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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
circdraw(freshmeat) circdraw circdraw is a program to draw circuit diagrams ... Download
precc(freshmeat) preccx PRECC eXtended is an infinite-lookahead higher-... Download
opensim(freshmeat) OpenSim OpenSim is a project to develop a functioning v... Download
biosdevname(freshmeat) biosdevname biosdevname in its simplest form takes a kernel... Download
lgeneral(freshmeat) LGeneral LGeneral is a turn-based strategy engine heavil... Download
ghemical(freshmeat) Ghemical Ghemical is a molecular modelling software pack... Download
ssu(freshmeat) SourceSafe for Unix SSU (SourceSafe for Unix) provides command-line... Download
translator(freshmeat) Gettext Translator Gettext Translator is an editor for *.po files,... Download
recordtv(freshmeat) Record TV Record TV is a system of scripts for recording ... Download
koa(freshmeat) KOA KOA is a remote voting system developed using a... Download
stpsim(freshmeat) STPsim STPsim is an application that simulates and vis... Download
lasttag(freshmeat) last.tag last.tag is a tag editor for the online... Download
tkgate(freshmeat) tkgate TkGate is an event-driven digital circuit simul... Download
pocomy(freshmeat) PoCoMy PoCoMy is a Web frontend for administration of ... Download
cw(freshmeat) color wrapper cw is a non-intrusive real-time ANSI color wrap... Download
springpython(freshmeat) Spring Python Spring Python is an offshoot of the Java-based ... Download
xml-dir-listing(freshmeat) XML Directory Listing XML Directory Listing is a cross platform appli... Download
fsrewrite(freshmeat) fsrewrite fsrewrite is a utility for Solaris which allows... Download
vintelaopenssh(freshmeat) Quest OpenSSH Quest OpenSSH is a version of OpenSSH modified ... Download
smartsieve(freshmeat) SmartSieve SmartSieve is a Web-based graphical user inter... Download
compbench(freshmeat) CompBenchmarks CompBenchmarks automates installation, configur... Download
ipw2200-ap(freshmeat) ipw2200-ap ipw2200-ap is a set of Linux kernel drivers and... Download
console-freecell(freshmeat) Freecell Freecell is a console (ncurses) version of the ... Download
jsmin-ant-task(freshmeat) JSMin Ant Task The JSMin Ant task acts as an interface to Doug... Download
beep-player(freshmeat) BMP BMP is a media player which provides a very eas... Download
ray(freshmeat) Ray Ray is a simple raytracer. The raytracing engin... Download
zoneadmin(freshmeat) ZoneAdmin ZoneAdmin is a Web interface for the powerDNS n... Download
froofyjit(freshmeat) froofyJIT froofyJIT is a C++ 'syntactic sugar' front-end ... Download
wbar(freshmeat) wbar wbar is a quick launch bar. It's developed with... Download
freetype(freshmeat) Freetype FreeType 2 is a high-quality and portable font ... Download
phpwe(freshmeat) secured WebGine secured WebGine is a mix between a content mana... Download
whmxmlapi(freshmeat) WHM XML API WHM XML API is a PHP class that can be used to ... Download
bibcursed(freshmeat) bibcursed Bibcursed is a simple curses-based editor for B... Download
pype(freshmeat) PyPE PyPE (Python Programmers Editor) is a lightweig... Download
pecomato(freshmeat) pecomato PECoMaTo stands for Picture-Embedded COntents M... Download
qtstalker(freshmeat) Qtstalker Qtstalker provides commodity and stock market c... Download
smartmines(freshmeat) SmartMines SmartMines is a minesweeper game for Mac OS X (... Download
harnmaker(freshmeat) HarnMaker HarnMaker is a character generator for the Harn... Download
guyum(freshmeat) GuYum GuYum is a GUI for Yum. It has a multi-tabbed s... Download
gtkmm(freshmeat) gtkmm gtkmm (previously known as Gtk--) is a C++ inte... Download
gnome-applets(freshmeat) gnome-applets gnome-applets is a collection of many applets f... Download
pyrad(freshmeat) pyrad pyrad is an implementation of a RADIUS client a... Download
stager(freshmeat) Stager Stager is a system for aggregating and presenti... Download
faith(freshmeat) Faith Faith is a cross-platform C++ graphical applica... Download
perlwebget(freshmeat) Perl webget Perl webget is similar to wget, but can use cat... Download
jwchat(freshmeat) JWChat JWChat (Jabber Web Chat) aims to be a full feat... Download
pgid3(freshmeat) PGID3 Tag Editor PGID3 is an editor for manipulating ID3v1 and v... Download
qsheff(freshmeat) qSheff qSheff is a wrapper for the qmail queue that sc... Download
sporktris(freshmeat) Sporktris Sporktris is a clone of Tetris-clones. It is me... Download
topmusic(freshmeat) Top Music Top Music allows you to publish music (albums, ... Download
