freshmeat) jmc jmc is a dedicated pretty cover art viewer for ... Download
pv951(sfnet) Remote control for PV951-based TV-cards A Windows program to control the computer with ... Download
redquerybuilder(freshmeat) RedQueryBuilder RedQueryBuilder fills the gap between a hand co... Download
openflap(freshmeat) openflap openflap is a game about bouncing balls through... Download
geomspace(freshmeat) GeomSpace GeomSpace is interactive geometry software for ... Download
tkinter(freshmeat) Tkinter Tkinter is Python's de facto standard GUI (Grap... Download
oneclickkick(sfnet) OneClickKick (Network Boot & Kickstart) A web based GUI for managing PXE boot and optio... Download
pythondocumentation(freshmeat) Python Documentation This is the official documentation for the Pyth... Download
pc-basic(freshmeat) PC-BASIC PC-BASIC is an interpreter for GW-BASIC files. ... Download
sculptor(freshmeat) Sculptor Sculptor is a productivity tool that applies th... Download
simplefootie(freshmeat) SimpleFootie SimpleFootie is a text-based football match eng... Download
mydns(sfnet) MyDNS MyDNS is a free DNS server for UNIX systems tha... Download
gav(sfnet) GAV - Gpl Arcade Volleyball GAV (Gpl Arcade Volleyball) is an object-orient... Download
simplecomponentsforada(sfnet) Simple components for Ada The Simple components for Ada library provides ... Download
congruity(freshmeat) congruity congruity is a GUI application for programming ... Download
fu-rch(freshmeat) Evo/Lution Evo/Lution is a live CD with a graphical instal... Download
base-apps(sfnet) BaseApps Annotate your POJOs to create a fully-functiona... Download
bossa(sfnet) Bossa Workflow Bossa is a workflow engine written in Java. The... Download
libecc(sfnet) C++ Elliptic Curve library Libecc is an Elliptic Curve Cryptography C++ li... Download
anaxagora(sfnet) AnaXagora The AnaXagora platform is a change management p... Download
xmen(sfnet) X-Men - an XML plugin for Eclipse A XML plugin for eclipse <BR>Planned feat... Download
jfox(sfnet) JFox - J2EE Application Server JFox is an Open Source, standards-compliant, J2... Download
j3d-netbeans(sfnet) j3d-netbeans Support for Java 3D in NetBeans IDE. Currently ... Download
spawner(sfnet) Spawner Data Generator Spawner is a generator of sample/test data for ... Download
snappybackup(sfnet) snappybackup Created for windows based systems in the event ... Download
ovidentia(freshmeat) Ovidentia Ovidentia is a professional collaborative/group... Download
esva-project(sfnet) ESVA-Project ESVA (E-Mail Security Virtual Appliance) is a p... Download
wildmidi(freshmeat) WildMidi WildMidi is a wave table player that uses Gus P... Download
opennethome(freshmeat) OpenNetHome OpenNetHome is a home automation software proje... Download
lumee(freshmeat) Lumee Lumee is an image viewer for GNOME 3. It featur... Download
mandoc(freshmeat) mandoc mdocml is a suite of tools for compiling "... Download
z(freshmeat) z Z is a simple, safe, and convenient frontend fo... Download
tuxboxgames(sfnet) tuxboxgames This project is a collection of games for the T... Download
pogodist(sfnet) PogoShell + libpogo libpogo is a c-library replacement for GBA and ... Download
planes(freshmeat) planes planes is a hierarchical surface framework for ... Download
deitycallme(sfnet) DeityCallMe a little code Download
pixelinvaders(freshmeat) PixelController PixelController is an LED matrix controller whi... Download
xcards(sfnet) xcards Custom cards with HTML 5 Download
jsxe(sfnet) jsXe jsXe is the Java Simple XML Editor. Out of the ... Download
vandaengine(sfnet) Vanda Engine Vanda Engine is the new FREE and open source de... Download

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