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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
text_colorer(freshmeat) GIMP Text Colorer GIMP Text Colorer is a GIMP plug-in that conver... Download
eximstate(freshmeat) eximstate eximstate is a server/client project for monito... Download
tuxaator(freshmeat) Tuxaator Tuxaator is a simple IRC bot that can be used t... Download
hammerhead(freshmeat) Hammerhead Hammerhead is a stress testing tool for Web sit... Download
brain_storm(freshmeat) Brain Storm Brain Storm is a chess engine that is able to ... Download
cvscop(freshmeat) cvscop cvscop is a CVS policy program that is launche... Download
docker(freshmeat) Docker Docker is a docking system tray that allows KDE... Download
cmfforum(freshmeat) CMF Forum CMF Forum is a forum for the Zope CMF (Content... Download
pnm2ppa(freshmeat) pnm2ppa pnm2ppa is a reverse-engineered driver for HP'... Download
htsearch(freshmeat) HtSearch HtSearch is a PHP interface to htsearch, a fron... Download
info_to_html(freshmeat) info_to_html info_to_html does everything info2html does, an... Download
cvsmail(freshmeat) cvsmail cvsmail is a set of utilities to manage the del... Download
grub-client(freshmeat) grub-client Grub-client is a distributed crawling client, u... Download
ezregion(freshmeat) eZ region eZ region is a PHP class and an updated set of ... Download
faerion(freshmeat) Faerion IRC Server Faerion is a Unicode-based IRC server. It featu... Download
phpmotiondetect(freshmeat) phpMotionDetect phpMotionDetect is a script that compares snaps... Download
p5-ipa(freshmeat) p5-IPA IPA stands for Image Processing Algorithms and ... Download
messageconfirmed(freshmeat) MessageConfirmed MessageConfirmed is a form-to-mail application ... Download
kpasscard(freshmeat) KPassCard KPassCard is a KDE application for storing pas... Download
mirimap(freshmeat) Mobile IMAP Reader MIR (mobile IMAP reader) is a WAP frontend for ... Download
popupcalendar(freshmeat) Popup Calendar Popup Calendar is a calendar and date selector ... Download
moobot(freshmeat) moobot moobot is a very modular IRC bot, similar to B... Download
webportfwd(freshmeat) webportfwd This is a project to create/maintain webportfwd... Download
aget(freshmeat) Aget Aget is a multi-threaded download accelerator. ... Download
ming-sharp(freshmeat) Ming-Sharp Ming-Sharp is a library which allows you to cre... Download
snortconf(freshmeat) Snort Config SnortConf is a tool that provides a fairly intu... Download
python-csv(freshmeat) CSV module for Python python-csv implements a fast (almost the same s... Download
pyzzle(freshmeat) Pyzzle Pyzzle is a cross-platform Myst/Riven interface... Download
kmap(freshmeat) Kmap Kmap is an HTML image map editor that can crea... Download
mdlbs(freshmeat) madlibs engine The madlibs engine is a tiny engine for MadLibs... Download
kitclasses(freshmeat) KitClasses KitClasses are a collection of add-on classes f... Download
ami(freshmeat) AMI AMI is a universal P2P framework written in Jav... Download
ksms(freshmeat) KSms KSms is a KDE 3 application for sending and arc... Download
htmlcrunch(freshmeat) htmlcrunch htmlcrunch speeds up your HTML pages by removin... Download
wget4web(freshmeat) Wget4web Wget4web allows users to add downloads, view in... Download
prelink(freshmeat) Prelink prelink is a program which modifies ELF shared ... Download
xmlg(freshmeat) xml-g xml-g splits an XML file into the components of... Download
kgameoflife(freshmeat) KGameOfLife KGameOfLife is an application that simulates th... Download
gamazons(freshmeat) Gamazons Gamazons is a game played on a 10x10 chess boa... Download
launchtool(freshmeat) launchtool launchtool lets you run a user-supplied command... Download
enbd(freshmeat) ENBD The ENBD (Enhanced Network Block Device) is an ... Download
apt-build(freshmeat) apt-build apt-build is an apt-get frontend for compiling ... Download
jms4spread(freshmeat) JMS4Spread JMS4Spread is a messaging system that partially... Download
htoolkit(freshmeat) Haskell Toolkit Haskell Toolkit is a toolkit for GUI programmin... Download
quat(freshmeat) Quat Quat is a program for generation of 3d fractal ... Download
koalamud(freshmeat) KoalaMud Game Engine KoalaMud is a MUD source base designed around m... Download
videogen(freshmeat) videogen videogen calculates XFree86 modelines and Linux... Download
vnat(freshmeat) Virtual Network Address Translation Virtual Network Address Translation (VNAT) is a... Download
wmacpimon(freshmeat) ACPI Temperature Monitor ACPI Temperature Monitor is a Windowmaker dock... Download
crm114filter(freshmeat) CRM114 Filter CRM114 is a generalized filter. It is useful fo... Download
