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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
spatialindexlib(freshmeat) Spatial Index Library Spatial Index Library is an extensible spatial ... Download
panzers(freshmeat) Panzers Panzers is a simple little multiplayer 3D game ... Download
microbrewmessagecenter(freshmeat) Microbrew Message Center Microbrew Message Center is designed to be an i... Download
nonet(freshmeat) Noname Network The Noname network is a gnutella-based network ... Download
ufolib(freshmeat) Ufolib Ufolib is an extension for Superwaba (Java for ... Download
tnailer(freshmeat) tnailer Tnailer was originally written to automatically... Download
oo2c(freshmeat) oo2c Oberon2 is a simple and safe object-oriented la... Download
zis(freshmeat) Zionist In Space ZIS (Zionist In Space) is a text-mode (curses) ... Download
lib5600x(freshmeat) DSP5600x disassembly library lib5600x is a library implementing the Motorola... Download
kbillar(freshmeat) KBillar KBillar is a billiard game in which everything ... Download
php-apd(freshmeat) APD (Advanced PHP Debugger) APD is a general purpose non-interactive PHP pr... Download
but(freshmeat) BackUp Tool BackUp Tool archives specified projects by copy... Download
me45sync(freshmeat) ME45sync ME45sync is software to manage a Siemens ME45/S... Download
fortune-discworld(freshmeat) fortune-discworld fortune-discworld is a collection of quotes fro... Download
mkrdns(freshmeat) mkrdns mkrdns is a small Perl script that helps automa... Download
spacechart(freshmeat) GNU SpaceChart GNU SpaceChart is a GNOME application that show... Download
galng_tcl(freshmeat) galng.tcl galng.tcl is a report viewer/tool for the the G... Download
dnshijacker(freshmeat) DNS Hijacker DNS Hijacker is a libnet/libpcap based DNS snif... Download
smsterm(freshmeat) SMSTerm SMSTerm is an application that uses the ICQ2000... Download
eirc(freshmeat) Eteria IRC Client EIRC is an RFC 1459 compliant client program wr... Download
fandango(freshmeat) Fandango Fandango is a GL-rendered, Python-scripted CAD ... Download
png2ico(freshmeat) png2ico PNG2ICO converts .PNG files to Windows .ICO ico... Download
torque(freshmeat) Apache Jakarta Turbine Torque Torque is a persistence layer. It generates all... Download
tinyptc(freshmeat) TinyPTC TinyPTC is a cross-platform framebuffer library... Download
ample(freshmeat) An MP3 LEnder Ample is a simple MP3 server written in C. It d... Download
swff(freshmeat) Sidewinder Forcefeedback 2 driver The Sidewinder Forcefeedback 2 driver is a proj... Download
phpservice(freshmeat) PHPService PHPService is a powerful template engine based ... Download
lcdemu(freshmeat) lcdemu Lcdemu is a character display emulator. It is m... Download
yoda-ii(freshmeat) Y Object Database Adapter Y Object Database Adapter (YODA) is an enviro... Download
bw-ipfm(freshmeat) BW-IPFM BW-IPFM uses ipfm log files to generate easy-to... Download
mp3do(freshmeat) MP3do MP3do is an "all in one" bash script.... Download
cfgd(freshmeat) cfgd cfgd is a daemon to maintain configuration file... Download
tvnow(freshmeat) tvnow tvnow displays the North American satellite and... Download
gcmapplet(freshmeat) GNOME Clipboard Manager Applet The GNOME Clipboard Manager Applet is a Panel ... Download
webminthemeconfig(freshmeat) Webmin Themeconfigurator Webmin Themeconfigurator is a Webmin module th... Download
highpriest(freshmeat) HighPriest HighPriest is a music jukebox system for Linux.... Download
eject(freshmeat) eject Eject is a program for ejecting removable media... Download
rsync-backup(freshmeat) rsync-backup rsync-backup automates the process of backing u... Download
freedups(freshmeat) Freedups Freedups searches for identical files in the di... Download
ircgraph(freshmeat) ircGraph ircGraph is a Perl script that connects to an I... Download
wapblog(freshmeat) WAPBlog WAPBlog allows users to post to their metaWeb... Download
ssh-keyinstall(freshmeat) ssh-keyinstall ssh-keyinstall is a script that helps an ssh us... Download
bmi(freshmeat) BMI BMI is a tool to help dieting people. It calcul... Download
phpipacstats(freshmeat) phpIpacStats phpIpacStats is a PHP4 script that displays IP ... Download
pydbc(freshmeat) PyDBC PyDBC provides support for method precondition,... Download
tchereport(freshmeat) TcheReport TcheReport is a set of PHP classes which genera... Download
gspy(freshmeat) gspy Gspy retrieves images from a video4linux device... Download
turnkey(freshmeat) TurnKey Linux Audio Turn-Key Linux Audio is a scripted installation... Download
fdms3rip(freshmeat) FDMS-3 Ripper FDMS-3 Ripper lets you select audio tracks from... Download
h2o_ml(freshmeat) H2O Media Library The Media Library is a node based archive desig... Download
