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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
blenderplayer(sfnet) Blender Player for Fabiogiopla This is a special version of Blender Player, de... Download
flowr(freshmeat) Flowr Flowr is a simple tool for creating open or clo... Download
pyspanishdoc(sfnet) Documentación de Python Traducción de la documentación oficial de Pytho... Download
openvpn-admin(sfnet) Multiplatform Admin GUI for OpenVPN OpenVPN-Admin is a GUI for OpenVPN, programmed ... Download
gamvas-web(freshmeat) Gamvas Web Gamvas Web is a JavaScript game development fra... Download
jchatclasses(sfnet) JChat - java chat client/server classes Java chat classes (application and applet) usin... Download
wowrosterfr(sfnet) WoW WebRosterFR Sources pour un listing de guilde du jeu World ... Download
kinterbasdb(sfnet) KInterbasDB KInterbasDB is a Python DB API 2.0 module for t... Download
winacd(sfnet) WinACD Apple Cinema Display HID driver and control pan... Download
l2net(sfnet) l2net L2Net is .net Alternative Lineage 2 Server and ... Download
complete(sfnet) Complete! Typing Tool Complete! suggests words as you type. These wor... Download
gestdb(sfnet) GestDB Allowing the access to different database engin... Download
aem(sfnet) AEM - Linux Asynchronous Event Mechanism AEM implements a native support for asynchronou... Download
clicker(sfnet) Clicker 32 Clicker is a project for a Multitasking Open-so... Download
pcre(sfnet) PCRE The PCRE library is a set of functions that imp... Download
kprof(sfnet) KProf A KDE3 visual tool helping developers to analyz... Download
hping2(sfnet) hping2 hping2 is an interactive packet costructor and ... Download
cpuid(sfnet) CPUID Library for Win32 Using CPUID instruction to detect CPU informati... Download
tsrewire(sfnet) tsrewire Modication of the PC Game Download
jox(sfnet) JOX JOX is a set of Java libraries that make it eas... Download
colinjab(sfnet) ColinJab Open Source Jabber Client This is a Jabber Instant Messenger written in V... Download
tsshp(sfnet) TSSHP (The System Shock Hack Project) A project to reverse-engineer and recode (from... Download
ndccode(sfnet) NDC Code A collection of various small perl scripts used... Download
sbi(sfnet) Small Basic Interpreter Script Interpreter for a Basic Language Download
cramfs(sfnet) cramfs tools cramfs is a Linux filesystem designed to be sim... Download
promenhanced(sfnet) Promisance Enhanced Promisance code based on QM Promisance 3.0 with... Download
llpp(freshmeat) llpp llpp is a MuPDF-based PDF pager. Download
aoo-extensions(sfnet) Apache Extensions The official catalog of Apache OpenOffice exten... Download
pidgin-snpp(sfnet) Pidgin SNPP Plugin pidgin-snpp is a protocol plug-in for the Pidgi... Download
mount-ntfs(sfnet) NTFS Mount (Solaris), UFS Reader (WinXP) A tool that allows mounting NTFS partitions rea... Download
openantivirus(sfnet) The OpenAntivirus Project Developing Open Source AntiVirus Solutions Download
myphpnuke(sfnet) myPHPNuke myPHPNuke is a content management system writte... Download
camba(sfnet) CamBA CamBA is a Linux package for statistical analys... Download
dvkit(freshmeat) DVKit DVKit provides an Eclipse-based integrated deve... Download
phptriad(sfnet) PHP Triad for Windows An installer of Apache, MySQL and PHP for Windows. Download
wxpython(sfnet) wxPython A set of Python extension modules that wrap the... Download
winbond-webcam(sfnet) Winbond webcam IC driver A driver for the Winbond W9967CF and W9968CF we... Download
msxz80asm(sfnet) The MSX Z80 assembler A Z80 (cross-)assembler with header files with ... Download
kramdown(freshmeat) kramdown kramdown is a fast pure Ruby Markdown-superset ... Download
ibaccess(sfnet) IBAccess IBAccess is a Interbase client application to a... Download
drod(sfnet) Deadly Rooms of Death (Caravel DROD) Deadly Rooms of Death is a puzzle game for Wind... Download
speedycgi(sfnet) SpeedyCGI Speed up perl scripts by running them persistently Download
avifile(sfnet) AVI file support library Avifile is a library that allows you to read an... Download
spss-writer(sfnet) SPSS Writer SPSS free java library for writing SPSS format ... Download
redmin-mylyncon(sfnet) Redmine-Mylyn Connector This project is an Eclipse Mylyn Repository plu... Download
ita(sfnet) iTunes Agent iTunes Agent enables many non-iPod MP3 players ... Download
eclipse-sdcc(sfnet) eclipseSDCC Plugin integrates the open source Small Device ... Download
muddog-100(freshmeat) muddog muddog is a simple utility that monitors and ma... Download
ppr(sfnet) PPR Print Spooler PPR is a spooler for PostScript printers. It s... Download
mtt(sfnet) Model Transformation Tools A set of tools for modelling dynamic physical s... Download
