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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
premiumtolinkgenerator(sfnet) Link Generator 15/08/2014 Link Generator V4.01 rele... Download
opf-olivers-parser-framework(freshmeat) Oliver's Parser Framework Oliver's Parser Framework (OPF) is a PHP 5 fram... Download
icedit(freshmeat) ICEdit iEdit is a Web-based IDE built as a replacemen... Download
m9u(freshmeat) m9u m9u is a music server, similar to mpd or xmms2.... Download
desktopfolders(freshmeat) DesktopFolders DesktopFolders is a FolderView-like application... Download
pstreegraph(freshmeat) PSTreeGraph PSTreeGraph is a tree graph view control implem... Download
hotpatch(freshmeat) Hotpatch Hotpatch is a library that can be used to dynam... Download
bibfilex(freshmeat) Bibfilex Bibfilex is software to create and manage arch... Download
kdevelop(freshmeat) KDevelop KDevelop is an integrated development environme... Download
powertechprev(sfnet) POWER Tech Preview 'POWER Tech Preview' provides patch-sets for ex... Download
lmmpricer(sfnet) LMM Pricer NOTE: Only Version 0.1 is up. It's basically a... Download
winguitest(sfnet) Win32::GuiTest Win32-GuiTest is a Perl package for testing and... Download
glscenefordelph(sfnet) GLScene for Delphi 2009 GLScene for Delphi 2009,with almost all bugs re... Download
scikit-learn(sfnet) Scikit Learn Machine Learning framework in Python Download
listsp(sfnet) Listsp View & Manage Windows Processes, Services &... Download
gilead(sfnet) Gilead Gilead permits you to use your Persistent POJO ... Download
magiccounter(sfnet) Magic Counter Magic the Gathering Nixie Tube Health Counter Download
arduinoweather(sfnet) Arduino weather station Develop a weather station using the Arduino 200... Download
arg(freshmeat) arg arg is a C++ command-line parser. Its goal is t... Download
dywapitchtrack(freshmeat) dywapitchtrack The dywapitchtrack library computes the pitch o... Download
mumpi(freshmeat) MumPI MumPI allows you to manage your Mumble servers ... Download
gettumblrpic(sfnet) Gettumblrpic Download Pictures From Tumblr blog Download
random-password-generator-clas(freshmeat) Random Password Generator Class Random Password Generator Class is a PHP class ... Download
jmxtrans(freshmeat) jmxtrans jmxtrans is effectively the missing connector b... Download
twapake(freshmeat) twapake Twapake is a system administration utility for ... Download
fidoreadphp(freshmeat) FidoReadPHP FidoReadPHP is a PHP class that can dynamically... Download
xtempore(freshmeat) Xtempore Xtempore is a lightweight, modular, and powerfu... Download
capture-hpc(sfnet) Capture Capture is a high interaction honeypot client t... Download
genericusbxhci(sfnet) GenericUSBXHCI An open source driver for USB 3.0 xHC controlle... Download
alchemyapi-android-library(freshmeat) AlchemyAPI Android SDK The AlchemyAPI Android SDK enables real-time se... Download
excat(freshmeat) excat excat is a simple tool that auto-detectd (poten... Download
vala-tutorials(freshmeat) Vala Tutorials Vala Tutorials is a collection of code meant to... Download
deduplicator(freshmeat) Deduplicator Deduplicator is a simple and efficient data ded... Download
project-1901(sfnet) 1901 1901 is a Java based web application to manage ... Download
rpmrestore(freshmeat) rpmrestore Rpmrestore allows the user to show the differen... Download
asposeopenxml(sfnet) Aspose for OpenXML Aspose for OpenXML provides source code example... Download
sakura(freshmeat) sakura sakura is a vte-based terminal emulator. It aim... Download
matrixtv(sfnet) MatrixTV MatrixTV is a Linux distribution based VDR/XBMC... Download
proxy--checker(sfnet) proxy--checker ProxyChecker checks a list of proxies if them a... Download
tinytcl(freshmeat) TinyTcl Tiny Tcl 6.8 is a rommable, minimal Tcl impleme... Download
omnissh(freshmeat) OmniSSH OmniSSH is a program that is used to execute a ... Download
simulavr(freshmeat) SimulAVR The SimulAVR program is a simulator for the Atm... Download
runjrun(freshmeat) RunJRun RunJRun is a very simple system for doing paral... Download
checksuite(freshmeat) checksuite checksuite is a suite of programs that provide ... Download
madmimi-api(freshmeat) C# MadMimi API The C# MadMimi API library provides a portable ... Download
cling(freshmeat) Cling Cling is a complete, clean, and very flexible J... Download
gnewt(freshmeat) gnewt gNewt is a GTK+-based window and widget library... Download
pieaccounting(sfnet) Pie Accounting Basic Point-Of-Sale Accounting software Download
tonality(sfnet) tonality This project uses a modified Gervill Software S... Download
jlokalize(freshmeat) JLokalize JLokalize is an editor for supporting the inter... Download
