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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
videomiddlewareapi(freshmeat) Video Middleware API Video Middleware API covers a broad range of ... Download
syswatch(freshmeat) SysWatch SysWatch is a CGI to display current informatio... Download
drtux(freshmeat) Dr. Tux Dr. Tux is a Dr. Mario (TM) clone, written in S... Download
arbitroweb(freshmeat) ArbitroWeb ArbitroWeb is an anonymous Web surfing proxy wr... Download
tunnelc(freshmeat) tunnel client tunnel client is a Perl based script that tries... Download
numa(freshmeat) Numa Numa is business financial software for small o... Download
ssh-smart(freshmeat) ssh-smart ssh-smart is a basic proof-of-concept implement... Download
ether1394(freshmeat) Ether 1394 Ether 1394 is a kernel module which offers an e... Download
wingl(freshmeat) WinGL WinGL is designed to be a small but useful libr... Download
gtkyahoo(freshmeat) GTKYahoo GTKYahoo is a GTK+ based Yahoo! Pager client. I... Download
alphaworks-wsif(freshmeat) WSIF Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) is a t... Download
w3cam(freshmeat) w3cam w3cam is a small and fast CGI program to retrie... Download
xap(freshmeat) xap XAP is an application panel for X11. It is base... Download
fdtools(freshmeat) fdtools fdtools is a set of tools for working with file... Download
idtools(freshmeat) idtools idtools is a set of tools for working with user... Download
bluez(freshmeat) BlueZ BlueZ is Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux. It... Download
dgb(freshmeat) Dom's guestbook Dom's guestbook is a guestbook CGI that reads ... Download
gstdint(freshmeat) gstdint.h gstdint.h installs a header file, "gstdint... Download
ruby-session(freshmeat) ruby-session: Got persistence? ruby-session: Got persistence? provides a trans... Download
ebuffy(freshmeat) EBuffy EBuffy is a mail notification tool similar to G... Download
bk2site(freshmeat) bk2site b2ksite will transform your Netscape bookmarks ... Download
clig(freshmeat) clig Clig uses a simple description file to create C... Download
mp3asm(freshmeat) mp3asm mp3asm is an mpeg 1/2/2.5 audio layer 1/2/3 (c... Download
grlib(freshmeat) Graphical Grammar Library Grlib is an implementation of generative gramma... Download
phpmimeclass(freshmeat) php_mime_class php_mine_class is a class that hides you from t... Download
cocalores(freshmeat) CoCaLoRes CoCaLoRes is a configurable tool to resolve IP ... Download
xtheater(freshmeat) Xtheater Xtheater is a media playing tool for Unix. It h... Download
unitee(freshmeat) Unitee Unitee is a Java testing framework and applicat... Download
xsf(freshmeat) Speak Freely for X Speak Freely for X is a GUI on top of the Speak... Download
vainstall(freshmeat) VAInstall VAInstall is a multi-platform installer written... Download
prim(freshmeat) Permission Record Information Machine Permission Record Information Machine (PRIM) de... Download
shine(freshmeat) Shine Shine is a very minimalist and clean MP3 encode... Download
postnews(freshmeat) Postnews Postnews is a small command-line utility writte... Download
admedit(freshmeat) admedit admedit is a system configuration file editing ... Download
bindconfig(freshmeat) BindConfig BindConfig is a tool to reduce the error prone ... Download
sxml(freshmeat) SXML SXML is a little library to parse/generate conf... Download
netmon(freshmeat) NetMon NetMon is a LAN-wide process monitor (a kind of... Download
mixplayd(freshmeat) mixplayd mixplayd is a multi-channel MP3 player daemon c... Download
jmbase(freshmeat) JMBase JMBase is an independent implementation of the ... Download
uposfp950(freshmeat) UPOS FP950 Polish Fiscal Printer JavaPOS driver This package contains software which allows the... Download
rubydoc(freshmeat) rubydoc rubydoc is an online initiative aimed at collec... Download
multi_isamchk(freshmeat) multi_isamchk multi_isamchk is the multi-threaded version of ... Download
mynetpad(freshmeat) MyNetPad - Nodes MyNetPad - Nodes is an open link directory base... Download
gnbasic(freshmeat) gnbasic gnbasic is a simple BASIC interpreter that stan... Download
ixo2xpm(freshmeat) ico2xpm ico2xpm is a utility which converts Windows ico... Download
ssex(freshmeat) SSEX SSEX (Szymon Stefanek's editor for X) is a ligh... Download
rig(freshmeat) RIG RIG (Random Identity Generator) is a free repla... Download
mojonation(freshmeat) Mojo Nation Mojo Nation is a peer-to-peer distributed file ... Download
getpot(freshmeat) GetPot The GetPot library provides a very elegant way ... Download
netcrawler(freshmeat) NetCrawler NetCrawler is the frontend to a Web crawling ... Download