teddy(freshmeat) Teddy Teddy is an OpenGL-based 3D graphics library wr... Download
salsa(freshmeat) Salsa Salsa is a collection of Swing add-ons. It incl... Download
gkrellm-hddtemp(freshmeat) Gkrellm-hddtemp Gkrell-hddtemp displays the IDE HDD temperature... Download
tcdr(freshmeat) TCDR TCDR is a dialog-based console frontend for mki... Download
file-search(freshmeat) Zaval File Search The Zaval File Search solution is a local area ... Download
gsieve(freshmeat) gsieve gsieve is a Sieve script editor with a GNOME/GT... Download
ethermuxserver(freshmeat) EtherMux Server Ethermux is a DMX512 lighting remote control ap... Download
dict(freshmeat) Net::Dict Net::Dict provides a simple API to the DICT pro... Download
proxytools(freshmeat) Anti-censorship Tools (proxyTools) Anti-censorship tools (proxyTools) consists of ... Download
psetmixer(freshmeat) PSetMixer PSetMixer is a small commandline OSS-compliant ... Download
avrprog(freshmeat) AVRprog AVRprog can be used to burn the image files cre... Download
catdvi(freshmeat) catdvi catdvi translates a TeX Device Independent (DVI... Download
junitdoclet(freshmeat) JUnitDoclet JUnitDoclet makes the process of testing softwa... Download
makelabels(freshmeat) makelabels makelabels is a program for creating PostScrip... Download
xsel(freshmeat) xsel Xsel is a quick hack to give access to the X se... Download
cdrx(freshmeat) CDRX CDRX is a menu-based Perl script designed to he... Download
gnome-mlview(freshmeat) gnome-mlview MlView is a tree-oriented XML editor for GNOME.... Download
jumpgate(freshmeat) Jumpgate Jumpgate is a TCP connection forwarder that pro... Download
gmasqdialer(freshmeat) GMasqdialer GMasqdialer provides a GNOME/GTK client for the... Download
thaiwordseg(freshmeat) ThaiWordseg ThaiWordseg is a word segmentation utility for ... Download
fixbb(freshmeat) fixbb fixbb repairs the incorrect bounding box for Po... Download
python-cyrus(freshmeat) Python Cyrus Utils Python Cyrus Utils is a collection of utilites ... Download
tygemo(freshmeat) TyGeMo TyGeMo is a TCL/Tk-based frontend to the digita... Download
id3v2lib(freshmeat) ID3V2.3 library ID3V2.3 library is a library written in C to pr... Download
senility(freshmeat) Senility Senility is a multi-protocol instant messenger ... Download
duplicity(freshmeat) duplicity duplicity is an incremental backup tool that ba... Download
dirvish(freshmeat) dirvish Dirvish creates a backup image of a directory t... Download
fxrepton(freshmeat) FX-Repton FX-Repton is a clone of the old BBC Micro Repto... Download
ipfm(freshmeat) IPFM IP Flow Meter (IPFM) is a bandwidth analysis to... Download
networkjack(freshmeat) network jack network jack is an Internet troubleshooting and... Download
ferris-fnews(freshmeat) ferris-fnews ferris-fnews is an RSS news feed aggregator and... Download
dsd(freshmeat) DSD Document Structure Description (DSD) is a simpl... Download
pandora-monitor(freshmeat) Pandora monitor Pandora is a general purpose monitoring platfor... Download
xineo-xil(freshmeat) Xineo XIL Xineo XIL (XML Import Language) defines an XML ... Download
fk_html(freshmeat) fk_html fk_html is a standard filter for incoming mail.... Download
wmmultipop3(freshmeat) wmMultiPop3 wmMultiPop3 is a WindowMaker dockapp which chec... Download
gtapecalc(freshmeat) gtapecalc Gtapecalc is a simple calculator with the added... Download
lmusleuth(freshmeat) LMUSleuth LMUSleuth is a networked, turn-based, whodunit-... Download
qtgrass(freshmeat) Qt/GRASS GIS Qt/Grass is a C++ library that makes it easy to... Download
linal(freshmeat) LinAl LinAl was designed to bring together C++ and FO... Download
srcconf(freshmeat) srcconf srcconf is a software package which enables use... Download
php_imagick(freshmeat) php_imagick php_imagick is an extension for PHP4 that makes... Download
diomwebmail(freshmeat) Diom Webmail Diom Webmail is a Web mail client written in PH... Download
tantalus(freshmeat) Tantalus Tantalus is an anti-spam Sendmail milter that k... Download
droidbattles(freshmeat) DroidBattles DroidBattles (formerly known as BattleBots) is ... Download
kpasman(freshmeat) Kpasman Kpasman is a small password manager for the K D... Download
phpbbucp(freshmeat) phpBB User Control Panel phpBB User Control Panel is a control panel for... Download
ptkmixer(freshmeat) ptkmixer ptkmixer is a Perl Tk Audio Mixer with an easy-... Download
avr1(freshmeat) The AVR-1 Programmer Utilities for Linux The AVR-1 Programmer Utilities for Linux is a s... Download
agenda(freshmeat) Agenda Agenda is a project tracking and team managemen... Download

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