gkrellmoon(freshmeat) gkrellm Moon Clock gkrellmoon is a gkrellm plugin that shows the p... Download
suckerpipe(freshmeat) SuckerPipe SuckerPipe is a client-based proxy for AOL Inst... Download
scform(freshmeat) Simple Contact Form SCForm is designed to be a simple, yet flexible... Download
projectbutler(freshmeat) ProjectButler ProjectButler is a distributed multi-user proje... Download
tackle(freshmeat) tackle Tackle is a drop-in ACL permissions class for P... Download
linuxserialsniffer(freshmeat) Linux Serial Sniffer The Linux Serial Sniffer allows you to sniff se... Download
neo-portal(freshmeat) neo-Portal neo-Portal is a data presentation and delivery ... Download
pam_smbmount(freshmeat) pam_smbmount pam_smbmount is a Pluggable Authentication Modu... Download
jbfc(freshmeat) Java Brainfuck Compiler The Java Brainfuck Compiler is an optimising c... Download
jsptemplate(freshmeat) JSPTemplates JSPTemplates is a template engine that allows d... Download
seti(freshmeat) seti bash script seti bash script can be used as a console tool ... Download
tix(freshmeat) Tix for Tcl and Python Tix is a library of widgets for TCL/Tk and Pyth... Download
mailtrace(freshmeat) mailtrace mailtrace reads a mail header on stdin and dump... Download
smartpost(freshmeat) SmartPost SmartPost is a complete email platform based on... Download
jxiangqi(freshmeat) Java XiangQi Java XianQi lets you play Chinese chess with yo... Download
kheisereg(freshmeat) KHeiseReg KHeiseReg is a utility to search offline within... Download
self4linux(freshmeat) Self for Linux Self is a object-oriented programming language.... Download
eudora2unix(freshmeat) eudora2unix eudora2unix converts Eudora mail to Unix and Li... Download
oggs(freshmeat) OGG-S OGG-S is an open source development project tha... Download
tixapps(freshmeat) Tixapps Tixapps is a suite of development applications ... Download
mcafee-vsuserver(freshmeat) McAfee Virus Update Server Virus Update Server (vsuserver) helps you maint... Download
luminance-panel(freshmeat) Luminance Panel Luminance Panel is a panel application written ... Download
phpfeedparser(freshmeat) PHP feedParser feedParser was created due to the lack of a goo... Download
phpxmlparser(freshmeat) PHP xmlParser xmlParser was created due to the lack of a good... Download
auth_md5(freshmeat) AUTH_MD5 for PHP AUTH_MD5 is a client- and server-based authenti... Download
webplay(freshmeat) webplay Webplay creates, from a collection of MP3s and ... Download
vmindprint(freshmeat) is a Java printing architectu... Download
clrngd(freshmeat) Clock randomness gathering daemon The Clock randomness gathering daemon gathers ... Download
netfilter_log_analyzer(freshmeat) Netfilter logs analyzer IPTables log analyzer displays Linux 2.4 iptab... Download
kewl(freshmeat) Kewl Session Manager The Kewl Session Manager provides a nice menu ... Download
rdqs(freshmeat) Ruby Dataquery Shell RDQS (Ruby Data Query Shell) is a text-based sh... Download
bpv(freshmeat) Beautylabs Panorama Viewer Beautylabs Panorama Viewer is a Java Swing app... Download
opencyc(freshmeat) OpenCyc OpenCyc is the open source version of the Cyc t... Download
gt2wms(freshmeat) GeoTools 2 Web Map Server GT2WMS is a Java Servlet implementation of the ... Download
urlfetchjava(freshmeat) URLFetch Java URLFetch Java is a small library that handles ... Download
temgen(freshmeat) Temgen universal code generator Temgen is an universal code generator based on ... Download
ldasm(freshmeat) LDasm LDasm (Linux Disassembler) is a Perl/Tk-based G... Download
audioq(freshmeat) Audioq queue system Audioq is a queue system that allows several us... Download
eheatload(freshmeat) enhanced heatload enhanced heatload shows the CPU load, temperatu... Download
lobtracestream(freshmeat) LobTraceStream LobTraceStream is a C++ trace mechanism. It off... Download
eda-eiffel(freshmeat) EDA EDA is an Eiffel implementation of the General ... Download
unalign(freshmeat) unalign traps for AXP A utility used on the DEC Alpha to find unalign... Download
mkdep_perl(freshmeat) mkdep.perl mkdep.perl is a makedepend kind of program, whi... Download
magnus(freshmeat) Magnus Project Magnus Project is an attempt to create a fully ... Download
tk92(freshmeat) tk92 tk92 is multi-platform software for configuring... Download
turkcellsms(freshmeat) turkcell-sms turkcell-sms automatically connects to Turkcell... Download
ringdepend(freshmeat) Ring Dependencies Tool Ring Dependencies Tool provides an interface fo... Download
levy(freshmeat) Levy Levy is a Perl script which generates a basic i... Download
taged(freshmeat) taged taged is a commandline utility that can create ... Download
img_bbox(freshmeat) is a standalone Perl script that ca... Download

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