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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
valhallachatecl(sfnet) ValhallaChat Eclipse BT chat Windows 7 BB9900 as Server 1.Copy ValhallaMobile.jar into... Download
wdmbwe(sfnet) wd-mbwe This project related to Western Digital - My Bo... Download
shoulu(sfnet) baidu 百度收录批量查询工具,查询收录、排名、快照、pr等 Download
orquino(sfnet) Orquino This project goal is develop a pinguno board. Download
simple-software-publication-sy(freshmeat) Simple Software Publication System The SSPS (Simple Software Publication System) h... Download
virtualgl(sfnet) VirtualGL VirtualGL redirects 3D commands from a Unix/Lin... Download
blocklaunch(sfnet) BlockLaunch BlockLauch fügt verschiedene Funktionen, einen ... Download
avr-eclipse(sfnet) AVR Plugin for Eclipse AVR-Eclipse is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE whi... Download
interpedia(sfnet) interpedia Interpedia is moved to Download
kimios(sfnet) Kimios Open Source Document Management System. Kimios ... Download
httrack(freshmeat) HTTrack/WebHTTrack HTTrack is an easy-to-use offline browser utili... Download
tntnet(freshmeat) Tntnet Tntnet is a Web application server for generati... Download
ass2srv(sfnet) ASS2SRT ASS2SRT ======= 11.10.2013 - New Version: 1.20... Download
risk(sfnet) Risk Risk has been renamed to Domination. Download
equake(freshmeat) Equake Equake is an applet for the GNOME panel which m... Download
dnsmasq(freshmeat) Dnsmasq Dnsmasq is a lightweight, easy to configure DNS... Download
bugnet(sfnet) BugNet BugNET is an issue tracking and project issue m... Download
neteditor(freshmeat) NetEditor The Arakhnê.org Network Editor (NetEditor) is a... Download
picoos(sfnet) pico]OS pico]OS is a highly configurable and very fast ... Download
projectorria(sfnet) ProjeQtOr - Project Management Tool _______________ ProjeQtOr - Project Management ... Download
dnscrypt-proxy(freshmeat) dnscrypt-proxy dnscrypt-proxy acts as a DNS proxy between a re... Download
pyqtx(sfnet) PyQtX PyQtX provides stable up to date binary install... Download
archipel-for-java(freshmeat) Archipel for Java Archipel is a multithreading framework for Java... Download
supervisord-php(freshmeat) supervisord-php supervisord-php is a simple PHP XMLRPC client f... Download
eclipse-ccase(sfnet) Clearcase plugin for Eclipse Urgent!!!! It supports base clearcase and most ... Download
secondlanguage(freshmeat) SecondLanguage SecondLanguage lets you use Gettext files in .N... Download
rct3(sfnet) Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Object Importer The Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Object Importer allo... Download
libcvautomation(freshmeat) libcvautomation Libcvautomation is a GUI automation and testing... Download
qizong(sfnet) QiZong Quant Finance Derivative Pricing, Asset Allocation, Portfolio... Download
syslog2couchdb(freshmeat) syslog2couchdb syslog2couchdb is a tool that converts syslog m... Download
getmail(freshmeat) getmail getmail is intended as a simple, secure, and re... Download
paexec(freshmeat) paexec paexec distributes performing the given tasks (... Download
freemed(freshmeat) FreeMED FreeMED is a Web-based medical records (EMR) an... Download
freeshim(freshmeat) FreeSHIM FreeSHIM is an electronic medical device interf... Download
opennode(freshmeat) OpenNode OpenNode is a server virtualization solution th... Download
edk2(sfnet) EDK II EDK II is a development code base for creating ... Download
netcdf(freshmeat) NetCDF NetCDF is a format developed at Unidata that wa... Download
quotero(sfnet) Quotero Quotero was an open source Document Management ... Download
4diac-framework-for-distribute(freshmeat) 4DIAC 4DIAC is a framework for distributed industrial... Download
dosemu(sfnet) DOSEMU for Linux DOSEMU stands for DOS Emulation, and is a linux... Download
mrbs(sfnet) Meeting Room Booking System MRBS is a system for multi-site booking of meet... Download
erdialog(freshmeat) ERDialog Web Framework ERDialog is part of a simple Web based framewor... Download
cameraincusinga(sfnet) Camera in C#Using AForge It's a small program for camera to capture imag... Download
bitnami-dokuwiki-stack(freshmeat) BitNami DokuWiki Stack BitNami DokuWiki Stack is an easy to use instal... Download
unilint(freshmeat) unilint unilint runs installed free static code analyze... Download
generic-image-decoder(freshmeat) Generic Image Decoder The Generic Image Decoder (GID) is an Ada packa... Download
dhex(freshmeat) DHEX dhex is a more than just another hex editor: It... Download
mogwai-erdesignerng(freshmeat) Mogwai ERDesignerNG ERDesignerNG is a Java-based entity relationshi... Download
named-regexp(freshmeat) named-regexp The named-regexp library is a thin wrapper for ... Download
