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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
xymonesxi(sfnet) Xymon Monitor for Vmware ESXi Queries an ESXi for all essential data and popu... Download
sql-viewer(sfnet) SQL-Viewer The SQL-Viewer is a Visual Studio 2008 Add-In f... Download
wiigee(sfnet) wiigee wiigee is a gesture recognition library for acc... Download
freeside(freshmeat) Freeside Freeside is an open-source billing and trouble ... Download
thymeleaf(sfnet) thymeleaf Thymeleaf is a java web template engine designe... Download
nagiosgrapher(sfnet) NagiosGrapher It collects the output of NagiosPlugins and gen... Download
e2fsprogs(sfnet) Ext2 Filesystems Utilities The Ext2 Filesystem Utilities (e2fsprogs) conta... Download
autoap(sfnet) AutoAP AutoAP is an add on to DD-WRT that allows route... Download
bigdata(sfnet) bigdata bigdata(R) is a scale-out storage and computing... Download
xbps(sfnet) xbps The X Binary Package System (in short XBPS) is ... Download
eclipsejsonedit(sfnet) Eclipse Json Editor Plugin The JSON Editor is a simple plugin for the Ecli... Download
dcwaterdesign(sfnet) DC Water Design Extension The DC Water Design Extension integrates the EP... Download
didjvu(freshmeat) didjvu didjvu uses the Gamera framework to separate fo... Download
chunkd(freshmeat) chunkd chunkd is a simple storage service based on the... Download
perl-cryptida(freshmeat) Perl Crypt::IDA Crypt::IDA is a Perl module that implements Rab... Download
notalon(freshmeat) Notalon Notalon is a simplified note-taking application... Download
libforensics(freshmeat) LibForensics LibForensics is a framework for developing digi... Download
lionwiki(freshmeat) LionWiki LionWiki is a minimalist file-based (doesn't ne... Download
chartmakerjava(freshmeat) ChartMakerJava ChartMakerJava is a fluent API for working with... Download
nixstaller(freshmeat) Nixstaller With 'nixstaller' you can easily make installer... Download
mckoiddb(freshmeat) MckoiDDB MckoiDDB is a distributed database system for a... Download
ronworld(sfnet) ronworld Rownrodl 7.6 OpenTibia proyect Download
squid-smp-sched(sfnet) squid-smp-sched Squid-smp-scheduler is a squid proxy server sch... Download
t50(sfnet) T50 the fatest network packet injector Download
printman(sfnet) PrinterManager A free java printer management tool for larger ... Download
linuxomnia(sfnet) Linux on Samsung Omnia Welcome ! This project is simple : I create som... Download
glues(sfnet) GLUES Global Land Use and technological Evolution Sim... Download
goodmerge(sfnet) GoodMerge GoodMerge is the ultimate space-saving companio... Download
aukios(sfnet) Auki OS Il progetto iniziato nel settembre del 2011 mir... Download
unidb(sfnet) unidb UniDB is a database abstraction layer for PHP d... Download
anyremote(sfnet) anyremote Remote control software for applications using ... Download
emesene(sfnet) emesene emesene is a platform independent instant messa... Download
delphiemail(sfnet) Delphi Email Client This is an open source Email client for Borland... Download
wger-workout-manager(freshmeat) wger Workout Manager wger Workout Manager is a Web application that ... Download
openssl(sfnet) OpenSSL This project offers OpenSSL for Windows (static... Download
safmq(sfnet) SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue, message... Download
tree(freshmeat) tree Tree is a depth-indented directory listing prog... Download
cdgeditor(sfnet) CDG Editor - Edit Karaoke CDG Files CDG Editor is a tool that allows the user to ed... Download
hssqlppp(freshmeat) hssqlppp hssqlpp is a parser, pretty printer, and type c... Download
java-api-for-kml(freshmeat) Java API for KML The main goal of the Java API for KML (JAK) is ... Download
xjig(freshmeat) XJIG XJIG is an image gallery based on HTML, JavaScr... Download
words(freshmeat) words words is software for improving your English vo... Download
corpussearch(sfnet) CorpusSearch CorpusSearch finds syntactic structures in a co... Download
periodic(sfnet) Periodic Table Periodic table of the chemical elements for Jav... Download
tuxchan(freshmeat) TuxChan TuxChan is a desktop client to follow the lates... Download
wumwum(freshmeat) wumwum wumwum is a window manager manager. The idea be... Download
gal(freshmeat) gal GAL is an application for managing, indexing, a... Download
phew(freshmeat) phew phew is a simple Python framework for creating ... Download
pti(freshmeat) Le Petit Poucet GPS Software Le Petit Poucet is a program to display and edi... Download
mtgbrowser(freshmeat) Magic Assistant Magic Assistant is a multi-platform Eclipse/RCP... Download
dac(freshmeat) DAC DAC (Dynamic Agent Computations) is a novel sof... Download