srss(sfnet) Server Resources Server Suite This is an administrative tool for configuring/... Download
jquery-grayscale(freshmeat) jQuery Grayscale jQuery Grayscale is an extension that may be us... Download
dbg2(sfnet) PHP debugger DBG DBG is a full-featured PHP Debugger and Profile... Download
fortran2pascal(sfnet) Fortran to Pascal Converter ForToPas: A Fortran to Pascal (Delphi) converte... Download
ildasmdc(sfnet) ILDASM-DC *** This tool has been superseded by ".Net... Download
gpsui(sfnet) Gnome Process User Interface A small but usefull program, for managing your ... Download
netselector(sfnet) NetSelector NetSelector allows to change network settings l... Download
javaclass(sfnet) Byte Code Engineering Library The Byte Code Engineering Library (formerly kno... Download
r-kajiyama(sfnet) OpenOLAP for MySQL An open source OLAP tool for MySQL. OpenOLAP fo... Download
autotrace(sfnet) AutoTrace Welcome to AutoTrace - a program for converting... Download
webblogs(sfnet) Adaptors for Web/BBS/Blog This is a project for various adaptor for Web/B... Download
mojavi(sfnet) Mojavi Mojavi is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) framew... Download
dtmf-cs(sfnet) C# DTMF detector / generator classes Download
tslib(sfnet) time series library A lightweight time series library. Useful for ... Download
dispcalgui(sfnet) dispcalGUI A graphical user interface for the Argyll CMS d... Download
dtmf(sfnet) C++ DTMF detector and generator classes DTMF detector and generator. Was used standard ... Download
ttfedit(sfnet) TTFEdit TrueType fonts editor. Allows for editing vecto... Download
viewstl(sfnet) The Open Source STL viewer Viewstl is an open source way to view Stereo Li... Download
jsil(sfnet) JSIL: Jon's Symbian Imaging Library JSIL is a library for image processing using th... Download
minipauker(sfnet) minipauker MiniPauker is like a generic flas... Download
sharefast(sfnet) ShareFast ShareFast is a client/server web application fo... Download
moe(freshmeat) GNU Moe GNU Moe is a powerful, 8-bit clean console text... Download
jp2a(sfnet) jp2a Converts JPG images to ASCII. You know you want... Download
filefc(sfnet) FileFaker Creator FileFaker Creator allows you to create files in... Download
pyspg(freshmeat) PySPG Systematic Parameter Generator PySPG is a collection of Python classes and scr... Download
jmichelle(sfnet) JMichelle (Java Midori Shell) JMichelle is a project for develop free softwar... Download
swingcomponents(sfnet) simple swing components and utilities This is a set of general purpose swing componen... Download
widestudio(sfnet) WideStudio WideStudio is an Integrated Development Environ... Download
cdschecker(freshmeat) CDSChecker CDSChecker is a stateless model checker for C11... Download
mdp(freshmeat) mdp mdp wraps GnuPG, your favorite editor, a passwo... Download
nmock2(sfnet) NMock2 NMock2 is a library for assisting test driven d... Download
pyc11(freshmeat) pyC11 pyC11 is a grammar to parse programs in the C p... Download
opentbs(freshmeat) OpenTBS OpenTBS is a PHP tool that helps you to make Op... Download
cartman(freshmeat) cartman cartman allows you to create and manage your Tr... Download
ezgpopmconftool(sfnet) EZ GPO Power Management Config Tool EZ GPO PM Tool is a tool for network admins who... Download
jlhafrontend(sfnet) jLHA front-end This program implements the interface of the jL... Download
gssftp(sfnet) GoToServers Simple SFTP A simple SFTP java applet client build on Ganym... Download
touchupweb(sfnet) TouchUpWeb There are a lot of web sites out there which ar... Download
souptonuts(sfnet) SoupToNuts: articles and software SoupToNuts is a repository of technical article... Download
gatos(sfnet) GATOS You will find here experimental drivers for ATI... Download
ps-i(sfnet) PS-I PS-I is an environment for running agent-based ... Download
vikamine(sfnet) VIKAMINE VIKAMINE is a flexible environment for visual a... Download
kbibtex(freshmeat) KBibTeX KBibTeX is a BibTeX editor for KDE to edit bibl... Download
waldscan(freshmeat) WaldScan WaldScan is a PHP class which recursively scans... Download
kbedic(sfnet) Bulgarian-English Dictionary Bulgarian-English Dictionary Download
webmail-php-lt(sfnet) AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP is a free AJAX webm... Download
gnumed-live(freshmeat) GNUmed Live CD GNUmed Live is a bootable CD that contains the ... Download
webflv(sfnet) FLV Video Player with Web UI A Flash-based Video player with User Interface ... Download
senriska(sfnet) Senriska Software for camera surveillance with motion de... Download
quicktype(sfnet) QuickType QuickType is a Palm extension to help improve t... Download

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