nwebsec(freshmeat) NWebsec NWebsec is a security library for ASP.NET appli... Download
statsd-c(freshmeat) statsd-c statsd-c is a reimplementation of Etsy's famous... Download
eiffelstudio(freshmeat) EiffelStudio EiffelStudio is an IDE for the Eiffel language ... Download
mahotas(freshmeat) Mahotas Mahotas is an image processing library for Pyth... Download
gatzbydiyaudio(sfnet) Gatzby's DIY Audio Interface DIY 4channel stereo line/phono in - 4 channel s... Download
opendkim(sfnet) opendkim Open source DKIM library, MTA filter implementa... Download
jregexanalyser(freshmeat) jregexanalyser jRegExAnalyser is an interactive tool to write,... Download
pdfmasher(freshmeat) PdfMasher PdfMasher is a tool to convert PDF files contai... Download
ponykart(sfnet) PonyKart Ponykart is a kart racing game featuring charac... Download
nagiosappender(freshmeat) Nagios Appender NagiosAppender is a pure Java implementation of... Download
rgbproc-repository(freshmeat) rgbproc-repository rgbproc-repository is intended for use with Xil... Download
booosta(sfnet) PHP Booosta Booosta is a Framework for the quick developmen... Download
ebooklibrary(sfnet) eLibrary Books and eBooks library organizer. Catalog, ta... Download
betherobot(sfnet) Be The Robot Reality Robotics Limited proudly presents the B... Download
linuxptp(freshmeat) linuxptp linuxptp is an implementation of the Precision ... Download
tntdb(freshmeat) tntdb Tntdb is a c++-class-library for database acces... Download
aquitodo(sfnet) aquiTODO Encuentra lo que buscas, rápido, fácil y de cal... Download
oast(sfnet) OAST - New OpenVPN GUI OAST is a cross-platform front-end (GUI) for Op... Download
survivalguide(sfnet) The Last Resort Survival Guide No description Download
socialnetworksl(sfnet) Social NetWorks Likes Tool Social NetWorks Likes Tool Download
ispcp(sfnet) ISP Control Panel ispCP is a project founded to build a Multi Ser... Download
meteoio(freshmeat) MeteoIO MeteoIO is a C++ library whose main design goal... Download
colonnes(sfnet) colonnes Colonnes is a falling colour or photos blocks g... Download
mjograph(sfnet) mjograph Mjograph is an XY (2D) graph editor that runs o... Download
kenozooid(freshmeat) kenozooid Kenozooid is software used to plan and analyze ... Download
fem3d(sfnet) fem3d Basics of a CAD System. Lets users build 3D mod... Download
anygamedownload(sfnet) Any Game Downloader Any Game Downloader with over 1,300 games in th... Download
gogui(sfnet) GoGui Graphical interface to programs that play the g... Download
lmsapi(sfnet) LMSAPI: C interface for SICK LMS200 LMSAPI is a framework library for getting acces... Download
perueduca(sfnet) F14 Base - Servidores y Estaciones Sistema operativo de rápida instalación para se... Download
done(sfnet) League of Legends Utility This project has been discontinued due to perso... Download
prefixed-properties(freshmeat) Prefixed Properties Prefixed Properites extends java.util.Propertie... Download
dsi(freshmeat) dsi dsi is a simple game of invading aliens. You mu... Download
jskat(sfnet) JSkat JSkat is an implementation of the German card g... Download
ntwib(sfnet) netwib Netwib provides sniff, spoof, client, server an... Download
saint-cms(freshmeat) Saint CMS Saint CMS is a combination CMS and eCommerce pa... Download
ntwag(sfnet) netwag Netwag provides a graphical interface to networ... Download
ntwox(sfnet) netwox Toolbox netwox helps to find and solve network ... Download
ihmccmaptoolspo(sfnet) IHMC CmapTools Portable This is the portable version of the IHMC CmapTo... Download
glassomium(freshmeat) Glassomium Glassomium is a window manager for multi-touch ... Download
se7enlibs-as3(sfnet) Se7enLibs (AS3) This library has a collections of classes which... Download
audtest(sfnet) AudioTester AudioTester is a small command line tool that c... Download
hchatd(freshmeat) hchatd hchatd is a simple chat server, written in (alm... Download
horrors-of-democracy(freshmeat) Horrors of Democracy Horrors of Democracy is a game in which the cha... Download
kangasound(sfnet) Kangas Sound Editor This kangaroo-themed program allows the user to... Download
cpputest(sfnet) CppUTest (Moved!) This project has been moved to github. Please c... Download
swallowapps(freshmeat) SwallowApps Swallowapps provides interactive tools for the ... Download
cdcat(freshmeat) cdcat The cdcat is a graphical (Qt based) multi-platf... Download
pidgeon(freshmeat) Pidgeon Pidgeon is an IRC client which supports various... Download
nagiosressource(sfnet) nagiosressources Ressources de configuration nagios Download
gettext(freshmeat) gettext gettext is the GNU internationalization library. Download

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