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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
quinico(freshmeat) Quinico Quinico is a Web application designed to help y... Download
pxpdv(sfnet) PX PDV "PX Point de vente" is a French "... Download
dbgt-ri(sfnet) DBGT-RI English: Game of DBAF made in the RPG Maker 200... Download
s-m-i(sfnet) SMI (Services Maintenance Interventions) SMI (Services Maintenance Interventions) is a c... Download
openpay(sfnet) openpay "Openpay" is an open source payroll p... Download
moa-datastream(sfnet) MOA - Massive Online Analysis A framework for learning from a continuous supp... Download
wifiroute(sfnet) Wifiroute Wifiroute is a system for providing authenticat... Download
metrics2(sfnet) Eclipse Metrics plugin continued Provide metrics calculation and dependency anal... Download
tftpy(sfnet) Tftpy, a pure Python TFTP Library Tftpy is a TFTP library for the Python programm... Download
uof-translator(sfnet) UOF-EF/Open XML Translator The goal of this project is to develop a transl... Download
previsat(sfnet) PreviSat PreviSat is a satellite tracking software for o... Download
idteid3tagedito(sfnet) IDTE- ID3 Tag Editor IDTE is a full featured tag editor which suppor... Download
xmlalbum(sfnet) XML Photo Album Provides files to display a photo album stored ... Download
streamsupport(sfnet) streamsupport streamsupport is a backport of the Java 8 java.... Download
easymodbustcp(sfnet) EasyModbusTCP (UDP) Client .NET Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP client library. Sup... Download
ratticdb(freshmeat) RatticDB RatticWeb is the Web site part of the Rattic pa... Download
bcast-beta(sfnet) Broadcast Device This is a geanious Linux application which red... Download
wordcorr(sfnet) Wordcorr Wordcorr automates the tedious and risky proces... Download
flowdesigner(sfnet) FlowDesigner FlowDesigner is a free "data flow" de... Download
hyperichq-zh-cn(sfnet) Hyperic HQ简体中文 Hyperic HQ 简体中文版,与英文版尽量同步。欢迎使... Download
quninst(sfnet) Quick Uninstaller Quick Uninstaller is a replacement application ... Download
emeraldeditor(sfnet) Emerald Editor Emerald Editor is a community that maintains po... Download
epsilon-project(sfnet) EPSILON EPSILON is a powerful Open Source wavelet image... Download
rosanne(sfnet) Rosanne : Twenty-eight(28) card game Twenty-eight(28) card game, which is very popul... Download
scan2pdf(sfnet) scan2pdf A simple GUI frontend for scanning documents in... Download
qlcplus(sfnet) Q Light Controller Plus QLC+ is a fork of the great QLC project written... Download
plek(sfnet) PLEK UPDATE LOGS: #=========== # 2014-06-26 #=======... Download
raw-yuvplayer(sfnet) YUV Player Lightweight player for raw YUV/UYVY files. Download
igorlirc-usb(sfnet) IgorLirc USB Infrared remote control software for IgorPlug-U... Download
apo-plugins(sfnet) Apophysis Plugins Variation plugin collection for Apophysis. Download
gasnet(sfnet) GASNet and Berkeley UPC GASNet is a networking middleware layer that pr... Download
mdpnp(sfnet) MD PnP | Medical Device "Plug-and-Play" Examples and proof of concept demonstrations do... Download
wag200(sfnet) OpenWag200G - Copy This is a copy of OpenWag200G firmware. Mainta... Download
kaltura(sfnet) kaltura Kaltura’s Open Source Video Platform for media ... Download
wide-dhcpv6(sfnet) WIDE-DHCPv6 WIDE-DHCPv6 is an open-source implementation of... Download
xdakit(sfnet) XDAKit XDAKit is a smart development kit for XML-based... Download
geom-java(sfnet) javaGeom A java library for geometry applications. Provi... Download
afp(sfnet) Archive of Formal Proofs The Archive of Formal Proofs is a collection of... Download
jrefactory(sfnet) JRefactory A refactoring tool for the Java programming lan... Download
avmon(sfnet) AVMon Self-organizing availability-monitoring p2p ove... Download
marqueeplus(sfnet) marqueeplus This is a add-on plugin/module for wordpress an... Download
atinout(sfnet) atinout This program will read a file (or stdin) contai... Download
arduinoledgpsclock(sfnet) GM4JJJ 4 Digit Arduino LED GPS Clock A 4 digit LED clock built with an Arduino Uno a... Download
vietdev(sfnet) Vietnamese IT - Developers Vietnamese IT-Group - Software Development And ... Download
magictower(sfnet) Magic Tower This is a 2D RPG game implemented from scratch ... Download
snortsnarf(sfnet) snortsnarf SnortSnarf is a script to take alerts from the ... Download
picl(sfnet) PicL PicL (Picture Labeler) is a Java application th... Download
zod(sfnet) Zod Engine Zod Engine is a remake of the 1996 classic game... Download
smmax(sfnet) Super Micro Max Chess Engine Super Micro Max is a further shrinking and enha... Download
kora(sfnet) KORA KORA is a database driven, online digital repos... Download
