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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
mlterm(sfnet) mlterm(Multi Lingual TERMinal emulator) mlterm is a multi-lingual terminal emulator , w... Download
fsos(sfnet) FlowScreen OS Software system for FlowScreen Router, with Sem... Download
gpsproxy(sfnet) GPSProxy GPSProxy is a .NET Compact Framework applicatio... Download
ff3hr(sfnet) Firefox 3 History Recovery (outdated!) Outdated! Only works for Firefox 3.0-3.2. ff3hr... Download
linux-abi(sfnet) Linux ABI Project The Linux abi is a patch to the linux kernel th... Download
emssframework(sfnet) emss iRobot Create Framework C++ framework designed to support iRobot Create... Download
flazr(sfnet) Flazr Flazr is a Java implementation of protocols suc... Download
getchaman(sfnet) Getchaman Getchaman is a simple file sharing program. Download
jspresso(sfnet) Jspresso Jspresso is an innovative framework for buildin... Download
oprofile(sfnet) OProfile OProfile is a low-overhead, transparent profile... Download
netrek(sfnet) Netrek Netrek is a multiplayer battle simulation game ... Download
visionegg(sfnet) Vision Egg The Vision Egg produces 2D and 3D visual stimul... Download
racetracksup(sfnet) Pinewood Derby Race Track 2 Race Track is a Pinewood Derby Race Management ... Download
networkupstools(freshmeat) Network UPS Tools Network UPS Tools (also known as NUT) is an ext... Download
mohachat(sfnet) MOHA Chat - Chat any way you wish MOHA Chat is a free and open source chat soluti... Download
rawquake(sfnet) rawquake Various Quake 3 clients for Windows with raw mo... Download
bonding(sfnet) Linux Channel Bonding Linux kernel driver for aggregating multiple ne... Download
softgun(sfnet) softgun Softgun is an embedded system simulator. It is ... Download
ipchangerbolo(sfnet) ip changer small tool which helps in easy chaning of ip, m... Download
composestar(sfnet) Compose* Compose* is a project that aims at enhancing th... Download
vnc-proxy(sfnet) vnc-proxy In just one clic (no setup) this Java Applet ba... Download
delphineroapi(sfnet) Nero API for Delphi A port for Delphi of the Nero API for burning C... Download
gfire(sfnet) Gfire Gfire is a plugin for the Pidgin IM client whic... Download
ingeniweb(sfnet) Ingeniweb Products This project is an assorted collection of tools... Download
muse(freshmeat) MusE MusE is a multitrack virtual studio for Linux. ... Download
landisview(sfnet) LANDISView A simple, functional software interface for vie... Download
unia-ditaeditor(sfnet) DE-University Augsburg - DITA Editor DE-University Augsburg - DITA Editor is a XML-b... Download
beautifulmindio(freshmeat) is a realtime collaborative mi... Download
oscarmcmaster(sfnet) OSCARMcMaster OSCAR (Open Source Clinical Application and Res... Download
meredys(sfnet) Meredys Meredys (MEsoscopic REaction DYnamics Simulator... Download
kickme(sfnet) The Hotwire Suite Enterprise Server LiveInventory, and Rapid Buil... Download
portablesigner(freshmeat) PortableSigner PortableSigner is a Java application to sign no... Download
muwire(sfnet) Muwire A minimalist filesharing application. Download
phplog(freshmeat) PHPLog PHPLog is a log monitoring package, conceptuall... Download
jetty(sfnet) Jetty - Java HTTP Servlet Server Jetty is an open-source project providing a HTT... Download
glfw(sfnet) GLFW GLFW is a free, Open Source, portable library f... Download
emu(sfnet) The Emu Speech Database System EMU is a collection of software tools for the c... Download
scantailor(sfnet) Scan Tailor Scan Tailor has moved: ht... Download
codestriker(sfnet) Codestriker: collaborative code reviewer Codestriker is a web application supporting onl... Download
idthemes(sfnet) IDThemes IDThemes is an implementation of innovative met... Download
jspx-bay(sfnet) jspx JSPX is a Java Web RAD Framework. That is based... Download
yenc32(sfnet) yEnc32 - GUI yEncoder/yDecoder A flexible, easy-to-use GUI yEncoder/yDecoder f... Download
gskydigest(sfnet) gSky Digest gSky Digest is a system tray desktop applicatio... Download
porcupineserver(sfnet) Porcupine Web Application Server Porcupine is an open-source Python based web ap... Download
simmetrics(sfnet) SimMetrics SimMetrics is a Similarity Metric Library, e.g.... Download
solar-empire(sfnet) Solar Empire Solar Empire is a GPL/public domain browser-bas... Download
solunas(sfnet) Solunas Hotel Booking Engine Manage small to medium size of hotels, holiday ... Download
dbf(sfnet) dBASE Reader and Converter dbf is an easy-to-use command line tool to show... Download
devgu(sfnet) Dev-C++ General Updates A collection of several crucial dependency upda... Download
apetestbed(sfnet) APE - Ad Hoc Protocol Evaluation testbed APE is a testbed for evaluation of mobile ad ho... Download
