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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
dokeos(sfnet) Dokeos Dokeos is an elearning and course management we... Download
ariamaestosa(sfnet) Aria Maestosa Aria Maestosa is a midi sequencer/editor. It le... Download
genographer(sfnet) Genographer This program will read in data generated by ABI... Download
myphpmoney(sfnet) MyPhpMoney MyPhpMoney is a tool written in PHP to manage b... Download
redlib(sfnet) redlib * Model-checking/simulation-checking library fo... Download
jpox(sfnet) Java Persistent Objects (JPOX) JPOX was an Apache2 licensed standards-driven J... Download
cguestbook(sfnet) CGuestbook CGuestbook - CGuestbook Download Download
arpscannet(sfnet) arp scannet simple arp MAC address scanner in c# with varia... Download
arcadia(freshmeat) Arcadia Arcadia is a Light Integrated Development Envir... Download
zile(sfnet) Zile is Lossy Emacs Zile is a small, fast, and powerful Emacs clone... Download
swift-rom(sfnet) Swift.ROM GAME(NES/GBA/NDS) ROM Manager. Download
sqlobject(sfnet) SQLObject SQLObject is an object-relational mapper for Py... Download
mipsassembler(sfnet) full mips simulator Fully graphical mips simulator, with a simple t... Download
googlewms(sfnet) Google WMS Google WMS is a WMS interface to Google Maps. T... Download
pnphpbb2(sfnet) PNphpBB2 PNphpBB2 is a forum module for PostNuke based o... Download
hidsharp(freshmeat) HIDSharp HIDSharp is a multiplatform .NET library for US... Download
gearhead2(sfnet) GearHead 2 GearHead2 is a giant robot roguelike role playi... Download
javasettlers(sfnet) Java Settlers of Catan Java Settlers of Catan is a Java version of the... Download
monocalendar(sfnet) MonoCalendar Calendar Multiplatform in .NET Download
pbi12(sfnet) jpg board This project make a jsp simple board. Download
ffdec(sfnet) FFDec The FFDec project intends to build a simple pro... Download
ntsyslog(sfnet) NTsyslog This program runs as a service under Windows NT... Download
uraniacast(sfnet) uraniacast Uraniacast is the non-interactive Tcl podcast d... Download
enet-for-c(freshmeat) ENet for C# ENet for C# wraps the C-language ENet networkin... Download
sealsystem(sfnet) Seal GUI for DOS Seal is a free, open source 32-bit GUI written ... Download
subsurface(freshmeat) Subsurface Subsurface is a dive log program. The user can ... Download
at2-extreme(sfnet) EXTREME-4-apache2triad EXTREME-4-apache2triad is a collection of some ... Download
wiiji(sfnet) Wiiji Wii joystick interface. Wiiji is the perfect jo... Download
tvpvrd(freshmeat) tvpvrd tvpvrd is a PVR daemon for Linux that offers th... Download
tronadorgame(sfnet) tronador banner game Tronador is a simple game made for a game conte... Download
lwdonationmod(sfnet) PHPBB Donation MOD with Paypal IPN Allow phpbb3 forum to accept donations from its... Download
visualnunit(sfnet) Visual Nunit Visual Nunit is NUnit integration for Visual St... Download
soundmod(sfnet) SoundMod SoundMod is an Add-on Package for Jedi Knight; ... Download
idjc(sfnet) Internet DJ Console A GTK+ Shoutcast/Icecast client with two main m... Download
aopalliance(sfnet) AOP Alliance (Java/J2EE AOP standard) We believe that Aspect-Oriented Programming (AO... Download
wrox-sfv(sfnet) WRoX-SFV WRoX-SFV - is a Windows GUI .sfv checksum appli... Download
pikmin-fusion(sfnet) Pikmin Fusion An open source refreshed clone of Nintendo® Pik... Download
cfg2html(sfnet) cfg2html Cfg2html generates an HTML or plain ASCII repor... Download
wajanbolic(sfnet) Kalkulator Wajanbolic/Cantenna Calc This software is very useful to calculate cante... Download
ogreparticleedi(sfnet) ogre particle editor This is a full feature effect editor for ogre Download
merlin-std-trck(sfnet) Merlin - Modulo de Seguimiento Student tracking modules based on Liferay Porta... Download
systester(sfnet) systester System Stability Tester is a multi platform ope... Download
usbviewerincsha(sfnet) usbviewerincsha UsbViewer in C# Get some USB device information... Download
tcp2com(sfnet) tcp2com tcp2com creates a bridge between a TCP socket a... Download
jcommons(sfnet) JCommons JCommons provides generally re-usable Java tool... Download
sidocre(sfnet) Simple Document Repository SiDocRe is a Web-based document management syst... Download
rapla(sfnet) Rapla, resource scheduling Rapla is a flexible multi-user resource and eve... Download
realxtendserver(sfnet) realXtend server One of the core components of the realXtend fra... Download
gposttl(sfnet) GPoSTTL: Enhanced Brill's Tagger Enhanced version of Brill's Parts-of-Speech Tag... Download
urbanc(sfnet) URBAN Compiler URBAN – a Unified Rule-Based and Allosteric Net... Download