realpolitik(sfnet) Realpolitik Realpolitik is a cross-platform (Mac/Win32) vie... Download
mongomongo(freshmeat) MongoMongo MongoMongo is an Object-Document-Mapper (ODM) f... Download
pandion(sfnet) pandion Pandion is an open source instant messaging cli... Download
glc-lib(sfnet) GLC_lib GLC_lib is a C++ library for high performance 3... Download
skynet(sfnet) Skynet Skynet is a network packet sniffer specialized ... Download
e-government(sfnet) e-government e-government wireless mesh networking (mp-to-mp... Download
xlsql(sfnet) Excel JDBC Driver xlSQL JDBC Driver for Excel, CSV and XML files.... Download
qase(sfnet) QASE QASE is a Java-based API designed to provide al... Download
miftah(sfnet) Maktabah Al-Miftah Maktabah Al-Miftah is a Linux digital book read... Download
jrprintserver(sfnet) JR PrintServer Please note that the JR PrintServer is currentl... Download
civetweb(sfnet) civetweb Civetweb is a small footprint HTTP Server with ... Download
gt-8sysexreader(sfnet) GT-8 Sysex Reader GT-8 sysex reader. This software is written in ... Download
libhttp(sfnet) libHTTP libHTTP is a C++ library for embedding HTTP int... Download
flowplayer(sfnet) FlowPlayer - Video player for the Web FlowPlayer is a video player for Flash Video in... Download
ucsd-psystem-fs(sfnet) ucsd-psystem-fs The ucsd-psystem-fs package is a collection of ... Download
ecryptfs(sfnet) eCryptfs Moved to Download
javapalm(sfnet) Jeffpalm.Java Programs (many of them useful) to explore what ... Download
java-ml(sfnet) Java Machine Learning Library Java Machine Learning Library is a library of m... Download
mfb(sfnet) Metin2 Fishing Bot AcTooL yardımı ile yapılan Metin2 oyunu için ba... Download
qgifer(sfnet) QGifer QGifer is a tool for extracting part of a video... Download
wcuniverse(sfnet) Wing Commander Universe A Privateer style game with Wing Commander ship... Download
jgen-database(sfnet) JGen Joomla Genealogy Database JGen is a genealogy database component for the ... Download
xowa(sfnet) xowa XOWA is a desktop application for reading and e... Download
blitz-templates(sfnet) Blitz - PHP templates engine Blitz templates is a fast template engine writt... Download
j-kiltro(sfnet) Java Multiple Audio Format Converter This is a Java multiple audio format converter,... Download
formscanner(sfnet) FormScanner FormScanner is an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition... Download
openelec(sfnet) openelec OpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Cen... Download
magnolia(sfnet) Magnolia CMS Magnolia is an open Java CMS that delivers smar... Download
textbox(sfnet) Textbox Development Center Textbox Networks is a News and Information Web ... Download
repast(sfnet) Repast The Repast Suite is a family of advanced, free,... Download
projectd2(sfnet) PSP Mario - The New Worlds A clone of the original Super Mario Bros from t... Download
mpg2cut2(sfnet) Mpg2Cut2 Very basic cutter for Mpeg-2 files. GNU GPL lic... Download
jknnl(sfnet) Java Kohonen Neural Network Library Java Kohonen Neural Network Library Kohonen ne... Download
cppfunct(sfnet) cppfunct Cppfunct implements run-time C++ function objec... Download
cmdbuild(sfnet) CMDBuild - CMDB for IT Asset Management CMDBuild is the most flexible software to confi... Download
ppl(freshmeat) The Parma Polyhedra Library The Parma Polyhedra Library is user friendly, f... Download
jfbroadcast(sfnet) jfBroadcast Java based VoIP/SIP AutoDialer. Broadcasts a me... Download
vmm(freshmeat) vmm vmm is an easy-to-use and configurable commandl... Download
visca(sfnet) Sony Visca Driver EVI-D30/EVI-D31 Controller for Cameras with the Visca protocol.... Download
eclipsedocs(sfnet) eclipse help topics Read and search java sdk and other documentatio... Download
sketchel(sfnet) SketchEl Chemical structure sketching tool, for use with... Download
spindizzyremake(sfnet) Spindizzy Remake and Isorealms Engine You are cartographer for undiscovered worlds; y... Download
oesandroid(sfnet) Online Examination System for Android Online Examination System for android in design... Download
goaddons(sfnet) GoAutoDial GoAutoDial is an all-in-one open source Vicidia... Download
wp-themes-l10n(sfnet) WordPress Themes Localization Proyect This is a localization/internationalization pro... Download
jim2mov(sfnet) Jim2Mov This tiny library used together with JMF allows... Download
jopenttdlib(freshmeat) jOpenTTDLib jOpenTTDLib is a Java library that polls OpenTT... Download
unittestforc(sfnet) Unit Test for C Unit Test for C is a very useful and powerful s... Download
tailw(sfnet) tailw Windows Tail is a C# program which functions as... Download
saps(sfnet) Simple AOMDV Protocol Simulator SAPS (Simple AOMDV Protocol Simulator) to narzę... Download

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