my_pipe(freshmeat) my_pipe my_pipe is a small daemon that binds on a Unix ... Download
libpsync(freshmeat) libpsync The libpsync library provides lightweight porta... Download
jbdiff(freshmeat) JBDiff JBDiff (Java Binary Diff) utility is a Java por... Download
pam_chroot(freshmeat) pam_chroot pam_chroot is a Linux PAM module that allows a... Download
radwiki(freshmeat) RADWiki RADWiki or "Rapid Application Development ... Download
phpthumb(freshmeat) phpThumb() phpThumb() is a flexible thumbnail generator. T... Download
covide(freshmeat) Covide Covide is a Web-based communication suite. It i... Download
json-dwiw(freshmeat) JSON::DWIW JSON::DWIW is a Perl module that converts Perl ... Download
larepdl(freshmeat) LaRepubblicaDL LaRepubblicaDL is a tool that allows users of t... Download
lekuba(freshmeat) Lekuba Lekuba is a small text-based Jabber client. The... Download
phpprojmaster(freshmeat) phpProjectMaster phpProjectMaster allows you to manage projects,... Download
libmemcache(freshmeat) libmemcache libmemcache is the C API for memcached(8), a hi... Download
metastores(freshmeat) metastores Java framework Metastores ("mts") is a framework for... Download
jevaluator(freshmeat) JEvaluator JEvaluator is a Java class that implements a qu... Download
crystalspace(freshmeat) Crystal Space Crystal Space is a free and portable 3D engine ... Download
xml-parser-wrapper(freshmeat) XML::Parser::Wrapper XML::Parser::Wrapper is a Perl module for parsi... Download
leandoc(freshmeat) leandoc Leandoc is a small documentation generator. Unl... Download
sshatter(freshmeat) SSHatter SSHatter uses a brute force technique to determ... Download
dbtroff(freshmeat) dbtroff dbtroff uses XSLT, Heirloom troff, and Ghostscr... Download
bwview(freshmeat) BWView BWView is a recorded brain-wave viewing applica... Download
php2wsdl(freshmeat) PHP2WSDL PHP2WSDL is a WSDL generator for PHP Web Servic... Download
phpequimon(freshmeat) phpEquiMon phpEquiMon is a lightweight PHP Web application... Download
apachejmeter(freshmeat) Apache JMeter The Apache JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop a... Download
openclinica(freshmeat) OpenClinica OpenClinica is software for clinical trials. It... Download
xd3d(freshmeat) xd3d xd3d is a simple scientific visualization tool ... Download
actfor(freshmeat) Active port forwarder Active port forwarder uses SSL for secure packe... Download
ignis(freshmeat) ignis ignis is a special backup program for the SOHO ... Download
pagex(freshmeat) Pagex Pagex is designed to be a barebones content man... Download
amsynth(freshmeat) amsynth amsynth is a realtime polyphonic Analogue Model... Download
darkworld(freshmeat) DarkWorld DarkWorld is a space-based massively multiplaye... Download
gravacacher(freshmeat) Gravacacher Gravacacher is very simple and lightweight cach... Download
xholon(freshmeat) Xholon Xholon is a flexible tool for multi-paradigm (U... Download
milter-before(freshmeat) milter-before milter-before is a small Perl milter script to ... Download
openfwtk(freshmeat) OpenFWTK OpenFWTK is an application proxy toolkit which ... Download
lanshark(freshmeat) Lanshark Lanshark is a file sharing tool for local area ... Download
mantissa(freshmeat) Mantissa Mantissa is a collection of various mathematica... Download
rheavfs(freshmeat) RheaVFS RheaVFS allows you to turn an archive into a vi... Download
socratima(freshmeat) SocratiMA SocratiMA is a computer program that supports g... Download
hv3(freshmeat) Hv3 Web Browser Hv3 is a Web browser that uses Tkhtml 3 as its ... Download
pxlib(freshmeat) pxlib pxlib is a simple and small C library for readi... Download
php2go(freshmeat) PHP2Go PHP2Go is a framework built to help developers ... Download
mpgedit_sdk(freshmeat) mpgedit SDK mpgedit Software Development Toolkit (SDK) is a... Download
rr(freshmeat) rr rr is a basic command-line utility designed to ... Download
beanshell(freshmeat) BeanShell BeanShell is an embeddable scripting language. ... Download
gcalcli(freshmeat) gcalcli gcalcli is a Python application that allows you... Download
sk1(freshmeat) sK1 sK1 is a vector graphics editor similar to Core... Download
projectprophecy(freshmeat) Project Prophecy Project Prophecy is an experimental AI software... Download
jsuml(freshmeat) JS/UML JS/UML is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that cre... Download
ireport(freshmeat) iReport Designer for JasperReports iReport is a visual reporting tool based on Jas... Download
activismnetwork(freshmeat) Activism Network Activism Network is a Web-based system that all... Download

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