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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
phpfw(freshmeat) Phpfw Phpfw is a framework for PHP that provides a ba... Download
mq4cpp(freshmeat) MQ4CPP MQ4CPP, or "Message Queuing for C++",... Download
gallmage(freshmeat) Gallery Mage Gallery Mage is a client side photo gallery man... Download
gmimms(freshmeat) GMiMMS GMiMMS is a GTK+ frontend for MiMMS, a multimed... Download
dxr3player(freshmeat) dxr3Player dxr3Player is a lightweight command line DVD p... Download
checkgmail(freshmeat) CheckGmail CheckGmail is a system tray application that ch... Download
ts-101_mysql(freshmeat) MySQL Pack for QNAP TS-101/TS-201 The MySQL Pack is for installing MySQL on the ... Download
mirth(freshmeat) Mirth Connect Mirth Connect is a cross-platform HL7 interface... Download
stuffdawg(freshmeat) StuffDawg StuffDawg is a simple PHP-driven application wh... Download
gadminsquid(freshmeat) GAdminSquid GAdminSquid is a graphical user interface for t... Download
exctractor(freshmeat) Exctractor Exctractor is a Java exception extractor. This ... Download
musoo(freshmeat) MUSOO MUSOO is an online music environment kit for pl... Download
gnocchi(freshmeat) Gnocchi Gnocchi is a complexity analyzer for C++ code. ... Download
pybridge(freshmeat) PyBridge With PyBridge, you can play online bridge with ... Download
mol(freshmeat) mol Mac-on-Linux (MOL) is a virtual machine which r... Download
fb-s60(freshmeat) Frozen Bubble For S60 Frozen Bubble For S60 is a version of the well-... Download
genromfs(freshmeat) genromfs genromfs is a tool for creating romfs images. r... Download
pgal(freshmeat) PGAL The Parallel Genetic Algorithm Library (PGAL, p... Download
rgdbm(freshmeat) Remote Gnu Database Manager Remote Gnu Database manager is a network server... Download
commandlineprogressbar(freshmeat) Command Line Progress Bar Command Line Progress Bar is a simple command l... Download
openswan(freshmeat) Openswan Openswan is an implementation of IPsec (IP Secu... Download
scim(freshmeat) Smart Common Input Method platform Smart Common Input Method platform is a develo... Download
sleutel(freshmeat) Sleutel Sleutel is a multi-platform password manager th... Download
ptypes(freshmeat) C++ Portable Types Library (PTypes) The C++ Portable Types Library (PTypes) is a si... Download
cpx(freshmeat) The Complex Language The Complex language is an object oriented prog... Download
getfem(freshmeat) getfem The Getfem project focuses on the development o... Download
sol(freshmeat) Server optimized Linux SoL (Server optimized Linux) is a Linux distrib... Download
cyoa(freshmeat) Create Your Own Adventure Create Your Own Adventure is an interactive adv... Download
openwengo(freshmeat) WengoPhone WengoPhone is a multi-platform VOIP client spon... Download
handimalin(freshmeat) HandiMalin HandiMalin is a tool for speech therapists. It ... Download
claws_mail(freshmeat) Claws Mail Mac OS X Claws Mail Mac OS X is a port of Claws Mail for... Download
s3oscache(freshmeat) S3OSCache S3OSCache is an OSCache store implementation th... Download
jolie(freshmeat) JOLIE JOLIE (Java Orchestration Language Interpreter ... Download
cosmopbx(freshmeat) CosmoPBX ComoPBX is a Live CD based on Knoppix with the ... Download
robodoc(freshmeat) ROBODoc ROBODoc is an API documentation tool. It extrac... Download
php-openid(freshmeat) PHP OpenID The PHP OpenID library implements the OpenID de... Download
python-openid(freshmeat) Python OpenID Python OpenID is a set of Python packages that ... Download
libdatamatrix(freshmeat) libdatamatrix libdatamatrix is an embeddable and highly exten... Download
jidebuilder(freshmeat) JideBuilder JideBuilder is a Groovy builder for the JIDE Co... Download
roguedetect(freshmeat) Rogue Detect Rogue Detect sends DHCPDISCOVER packets to the... Download
jricochet(freshmeat) JRicochet JRicochet is a simple puzzle game. It consists ... Download
sobf(freshmeat) Security Officers Best Friend (SOBF Tool) The SOBF Tool is the reference implementation o... Download
emms(freshmeat) GNU EMMS GNU EMMS, the Emacs Multimedia System, is an Em... Download
zadolbator(freshmeat) Zadolbator Zadolbator is a simple reminder component for J... Download
yadawiki(freshmeat) Yada Yada Yada Wiki Yada Yada Yada Wiki is a small wiki that lives ... Download
bind9-ldap(freshmeat) Bind9 LDAP sdb driver Bind9 LDAP sdb driver is an LDAP back-end for B... Download
darcspublish(freshmeat) darcspublish darcspublish is a shell script that allows you ... Download
iam-calendar(freshmeat) IAM Calendar IAM Calendar is a class to display the calendar... Download
seolizer(freshmeat) SEOlizer SEOlizer is an application that generates Web p... Download