stantor-micro-central-home-aut(freshmeat) Stantor Micro Central Home automation Stantor Micro Central Home automation is a home... Download
gupicasa(freshmeat) Gupicasa Gupicasa provides a GUI for uploading photos to... Download
schemaspy(freshmeat) SchemaSpy SchemaSpy analyzes database metadata to reverse... Download
sentinella(freshmeat) Sentinella Sentinella is a desktop application that monito... Download
pacmania(sfnet) pacmania This is a game of Pac-Man. Download
fddpma(sfnet) FDD Project Management Application FDDPMA: Project management application for Feat... Download
lubuntulr(sfnet) lubuntulr Lubuntu is a fast, lightweight and energy-savin... Download
scrounge-ntfs(freshmeat) Scrounge NTFS Scrounge NTFS is a data recovery program for NT... Download
archone(sfnet) ArchOne ArchOne is an archlinux-based live usb designed... Download
amdvopt(sfnet) AMD-V Optimization Driver The AMD-V Optimization Driver is a Windows devi... Download
pinktrace(freshmeat) pinktrace PinkTrace is a lightweight C library that eases... Download
foo2zjs(freshmeat) foo2zjs foo2zjs is a printer driver for printers that u... Download
php-administration-web-for-tib(freshmeat) PHP Administration Web for Tibco EMS PHP Administration Web for Tibco EMS is a Web G... Download
fake-traffic-generator(sfnet) Fake Traffic Generator Fake traffic generator is an easy tool to get p... Download
canfloss(sfnet) canfloss The project is focused on open source in health Download
auspice(sfnet) New Look of IRCd Services Rich Features IRC Services, the project is resu... Download
epirat-irc-bot(sfnet) BlaBOT An IRC Robot written in PHP! With modules support. Download
execaction(sfnet) ExecAction ExecAction à été conçu pour répondre au besoin ... Download
hellonzb(sfnet) HelloNzb With HelloNzb you can download (binary) files f... Download
fmhstsa(sfnet) FMHS TSA Video Game This project is for the Fort Myers High School ... Download
ecolab(sfnet) EcoLab EcoLab is a C++ based Agent Based Modelling sys... Download
projectpi(sfnet) Calculating Pi This is an opensource project for the calculati... Download
timsjk(sfnet) Tims Tomcat Connectors Prebuilt Apache Tomcat Connectors binaries and ... Download
phpbb(sfnet) phpBB phpBB is the world's leading Open Source flat s... Download
zkforge(sfnet) ZK Forge ZK Forge is the project for community collabora... Download
loginx(freshmeat) loginx loginx combines the functionality of getty, log... Download
kcachegrind(sfnet) KCachegrind Profiler Frontend KCachegrind visualizes traces generated by prof... Download
labmanagerflex(sfnet) Lab Manager - Flex Lab Manager with Modules. Download
mtd-mods(sfnet) Linux MTD subsystem improvements This project provides a set of new features and... Download
replaykit(sfnet) ReplayKit This tool gives you the possibility to watch re... Download
rpcminer2013(sfnet) RPCMiner 2013 This is application for Bitcoin (BTC) mining wi... Download
emilpro(freshmeat) EmilPRO EmilPRO is a graphical disassembler for most ar... Download
schoolmanagerflex(sfnet) School Manager - Flex School Manager project that makes use of Flex, ... Download
recdb(freshmeat) RecDB RecDB is a recommendation engine built entirely... Download
cvssuck(freshmeat) CVSsuck CVSsuck is a mirroring tool for CVS repositorie... Download
task-timer-light(freshmeat) Task Timer Light Task Timer Light is a simple, lightweight time ... Download
topologic(freshmeat) Topologic Topologic is a simple renderer for certain high... Download
jseditor(sfnet) JavaScript Editor PlugIn for Eclipse The project is an Eclipse plugin that provides ... Download
skintool(sfnet) SkinTool SkinTool is a libray that can skin WINDOWS cont... Download
cbp2make(sfnet) cbp2make Makefile generation tool for Code::Blocks IDE Download
patterntesting(sfnet) Pattern Testing Pattern Testing : A new type of automated testi... Download
gentoo(freshmeat) gentoo gentoo is a file manager that uses the two-pane... Download
logunit(freshmeat) logunit LogUnit is a Java library to enable easy testin... Download
the-mneme-project(freshmeat) the mneme project the mneme project is a fast, light, and user-fr... Download
apphp-restaurant-site(freshmeat) ApPHP Restaurant Site ApPHP Restaurant Site is restaurant menu websit... Download
gcemu-project(sfnet) GCEmu GCEmu is a very incomplete emulator for the Nin... Download
bermmart(sfnet) Berm Mart Collection of Perl programs for accessing webma... Download
qun(freshmeat) qun qun is a program that executes (PostgreSQL) dat... Download
lfc(freshmeat) Lightning Fast CMS Lightning Fast CMS (LFC) is a content managemen... Download
pybit3(freshmeat) pyBit3 pyBit3 is a GNOME-based URL shortener for deskt... Download

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