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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
twinklephone(sfnet) twinklephone To upgrade twinkle phone. http://www.twinklepho... Download
openkiosk(sfnet) OpenKiosk multi-platform kiosk framework A multi-platform kiosk management system for pu... Download
chika(sfnet) 千佳 ANSI轉HTML 一個轉換BBS ANSI檔案至HTML的工具,支援雙色字、... Download
phpvideotoolkit(sfnet) PHP Video Toolkit This class is a wrapper around FFmpeg & FLV... Download
vendetta2(sfnet) vendetta2 Vendetta is a roleplaying/strategy oriented game. Download
civ4mm(sfnet) Civilization 4 Map Editor A map editor for Civilization 4. It is designed... Download
jd3lib(sfnet) jd3Lib - Java ID3/MP3 Library JD3Lib is an id3/mp3 library written in Java. ... Download
opendmtp(sfnet) OpenDMTP OpenDMTP is a protocol/framework that allows co... Download
e-gads(sfnet) E-GADS! E-GADS! is a php/MySQL based administrative dat... Download
car-companion(sfnet) Car Companion Car Companion is a tool to track the maintenanc... Download
autoscan(sfnet) AutoScan-Network AutoScan-Network is an application designed to ... Download
realxtendviewer(sfnet) realXtend Viewer A virtual world browser based on Linden Labs' S... Download
gameos(sfnet) GameOS (Game Operating System) The Game Operating System is a platform for the... Download
cdromtool(sfnet) CD-ROM Tool Modern CD-ROM drives tend to be noisy and spin ... Download
silvertunnel(sfnet) silvertunnel - Java lib+browser for TOR is a project that provides an ... Download
colander(sfnet) Colander Internet Agent Colander is a Java application which acts as a ... Download
gpubilateral(sfnet) Avisynth Bilateral filter on GPU This avisynth filter use GPU to compute the mul... Download
sandboxprogress(sfnet) Sandbox for Progress 4GL Sandbox for Progress 4GL. It requires Progress... Download
ebook2cw(freshmeat) ebook2cw ebook2cw is a command line program that convert... Download
aphpkb(sfnet) Andy's PHP Knowledgebase Andy's PHP Knowledgebase using MySQL is a datab... Download
pfuel(sfnet) PFuel This is a enhanced version of "The Palm Fu... Download
appengine-rest-server(freshmeat) appengine-rest-server appengine-rest-server is a drop-in server for G... Download
interpss(sfnet) InterPSS InterPSS is an internet technology based softwa... Download
gbook(sfnet) gBook gBook is a free, feature-rich, guest book writt... Download
pere(sfnet) pere A free multilanguage self-learning translator &... Download
projectoxygen(sfnet) Oxygen Oxygen is an overhead space action rpg, where t... Download
avisync(sfnet) AVISync AVISync is an utility to fix audio/video synchr... Download
stplugin(sfnet) Trillian Sametime Plug-in A medium plug-in for the Trillian Instant Messa... Download
xflr5(sfnet) XFLR5 XFLR5 includes the xfoil program for foil analy... Download
chitanie(sfnet) Russian Text-to-speech programs Russian text-to-speech programs. Читание, Чтени... Download
mozswing(sfnet) MozSwing Mozilla Widget for Java Swing Download
usbhistory(sfnet) USB History Dump USB History Dump is a forensic tool used to tra... Download
mslk(sfnet) MSLK MSLK provides the precompiled Win32 binaries of... Download
mpcassist(sfnet) Mario Paint Composer Assistant This script provides a graphical user interface... Download
olivamail(sfnet) olivamail OlivaMail is a set of the java e-mail solutions... Download
wolf-software-web-browser-fing(freshmeat) Wolf Software Web Browser Fingerprint Wolf Software Web Browser Fingerprint is a simp... Download
jkiwi(sfnet) jkiwi jKiwi is a easy to use virtual makeover and hai... Download
mpatrol(freshmeat) mpatrol mpatrol is a link library that attempts to diag... Download
arcueid(freshmeat) Arcueid Arcueid is a C interpreter for Paul Graham's Ar... Download
hexinject(freshmeat) HexInject HexInject is a hexadecimal and raw packet injec... Download
mg35tools(sfnet) MG35 open-source firmware This project aims to write an enhanced firmware... Download
image-font(freshmeat) Image Font Image Font can render images with text, using g... Download
gsculpt(sfnet) gSculpt gSculpt is an open source procedural 3D modelli... Download
lpcusb(sfnet) LPC214x USB stack lpcusb is a USB core stack for the built-in USB... Download
warbaners(sfnet) Warbanners Juego de de estrategia por turnos, de fantasía ... Download
powermock(sfnet) powermock PowerMock allows you to unit test code normally... Download
histone(freshmeat) Histone Histone is a powerful and flexible template eng... Download
spamato(sfnet) Spamato Spam Filter System Spamato is a spam filter system that combines s... Download
geotoad(freshmeat) GeoToad GeoToad is a geocaching query tool to help spee... Download
kpogre(sfnet) KPoGre - PostgreSQL administration tool KPoGre is PostgreSQL administration tool for KD... Download
brookplus(sfnet) Brook+ Brook+ is a high level C-like language with ext... Download