aquaterm(sfnet) AquaTerm (Mac OS X graphics terminal) AquaTerm is a Mac OS X grahics renderer. It all... Download
samp(sfnet) SAMP(Still Another Math Program) SAMP contains a few helpful math functions. Ve... Download
jui_dropdown(freshmeat) jui_dropdown jui_dropdown is a jquery plugin. It provides a ... Download
jui_pagination(freshmeat) jui_pagination jui_pagination is a jQuery plugin. It provides ... Download
gdivelog(sfnet) gdivelog SCUBA dive logging application for GNOME. Can d... Download
djvusmooth(freshmeat) djvusmooth djvusmooth is a graphical editor for DjVu docum... Download
hte(sfnet) HT editor HT is a file editor/viewer/analyzer for executa... Download
comal-linux(freshmeat) Comal-Linux Comal-Linux is a Linux distribution derived fro... Download
gl4java(sfnet) OpenGL[tm] for Java[tm] Project closed ! Please use JOGL. http://jogamp... Download
phpbbfm(sfnet) Fully Modded phpBB Not into manually editing all of those phpBB fi... Download
jftp(freshmeat) JFtp JFtp is a Swing Java network and file transfer ... Download
jsuggest(sfnet) JSuggest The complete suggestions framework for java, su... Download
sudowin(sfnet) Sudo for Windows Sudo for Windows (sudowin) allows authorized us... Download
jui_filter_rules(freshmeat) jui_filter_rules jui_filter_rules is a jQuery plugin which is us... Download
goldsmithsgames(sfnet) Goldsmiths Computer Games MSc Experimental area for Goldsmiths Games MSc cour... Download
youtubecatcher(sfnet) You Tube Video Catcher Application to download videos from YouTube and... Download
limp-vkk-ver1(sfnet) LiMP-Linux Multimedia Player LIVE Distro Linux Multimedia Player,is an yet another tiny ... Download
webdavclient4j(sfnet) webdavclient4j webdavclient4j is a generic WebDAV client for J... Download
headrandproject(sfnet) headrand project Headrand is a static library wrote in c that co... Download
efi-toolkit(sfnet) EFI Toolkit tools for working with tianocore opensource pro... Download
cgtkcalc(sfnet) cgtkcalc A simple scientific calculator for complex numb... Download
vip-svmotion(sfnet) VI Plug-in - SVMotion SVMotion is a VMware Infrastructure (VI) client... Download
jui_datagrid(freshmeat) jui_datagrid jui_datagrid is an Ajax-enabled jQuery plugin, ... Download
eclipse-erd(sfnet) eclipse-erd An Eclipse plugin for generating code out of an... Download
arpitsoft(sfnet) advance hospital management Advanced Hospital Management System is a comple... Download
wbxmllib(sfnet) WBXML Library The WBXML Library is a C library for handling W... Download
jqueryearth-3djs(freshmeat) jquery.earth3d.js is a jQuery UI plugin that al... Download
iaw-scan2(sfnet) IAW Scan 2 Diagnostic application for Magneti-Marelli IAW ... Download
opendmxjavajni(sfnet) opendmxjavajni Java wrapper (JNI) for OpenDmx widget (more inf... Download
memento-java(sfnet) Memento New concept of a modern diary and sticky notes,... Download
aochat(sfnet) Anarchy Online Chat API This project implements an API to the Anarchy O... Download
hyperpool(sfnet) HyperPool HyperPool is a 100% pure Java project for netwo... Download
davenport(sfnet) Davenport WebDAV-CIFS (SMB) Gateway Davenport is a servlet-based WebDAV gateway to ... Download
usb-ir-remote(sfnet) USB HID Ir Remote Receiver Firmware and schematic for a USB HID compatible... Download
gthumb(freshmeat) gThumb gThumb is an image viewer written for the GNOME... Download
erlybird(sfnet) ErlyBird Erlang/Scala IDE based on NetBeans. With syntax... Download
voc(sfnet) Voodoo Chat Voodoo Chat is the fast, convenient, easily cus... Download
smstoxmpp(freshmeat) SMStoXMPP SMStoXMPP is a lightweight PHP-based SMS to XMP... Download
fuego(sfnet) Fuego Fuego is a collection of C++ libraries for deve... Download
podofo(freshmeat) PoDoFo PoDoFo is a C++ library to work with the PDF fi... Download
cdimgtools(freshmeat) CDimg|tools CDimg|tools is a set of commandline tools to in... Download
cccc(freshmeat) CCCC CCCC (C and C++ Code Counter) is a simple comma... Download
autorock(sfnet) Rockbox Automatic Update Automatically update your rockbox player's firm... Download
imdbphp(sfnet) PHP imdb Classes Classes to access the information on imdb and m... Download
gadmin-proftpd(freshmeat) GAdmin-ProFTPD GAdmin-ProFTPD is a GTK+ frontend for the ProFT... Download
pgaccess(sfnet) PgAccess pgaccess is a graphical interface to PostgreSQL... Download
ooo-word-filter(sfnet) OpenOffice filter to Microsoft Word XML This project aims at providing a plugin for Mic... Download
vmgl(sfnet) VMGL OpenGL apps running inside a VM use VMGL to obt... Download
ivalidator(sfnet) iValidator Test Framework iValidator is a Java framework for automation o... Download
jped(sfnet) JPEd JPEd is a graphical editor for processes descri... Download

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