guayadeque(freshmeat) Guayadeque Guayadeque is a music player that aims to be ea... Download
pyside(freshmeat) PySide PySide provides a full set of Qt bindings and a... Download
x2search(freshmeat) x2search x2search is a crawler based on machine learning... Download
basic-broadcaster(freshmeat) Basic Broadcaster Basic Broadcaster (bb) allows you to transfer t... Download
dotcms-scripting-plugin(freshmeat) dotCMS Scripting Plugin dotCMS Scripting Plugin allows you to execute s... Download
tiny-ear-trainer(freshmeat) Tiny Ear Trainer Tiny Ear Trainer is a tiny piece of software th... Download
thinkingrock(sfnet) ThinkingRock ThinkingRock is a platform independent Java app... Download
bashdb(sfnet) shell and GNU make debuggers We have debuggers for bash, zsh, ksh, GNU make ... Download
gelsheet(sfnet) gelsheet GelSheet is a free and open source web spreadsh... Download
jbi4corba(sfnet) jbi4corba Jbi4Corba is a JBI binding component for the co... Download
vanted(sfnet) VANTED VANTED - Visualization and Analysis of NeTworks... Download
timeedition(sfnet) timeEdition time tracker time management made easy - timeEdition is targ... Download
winsize2(sfnet) WinSize2 WinSize: Move windows automatically to a predef... Download
lispbuilder(sfnet) Common Lisp Application Builder The goal is a Lisp distribution, with a rich se... Download
page(sfnet) PAGE PAGE is a drag-and-drop GUI generator for Pytho... Download
tvmet(sfnet) Tiny Vector and Matrix Library This Tiny Vector and Matrix template library us... Download
trend(freshmeat) trend trend is a general-purpose, efficient trend gra... Download
agilewiki(freshmeat) AgileWiki AgileWiki is a composable platform for advanced... Download
bluemindo(freshmeat) Bluemindo Bluemindo is a very simple audio player. Unlike... Download
resize-image-nautilus-script(freshmeat) Resize Image Nautilus Script Resize Image Nautilus Script is a Bash script e... Download
texe(freshmeat) Texe Texe is a portable executable import and export... Download
gozerbot(freshmeat) GOZERBOT GOZERBOT is a channel bot that aids conversatio... Download
dragon-pg(freshmeat) Dragon parser generator Dragon produces a consequent, object-oriented, ... Download
librcrypt(freshmeat) LibRCrypt LibRCrypt is an Objective C library for complex... Download
albumshaper(sfnet) Album Shaper Album Shaper strives to be the most friendly, e... Download
devs-suitesim(sfnet) devs-suitesim DEVS-Suite is a Parallel DEVS simulator with su... Download
walruscms(sfnet) Walrus CMS Easy to use edit-in-place java based content ma... Download
pnp4nagios(sfnet) PNP4Nagios PNP is an addon for the Nagios Network Monitori... Download
ingestlist(sfnet) ingestlist IngestList is a java based tool to perform auto... Download
xorp(sfnet) xorp XORP is the industry's only extensible open sou... Download
wavdir2sfz(freshmeat) wavdir2sfz wavdir2sfz creates sfz soundfonts from a direc... Download
tstl(freshmeat) Thread Safe Template Library Thread Safe Template Library (TSTL) is a C++ li... Download
cloc(freshmeat) cloc Cloc counts and computes differences of blank l... Download
openxcom(freshmeat) OpenXcom OpenXcom is a new engine for the old game UFO: ... Download
kouprey(freshmeat) Kouprey Kouprey is a library that can be used to build ... Download
picombo(freshmeat) Picombo Picombo is a Rack-based Ruby MVC Web framework ... Download
cowtacular(freshmeat) Cowtacular Cowtacular is designed to meet the needs of sma... Download
cosmiqum(freshmeat) Cosmiqum Cosmiqum is small and fast CMF that is aimed to... Download
secure-php-html-parser-and-fil(freshmeat) Secure PHP HTML parser and filter Secure PHP HTML parser and filter is a PHP pack... Download
spamcheetah(freshmeat) SpamCheetah SpamCheetah is a network-level spam filtering s... Download
ukolovnik(freshmeat) ukolovnik ukolovnik is a simple todo manager written in P... Download
crikey(freshmeat) Crikey Crikey is a program to generate key events unde... Download
pythonocc(freshmeat) pythonOCC pythonOCC is a 3D CAD/PLM development library f... Download
mrfilter(freshmeat) Mr Filter Mr Filter is an active filter design assistant.... Download
firewallsosdg(freshmeat) Firewall/SOSDG Firewall/SOSDG is a Netfilter/IPTables firewall... Download
xwiki-mantis-plugin(freshmeat) Xwiki Mantis plugin Xwiki Mantis plugin integrates mantis into xwik... Download
wolfchat(freshmeat) Wolf Software WolfChat WolfChat is an advanced feature-rich text confe... Download
python-symmetric-jsonrpc(freshmeat) python-symmetric-jsonrpc python-symmetric-jsonrpc is a JSON-RPC implemen... Download
doxygen(freshmeat) doxygen Doxygen is a cross-platform, JavaDoc-like docum... Download

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