libonion(freshmeat) libonion libonion is a lightweight library that helps yo... Download
josso(sfnet) JOSSO Atricore’s JOSSO is an open source and commerci... Download
hastymail(sfnet) Hastymail Hastymail is a fast, secure, rfc-compliant, cro... Download
gridsterjs(freshmeat) gridster.js gridster.js is a jQuery plugin for building int... Download
openh323(sfnet) OpenH323 This project has been superseded by OpalVoip (h... Download
csql(sfnet) CSQL Main Memory Database / Cache CSQL - suite of three products, embedded relati... Download
python-sybase(sfnet) Sybase module for Python This Sybase module provides a Python interface ... Download
ultima(sfnet) nitro++ Lightweight, cross-platform, object-oriented li... Download
dvdisaster(sfnet) dvdisaster Additional error correction for CD, DVD and BD ... Download
yummy(sfnet) Yummy A add-on Python script to search li... Download
ploinfaces(sfnet) ploinFaces with ploinFaces you can define a flow for a JSF... Download
portablescribus(sfnet) Portable Scribus Portable (on-the-go) version of Scribus, an awa... Download
expertomica-eda(sfnet) Expertomica Metabolite Profiling EDA is Graphical User Interface and Matlab comp... Download
linradiant(freshmeat) LinRadiant LinRadiant is a level (map) editor for FPS game... Download
xins(sfnet) XINS XINS is an open-source Web Services technology,... Download
wwwswitcher(freshmeat) wwwswitcher wwwswitcher is a script that makes it easy to c... Download
webattery(sfnet) Webattery This project is for showing current battery pow... Download
dungeonmap(sfnet) Dungeon Mapper Dungeon Mapper is a tool that helps you map you... Download
flaskmpeg(sfnet) FlasKMPEG FlasKMPEG. An MPEG transcoding program. Download
bad-backup-daemon(freshmeat) BAD (BAckup Daemon) BAD (BAckup Daemon) "watches" a direc... Download
duma(sfnet) DUMA library DUMA (Detect Unintended Memory Access) is a mul... Download
jxtask(sfnet) JxtASK : W2P academic shared knowledge JxtASK is a P2P system that is aimed to search,... Download
rope(sfnet) rope Rope is a python refactoring library. Download
php-blog(sfnet) Serendipity PHP Weblog System PHP blog with all the common features (comments... Download
openmpi(freshmeat) Open MPI Open MPI is a project that originated as the me... Download
to-do-quick(freshmeat) To Do Quick To Do Quick is a very fast, simple, and basic G... Download
firefoxadm(sfnet) FirefoxADM FirefoxADM is a way of allowing centrally manag... Download
wicket(sfnet) Wicket Apache Wicket is a component based Java web app... Download
megauploadreade(sfnet) megauploadreade This program facilitates to download with downl... Download
cce2k(sfnet) Console/X11 CJK Environment CCE let you display and input Chinese/Japanese/... Download
phpshell(freshmeat) PHP Shell PHP Shell is a shell wrapped in a PHP script. I... Download
gauss-newton(sfnet) Gauss-Newton Curve Fitting The Gauss–Newton algorithm is realized in NI La... Download
lbm(sfnet) LBM A Fortran 90 program to model the lattice Boltz... Download
eclipsessgen(sfnet) Eclipse Shell Script Export Plugin This eclipse plugin allows for the export of an... Download
help2info(freshmeat) help2info help2info generates a simple info page from th... Download
nusoap(sfnet) NuSOAP - SOAP Toolkit for PHP NuSOAP is a rewrite of SOAPx4, provided by NuSp... Download
etos(sfnet) EToS - Spike Sorting System EToS (Efficient Technology of Spike sorting; Ex... Download
redstart-templating(freshmeat) Redstart Templating Redstart Templating implements a template engin... Download
yaf-datalayers(sfnet) Yet Another Forum datalayers Extra datalayers for YetAnotherForum >=1.9.3... Download
verbiste(freshmeat) Verbiste Verbiste is a French conjugation system impleme... Download
deforaos-player(freshmeat) DeforaOS Player DeforaOS Player is a media player for the Defor... Download
javaplugin(sfnet) Java Embedding Plugin The Java Embedding Plugin allows other web brow... Download
bsfileexplorer(sfnet) BS File Explorer BS File Explorer is a tabbed file explorer for ... Download
reynoldsmark(freshmeat) ReynoldsMark ReynoldsMark is Computational Fluid Dynamics s... Download
cmme(freshmeat) CMME CMME (Content Management Made Easy) is a Web co... Download
gtkglext(sfnet) GtkGLExt GtkGLExt is an OpenGL extension to GTK+. It pro... Download
mps(sfnet) mps MPS and µMPS are general-purpose computer syste... Download
critterchess(sfnet) Critter Chess UCI chess engine written in object pascal Download
macboyadvance(sfnet) Mac Boy Advance A GBA emulator for Mac OSX. Based upon the incr... Download
toycars(freshmeat) toycars toycars is a fighting race car game. Players s... Download

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