bcr-steps(freshmeat) bcr steps bcr steps is a MIDI step sequencer and arpeggia... Download
podwiki(freshmeat) PodWiki PodWiki is a collaboratve Web-based authoring t... Download
kscannerbuttons(freshmeat) KScannerButtons KScannerButtons is a daemon plus an optional KD... Download
testsoon(freshmeat) Test soon "Test soon" is a testing framework th... Download
htmlobserver(freshmeat) htmlobserver htmlobserver is a program that downloads a Web ... Download
acpid(freshmeat) ACPI Event Daemon ACPID is a completely flexible and expandable m... Download
pled(freshmeat) Plugged Editor PlEd is a programmable editor writtten in Java,... Download
genpasta(freshmeat) genpasta genpasta is a simple command-line tool to gener... Download
jlibrary(freshmeat) jLibrary jLibrary is a DMS (Document Management System),... Download
zwiki(freshmeat) Zwiki Zwiki is a Zope-based Wiki engine which allows ... Download
pam_shield(freshmeat) pam_shield pam_shield is a PAM module that uses null-routi... Download
bbs100(freshmeat) bbs100 bbs100 is a BBS in the style of DOC and/or YAWC... Download
e2fsprogs(freshmeat) e2fsprogs The ext2fsprogs package contains essential ext2... Download
unrawel(freshmeat) Unrawel Unrawel is a library and simple command line f... Download
dictdpp(freshmeat) DictD++ DictD++ is a fast, feature-rich, and portable d... Download
jste(freshmeat) Javascript Templating Language JSTE is a Java-based templating language for pr... Download
iam-xls(freshmeat) IAM_XLS IAM-XLS is a PHP class for generating an XLS fi... Download
netconf(freshmeat) netconf netconf is a tool designed to replace Debian's ... Download
flagpoll(freshmeat) Flagpoll Flagpoll is a tool for developers to use meta-d... Download
podofobrowser(freshmeat) PoDoFoBrowser PoDoFoBrowser is a Qt application for browsing ... Download
chordexplorer(freshmeat) Chord Explorer Chord Explorer is very simple and lightweight ... Download
readhash(freshmeat) readhash readhash is a tool that can help you to compute... Download
virtcollab(freshmeat) Virtual Collaboratory Virtual Collaboratory is a Web-based collaborat... Download
hpgl-dxf(freshmeat) HPGL-DXF HPGL-DXF is a program to convert HPGL files int... Download
tablix(freshmeat) Tablix Tablix is a powerful free software kernel for s... Download
asterisk-soap(freshmeat) Asterisk Soap API Asterisk-soap is an extensible SOAP (Web servic... Download
squishdot(freshmeat) squishdot Squishdot is a Slashdot-like weblog application... Download
kalsamix(freshmeat) kalsamix kalsamix is a fully featured mixer for ALSA and... Download
k5expire(freshmeat) k5expire K5expire is a tool to complement a Kerberos/LDA... Download
toad(freshmeat) TOAD C++ GUI Library The TOAD C++ GUI Library is a set of classes to... Download
pcibx(freshmeat) pcibx pcibx is used to control the Catalyst PCIBX32-X... Download
lattenum(freshmeat) Lattice point Enumeration LattE (Lattice point Enumeration) is computer s... Download
pita(freshmeat) pita pita is client-server music player. A daemon pr... Download
odkit(freshmeat) The Object Oriented Database Kit The Object Oriented Database Kit is a set of to... Download
czt(freshmeat) Community Z Tools CZT is a Java framework and a suite of tools b... Download
connectk(freshmeat) Connect-k Connect-k is a framework for experimenting wit... Download
k8055fs(freshmeat) k8055fs k8055fs is a FUSE filesystem for the Velleman K... Download
program(freshmeat) Program Program is a PHP package that can be used to ma... Download
actkbd(freshmeat) actkbd actkbd is a simple daemon that binds commands t... Download
hcl(freshmeat) Help Center Live Help Center Live strives to be the best on-line... Download
linuxlogo(freshmeat) Linux Logo Linux Logo is a small utility that displays an ... Download
fruitshow(freshmeat) Fruit Show Fruit Show is a minimalist forum package based ... Download
turner(freshmeat) turner Turner will turn your boring old source code (C... Download
plasticfs(freshmeat) The Plastic File System The Plastic File System is an LD_PRELOAD modul... Download
caliph(freshmeat) Caliph & Emir Caliph & Emir are MPEG-7 based Java prototy... Download
speech-dispatcher(freshmeat) Speech Dispatcher Speech Dispatcher is a device independent layer... Download
phpcoverage(freshmeat) Spike PHPCoverage Spike PHPCoverage is a tool for measuring and r... Download
festival(freshmeat) Festival Festival is a general multi-lingual speech synt... Download
dot-mode_el(freshmeat) dot-mode.el dot-mode.el is a minor mode for GNU Emacs and X... Download
wavbreaker(freshmeat) wavbreaker wavbreaker is a tool to take a wave file and br... Download
ultragetopt-java(freshmeat) UltraGetopt for Java UltraGetopt for Java is the Java adaptation of ... Download

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