genio(freshmeat) GENIO Genio is a simple genealogical application. It ... Download
jdiagram(freshmeat) Java Diagram Component The Java Diagram Component is a pure Java Swing... Download
shxd(freshmeat) Synapse Hotline X Daemon Synapse Hotline X Daemon (official abbreviation... Download
prwhod(freshmeat) prwhod A modified version of the rwhod daemon as distr... Download
analyst(freshmeat) The Analyst The Analyst is a Java program which extracts va... Download
bearopsdesktoplinux(freshmeat) BearOps Desktop Linux BearOps Desktop Linux is a full distribution av... Download
amide(freshmeat) Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner AMIDE (Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner)... Download
pengpong(freshmeat) Peng-Pong Peng-Pong is a cross-platform pong game written... Download
cryptoslam(freshmeat) Cryptoslam Cryptoslam is a curses based tool for creating ... Download
mapgenerator(freshmeat) MapGenerator Map Generator is a program for creating client-... Download
bladeenc(freshmeat) BladeEnc BladeEnc is a free, cross-platform, console-bas... Download
xsatellite(freshmeat) XSatellite GUI for AGSatellite XSatellite GUI for AGSatellite, is a GUI for th... Download
atg_dynamo_opentool(freshmeat) ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder is a JBuild... Download
kcamedia(freshmeat) KCamedia KCamedia is a control program for older Olympus... Download
boucherot(freshmeat) Boucherot Boucherot is an IRC SDK for perl. Download
market+(freshmeat) marketplus Marketplus is an ecommerce application based on... Download
upgpverify(freshmeat) upgpverify upgverify is a wrapper around PGP (versions 2 a... Download
forg(freshmeat) The FORG The FORG is a graphical gopher client written i... Download
coldread(freshmeat) coldread This program is a cold reading production engin... Download
cipecfg(freshmeat) CIPE Configurator cipecfg is a Newt-based console utility for co... Download
jukebox-tk(freshmeat) MP3 Jukebox-Tk MP3 Jukebox-Tk is an organizer/jukebox for loca... Download
xforgexml(freshmeat) X:Forge X:Forge is a dynamic XML generation framework ... Download
skunkdav(freshmeat) SkunkDAV SkunkDAV is a WebDAV browser and remote file ed... Download
gconfmm(freshmeat) gconfmm gconfmm (previously known as GConf--) is a set ... Download
dnscvsutil(freshmeat) dnscvsutil dnscvsutil maintains your DNS zone files under ... Download
issawebring(freshmeat) Issa WebRing Issa WebRing is a very simple CGI program to m... Download
woodchuck(freshmeat) Woodchuck Woodchuck parses logfiles from any UNIX system,... Download
xfm(freshmeat) Xfm Xfm is the classic X11 file manager. It might n... Download
varaq(freshmeat) var'aq var'aq is a speculative exercise in language cr... Download
pwpage(freshmeat) pwPage 10 Second Database Forms pwPage provides an extremely fast and simple ap... Download
wxzoom(freshmeat) wxZoom wxZoom is a screen magnification utility. It ha... Download
phttpd(freshmeat) phttpd Phttpd is a free world wide web server. It uses... Download
mama-perl(freshmeat) MakeMan Perl MakeMan Perl is part of "MakeMan'', a proj... Download
mbsyslog(freshmeat) mbsyslog mbsyslog is a security paranoid alternative sys... Download
httpgrabber(freshmeat) HTTP Grabber HTTP grabber can be used to see what other peop... Download
dbmanual(freshmeat) Docbook manual A manual describing the Docbook DTD version 4.1... Download
gvrflash(freshmeat) gVRflash gVRflash is a graphical frontend for the standa... Download
kinst(freshmeat) kinst kinst is a suite that can be used to generate a... Download
benback(freshmeat) benback benback is a Perl script that uses xv to change... Download
smsspoof(freshmeat) SMS spoof SMS spoof is a PalmOS application that allows y... Download
websieve(freshmeat) Websieve Scripting Tool Websieve Scripting Tool is a Perl CGI script th... Download
soltalk(freshmeat) SOLtalk SOLtalk is a GTK and ncurses-based encrypted c... Download
xml-lit(freshmeat) XML-Lit XML-Lit is a simple program to perform very bas... Download
dreamplay(freshmeat) DreamPlayer Dreamplayer is a Linux console multiformat play... Download
terraservershop(freshmeat) is an E-Commerce applicatio... Download
smbru(freshmeat) sambru SamBru (Samsung Backup and Restore Utility) is ... Download
linudent(freshmeat) LinuDent LinuDent is a dental practice management softwa... Download
pyexif(freshmeat) PyEXIF PyEXIF is a Python module that can read the JPE... Download
vexed2(freshmeat) Vexed Vexed is a classic PalmOS puzzle game. It featu... Download
jcq2k(freshmeat) jcq2k jcq2k is a Java-based ICQ reusable plugin libra... Download

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