logarithm(freshmeat) Logarithm Logarithm is log monitoring software. It reads... Download
vircd(sfnet) Virtual IRC Deamon (viRCd) viRCd is a IRC deamon for windows, derived from... Download
powerspec(sfnet) Gadget Power Spectrum Finds the cosmological power spectrum from a N-... Download
pciutils(freshmeat) PCI Utilities The PCI Utilities package contains various util... Download
pdftohtml(sfnet) pdftohtml Pdftohtml is a tool based on the Xpdf package w... Download
modelwizard(sfnet) Model Wizard Model Wizard is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that ... Download
ballroomdj(freshmeat) BallroomDJ BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is d... Download
mesa(sfnet) mesa MESA: Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrop... Download
razercfg(freshmeat) Razer device configuration tool Razercfg is a Razer device configuration tool. ... Download
hgpanda(sfnet) PANDA (notes and calendar) PANDA - Personal Assistant for Notes, Dates and... Download
wubi(sfnet) wubi Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installe... Download
ndmfs(sfnet) NDMP File Server ndmfs is an implementation of the proposed File... Download
carddavmate-080(freshmeat) CardDavMATE CardDavMATE is a CardDAV Web client with a powe... Download
pdiaspora(sfnet) Project Diaspora Space style MMO RPG 2D with upgradeable ships a... Download
olympos(sfnet) Olympos Olympos is an holistic MDA/MDD approach to proj... Download
healpix(sfnet) HEALPix Software for pixelization, hierarchical indexat... Download
arma(sfnet) Armadillo C++ matrix library Armadillo is a fast C++ matrix library, using t... Download
naslite(sfnet) NASLite NAS Server Operating System A collection of single floppy disk based Networ... Download
warptunnel(sfnet) WarpTunnel WarpTunnel is a porting of http tunnel 3.3 from... Download
html-splicer(freshmeat) HTMLSplicer HTMLSplicer is a toolkit that provides methods ... Download
objcryst(sfnet) Free Objects for Crystallography Object-oriented crystallographic library and pr... Download
orekit(freshmeat) orekit OREKIT (ORbits Extrapolation KIT) is a low leve... Download
navegis(sfnet) NAVeGIS NAVeGIS is a Windows Mobile navigation applicat... Download
nanocrisis(sfnet) Nanocrisis 3d action-adventure game in the style of "... Download
visualfc(sfnet) Visual WTL and WinxGui ClassWizard VisualFC is visual degign WTL or WinxGui win32 ... Download
py2ipa(sfnet) Pinyin to IPA Conversion Tools The Python scripts for the conversion from the ... Download
pcxportal(sfnet) PCX Portal The PCX Portal provides a desktop environment, ... Download
references(sfnet) References bibliographic software Bibliographic software supporting LaTeX/BibTeX,... Download
wavi-avi2wav(sfnet) WAVI - save WAV from AVI/AVS Extracts WAV audio from AVI/AVS files. The prim... Download
viking(freshmeat) Viking Viking is a GTK2-based GPS data editor and view... Download
winusb-delphi(sfnet) WinUSB Interface for Delphi Delphi Interface library for sending and receiv... Download
dmidecode(freshmeat) dmidecode Dmidecode reports information about your system... Download
pcompress(freshmeat) Pcompress Pcompress is an archiver that can do compressio... Download
flashpolicyserv(sfnet) FlashPolicyServer The newly introduced security policy for Flash ... Download
naraio(sfnet) LAMP Apache PHP LDAP Ruby Mysql Perl Naraio is LAMP like software. It contains Apach... Download
jbpm(sfnet) jBPM jBPM is a business process management system. T... Download
fog-icmc(sfnet) The Fellowship of The Game Projects of The Fellowship of the Game game dev... Download
shanidom(sfnet) ShaniXmlParser ShaniXmlParser is a small and fast Xml/Html DOM... Download
lpar2rrd(sfnet) LPAR2RRD AIX & iSeries monitoring LPAR2RRD generates historical, future trends an... Download
sarmon(sfnet) nmon for solaris This Solaris system monitoring tool allows to p... Download
fwtools(sfnet) fwtools A library collection of FORTRAN 90 subroutines ... Download
nagios-2deditor(sfnet) Nagios 2D Status Map Editor GTK+/Gnome canvas based GUI editor for Nagios 2... Download
excelwriterxml(sfnet) Excel Writer (XML) for PHP Set of classes for PHP that allow Excel XML fil... Download
quexml(freshmeat) queXML queXML is a simple XML schema for designing que... Download
dwi-toolbox(sfnet) dwi-toolbox The dwi-toolbox provides a set of free and open... Download
rivetdragontag(sfnet) Rivet Software Dragon Tag XBRL Enabler Dragon Tag is a Microsoft Word and Excel add-in... Download
rivetdragonview(sfnet) Rivet Software Dragon View XBRL Viewer Rivet Dragon View XBRL viewer is the solution f... Download
bombermaaan(sfnet) Bombermaaan A classic Bomberman game with multiplayer suppo... Download
xterm(freshmeat) xterm The xterm program is the standard terminal emul... Download

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